UEFA reveals potential punishment for Arsenal if they play in European Super League

UEFA has confirmed that Arsenal players risk not participating in international football if they play in the new European Super League.

The Gunners are one of England’s top six teams who have committed to exiting the Champions League for the new competition.

The Gunners have been struggling to make the Champions League since 2017 and will see this as a shortcut to play with the European big boys sooner.

The plan has been seen as a mutiny by the footballing authorities around the world and they are fighting back.

UEFA is ready to make sure those teams pay dearly for trying to undermine them and one such punishment will affect the players directly.

UEFA president Alexander Ceferin says the players who participate in the competition will be denied the chance to play for their national team.

“The players that will play in the Super League will be banned from playing in the World Cup and Euros,” Ceferin has said via Football London

“They will not be allowed play for their national teams.”

It comes ahead of the Euros later in the year and that competition gives the footballing body the chance to show that it means what it says.


  1. Dan kit says:

    This super league may be an awful idea but let’s be honest here ,FIFA And UEFA are as corrupt as they come ,they are just worried they won’t get a piece of that pie .
    International football as slowly died over the last 20 odd years ,football is all about money and I’m sure the players wouldn’t bat an eye lid if this was to come to fruition.
    Whats more important to a player money or representing their country ?I would suggest probably 99% of players and fans know the asnwer to that .

    1. Declan says:

      Well said Dan kit, so true.

    2. Marty says:

      Quite right Dan kit, whatever the rights or wrongs about this proposal, let’s not forget how corrupt FIFA and EUFA are.

      1. Phil says:

        @Dan Kit- I’m actually wondering what the big issue is here. The Premiere League cannot afford for the Big FIVE to not be in their programme. Imagine the TV revenue when it’s re-negotiated. Imagine the revenue for the remaining The teams remains? Most cannot fill their ground when the Big FIVE are not playing. Meaning less Revenue England team without players from the Big FIVE? Might struggle to beat the Faroe Isles. UEFA and FIFA adapting to lost revenue because the Big Five are not competing? They will not be able to survive.
        Our problem is being one of the Big Five. Because Arteta is proving incapable of making us one as yesterday’s “ performance “ proved YET AGAIN.

    3. Roy says:

      Well said!

    4. John Ibrahim says:


      its all about the money

      if Fifa, UEFA, FA and TV companies get their money they will keep quiet…

  2. Kev82 says:

    I doubt Kroenke will care if this happens… Arsenal look less likely to qualify for champions league each season and losing the financial rewards it brings but Kroenke is not a man who’s willing to invest so this ESL must be christmas come early for him, the club gets the champions league financial reward and much more without having to invest in the squad it’s a win win for that snake! The club died when he got his claws into it and shame on the people who sold out to him.

    1. vieralyn says:

      Not only does Kroenke not care about the potential ramifications, he’s likely one of the main reasons why this “Super League” concept actually exists…who do you think is the main financial backer of this new League? JPMorgan…now guess who one of their biggest client is…that’s right, our absentee landlord, none other than Stan “The Man” Kroenke…coincidence? I think not

  3. Footy says:

    Lawsuits will be forthcoming from players banned . FIFA and UEFA only care about keeping their totalitarian Regime in place and keeping their gravy train.

  4. Quantic Dream says:

    Lol. Squeaky bum time for UEFA and FIFA!

  5. Argooner says:

    FIFPro have already said they will fight this, and it appears to be a stupid move by UEFA who already had most people on their side without needing to threaten the players. They were already winning the PR battle but things like this could turn the tide of public opinion as people see them as bullying the players and/or attempting to keep hold of the power they wield over the game. If they follow through with this threat expect it to go all the way to the CAS, and one would expect that they would find the bans unlawful on any number of levels. The FIFA and UEFA PR departments would do well to tell their members just to keep their mouths shut for now.

  6. Tactical Gunner says:

    FIFA and UEFA couldn’t protect their teams when agents and players where ripping them off “cash” now the clubs are protecting themselves and they are crying wolf..
    for me the Super League stands if
    1. It has proper punishment on racism
    2. Better officials

    Afterall, its the same round leather, crest/badge and humans.. Only this time, the owner profits not some scumbag association

    1. Reggie says:

      With all respect, you dont understand, if you are trying to make out this league run by club owners from the top teams who are interested in only themselves are going to make this league benifit anyone but themselves. The reasons behind these people doing this are purely for their own gain. Why anyone would want to watch a league that has no true promotion and relegation and no limit on spending or money being paid to the top teams and players in the name of sport is beyond me. People are saying fifa and eufa are corrupt, they were and maybe still are but that is nothing to this bunch of greedy owners, who dont give a damn about football, just how rich they can make their clubs at the expense of fans and real clubs. Florentine Perez in charge, Joel Glazier below him with kronk below them. Says it all really. At least fifa and eufa are not owners of the clubs and are independent. That is the real reason why these pirates want control, so they can control it all and i wouldn’t trust one of them.

  7. Stan Adams says:

    The Super League jions VAR to destroy The World Game money is without doubt the reason.
    The day the Kronkes bought Afc was indeed a sad day honour,pride,decency all gone and replaced by money oriantated owners who see Afc as an investment and not as a great instituation loved by many.

  8. JC says:

    Having watched Arsenal for 63 years, I can’t get my head around the prospect of Arsenal not being allowed to play domestic football (including FA Cup in which we have a long history). Also is it morally justified to put the players into the position where they cannot represent their countries, and I’m thinking of the likes of Saka, Smith-Rowe, etc who are just starting their international careers. I see transfer requests if this project is pursued without EUFA sanction.

  9. thomas says:

    i can go as my club great arsenal think,if you see those back days of champions league arsenal was stopped by any reveree not to move forward by awording fake penalties against arsenal not to qualify,you remember RVP given straight red card for scoring agoal.this showed indimidation to arsenal.against Barcelona this completely see in premier league where arsenal on Sunday was denied two clear goal because of an incof a toe as offside. this make arsenal to think there’re some forces behide the club failure.

  10. Wes says:

    Oh come on Reggie, look at the bright and bigger picture now we have el presidente Perez with us and a Glazier people who know a thing or two bout spending big and amassing huge debts what can possibly go wrong mate? And if they can teach silent stan how to go to a shopping spree and convince him to give us the fans a nod once in a while wouldnt it be splendid?

    1. Reggie says:

      Ha ha, i am in awe of you ideas.

      1. Reggie says:

        Your ideas.

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