Unai Emery admits that Arsenal are aiming to be like Liverpool

The new Arsenal boss Unai Emery has been trying to teach his new squad to learn how to play from the back and with the possession attack with speed and style, and it is has been revealed that the Spaniard has been trying to emulate Klopp and is hoping that the Gunners can become as tight as Liverpool and play the same way.

Emery said: “We need to stop them doing their jobs in the 90 minutes. They have individual players and also are a collective.

“They are developing moves with the goalkeeper because they build up through Alisson, the centre-backs and the midfield players.

“They can progress up the pitch with a lot of quality starting with Alisson.

“We need a big match in the individual duels against them and also tactically we need to be together and play with our identity and style that we need to impose on them.

“It’s difficult for 90 minutes but in moments we need to impose our ideas in a duel of 90 minutes.

“They are a very good team, an intense team, and they require a lot of work for us to battle them but I believe in our team and our players. We are also going to play our way.”

“This team has developed a lot with Klopp and their new signings in the last year,”

“The team three seasons ago, they were playing in the final in the Europa League. Last season they played in the final of the Champions League.

“For us it is a good example for how you can improve. We have a lot of respect for them also.

“I think we can play against them with our performance and also the possibility and spirit to show every supporter that we are here also.”

This game will be the perfect test to see how far we have progressed in Emery-s tactics, and we will be playing a team that has ha a couple of seasons to develop the same identity. Can Arsenal really give Liverpool a game on the same level as Emery wants us to be after just ten League games in charge? Or should we expect our team to be given more time to reach their level?

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  1. Well, it has taken klopp four years to get to where he is, not one single trophy.
    Not even the”second rate” fa cup.
    How much money has he spent?
    A budget way in excess of our club, so he can go and buy those world class players that some on here believe are the way to go!
    I’m just pleased that Emery has faith in the squad he inherited along with the new signings, to believe that we can do this.
    I wonder how klopp, pep and all the other managers with unlimited funds would fare at our club?
    Would we tolerate klopps failure to win anything after so long?

    1. You make good points Ken, hard to argue. I’d only add that they sold a talented player for a boatload of money, and reinvested that money wisely.

      Arsenal could or should have done that with Sanchez for the rumored£60 million being thrown around. Instead contract was handled foolishly, and we lost the chance to reinvest. I blame all; Wenger for not being more assertive, Ivan for incompetence, and absent owner because Stan has final say.

      Other than that, we didn’t have the quality to sell and reinvest. Rather than argue about who to blame, I’ll go right to the top; STAN.

      Cheap owner who rarely if ever invests in top quality to chase titles or resell to further invest in squad. That’s his operating procedure, has been for decades. Rams sucked, he did nothing until he moved them.

      Now the stadium is costing over $6billion (he’s only partly responsible financially), but has to invest seriously to make money to offset cost.

      At Arsenal he hung Arsene out, and only invested enough to appease the fans, after their boiling point and firing Wenger. Club improving, now he’s about “self sustaining” nonsense again.

      Curious how money wasn’t there for Wenger, but get Laca, money for Auba, Sokratis, and 3 year payout for Torreria. Curious who wasn’t buying those type players 3 years ago; was it Ivan, Wenger, or Stan not doing that proper business?

      Anyway, i agree in part with you about available funds, but more should have been done years ago. Wenger and Ivan are to blame for that, but buck stops with owner who has financial last word.

      1. But Durand, I keep asking on here, where did the money go from CL participation,top 4finishes, fa cup monies TV money and sponsorship deals?
        That’s when kronkie and gazidis should have as allowed money to be spent on players identified at the time.
        If kronkie said that’s what you’re getting, that’s what you got isn’t that what your saying?
        What would you want the manager (past or present) to do?
        Have a strop and walk away from one of the greatest club’s in the world??
        Kronkie would just carry on as before, just as he has since AW resigned.
        Three years ago we were fa cup winners, in the CL but still having to watch the top table clubs outbid us in any transfer transaction.
        You are sensible enough to realise that the players we missed out on, as identified by AW, were derailed by either kronkie or gazidis, nothing to do with anyone else.

