Unai Emery confirms Arsenal are looking for ‘one more player’ – But who?

Arsenal may have already brought in five players in this transfer window, but according to Unai Emery they are still trying to bring in one more before the transfer window shuts, although he is very glad that the window will close early for Premier League clubs this season. He said: “For us, the decision to close the transfer market on August 9 is good because we start the Premier League and it is better to close the window when the competition starts. They haven’t done it in Spain, or Italy or Germany, but for us I think it is good.”

I agree myself that it should close before the season starts, although it doesn’t much time to talk to late returners from the World Cup, but what all Arsenal fans are really interested in is if the Gunners are still going to bring in any more players. Emery said: “I am very happy with how the club is working and we are working every day on how we can improve. I am with the players and those who have arrived this week, I am very happy with and I said at the last press conference that if there is an opportunity to try to sign one player, then we are looking.”

That is great news, but surely we still need to do a clearout of our massive squad before we can fit anyone else in? With Perez now staying with the squad I’m not so sure if we need a new left winger, but if Welbeck and/or Ramsey goes perhaps a versatile winger-midfielder would be handy. We we probably all have an idea of which ‘one player’ we would like, so if you could just choose one, who would it be?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    only 1 player?

    was expecting 2 instead

    1. Naija Jollof says:


      End of story

      1. Chiza says:

        Look I’m also a proud Nigerian just like you..so i would talk to you like a brother….you see that Zaha,abeg you forget that guy..that Zaha is not what we need now… For God sake we are THE ARSENAL

        1. Billy says:

          Why not Zaha? Did you see him play last year? He has matured into a very good player from his stint at Manure.

    2. raf says:

      first of all am impressed with the signings and i would like for Unai emery to bring in a good winger like Coleman or Anthony martial of Manchester united if at all they are willing to let him go.

  2. Lupe says:

    I wish we were still going for two players, a CB and LW. I think we still need to replace mustafi with a calmer player who is less prone to errors as mustafi is not a terrible player but he has lapses in concentration with lead to individual errors. We also need a winger, preferably a left winger so hoping we look into Leon bailey and Hirving lozano.

    1. gotanidea says:

      +1 for Bailey and Lozano

    2. ClassyGunner says:

      Actually no. Defensively we are fine. It is unfair to judge our defenders based on last seasons performance. Simply because there was no defensive organization at all and possibly the manager had lost the dressing room completely. As can be seen from our half-hearted performances.

      In such a setup any defender would have looked bad. Mustafi had had his nightmares but he has put in great performances as well. With the right defensive coaching and strategies he can be a very good defender. We must give him a second chance.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


      2. Tatek Girma says:

        @ Classy Gunner, 100% agree with you. That was the real problem of our defending part both in the back side and middle area. Therefore, now we need only one good signing on the left wing of the pitch which seems our weakest link in the chain.

    3. mohawk says:


  3. Bobby says:

    We can’t have to many new players in the team so I suggest we try for a decent winger and do teh clearouts and see how we progress between now and January and then we can try again. Sky says Gazidis is leaving and the same confirms with a statement from Keith that he is not leaving

  4. Bobby says:

    Mustafi is at a good age to be a commanding CB, I would give him a second chance under Unai and then we will see what happens next season. Again, I think he played with a physiological problem last time out because he was low on confidence as you remember he was almost moved on which was why he did not play in the match with Liverpool at Anfield so for a player who knows that the manager wanted him out but only played him because he had no choice, leaves a lot of room for his confidence levels to be loo so let see if he does better under a new manager… he wasn’t that bad in his first season was he ?!

    1. Andrew E says:

      I have been critical of him in the past but I agree that he should get another chance under Emery. One thing you cannot fault him for is effort and with decent defensive coaching he may well develop into a quality defender.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


  5. ThirdManJW says:

    I think more like two coming in, but I think it’s reached a stage we need to sell now, before spending anymore. I’d raise funds from Mustafi, Ramsey, Cech, Ospina, Welbeck, Iwobi, Bellerin (would need a replacement) and maybe Perez.

