Typical Arsenal melt down – Who we NEED to buy…..

I am so bored of this team and am already looking to next season. Typical Arsenal melt down by Galen Sona.

I am just trying look at players we should be targeting in the summer as our squad is clearly a super average squad of very high earners who couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

Players to target. Strikers

We hardly ever score these days. Strikers cost money and we should be looking at spending a minimum of 50 million this summer on a striker. Last season we got just Cech for 10 million. Where does all our money go to?

1) Aubameyang. Expensive player but have we got a choice?
2) Higuain. he is better than all our strikers combined. To think that we made jokes about him when comparing him to Giroud in the summer… that was just funny.

Defensive midfielders

Why did we buy Elneny? We must go for proven quality and stop all the gambling.

1) Javi Martinez. He barely plays for Bayern but he is a classy midfielder and tall and imposing.
2) Naingolan. Top quality midfielder we could be looking at.
3) Kante. What a revelation. We should be looking at him. No harm in poaching. Other top teams did the same to us in the past.
4) Krychiowiak. he has come of age in the last 3 years winning back to back Europa leagues with Seville and playing out of his skin. Top quality players and one of the best defensive midfielder in the world.

Wingers / Attacking midfielders

We cannot be happy having players like Theo and Ox doing nothing on high wages. they need to go.

1) Isco. Another quality lad we could try to buy.
2) Bellarabi. Incredible winger with bags of tricks.
3) Gotze. Top quality and can player in any position. We should be targeting this type of player.
4) Mahrez. Top quality as well.


Per and Paulista have done nothing to show that they deserve to play. Per is so slow and Paulista makes one mistake every single game.

1) Aurier. good RB and with Debuchy gone and Carl out for 1 year then we could look at him
2) Nevin Subotic . Has seen his playing time at Dortmund reduced.
3)Benedickt Howedes. Experience CB and starts for Germany ahead of a certain Per.
4)Inigo Martinez. Plays for Real Sociedad and the news in Spain is that he is the next best thing.

I understand that people may not agree with the spending culture. But its not your money. Am tired of loosing and being branded a loser. its time to change our approach. We need to spend.


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  1. Please, stop it with the who we need to buy articles. Who we need will never be who we get with the current board pulling the strings at the club. A better article would be how can we fight for the top four in the season 2016/2017 without Ozil and Sanchez. Thankfully, the club already made the next season’s top signing – Mr Wrigglesworth or whatever his name is. He will bring in a plethora of Marhezes and Kantes to the squad at the Satan K’s price taste – cheap as f****ck. Expect the true transformation of the once great football club Arsenal into a rich man’s Everton as soon as next season.

    1. According to Gary Linekar… it was Steve Walsh who scouted the likes of Mahrez!
      Another balls up by Wenger ?

    1. Hahaha …. Is he a striker? . .. this Placards? ? ?
      If he costs more than a freebie… I doubt that wenger will go OUT and sign him ???

      1. Slightly off-topic: was there any form of non-internet protest regarding the 50 quid scam for the Barca game?

  2. we are in last 11 games of a title race we are in…yet show no urgency …dont give full effort, make rudimentary mistakes against the worse starting 11 manures had in last 25 years

    what will buys do?

    yesterday was a disgrace, we do not deserve this title.
    Leicester have an inferior squad…but really want it.
    spuds same
    not interested in a weekly…were gonna bounce back…bounce back?
    ffs were in with a shot of the pl title – we’ve waited 12 years
    we should be fighting every game, constant gritty , no let off

    these 140k a week ‘soldiers’ have embarrassed themselves….

    4th is what layabouts with supreme talent deserve max

    1. and we show no Hunger or desire to win…No flipping urgency whatsoever…Watched Leicester and spuds fight til the end wknd-wtf happened to our fighting spirit.

  3. ive done with theo walcott
    10 years . 10 YEARS
    what club gives a player that much lol
    either wenger cant get the best out of him, or hes not got it in him

    10 years smh.

    1. I totally agree with you in this
      Theo should have been gone two seasons ago
      Now we are lumbered with him as nnone else is goona be interested and especially NOT at his current wage.
      as much as it pains me to say it, he does not have what it takes OR is basically scared and very lazy I mean its rediculous the club has an ethos of not spending big money on players that would make a difference but spend in excess of 360,000 per annum on a player that does NOTHING.
      As much as I like jack he is another player who’s costing us a similar amount and will never play a full season.
      theres something desperatly wrong inside the board room and I for one am sick of all the Bullsh!t

  4. Even if we bought Messi and Ronaldo wenger would play one in goal and the other as CB
    First change the manager then the squad.

