Ultimatum proves Arsenal have won Bellerin battle with Barcelona

Onew thing that we do know about the Spanish international right back Hector Bellerin is that he feels a lot of respect, gratitude and warmth for both Arsenal Football Club in general and Arsene Wenger in particular. So the chances of the fleet footed 22-year old doing what the Daily Star reports his former club are asking are pretty much non existent.

Not only did the Frenchman show great belief in the youngster when he brought him to the club in 2011 after he was deemed to be surplus to requirements at FC Barcelona, the boss also showed a lot of belief in Bellerin’s ability to play and handle the pressure of the Premier League when he was still a teenager.

Bellerin has been clear about his gratitude to Wenger and his happiness at being a Gunner on many occasions so for Barca to apparently ask him to sit down with his manager and demand a transfer is a bit optimistic from the Catalan club to say the least.

What it does tell me, though, is that Wenger and Arsenal are refusing to deal with Barca and that is great news for us for the season ahead and the future in general.



  1. Barca are a leech club in a two team league they get all the leagues revenue along with real but let’s not forget they play clubs like Eibar and Granada were there players have part and full time work

    Enough said about this overrated comdey divers cheats and corruption filled

    1. Something has to be done about teams like Barcelona tapping people up or using their local media ro do the same…
      we can see Pep using the same tactics at Citeh .. Im sure all these Sanchez stories emanate from there !
      How funny Mourinho didnt rate Lukaku at Chelsea and buys him now and same for Pep when Sanchez was at Barca !

      1. Guardiola and Alexis only spent one year together and Alexis was a regular during that time. Guardiola left in 2012, Alexis left in 2014.

    2. Two team league? Atletico has more more European success in the last four years than any English team.

      This is just not true: “Eibar and Granada were there players have part and full time work”. All La Liga players are professionals.

      Overrated? Four of the top six clubs in the UEFA rankings are Spanish. Six of the last eight Champions League were Spanish. Arsenal’s best players were signed from Spain (Alexis, Ozil, Mustafi, Bellerin).

      Let’s respect other leagues and teams.

  2. I think as speak for the Arsenal fans Bellerin was never a problem of being transfered to another club. I had faith in him that he wouldn’t abandoned and i still have…..True Gunner

  3. Wenger is somehow serious this time around, just read what he said about Alexis is staying and you will believe me. Imagine an WOB like me praising venger. time flies.

    1. I’m unsure what Wenger means. Sanchez is staying and running down his contract, then leave on a free? He’s signing? He’s going to gamble on holding him to his contract in the hope he signs mid-season? Because if he’s not signing any of the remaining options are disastrous.

      1. Yup, it sounds as if he is going to gamble on Sanchez renewing his contract during the season. According to Wenger’s latest interview ? Sanchez hasn’t told the club that he wants to leave… Yet! And until that happens it’s a carry on regardless stance.

        1. He’s just such a talent, I don’t even have to go into that. But this talk of Wenger being “tough” with Sanchez and letting him go for free next season as a brilliant move is insane. WOB’s are oddly optimistic on our chances of a title challenge with Sanchez staying.

          The assumption that Sanchez will be the same player when held against his will is ignored. He’s an influential player on the pitch and in the dressing room. What’s to say that he doesn’t become a toxic influence?

          A challenge won’t be enough for him to stay he wants trophies. Europa league? Nope! FA cup? Been there done that. It has to be the premier league. And we have to be dominating the league by January so he doesn’t get snapped up.

          We’ve had people rightly complaining over the years that big clubs don’t sell to rival. But do big clubs let their best player head off to their rivals for free without so much as a penny. That’s not the movings of a big club. Can any of us imagine any of the big clubs letting their star player go for free to a rival?
          Mugging off spurs with Sol Campbell, a weaker club selling to a stronger one. It is not of sign of strength giving away your most valuable commodity for free.

          I think if he wants to go he’ll go contract or not. We haven’t heard anything concrete so that’s good news.
          I pray that I’m 110% wrong and we win the league, or challenge and tie Sanchez down mid-season.

            1. And how did Dortmund do the following season?
              A smaller club selling to a bigger one. So what? How did Dortmund benefit from that?

              1. how about david degea’s case? he was kept against his will but did extraordinarily well in the following season??.

            2. Loads of us say we want to compete with the big boys, not just in the league but in Europe. Big clubs don’t let star players leave for free to rivals. Or are suggesting that they do?

        2. But by mutual consent he’s told his agent he wants to leave.The money part will always be a factor even if he decides to sign.If he stays he’s just trying to honour his contract and move on for free mostlikely to another club in London.I wish we could know know his final stance before entering into the season because we can’t allow him to go for free and strengthen another rival.

          1. But I keep getting told by people that we have a big chance to take the league if we have sanchez this season. If we are off the pace by january he is gone for free. Even if we’re in the pack he could very well be off.

            We have added kolasinac and laca. Brilliant signings, there’s a buzz round the club and I love the optimism. We need to be twice as good as we were last season to even stand a chance of challenging and if we’re not up to it he’s off. Nobody has made a good case for holding on to him and letting him go for free next season. Apart from “what if everything goes exactly as we want it to?”

            Again I desperately want to be wrong and it all goes perfectly.

            1. Of course we have a good chance of winning the league by keeping Sanchez.But the fact that he can leave for free next summer should not be disregarded.It will all be worth it when we win the league this season.

              1. We have a good chance of winning the league. But where are all those people that wanted Wenger’s head last season? People that i’ve seen here decry that this team regardless of personnel will never win anything with Wenger at the helm have either, gone silent, or praising this “new wenger” for getting tough.