        The money pool got for courtinoe has long been spent (wisely I agree) but they have continued to spend and without the success of our club regarding silverware.
        Let’s not kid ourselves here, we have no chance of outspending city, utd, pool or chelsea and that is why ANY Arsenal manager who stays near them or even beats them is a phenomenon, even if, no…in spite of, its alleged, having a team full of wimps, weeds, clueless defenders,. no coaching, and no world class players.
        Let’s hope Emery can repeat the process.
        Klopp? Don’t model our club on his record Emery, I can think of others you might try to equal on a shoestring budget.
        I want us to be Arsenal, not a version of pool or anyone else come to that!!!!

        1. Ken I think you are being meanminded and wrong over Liverpool in those comments. Since Klopp had the Courtinho money to spend , barely a year or so ago, he has transformed an already improving side to one that is certain, IMO, to push City this sesson. League titles are what most matters; cups are a lottery and with a lucky draw you can win them. Pool are way ahead of us , which does not mean they will necessarily beat us tomorrow, as football does not work that way, as virtually all of us realise. Yes, he has had four years but they were way outside top four when he took over and have vastly improved thanks to his magic, charisma, judgment, coaching and tactical skill. It is just being unsporting to describe today Liverpool as you have done. But for City and their mega oil bucks, Liverpool would be certain PREM CHAMPIONS THIS SEASON AND LAST TOO. NOT SO BAD, PUTTING IT VERY MILDLY. This is no reflection on us, as we have a different owner and set of circumstances. But I admire the way Liverpool is run; I admire their fans and the fact they are a self built and proper football club without a Santa Claus owner. Though , obviously, they are not MY club , I would love to see this great club win the title, assuming , as we sadly must, that we don’t win it this season. All in good time though, as at last we are moving , albeit hampered by Scrooge, in the right direction. Though it will upset many/ all on here much the same can be said about Spurs, managerial wise, though their owner is another Scrooge, thank God, in their case.

            1. You admire their fans do you Jon. Did you ever go to Anfield in the 70’s. Let me tell you something. It was the without doubt the most dangerous city in the country to visit for away fans, it was a place where you couldn’t open your mouth in fear of giving away where you came from. Hooliganism started in Ireland with sectarian songs that quickly spread to the cities of Liverpool and Glasgow The first recorded battles we’re between Liverpool and Everton fans in the early 60’s. They started by smashing up trains, football specials as they we’re known and then spread to the rest of the country’s terraces which became territorial battlegrounds. I suppose your one of those who believe Hillsboro and Heysel wasn’t their fault. I have my own personal tale to tell, I was seriously injured and almost lost an eye at the 1971 Cup Final when a young Liverpool fan I guess about fifteen years old, threw a bottle that hit me in the face because a friend I was with had an Arsenal flag. In 1972, do you remember we played Stoke City at Goodison Park in the FA Cup semi final replay. Well that night there was a train strike and the only way to get to Liverpool was by train or car. The scenes in the car park at Stanley park after the game resembled a war zone when not hundreds but thousands of Liverpool and Everton fans attacked Arsenal fans going back to the coaches, there was hardly a window left in about fifty to seventy coaches and not a police officer in sight. Even last year do you remember the scenes when Manchester City went to Anfield for the Champions League match, I suppose that wasn’t their fault neither. That’s all we ever get from them, “It wasn’t our fault”. Please don’t get me wrong, Liverpool has always been a bit of a strange place, you have people from both ends of the spectrum, the very best of people, I have a brother- in- law, a real diamond, and the very worst, nothing in the middle unfortunately

              1. KENNY , I went many, many times to POOL AND RECEIVED GREAT HOSPITALITY AFTER THE GAME FROM THEIR SUPPORTERS CLUB TO OURS,OR SOME OF US. They also went through Heysel and Hillsborough and yes, I know they have their share of hotheads as all teams do. But I try to be fair with people and not condemn a whole clubs supporters because of a minority. I saw much trouble on our old North Bank back in the 70’s, including racist comments , from a few and much trouble, though less than some other clubs. I spoke as I found personally, if you found different well then you did. But you are not me and I am not you. Our experiences wer clearly different. Chelsea , Stoke. Leeds , Man City and others were all bad too. I don’t hold grudges from 45 years ago and urge you not to, for you own peace of mind.

