Uh Oh – now Koscielny joins Arsenal’s injury list ahead of crunch Spurs clash

We have already heard that Olivier Giroud has been sent back to Arsenal from the France squad and is out of the friendly match against Germany this week, but now we have even more worrying news from L’Equipe who have told us that our top defender Laurent Koscielny missed yesterday’s training session with Les Bleus.

We all know that The Boss has had ongoing Achilles problems for a few years now, and we have been told before that there is little that can be done but to rest when the problem recurs, and Koscielny has made no secret of the ongoing injury. “I have some problems,” he told SkySports last year. “Now it is better. I know it is a difficult injury because you need to work every day on this. Every morning I have my treatment for my Achilles and I know I need to do this to the end of my career.

“Now, every day I do this and it is okay but sometimes with all the games we play every three days, it is difficult and I need to have a rest to recover well for my Achilles.

“That’s why last time I was injured but now it is okay with this. You need to be careful with this because if you stop doing your own exercise programme for one or two weeks, the problem will come back. I know now I need to do this every day to be fit for my team.”

So the odds now are that Koscielny will not be available for Spurs next week. Luckily we have Mustafi and Chambers coming back from injury but they are both lacking in match-fitness right now. Rob Holding is also a doubt, and things were so bad last week that Wenger played Francis Coquelin in an unfamiliar centre-back role against Man City. We are always weaker without Kos The Boss on the field, but it looks like we will have to deal with this against Spurs….

Darren N

Updated: November 13, 2017 — 12:05 pm


  1. He’s not that great anymore so no big loss

    1. You are right Rob. Koscielny is no longer that great. I have watched the replays of the recent goals we conceded, he not as smart as he used to be. We need good replacements for him and Per. The earlier the better.

  2. This isn’t a tenable reason not being able to cart all three points in the fixture against the Spurs. They also have an injury list that’s kinda frightening

    1. Most of Spurs key players seemingly will make the game. But if Kos is out, God help us. I totally disagree with the post of Robin Vanpayslip who, oddly, thinks Kos is not that great anymore. He is still our ONLY quality CB, though I will allow that this season has not been his best. But he is still head and shoulders better than all our other poor to rubbish CB’s. We urgently need two at least and better still three top quality CB’s and move on all the rest, bar Kos. I have more chance of being the next Pope though, than that ever happening under this regime who are ruining our club.

  3. Wenger should consider playing both Giroud and Lcazette in a 352 Formation.

    As per Kos, we have enough cover. Monreal, Per, Holding

    Against Spurs, we need pace and intelligence. playing closely as a unit. Front 3: Lacazette, Sanchez and Iwobi.
    Midfield: Ramsey, Xhaka
    Winback: Seal and Bellerin.
    Back 3: Monreal, Holding and Per

    1. Monreal is not a CB and will never be one.He’s just a consistent performer who will be exposed against good teams and good wingers because he’s not a CB.Per is slow and needs a player with decent pace around him.All this means our defence is weak.
      Xhaka is only a decent passer who can’t defend.Ramsey is inconsistent and his passing is usually terrible in games where we’re being pressured.The same applies to Xhaka.Coquelin must start in this game and so must Wilshere.One can hold the ball and dribble while one can defend.These are two things which Xhaka and Ramsey will never guarantee.
      Iwobi is not playing well and should not start.We must give a chance to another player to fill that void and that should not be Ozil who looks to be playing out of position.
      Our formation looks funny because of the way we play and I recommend that we switch back to 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.

    2. Are you serious? You actually think that Monreal, Merts, Holding will keep Kane, Son, Dele Alli(who all look like being fit) quiet.? You say we need pace and intelligence , but presumably the “pace” of Merts will do the trick! I realise we are all allowed to have our own opinions, but…….! GOOD GRIEF!

  4. I have a bad feeling on Saturdays game. we really crumble when under pressure and spurs press relentlessly

  5. And Wenger didn’t forsee this? It happens every season.
    A good manager would have got a top center back this summer. But Wenger expects Full backs will suffice.
    Wenger doesn’t believe in getting top defensive players. Why do you think he hasn’t got a top defensive midfielder for over a decade? He never even tried for players like Kante, Matic, Carvalho, Krychowiak etc
    Kroenke hasn’t completely stopped Wenger from spending big money. He just has been spending on the wrong positions and average quality players. Xhaka and Mustafi are worth £35 million?
    I blame Wenger. Not the players

    1. Mitch, well said! Surely it boils down to this: Wenger has no understanding whatever of or even considers defending a crucial part of football. Wengers uninterest in bringing in defenders or CDM’s who CAN actually defend is a long running scandal. You rightly point out he would rather play fullbacks out of position as CB, than do the job he is grotesquely overpaid for and get some decent PROPER defenders. In the last decade or more we have had one decent CDM in Gilberto who left nine years ago and one quality CB in Kos, now fast ageing and with a chronic injury. This is totally scandalous yet still this so called manager stays at his post. Until Wenger is gone- preferably in the next ten seconds- our team will never be able to defend. Defending just is not on the French fossils radar and never will be.

  6. Oh Christ this is a recipe for disaster! Who have we got that’s any good?? I don’t want to see Mertesacker in the line up….
    I’ll be at work till 1 so if we’re getting hammered I won’t bother turning it on

    I would LOVE a win though… please!!!! COYG FOYS

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