  5. We have players, it’s leadership and strategy that we need. 2006 the year of our last great success, and the year that DB10 left the club. AW needs help on the training ground and with stratagy or it will be another wasted season.

    1. hes had years to prepare, money , the intel , the staff
      if he thought we needed anything he would have sorted it by now or it would be imcompetency on his behalf.

      wenger has run outta excuses.
      can he win us the title?

      1. I want to save this season, I’m too old to let Wenger throw another and he ain’t going to get the boot or resign i is he. So unless we get some leadership and some sort of coaching strategy in place for the last 10-11 games we’re stuffed. Next season, the chances of winning the EPL are going to be much tougher. Why do you think Pep anounced he was going to City several months before the season starts? That’s right he’s already working on buying his new squad.

    2. Wenger won’t accept help on the training ground. It’s well known that he believes that he is the only one who knows what is needed. That’s why he keeps Steve Bould there, no one else would accept having no input.

  6. Where does the money go? you ask ????
    It goes towards Ranches in Montana and towards paying managers huge sums for not delivering any tangible sucsess
    you say why should fans care about whats spent cos its not thier money well thats the point IT IS OUR MONEY and it should be spent on getting the right talent in.
    Ox Walcott, Arteta, Flammini, Per, Gabriel and possibly Ramsey should all be ditched BUT we all know this just wont happen
    we are lumbered with Walcott forever who to my mind is the biggest waste of time we have EVER had in our squad
    where are all the fans on here who tgouted his potential during last summers window? where is your argument now?
    Giroud is not good enough to be the point of our spear we need better strikers and better defenders but what we need and what we want is a far cry from what we will get.

    1. Once we hand the money over for tickets, shirts etc, it is no longer OUR MONEY, it’s Arsenals. When you buy something form a shop, you don’t get a say in what the shop spends the money on, its the same principal in football.
      I thrown 10’s 0f thousands of pound at Arsenal over the last 30+ years and share peoples frustration and anger at what is happening at the club, but at the end of the day it’s their money.
      I was there on Sunday, and frankly I nearly walked out at 65 minutes, we were absolutely terrible, no guts, no passion, no sense of urgency, passing to Utd players, trying to pass through Utd players, overwhelmed in midfield, I could go on but I’m winding myself up again.
      I’ve never been a Wenger out merchant, but I really feel his time to go is at the end of the season, who we bring in, God knows, but Wenger has run out of ideas, and doesn’t seem to be able to motivate the team, or pick the right players anymore.
      We’ll be lucky to get 3rd place this year the way things are going, and when you look at who’s not in contention this year, it’s just not satisfactory.

  7. a strong cdm like kyrchowaik/xhaka + a wc striker higuain/cavani we need leaders in that dressing room like ibrahimovic + yaya toure

    1. to continue on the original topic, I do think this squad only needs a couple of key additions, including the manager.

      1. Above all Isco — As many point out Santi isn’t getting any younger and we really need a deep lying playmaker. A healthy Wilshere would be an obvious heir apparent, but when has he ever had a lengthy run without serious injury?

      2. Either of the strikers mentioned in the OP would be good, but another option would be to spend top dollar on Griezmann at LW and move Sanchez to the right, and see what Welbeck can do. Dat Guy has all the tools, and I suspect a good run of starts might give him the confidence to find his scoring boots — he’s still young enough to give coaching, a run of games and a season’s time to show what he can do. Two scoring wingers would make the risk tenable. OG12 would be fine as a #2, it might be worth spending on a youngster like Berahino as a third striker who might show more as he matures.

      3. I’d give Chambers and Gabriel more work together at CB in cup games next year and see where it leads. Chambers seems to have some of BFG’s positional sense and composure and while not pacy is nowhere near as slow. I have only watched Arsenal regularly since NBC took over the EPL contract and expanded the number of games shown in the US, but from what I’ve read here and elsewhere Kos the Boss was quite the liability in his younger days. I’d like to see Gabriel given the time to develop past the learning phase. Maybe Gabriel playing next to Mertesacker against lesser sides would help, for all PM is slow defenders who play next to him seem to look a lot better than when they play next to someone else. Yes, even Kos.