                Getting goals wasn’t our major failing last season. It was the amount we shipped. We’ve added Sead, was he the missing piece? No. Battles were lost in the midfield. People say we need a Santi replacement, Xhaka was always Santi’s long-term replacement. A CM with a wide ranging passing game. If he steps up, maybe we have a chance? Ramsey? Who knows which Ramsey will turn up next season?
                Our back line is still subject to trouble. Mustafi needs to convince. The boss needs to stay fit. Hector needs to refind himself.

                These are problems any manager would have to deal with at Arsenal. But what about the “tired, out of ideas, can’t motivate, stubborn, tactically inept” Wenger dealing with these problems?

                What i’m saying is we have a mountain of a task to win the prem this season. Even if we preform incredibly well next season challenge still might not keep Sanchez. If the winner next season taps up Sanchez he’ll jump ship and all for free.

                But the only response I get is, “well we have a better chance with him than without him”.
                The question what if we fail needs to be answered?

                1. Even with or without him we can win the league or not.We’ve seen a better team and better players than this Arsenal that hasn’t won the league.The point is he’s our best player so it’s like all hopes are on him though I don’t agree.I hope this decision of Wenger pays off though.But I agree on what you’re saying that there are many parts of the team that needs improvement.

    2. From what I have read, Wenger has had minimal input on the transfer negotiations and Gazidis/Law has gone out and been bidding more often, faster return.

      It is amazing what happens when AFC aim to get the managers target, just get a name from the manager and go for it…

      I wonder how much Fahmy has helped, if any? He was hired not long ago and the 2 things I read he will be working on was to push transfers over the line and contracts. Has he had a input faster than we expected? I do not know about this yet.

      We all wanted change, some ppl wanted a change in manager while others wanted other change, I wanted Gazidis gone if I am honest… not the change I wanted but we have made changes. It gives good hope ^.^

      I will get behind and support Gazidis if he can continue the good work in this transfer window. Credit to Gazidis so far.

  4. It doesn’t prove much but it is just smoke, no fire there. Sure Barca want Bellerin that much is obvious but Arsenal always was in a strong position. Also it is funny how all those article comes with no direct talk from the player.
    Last time I checked when we heard from him he always said the right things about Arsenal. Also his last donation highlight also how connected he feels to the city and what is going on.
    No story there, case closed for me.

    1. I have read Bellern donate towards the tragedy and well done to him, I know some people who have played it down by saying he has enough money and he should be doing stuff like that (anti football friends, what a surprise huh lol) but he didn’t have to and he did!

      There is a connection, I do not know how strong it is but there has to be a connection right? He could have donated that money to cancer research or any other charity if it was just for PR but he chose a tragedy which needed the help more and nobody was reporting on individuals who had helped donate so I do not see it as media chasing either.

      It was a caring and wonderful thing that he done and I am proud he wears our badge and I am so happy to hear AFC is not budging on him, he is in a long contract and he has not pushed for a move, Bellerin deserves a ton of respect in my opinion.

      1. Yes, so many players hide behind money grabbing agents, rather than doing the right thing, and he has not done that – so he does deserve respect. It is a bit sickening to watch the Ox’s agent release stories to the press with the aim of putting the screws on Arsenal. The fact is that Arsenal have offered the Ox more than Liverpool are prepared to, and Liverpool cannot guarantee a CM starting position. He is the same guy who manufactured Sterling’s move to the Oilers. Arsenal were a bit too comfortable not signing up the Ox earlier – I don’t know why the Ox switched agent, but Ox is in Wenger’s favourites, so I don’t think creating a bad atmosphere unnecessarily can be doing him any favours.

  5. We are probably getting rid of Debuchy and Jenkinson so I can’t see us getting rid of our best RB especially since he just recently signed a contract. He seems happy here and is a nice guy too. He is only 22 years old. He has plenty of time to go to Barcelona or any other club. I’m 99% sure he will stay.

    1. The latest is that Debuchy will be allowed to go for free, he has been told to find a club. As for Jenkinson, it looks as if he’s staying, What with reports of Wenger wanting to give adequate rest to players like Bellerin,Mustafi and Holding because of international duties. We could be a bit light at the back for the first two games of the new season.

  6. With so many different stories out there, it’s best to just wait and see how things are looking more nearer to the start of the new season.

    From what I’ve gathered, Bellerin is a confused lad what with his family and boyhood club pressuring him to move back to Barcelona.
    I’m guessing that it’s Barcelona who have given him the “it’s now or never” Ultimatum to re-join the club. And if the latest reports are true then Bellerin has supposedly had two meetings with Wenger since the player returned from international duty, apparently begging to be allowed to move back to Barca and he doesn’t want his wishes to be made public.
    Even Stan has supposedly called Bellerin (personally) to tell him that he isn’t going anywhere. Time will tell.

  7. I really hope Bellerin becomes more consistent with his quality.That’s what will make him world class.He really needs to improve.His main problem is that he’s not yet been able to create a balance between all of his abilities.Hopefully with more game time and less injuries this season he can play more maturely and improve his decision making.The talent given to him is so huge that he can be one of the very best RB in Europe if he wants to.He just needs to try as much as possible to maximise his potential by being patient and working hard.He can be so so good if he works hard.

  8. arsenal as a big and rich club they didn’t spent so much money to buy best players in the past years like the other big clubs so this time it is a must that arsenal buys best defender, midfielder and striker and as well keep Sanchez valuing the service that he will be giving next season mote than £ 50 m which will also protect him not to play against arsenal at least for the coming season ,and who knows after wards..Arsenal doesn’t has to target championship qualification but rather to win the title.

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