UEFA pick on Arsenal after Wenger speaks out

It is obvious that UEFA don’t like being criticised and they have made that abundantly clear to Arsenal after Arsene Wenger spoke out about playing against “many doped teams” in his career.

Most recently one of Dinamo Zagreb’s players, Arijan Ademi, was banned for four years after being tested positively for taking an anabolic steroid after playing against Arsenal in the Champions League, and Wenger thinks that Zagreb should have forfeited the game.

UEFA’s very strange rule, which states that only three players are tested after a game, and TWO of them need to be positive for the result to be changed, baffles Le Prof. “Yes, of course. It doesn’t look logical, especially if you control (test) only three.

“It’s a surprising rule. UEFA applies the rule that is planned, but I personally don’t agree with the rule.

“You cannot say ‘okay they had a doped player and the result stands’. That means you basically accept doping.

“I don’t know if I would have the support of anybody, but I came out on that and as a result we had a doping control from UEFA on Friday.

“We had 10 people on Friday to control us.”

So UEFA just randomly decided to give Wenger a drugs control just after the Boss criticized their rules? That all looks a little bit fishy. Let’s hope that they don’t frame one of our players so it looks like we are breaking the rules as well. Didn’t Wenger recently threaten FIFA with a breakaway Team World Cup recently as well?

It sounds like there is a bit of a feud going on at the moment. Where will it all end?

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  1. Budd says:

    Well, someone has to speak the truth. There is so much corruption at FIFA and UEFA that you can’t win a war against these. Unfortunately Wenger is still Arsenal manager and whatever he says will impact the club one way or another. Probably they will also take care to send a ref to silence us for good this season just as they did at the away game against Zagreb where , coincidence or not, the doping control found one Zagreb player.

    1. Gunner says:

      exactly, but unfortunately when you speak the truth you get screwed.

    2. GoonerLad says:

      People were laughing at me when I said this but I’m convinced that UEFA have purposefully hired dodgy refs whenever English teams played an important game. I believe it has something to do with the fact they don’t like the idea of English football being more popular than the other European leagues (politics), and the fact FA and the European board are far from friends. Few examples : Game where we were about to win against Barca away from home we received an unfair red card and a ruled out goal, ultimately knocking us out of the competition. The Chelsea final against Barca in 2009 was a clear example of a referee favouring a Spanish team. In addition, Mourinho mentioned how Barcelona have powerful friends in the UEFA board so if that’s the case then it makes the conspiracy more of a reality than we thought. Every year Man City (whose fans are known for boycotting CL) get a group of death, and if it isn’t them then it’s Arsenal (we’ve had CL finalists in our group for 4 consecutive seasons now). Now I’m in no way saying we aren’t to blame for our bad luck when we’ve lost important games, but this year once again, we got a dodgy ref who ruined our chances of CL success, coincidentally, we were the most in form team in Europe until the Zagreb game. I believe UEFA rig the competition to a certain extent so that Spanish teams, more specifically Barcelona, get a higher chance of dominating the competition. Does anyone find it strange that they managed to sign Suarez and Rakitic despite their transfer ban ? Also, take a look at the Team of the Year for the past decade and tell me that UEFA isn’t bias against England..

  2. Gunner says:

    With UEFA its their way or no way…I agree with AW, the doping testing system in football aint good enough.
    Secondly , Managers/Players get asked for their opinions and then get screwed over what they say.

  3. G-Rude says:

    They are all filling ther boots just money-grabbing twats. UEFA can FO

  4. BabyPlease says:

    There is no full proof doping system to prevent athletes from doping

    It just doesn’t exist
    Every country cheats.
    Every country has systems in place to get around urine test, hair follicle test, blood tests, etc. People don’t even realize that doping is so institutionalized that there is also widespread bribing of officials. But again relatively easy to get around all the doping tests.

    It takes A LOT of money to do comprehensive testing including Peptide testing. Even the PL and NFL can’t afford it. Only the Olympics has what you could call a comprehensive testing system, but even then there are NO tests for certain things like Insulin and WADA has said that there is no test at all for Mechanic Growth Factor and they don’t even know How to make one. Again, not only are there no tests for everything but it is highly expensive to test like the Olympics Committee does. You also need to consider testing windows. Like Growth hormones have about 8 hour window, other peptides have two hour window

    Point is it’s a very involved and expensive process to the point where I can confidently say that neither the PL or FIFA will be able to create a comprehensive doping system.

    It actually may be wiser to just allow everyone to dope and level the playing field like in bodybuilding. It isn’t a sport per se but they ALL cheat” growth hormones, steroids, insulin, clenbuterol, DNP all the dangerous stuff.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    didn’t i say it was a good move by Wenger……… But the consequences won’t be something to cheer bout?……….. Wenger could have just Left Arsenal, gone into punditry then voice his opinion on the dope case…..loud and clear for the far east to hear….. I will hate for our players to be Targeted and possibly snitched by UEFA


    I pray for Jack and his shisha

  6. tissiam says:

    should we boo the CL anthem tonight??

  7. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I believe Uefa SHOULD do an overhaul and reform their anti-doping dept; to make them more effective in combating doping in their crusade against footballers who have dopped. By punishing only the doper after testing positive to the Banned Performance Enhanced Substances is not enough.
    Uefa MUST put a comprehensive effective anti-doping checking in place, whereby not only the doping player will be punished, but the player’s club should equally received punishment as well for their failings to control doping in their club.
    To effectively catched the doppers in a club, the test should not be limited to just 3 players but the whole regular 1st team starters of the club should be tested just before or immediately after any Uefa game is played.
    Arsenal don’t dope. But other clubs are doping.(Zagreb is an example) And Arsenal have played against those doping teams in the past in Europe competitions and lost. That’s a mockrey of the competition in particular and in football in general. Uefa MUST update their anti-doping rules in line with the reality on ground. If at all they are serious in their fights against doping.
    This doping racket in football MUST be brought to an end by Fifa & Uefa at all cost.

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