U-turn on youngster expected to make Arsenal squad

William Saliba is set to stay at Arsenal until January, and is now expected to make the Premier League squad for the upcoming months.

The 19 year-old was signed from St Etienne last summer, in a deal which included he stay with his former club for the coming season, but that campaign did not playout to plan.

The defender missed a couple of spells through injury, before the Coronavirus epidemic put a halt to the division, which was prevented from being completed.

Saliba has since returned to North London, but has found himself overlooked for matchday squads so far this term, and was expected to leave the club on loan.

Talks are claimed to have taken place between Arsenal and his former side over another loan, which failed to complete before the transfer window closed, and he was then linked with a move to the Championship instead.

The Athletic states that he is now set to stay at the Emirates however, and will be included in our Premier League squad, although he has already been excluded from the list to play in the Europa League.

He may well be able to knuckle down in training in order to convince Mikel Arteta that he is worthy of inclusion in a matchday squad during that time, but the likelihood is that he will struggle to break into the first-team given that his best shot would have come in the Carabao Cup, but the draw against Manchester City may make that difficult…

Should Saliba be allowed to go out on loan if Arteta has no intention to give him minutes in the near future?


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  1. Making the top 4 would require the best team selection for every match, no sentiments. Slow and lesser quality players should perhaps only come from the bench in the second half. My best midfield combination and starting 11 for all formations would be:

    4-3-3 Formation







    4-2-3-1 Formation








    4-4-1-1 Formation








    4-4-2 Formation







    3-4-3 Formation







    3-4-1-2 Formation








    3-4-2-1 Formation





  2. Surely Patrick, if he was not “knuckling down” in training and was not proving himself to MA, that would have been the reason given to the fans and media?

    As we know, Mikel is not shy in coming forward when commenting on players who are not doing that, is he?

    1. Good reply KEN but as we all surely know Patricks constant question to end his articles are usually rhetoric, as he is charged by his father Admin Pat, with stimlating debate, rather than posing a serious question to which he actually WANTS a true reply.
      This is how much of social media fansites work and is why part two of my trilogy, which will appear very soon now , tackles the good and ill of fan site use by us lot(among other matters). It is a very nuanced set of pros and cons.

      1. Patrick’s questions at the end of each article is part of his style Jon, I often don’t bother with them, but read and digest the article itself.
        Everyone has a style of their own of course, from Charles Dickens to Dean Koontz and everyone in between!!

        I’m just grateful for the opportunity to be able to read articles about our club and I’m looking forward to AW’s memoirs and your next article…not necessarily in that order of course!!.

  3. The position on Saliba is very confusing and was clearly not decisive decision making. If Arteta wanted him loaned out it’s because he doesn’t think he’s ready for EPL yet, so Europa wouldve been a way better setting for him than EPL where he likely won’t play even a game at this rate. Effectively, he’s going to be a U-23 player until January. Please dont ruin this young man’s career with indecisive decisions…. I again find it hard to believe a 19 year old who started for a Ligue 1 side is only good enough for u-23 English football.

  4. Forgive me, but Arteta is a bit of a control freak. That is good often, but at the wrong times it can be a little inhuman. Guendouzi and Ozil. I do hope Saliba stays with the first team. Let him have the joy of that…..and renember Holding and Luiz WILL cost us games.

  5. Why doesn’t Arteta sideline Mustafi, Sokratis and Holding togive Saliba more game time. Those three are old and cannot improve. They make lot of mistakes. Give a youngster a chance.

  6. Arteta behaves like big corporations that don’t want to hire a nel graduated youngster, hiding behind lack of experience. Saliba will gain experience by playing for the first team. Give him a chance.

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