          1. Jon, each to their own as far as pool and klopp go.
            I don’t think I have described them in any way other than by facts.
            We have been over performing them in the last ten years, both head to head and in silverware.
            Klopp has spent (if my mental sums are correct… could be wrong) nearly three times as much as we have and still hasn’t won anything.
            How strange that you didn’t acknowledge the fact that the mega rich oilclub city had so much power when you were citing the thirty odd points difference between us at the end of the season, yet use it to justify pool not winning the premier league!
            I also admire their fans immensely and I cannot imagine them going anything other than supporting through thick and thin.
            A great club indeed, but not my club and not my club’s manager.

            1. By the way Jon, didn’t their board lie about suarez and his buyout clause?
              I also seem to remember their owner asking what it was we were smoking at the club?
              Mind you, that was in response to someone offering £1.00 over the buyout clause (my money is on Gazidis), so I guess I can’t criticise them to much for outing that joke of a CEO!!!
              Would you be prepared to give Emery four years, spending (I think) over £200,000,000 whilst not winning one single trophy?
              It’s klopp we’re talking about, not the club…a great club as you rightly say.

          2. For all the hate against sir arsene in those 4 years he took us to 3 FA cup finals and we won 2. No arguments whose better, anyday arsene over klop, now we have emery, chapter closed and we march forward and upward the table.Just check whats happened to Man U dispite having Jose. Arsene left us in better shape.Thank you Sir Arsene. COYG

        2. Ken I blame the recruitment and those responsible.Wenger chose not to get a DM for a decade. Money was available, but he refused to bring in one to shore up the defense.

          He continually bought boatloads of midfielders, and bypassed def improvements. Couple years ago we were short in CB’s and everyone knew it, Wenger did nothing and injuries struck. Who’s fault was that? Money was there.

          He only spent £11 million for Cech that year; I’d bet life savings club had more than £11 million available. Keeping Walcott for a decade? Persisting with Giroud and no real 2nd choice?

          He chose Mustafi for £35 million, bad recruitment and poorly spent. He also wanted Xhaka; both Wenger and Xhaka have said so. He thought Xhaka was best he could get? And a DM at that?

          I’m grateful for what he’s accomplished, but Wenger purchases last several years mostly were busts. Offering Ox £180k to stay?

          Club had money, but it was wasted on poor players and Wenger’s absurb wages. Surely you admit this? Ox, Walcott, and others were overpaid rather than moved on.

          Let’s not forget Wenger himself said Ivan wasn’t involved in player transfers before Auba. You haven’t responded to his quote, yet suggest Ivan derailed attempts despite Wenger denying that?

          No, his loyalty to poor players and stubbornness regarding others and a DM fall solely on his shoulders. He could have sold Giroud and upgraded, same with Walcott and Ramsey to name a few.

          Money plays a sizeable part, but his choice of players has been extremely poor, and defenders in particular has been atrocious. He didn’t wisely spend what was available and that’s on him. He failed to get value and prioritize.

          We agree regarding owner, but disagree on transfer blame. Wenger himself said who decides, yet you lay blame with Ivan despite Wenger debunking your claim.

          1. Durand you have stolen all my proposed thunder in answer to Ken 1945. I agree with EVERY WORD, AND SO WELL SAID, MY REALISTIC FRIEND!

  2. Unai Emery admits that Arsenal are aiming to be like Liverpool
    Nope, he dont say anything like that!!!
    “it is has been revealed that the Spaniard has been trying to emulate Klopp and is hoping that the Gunners can become as tight as Liverpool and play the same way.”
    Not that either!!!!
    He ‘says
    They are a very good team, an intense team, and they require a lot of work for us to battle them but I believe in our team and our players. We are also going to play our way.”

  3. I think for tomorrow Emery should play his big name players and allow them to make a fool of them selves at home which wont happen
    Arsenal 2 – 1 Liverpool
    My players are just as good if not better going forward I love my team and I for one believe in our boys.

  4. I am expecting to see Emery’s Tactical masterclass tomorrow.. I expect him to tactically outwit klopp and send a clear message to man city chelsea who are vying for the title that don’t take Arsenal easy anymore….

