UEFA just cannot help themselves when it comes to undermining Arsenal

UEFA really have got a hard on for Arsenal it seems, not only have they treated both our fans and Chelsea fans abysmally, not only are they content with having our team weakened by their ludicrous decision to hold a major European final in a politically charged country like Azerbaijan, now they want to stop Arsenal from recognising one of their own players who is unable to play in that final.

The Arsenal players wanted to have the name of Henrikh Mkhitaryan name on the back of their shirts for the warm-up, but nope, that is apparently against their rules and they have basically put a ban in place.

Now, we are not talking about a political statement here, we are not talking about some sort of sponsorship or even a message with social connotations, no, we are talking about Arsenal players having the name of an Arsenal player on their shirts in the pre-match warm up.

This is a ridiculous stance for UEFA to take, it is 100% their fault why Mkhitaryan cannot play, it is 100% their fault why Arsenal and Chelsea have had to return tickets, it is 100% their fault that a country with an appalling human rights record is hosting the final, it is 100% their fault why Arsenal Armenian fans are being refused visa’s, in fact, it is 100% their fault why any Arsenal or Chelsea fans have to get visa’s in the first place.

I am not going to blame Azerbaijan for any of this, UEFA already knew well in advance the issues because of what happened earlier in the season when Arsenal played Qarabag, they already knew that hotel prices, air prices would be hiked massively, they already knew the very low capacity at Baku airport and yet they still went ahead with this joke of a location.

I am sure Azerbaijan is a lovely place and that the people are very welcoming but as a location for a major European Football final, it is not fit for purpose.

UEFA could have used common sense and allowed the Arsenal players to show solidarity with one of their teammates but nope, not that incompetent organisation who are far stricter on rules on T-shirts than they are at the gross racism aimed at players and corruption at the highest level of the game.


  1. I think we are making too much of this issue. The team and the fans will be better off with any news related to the final venue at the junction. The team is already there and what they need now is our full support and undivided attention which I believe they already have. If Eufa is stopping us from making any political statement, that is what having Mikis name at the back of a T-shirt is in Azerbaijan, instead of a footballing one they have my support. We have made too much noise about it already, it is time to bring the trophy home and the team needs our support from wherever we are.

    1. Mobella, agree with you 100%.
      This is now becoming a joke, let’s just get on and play the final.
      However suggested having his name on their shirts in the warm up must be looking for trouble.
      Get on with it Arsenal and bring it on home.

      1. In actual fact and having thought further about it, I would say it’s someone at Arsenal who is undermining Arsenal…if we carry on like this UEFA will have great pleasure in seeing chelsea win the game.

  2. I just got in from the clinic, I feel much better now other than the migraine that keeps taunting me, I’m all good.
    So I took the time to read every article I’ve missed and boy oh boy was I surprised? Nope, I expected more of the Cech should be dropped talk, so basically 90% of y’all on here and out there are saying Cech was good enough to be our last in line from the group stage, down to the knock out rounds, down to him being our last man in the quarter final and semis, and all of a sudden he’s gone be a bad decision for the final?
    All of a sudden Leno is Prime Casillas and Cech is Karius, this has nothing to do with emotions but really if any of you find yourselves in Cech’s position, you’ve got this one shot, one and only shot to write your name in the history of Arsenal, you’d blow it because you’re a legend somewhere else?
    Who does that?
    I mean like seriously, “Hey Leno, you’re the boss, stay in goal on Sundays”…
    “Hey Cech, thank you, we trusted you’ll get us this far alongside the team,now we’re here we have to cut you off because we don’t trust your intentions anymore ”.

    The main problem we all know we have, which is our defense, we sweep that aside and we keep saying stuffs as if Cech is the reason we leaked goals, Leno was in post when Liverpool put five against us, I didn’t see him being Prime Casillas in that game and a few others when we needed points and we lost.
    My point is, why should we keep talking about this like it’s the main focus for us?
    We have two great goalkeepers, one’s calling it quits, and here we are constantly saying stuffs to make one look like he’s some joke of a keeper, who cares if Cech starts? aren’t we supposed to be pushing forward and supporting everyone in this game? By everyone I mean whoever gets to play? Even if it’s Iwobi? Elneny? This is one game and amongst ourselves we keep creating tensions on our goalkeepers, please let go of this talk.
    Emery will make his decision, I don’t see why we keep building this tension among ourselves.

    Oh regarding the article, UEFA can go fvck themselves, I really don’t care what they let us do, my focus is in the game and hoping we bring it home

    1. Eddie: So you think Cech’s not a liability when the ball’s at his feet. Chelsea know this, in fact Chelsea know all his weaknesses, that’s why they got rid of him and they’ll exploit those weaknesses. I wan’t Leno to start because at this precise time, he’s a better keeper, no other reason. There’s a European title at stake, Champions League qualification. I certainly don’t go along with this sentimental rubbish I hear all the time from you and others on these pages. “Ah, he’s played all the games so far. Ah, How can you leave him out? Ah, Wouldn’t be fair”. Stick to the Football Manager game or whatever it’s called and leave the real stuff to the professionals.

      1. Well said Kenny, chelsea know cech’s every single weakness and so do The Arsenal fans.
        The reason Leno has been No.1 choice for our premier league games is because UE saw him as the No.1 choice.
        I think this decision will state clearly the winning minset (or otherwise) of our manager.

        By the way Kenny, how many more times will the club alleniate itself with UEFA over Myk?
        What a stupid idea from someone to promote the thought that we run out with the name of a player who originates from the country that the hosts are at war with?
        That will get the home support cheering for us, I don’t think!!!

      2. As ever, you cut through the nonsense and present the plain truth , clear as a bell. Well said Kenny. WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT BUT SOME PREFER TO MAKE EXCUSES. Tis ever thus with certain fans.

  3. I dont just want Leno to be in the final for sentiment, i want Lenn p.o because he is better than Cech. You should use your best players in finals. Cech has a weakness; he is jittery with the ball at his legs & that might make the difference. Seeing Cech in goal will reduce my confidence..

  4. So Chelsea got rid of Cech because they knew his weaknesses? Is that a fact or the figment of someone’s imagination, just to suit a certain narrative?

    The fact is, the man wanted to go. He had served them for eleven (?) years and didn’t want to leave London because his family was settled there. The owner overruled and asked him to join whoever he pleased, us. That, as a show of appreciation for his loyal service.

    How many players leave a club for a local rival and then get welcomed back to his old club with open arms? Cech is a consummate professional and is in clear contrast to some of ours who shun such mundane accolades to be celebrated for winning a sole EPL before disappearing in a puff of putrid smoke.

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