Umm.. Maybe Arsenal should have bought a striker after all?

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There will be a million Arsenal fans shouting “I told you so” this week, as the double injury blow to Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has left the Gunners in a precarious position for their next few games. Not only have we lost those two as possible right-wingers following the injury to Aaron Ramsey, it has also left us with only ONE recognised centre-forward in Olivier Giroud until either Walcott or Danny Welbeck return to full fitness.

Luckily this time, we only have three more games until the international break, but it means that Giroud will have to play all three games at least. Another “I told you so” will go out for the fact that every Arsenal fan know that it is nigh on impossible for Theo to go a whole season without injuries. It is not such a surprise either when you consider the fact that Tuesday’s calf problem is Walcott’s 26th injury in the last five years and he has only made 20 starts for the Gunners in the last two seasons….

I know that Wenger will be praying that Walcott returns in timely fashion and both him and Giroud can get through to Christmas without further problems, and then Le Prof can say that Welbeck will be “like a new signing”, but with still two months (and 12 games) to get through before then it is highly unlikely.

So I am going to be the first to say “I told you so” to Wenger, after he refused to get in any new backups in the summer to relieve our already thin squad, despite knowing that Welbeck was out of the picture for the forseeable future.

Wenger may complain that he lost his title chance again due to a glut of injuries, but no-one will be listening because, actually, this happens every season.


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    1. So what we are saying that because we only have one fit striker and so does Man City we are in a crisis or I told you so Situation. Please tell us any striker that is worth Arsenal quality that would have sat on the bench waiting for his turn behind Walcott and Giroud.

      We have strikers in our youth system. We cannot go looking outside forever. Then why do we have a youth system. Take someone from the Reserve team and put him on the bench. We never know it might spark a new super star.

      I think maybe even giving Campbell a run of three games could be good. He might do so well that Wenger has a selection headache when Walcott, Ramsey and Ox return.

      Also if we want to be a force to be reckoned with we need to start giving players from the reserves a chance. This is the reason we have this system in the first place.

      Also OX, Walcott, Ramsey and Walcott really needs to sort out their injury. They are good players but their progress is halted everytime by injuries. Everytime they start to play good football then booooom, an injury..

      Great players know their bodies. Alexis, Mess, Ronaldo plays 60 games a season and more and still has no injuries. WHY

      1. That’s like comparing a stallion race horse to a seaside Donkey ???
        They are a different beast all together! ?

  1. Well, personally I did not view Walcot as a striker. From the onset, we were short on striker options. No body should deceive us. You don’t turn a striker overnight. Praying that nothing happens to Giroud.

  2. Hope it won’t reach such a situation, Ramsey will be back after the boring week (International), walcott and are expected to come back earlier. But if no so then me too will say “I told you” lolz.

  3. moanino……… Chels………… Manure……. Hazard……….. Rooney…….. COC ………. L()Lzzzzzzzz

    ADMIN COMMENT – Soopa it doesnt work with an asterisk either!

  4. @Admin……… Pls do something bout ur spam filters……. There are no swear words in ere!……. Save u and I the embarassment

      1. Would’ve made sense if we bought cover for Giroud and Walcott….But we didn’t – What if Giroud gets injured now…He should’ve been a decent enough replacement.

  5. Maby few fans will moan, or il get stick

    my opinion, we already have a all rounded striker in our ranks: Danny Welbeck

    pace, power, presence young

    needs to polish 1st touch and finishing.

    be honest, has prof given a front 3 of alexis,theo and danny a run of 3 games together.

    I honestly believe, with time, that could be our most lethal front 3.

    Its a pity danny is injured…….why is the English stars so injured? I tell u why they allll spoilt bratz

    thumb me down all u want….the best footballers are ready made and thoroughly bred from street football. They have that hunger,determination and grit to be the best, Alexis,messi,cazorla,ronaldiho,henry….just to name a few knew that football was their way out.

    british guys were spoon fed in acadamies and praised to be the next maradona and inturn gave them egos biiger than the Eiffel tower.

    My point……these guys should learn from the south American footballers and start puttn in the hard work.

    arsenal alllllll the way.

    1. Agree on silver spoon fed footballers but not in DO being our solution. Talk about overrated/valued for what he has in his locker.

      1. Okay so the team for swansea is :

        Sanchez Ozil Campbell
        Coq Carzorla
        Mon Kos Mert Bell

        That means our bench will not be great or even “good”.

        Bench: Matt macey, Chambers, Gibbs, Flamini, Iwobi, etc.(struggling for names)??

        Would anyone put flamini in for Carzorla. and then in the 60th min put carzorla on, in order to chase, manitain the lead or to create more chances.

        Idea only came in my head just in case to change the game since the quality of bench isnt not strong.

  6. Arsenal basically have three centre forwards like most other clubs – Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck. Three centre forwards should usually be enough to go a full season with sufficient backup. Look at other teams. Chelsea have Costa, Falcao and Remy. City have Aguero, Bony, Iheanacho. United have Rooney, Marshall.

    Yet for some messed up reason we always seem to have more injuries. It typically boils down to the player…why is it that players like Walcott, Wilshere ALWAYS are injured? The same applied to RvP, Diaby and a few others. Yet we see players like Giroud, Messi, Ronaldo and countless other players feature all the time but hardly have any injuries? This has been Arsenal’s problem for too long…we have too many injury prone players in our squad. The question needs to be asked, is there any real justification for keeping an injury prone player like Theo around? If we want to win top honors our players cannot keep getting injured all the time. I’m not doubting Theo’s capability, I think he is a good player….but does his performance on pitch justify the amount of time he is out injured? These difficult questions need to be asked by management.

    Our medical staff has been upgraded/changed, we have one of the best fitness and training facilities in the world. Injuries can no longer be blamed on that…

  7. Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud, Wellbeck

    How many more players do you need in that position? We have already shown that when Sanchez, Cazorla and Ozil are in form the goals just come. So really not sure what people are complaining about. Buying a player to cover 3 very short term injuries shows why Wenger is a manager and lots of other people are not.

  8. 3 (2) Actions, that Wenger should have carried out yesterday:
    Immidiatly recall Serge Gnabry from W.Brom, Pulis sees nothing in him, and he is getting no time on the pitch. in my mind a better option than Cambell on the right wing.
    Recall Akpom, he has played 10 games for Hull, and would be a decent option on the bench.
    3. DON’T recall Sanogo, I SAy he’s NO GOod.

  9. let it go fans there was nothing productive coming from that right wing anyway. stick anyone on there and move on.

    1. you’re right, let’s just stick good old Flamini out there on the right wing against Bayern, or even better just park Steve Bould out there, nothing will come from the wing anyway…

  10. I just thought of a solution to solve the current absentee list in RW.

    Put Bellerin upfront!!! We all have seen how good he is on the ball upfront against Bayern…
    and keep Debuchy at RB. I am, although, hoping he won’t perform as bad as against Sheff. And Bellerin can give him enough cover at the back too – that boy runs like a machine..

  11. Should have Could have but did not buy a Striker, Well that’s Wenger for you.
    He messed up again like he has for the last few seasons. Arsenal need a fresh pair of eyes.

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