UEFA Champions League or Premier League triumph: Which will mean more to Arsenal?

UEFA Champions League or Premier League triumph: Which will mean more to Arsenal? by AA

The possibility of Arsenal winning the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League is as bright as the daylight.

Heading into this international break, they sit atop of the Premier League standings and are in the quarterfinal of the Champions League.

While there is possibility of scooping both trophies, which would mean more to an Arsenal fan?

Arsenal have never won the Champions League but they have been previous winners of the Premier League, the last time they won the latter, Bukayo Saka was just 3-years-old!!

Imagine the embarrassment in answering the question, ”when did Arsenal last win the Premier League?”.

I have been there and I know what it feels to answer such a question. It’s such a painful experience.

It has been too long since a club like ours won the league title, which is why I will cherish a Premier League triumph more than the Champions League and there can be no better time to win it.

To lift the trophy ahead of Manchester City and Liverpool is going to be huge for Mikel Arteta and the players because no one has done that in the last six seasons.

Ending the dominance of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp is going to be groundbreaking and there could be no better way to end our long-wait for the Premier League crown.

We can always win the UEFA Champions League in the future but winning the league at this moment and circumstances is going to a sweeter glory.

Therefore, if I were to choose between winning the Premier League or Champions League, I would pick the former all day long.

What about you Gooner?



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  1. Given that Arsenal have never won the European Cup, it’s far more important to me to win this than the league, though either would be great.

    It’s not hard to shut down arrogant Tottenham fans by pointing out that Arsenal have 13 league titles compared to their 2. However, should they win the top European trophy before we do, the whole conversation will change and they will claim overall superiority on the basis of a single trophy.

    Incidentally, I am an old git who will always call it the European Cup rather than the absurd name in current use, as it is NOT a league (it’s a knockout competition with a group stage) and most of the teams in it are NOT champions of anything. Imagine the reaction if they applied exactly the same logic to the World Cup and renamed it the African League.

  2. Winning the Premier League probably means much more to the fans, especially the match-going ones, although the Champions League is likely more prestigious.
    Take your pick😜

  3. ll definitely prefer winning premier league than champions league. I hope we gonna win both competitions this season 🙏

  4. I prefer winning UCL. Winning premier league won’t be Historic but winning UCL would be Historic and unprecedented in Arsenal history. It’s a tough call though considering what the Boys have put in in Epl.

    Champions league 52%
    Epl 48%

  5. The Premier League forever and for always. I do not have a care nor time for the Champions League.

  6. Our maiden European trophy is long overdue. A star over the badge would make the kit a fair bit more handsome. The epl when all’s said and done is still a domestic trophy. If we could also get our hands on the club world cup I would be quite pleased.

  7. Winning he two prizes is not mutually exclusive; so I’d play the greedy and ask for both. The teams that have had both in a season are no better than my beloved team

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