Unai Emery can field his strongest eleven against Sheff Utd – will he?

Unai Emery has his strongest squad available but what team will he go with?

For the first time since he became Arsenal manager, Unai Emery has his strongest squad available to choose from.

The only player unavailable is Reiss Nelson and even though he is a top-quality player, he is not an automatic starter.

So, in theory, Emery can pick the following team


Now, some will argue that the midfield could be different, I accept that. It could easily be Torreira, Willock and Ozil but the point is that Emery can choose whatever midfield he wants because they are all fit.

The back four listed above is probably close to what most fans would want, maybe Chambers instead of Luiz is an option.

The frontline basically picks itself, you cannot get much stronger than Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe.

However, the chances of Emery going with that team is minimal. It is unlikely he will risk Lacazette from the start and I am not convinced he will start Bellerin or Holding.

It should also be noted that what the average Arsenal fan considers the best team is different to what Emery thinks is his best line up. As an example not many fans would select Xhaka, Emery will.

If it is not the game against Sheffield United that enables Emery to pick his best team it will be one very soon.

There will no longer be any excuses available to the Spaniard. He is as close to the fittest, healthiest, strongest squad he has ever had available. It is now time to deliver.


  1. Francis says:

    If Xhaka gets one more yellow card he will be suspended for the next game

    1. AY75 says:

      Good news eh?, If only the booking can keep him out for longer

      1. Sue says:

        That’ll break Unai’s heart!

        1. Nonny says:

          Xhaka has the physicality Emery wants from his dm. And is also not injury prone maybe thats why emery likes him and its hard to see a coach without favourite player he wants in his squard just that sometimes if the player is performing its hard to pick notice of that

          1. AY75 says:

            What physicality?….. he’s bad at tackling, he’s slow, he lacks creativity, he’s not even good on the counter either….. we already have a DM in Torreira, but our tactical genius opts to play him further up the pitch…… you know I wonder how so many people aren’t on his back like they are on Özil’s….. and for the record, I don’t mind them both being sold if we’re getting better replacements.

        2. AY75 says:

          It won’t be that bad…… he’ll get to say good ebening to him at least once every day 😀

          1. Sue says:


      2. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

        Just my thought! I hope Emery gives fans a break and drop him out from starting lineup

  2. gotanidea says:

    Bench Xhaka, Bellerin, Sokratis and Pepe, because they are not ready for an away game in EPL

    I know Emery doesn’t want to upset his EPL team by relegating some of them to cup matches. But he should have swapped some players, because it is obvious that few of them are overwhelmed by the intensity of EPL

    Unless Emery and the coaches saw some improvements on several players during the long break

    1. Ibrahim kamara says:

      that is true dear

    2. Truth says:

      Not sure if Bellerin is not ready for an away game. I would play him.

    3. Nonny says:

      And who would you want to replace pepe with certainly not Nelson cause he too is far away frim been ready for an away match in EPL

      1. Cough* Martinelli * cough cough 😂

  3. Agu Emen says:

    All our CB’s are sub standard.
    We have no top DM.
    10 remains a mystery.
    Bellerin and Tierney remain injury concerns.
    Lacazette is a long term injury prospect.
    Pepe is still adapting.
    We only have three form players Aubameyang Willock and Guendouzie.
    Emery still needs 7 quality players to make this side competitive.
    On paper Sheffield United is much too strong.
    Predicted score.
    Sheffield United 5 Arsenal 2.

    1. Dan kit says:

      5-2 👍
      I agree I was going to say 7-2 , but I think you may be right .

      1. Nonny says:

        7-2 sounds reasonable by spurs standard

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      I once said I wouldn’t bother replying your posts as they’re always unreasonable, out of context and full of exaggerations.
      Why not go for Sheffield Utd 7 Arsenal 1 ??
      At least you’ll look more comical.
      And why 7 new players for Emery? Why not 18 new players to go with PEA,Willock n Guendouzi.
      He needs more than 7 new players to compete.
      What a clown

    3. SAGooner says:

      Agu, please do not forget to give us your expert opinion after the game and with particular emphasis on your prediction and the reasons why it did not happen just like that….

  4. 4 players straight from injury and into the line-up? I don’t think so. Also with all the tinkering criticism I predict Emery will keep the changes minimal. Tierney will get his start but Chambers and Aubameyang will remain RB and ST. Saka will start but will be hooked off in the 60th min for Lacazette. Holding, Bellerin & Willock will be saved for Vitoria. Midfield will be Xhaka-Guendouzi-Ceballos/Torreira.

  5. Diogenes says:

    Auba is a top quality striker but ‘only’ a good winger. I would play Martinelli on the left a few times to see how it goes.

  6. mayert says:

    Our strongest 11 has always been and will always be,


    The other midfielders we have are simply not goo enough to start; that’s why we have to opt for an extra defender.

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