      This brings me to the manager. It is clear to me that if the side had been fired up like they were against Barca they would have run United off the pitch. I don’t know what goes on behind the locker room doors, but it seems like he is unable to motivate players for the type of game the great ones live to play. My other issues are:

      1. Rotation & substitution — he does have a good enough roster if he used it more intelligently to keep some of the older players from wearing down (I’m thinking Monreal is in that boat now) and to bring in the right substitutes at the right position. I’m assuming the only reason Coquelin has been substituted the last two games was due to not being quite to full fitness, but we’ve seen moves equally baffling that don’t have such a possible explanation.

      2. Youth and competition — Wenger seems afraid to put some of the younger players on the pitch; I’m impressed that Tottenham has brought in a young side and let them play and develop, and they are seeing it pay off. If the first XI is off the boil, we should be seeing more of the likes of Iwobi or Campbell, and in future years we have a whole line of players who are out on loan working on their game, one can hope many of them will blossom into top quality players.

      3. Tactics — it’s been said enough times that Wenger is behind the times, I won’t belabor the point.

      I may be a bit contrarian on who I want to replace Wenger — instead of looking for an expensive top name, I would look for the next up and coming young manager. My top candidate would be Eddie Howe. If he pans out, he could have a long successful run like Wenger and become Sir Eddie Howe. If he doesn’t pan out, he serves as a transitional figure between the Wenger era and whatever the future holds. You can’t really lose at this point.

      I’ve written a lot here, none of it matters if the ownership isn’t committed to making a few key (expensive) improvements and the squad can’t find the sense of urgency that they can show but to rarely do. But I’d like to hear other’s ideas on what players and ideas we need and what other managers beyond the usual top names people think would be a good replacement.

  8. I can tell you for sure that a leopard does not change it’s spots.Wenger will sign a maximum of one player and then claim that his squad is good enough to win the league. He is already drafting the lies that he’s going to tell us just to avoid spending our money. For example :

    1.There are no quality players available in the market.
    2.I will only sign players who can improve the team or are better than what we already have.
    3.If Messi knocks on my door bla bla bla
    4.I cannot spend for the sake of spending
    5.We have players coming back from injury who are like new signings
    6.I am working 24/7 to bring in new players
    7.Other clubs have more money than us
    8.nyef nyef nyef nyef
    9.add any wenger BS

  9. Definition of retard:

    “delay or hold back in terms of progress or development”

    Wenger and his management, his teams and acquisitions along with the current board/owners are the only things holding back this great club.

    Oh and maybe those who are a little ‘slow’ on the up take;)

  10. As has been previously stated the board are quite happy with the status quo. No significant financial outlay but the value of the club continues to rise allowing silent Stan to borrow against the equity for other projects. As long as he is the major shareholder/owner there will be no great investment in players, it’s just not in the business plan. And Wenger will play along to his tune and bank his £8 million a year.

      1. No such luck NY Gunner, just a fan since that 1960s, probably before you were a glint in your old man’s eye. This great club is now just a rich yanks piggy bank and an increasingly deluded Frenchman’s personal project.

        1. @bridger69
          I was born in 59′ dude, which probably makes me older than you…This club has been somebodies piggy bank since 1910 on some level or another. So, the English shareholders who sold Stan their shares were pretty much lookin to earn a few bob also, without much thought to the club…

    1. How can ANY intelligent individual give this statement a “Thumbs Down?”
      its as obvious as the nose on your face that this is the long and short of it.
      anyone who thinks this is a knee jerk reaction from an AOB is clearly deluded

  11. STOP BLAMING KROENKE FOR OUR FAILURE IN THE PITCH.. ITS WNGER who lack of ambition. evry year HE SAID THAT WE ARE IN THE MARKET BUT THE E SPECIAL ONE IS NOT THERE AND PLAYERS COMING FOR INJURIES WILL MAKE US STRONGER..BLA, BL..BLA..he gives 6 or 7 millions a year contract extension to players who have not improved in 10 years or 6 or 7 ( everyone knows them ) so why not buying the likes of SUAREZ when it was there for the taking? 42 millions and 1 pound..are you KIDDING ME? or HIGUAIN ( OG is better according to our delude coach ) no better DM’s than flamini and arteta..anyway, just to clear the air THE MANAGER DO NOT HAVE AMBITION..Pep already has his targets and 150 millions asked to the Arabs to be able to bring more trophies..HE GOT IT.

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