  5. we are a work in progress and until we face the northern powerhouses we won’t know where we are in terms of our desire and spirit. it should be settled ground that we are far from where we want to be as a football team with aspirations to return to european competition. similarly it should be settled ground that arsenal are not a dud and more than capable of turning up, particularly in tests at emirates stadium where for the most part we are productive. if we show any complacence at all in defence we will make up for it with our formidable attack which is capable of matching all the epl attacks except one – the only side i think better than ours is currently is from the blue half of manchester, so other than that lot – we’re more than capable of squaring-off with lfc, at home.

      1. Ah waal2waal, the good old days that one never appreciates till their gone my friend.
        Treated with contempt by the media (and some of our fans) finishing in the top four again is the trophy that every team wants to win, we just got complacement as a fanbase and took it for granted.
        But don’t despair, we have a new coach who has already shown he has the ability to bring back those halcium days, just give him time and support.
        About to leave for the Emirates and hope to see us take these scousers apart, if not we’ll make the three points up at Anfield.

        1. @ken 1945 – i firmly believe we will be champions league *regulars, revived and robust just as in “the good old days that one never appreciates till their gone”. However to get to that reality the fact is some of our under performing personnel will need replacing. I’ll not bang on about who these players are but games like this one will reveal the quality players (in our ranks) from the pretenders and the habitual under-performers.

          As things stand i’m not about to despair 😀 – it’s quite the opposite, i hold on to a belief the arsenal can give as good as we get from lfc. So, i’m expecting a point whilst hoping for something more #COYG

    1. You ain’t serious.
      Are you underrating us. We’ve gone beyond the first two matches by far. We know how to win playing ugly.
      You’ll eat your words.

  6. The way some pundits are talking you’d think Liverpool were a carbon copy of the 1970s Brazil team and we were Luxembourg it’s ridiculous! Liverpool are a good team and nothing more they have some very good players and some decent players James Milner Fabinho and Shaqiri is hardly gonna keep you up at night.. we have good players too, full internationals! I just hope we perform today shut some of these so called expert pundits up! I guarantee if we do win they’ll say we rode are luck and they need to do that against the likes of City and Chelsea.. it’s almost like a vendetta!

    1. I’m with you on this JW-All week Emery will have been setting us up to win this game.We are playing a team who are GOOD but are nowhere near being a GREAT side.Its a big test for us today but we know what is needed to win and have got a very nice record of winning games while not playing particularly well this season.A win today will give us a confidence going forward.

      1. In total agreement Phil.. Emery will know the dangers that Liverpool possess and will also know their weaknesses and they do have weaknesses no matter what people say! I’m not sure Liverpool would have won those games playing relatively poorly in some games, let’s not forget they only managed 2 shots on target against bottom of the table Huddersfield, yet we’re expected to be torn to shreds whilst Alisson plays games on his mobile phone! I honestly believe it’ll be a lot closer than a lot of people think.

  7. these arsenal fans never learn do they, always ready to belittle others club and coaches achievement just to make the fill better about the demise of our club. news flash Ken. klopp spend what he realise from selling one of his world class player to get more world class player. but no he spend a but load of money when statistic said actually that arsenal has spend more money than Liverpool since klopp took charge. but hey keep saying what like to make you feel better. klopp has done a wonderful job at Liverpool wether you like it or not.

    1. Let’s hope Nacho pulls through can’t have Xhaka playing left back ? prediction Sue what’s the score gonna be ? ?

      1. If Xhaka does end up playing there it’ll be an absolute nightmare John!!!
        I really can’t call it… obviously I’d love a win, but I just don’t know ? how about you?

  8. Looks like Unai wants to stick with playing Iwobi from the right, if that’s done against Liverpool we’ll be toothless on both wings as Iwobi’s useless from right and Auba useless from LW
    Auba coming from the bench is working for us
    Iwobi is super confident only on the RW
    Let’s play that way until we can figure out something else that works (maybe 442 with Auba & Laca)
    I believe this was the sole reason we lost to Crystal Palace
    We never controlled the game for one minute as our outlet, in Iwobi, was out of position and not sure of myself and Ozil … hiding as usual when things get tough

      1. LOL !
        Was just about replying to that
        Felt like a lose though
        Not withstanding Zaha causing much problems, we could’ve still won them easily if we just stuck to what has been working for us and outscore them
        We scraped goals against CP (one set piece)
        We couldn’t play and score cos the team play style had been disrupted
        UNAI !!! Our winning from the bench can also STUN Liverpool, let’s stick with it

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