Unai Emery can take comfort knowing Chelsea and Man Utd doing no better

Anything can happen in football we all know that, I mean, Leicester City won the Premier League, didn’t they? But common sense has to prevail and the brutal hard truth is that Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd will probably be fighting for the one top-four spot next season.

The reality is that Man City and Liverpool are miles ahead of the rest of the top six and that only Tottenham have any realistic hope of closing that gap.

There is no point burying our heads in the sand and getting all tribal where Tottenham are concerned, that have a better squad, a top-class manager, have bought a hell of a player in Tanguy Ndombele and even if they were to lose Christian Ericksen they would have the funds to find an able replacement.

And they can offer Champions League football.

But that positive outlook does not apply to either Chelsea or Man Utd.

Chelsea have an unproven inexperienced manager and have lost their best player. They can say they have added Christian Pulisic to their squad but he is no Eden Hazard and while they can offer Champions League football it does them no good in the transfer market due to the transfer embargo they are under. Simply put, they are weaker now than they were last season.

United are not much better off, the jury is definitely still out on Ole Gunnar Solskaer, they are likely to lose Paul Pogba and they cannot offer any new signings Champions League football. They have bought a couple of players but neither is what you would call a big name and while they have spent heavily on Aaron Wan-Bissaka, he is still very inexperienced and is far from being enough at this point.

We have lost Aaron Ramsey and only brought in the teenager Gabriel Martinelli, so we can hardly claim to have strengthened at this moment in time but that is not the point.

The point is that as things stand right now our nearest rivals are doing no better than us and it is Chelsea and Man Utd that we have to focus on next season.

We are not going to win the title without a miracle occurring, we desperately need a top-four finish and unless there is a dramatic turn around in events, like Chelsea’s transfer ban being lifted or United poaching Pochettino then there is no reason why we cannot be confident of finishing above those two next season.

That has to be our focus.


  1. I think United are doing decent
    They got a £45-50 million signing

    Trying to get Dybala and de ligt

    Possibly Getting rid of Pogba and Lukaku

    1. Dybala will remain at Juventus only a mega offer will change that.
      De ligt already agreed terms with Juventus

  2. City will be desperate to win the Champions league.
    Liverpool,Spurs,Utd and Chelsea are expected to win the league.
    Emery and Arsenal are not seriously expected to win any thing.
    I am happy with top 6 and another Europa run.

    1. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR FANBASE ?! Happy with top 6 and europa league run !!! No wonder Kroenke wont sell Arsenal because he knows there are still fans that will be happy even if Arsenal gets relegated and those fans will put money in kroenke’s pocket , but the best fans can do right now is boycotting matches and not buying merchandises otherwise there is no hope for the future. #kroenkeout

      1. Forget about top 6; if Arsenal aren’t careful they may be finishing top 8.
        Clubs like Everton, Wolves, Leicester City and West Ham United are spending and strengthening for next season.

  3. “….bought a hell of a player in Tanguy Ndombele”

    Could anyone do me a favor and explain what is so great about Tanguy Ndombele? I literally don’t know anything about him except the 65m price tag but the spuds fans are very euphoric it’s crazy. Is he similar to Bakayoko or better?

    1. He is said to be as good as if not better than Kante and Pogba, whether he is we will have to wait and see.

      1. Admart-If he was THAT GOOD why were spuds the only serious buyers?I remember when Bakayoko at Monaco was touted as the next best thing.And that is the issue with the French League.It Just is not a strong as they would have you believe.
        Let’s wait and see this blow up in the Spuds face-he seems very overhyped for a player who cannot even start for France

        1. I don’t know that much about him but the pundits I have heard, including Arsenal ones, all swear blind this guy is the real deal. I would love it to blow up but that is not the feeling I am getting.

          1. Ok, thank you for the explanation Admin Martin. If it is the pundits and not just some fans then maybe he is. I also hope he turns out to be a dud 😀

        2. Why the hate because he went to spurs
          He is very good way better than those
          We have we can only wish he flops but
          He is a big signing regardless of where
          He goes

          1. Okay I admit it, can’t bring myself to like spud players. One of the reason I don’t quite enjoy watching England matches these days.

        3. If he signed for arsenal the same hypocritic fans like you will be lauding him as the best midfielder of the world.

          Keep your hatred for those spurs aside and realise the fact that they are slowing but steadily moving way ahead of us.

          It is this blind hatred and convenient ignorance of facts that is dragging us into midtable. Realise that we have become another liverpool(early 90s to 2016) by living in past glory. Atleast liverpool fan base have the unity which we lack. Ffs not even 10k people unite and boycott the games for the greater good. But millions of arsenal fans are ready to judge spurs.

          Forget other teams lets focus on ourselves for atleast 2 friggin seasons before we compare with others.

          Now dont say i am a spuds fan just because i think they are doing way better than us ryt now both on and off the pitch. I am a gooner and will die a gooner.


          I have watched ndombele play for lyon last seaons atleast a dozen times. He is excellent with taking the ball from defence and dribble past opposition midfield to pass it to forwards.

          And stop judging other leagues. Dont tell me you wouldnt want mbappe at arsenal just because he played his entire short career in ligue 1.

  4. Chambers Jenkinson Gibbs Chamberlain
    Wilshere Ramsey Walcott Wellbeck.
    The British core.The new generation.The future of Arsenal.
    Or so we were told. All gone/ or on loan.
    Walcott was the best 400 games 108 goals.
    The rest were way over rated and were probably
    no more than quota players.
    What of the new crop?
    Quality or quota?

    1. World class? After one good season in the French league? That label gets thrown around waaaay too easily these days.

  5. Ok, thank you for the explanation Admin Martin. If it is the pundits and not just some fans then maybe he is. I also hope he turns out to be a dud 😀

  6. Last season we stumbled at the end. In fact frankly fell over.
    But leaving this to one side, our record against the top 5 was better, our run of no losses gave us an idea this squad can concentrate and be focused if encouraged and Laca has had his best season as a footballer. Whilst auba proved yet again, he is a top goalscorer.

    What we have that man u and chelsea dont have is a focused goalscorer. Let’s hope it remains like this!

  7. I don’t think Chelsea are definitely worse off this season. Losing Hazard is a big blow but on the flip side, Sarri cost them a lot of points last year, played Kante out of position and played Hazard as a false 9 for periods where Chelsea dropped stupid points. Kante will be back in his natural position, Lampard understands the club and will get a positive reaction out of the team you’d have thought plus they have a number of players coming back into their squad who are all decent albeit not spectacular (Zouma, Bakayoko, Batshuayi, Pulisic, Abraham, Mount etc). Plus they’ll get a full season out of Hudson Odoi who looked good at the end of last season. Hazard going is a definite plus but I am not convinced they’ll be worse off than last season.

  8. Those teams were better than us last season and even next season if everything remains the same. I’ll expect a lot of criticism from my fellow gunners but fact be told and that is what I stand for. Much better we focus on our team than cry over the pains of other teams. Those are teams that can break the banks, break any rule to buy any player they want but we can’t.

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