    1. Andrew E says:

      Sell 8 players and bring in 2??

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        @Andrew E

        I meant raising funds from selling some of these players, but I’d obviously want more than two in if we sold the lot of them.

        Depends on what funds we could raise, but I’d love to see a marquee signing, although I prefer what Emery is doing at the moment. Bringing in lesser known players on smaller fees, but plugging all the gaps in the squad, instead of blowing the whole transfer budget on one/two big signings.

    2. ACE says:

      How about this potential business?

      El Neny…£10M

      £130M in player sales


      £130M spent

      For essentially a break even on the transfer fees
      AFC could add 3 fantastic players(all under the
      age of 24!!) and simultaneously trim the
      deadwood fat on a currently bloated squad.

      And honestly of all the players sold, sans
      possibly an overrated Ramsey which of the
      lot are honestly good enough to consistently
      feature in Arsenals first 11?

      And I dont play fifa 18 or any other stupid video
      games thank you.

      1. Phelyx says:

        Nzonzi Inatead of koavacic and get Meyer on a free

        1. ACE says:

          I could live with that, although i rate the
          Croatian more than N’Zonzi.

        2. Waal2waal says:

          at the 35M asking there’d be no sell on value – some things will never change at arsenal and that leads me to think we are not likely to see nzonzi playing for us. previously we were linked with his french compadre *Abdoulaye Doucoure who at 25yrs does offer at least some value. if we care too look into it he was of interest to liverpool and he comes as quite a commanding midfielder – he is already based in the south-east (uk).

      2. Mobella says:

        Kovacic that did virtually zero thing with Real for 45m, Bailey 55m when Malcolm with similar quality went to Barcelona for less than 40m. And you went ahead to undervalue Welbeck, Mustafi and Campbell who are full internationals for their countries. I understand people want players but what i don’t get is how they overvalue those players and undervalue ours. Richarlison is quoted @ 40m the guy scored 2 more goals than Iwobi having played 13 matches more and the same as Welbeck also playing more. Not only that he also played as bad as Iwobi for the rest of season. Like i usually said we are overly excited about players that is not ours.

        1. OzzieGunner says:


        2. l says:

          Good observation

      3. Shekar233 says:

        You kidding me?
        45 mil for ramsey ? With only a year left on his contract.
        And 20 mil for welbeck ? Also a year left in his contract.
        Who would pay 8mil for ospina ? For a palyer whom we bought for 2 mil. And considered not a commanding GK.

        And elneny will be sold who has just signed a new contract..
        I believe you definitely are playing fifa 18..coz the prices you quoted are exactly around the value shown in the game.

      4. Marty says:

        Not gonna happen…….

  6. Andrew E says:

    Caglar Soyuncu would be perfect. If Ramsey leaves he will need to be replaced and Max Meyer comes to mind.

    1. Sparkles says:

      Max Meyer is overrated. He has an inflated assessment of his qualities and thus, demands far too much than any club is willing to pay. Little wonder why he hasn’t gotten a club.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    We need another good one, we only have so many players who can press the ball well and are good enough for some first team action. Ramsey, Torriera, Auba & Laca, Mkhit, but then you have to start thinking about squad ones, like Niles, Nketiah, Matteo, Elneny. Also there might be less complaining about players going forward as the press works best the higher up the field you are.

  8. Phelyx says:

    Nzonzi we really need to be a bully in the midfield

  9. D says:

    Did no-one else notice that when Koman was talking about the Arsenal rumours he kept saying “normally”, as in, “normally I would be staying at Bayern this season”. Seem an odd thing to say, no? If he was 100% certain why would he put “normally” in the middle of his sentences about 3 times throughout the interview?

  10. Benex says:

    it should be at least two new player, a young Cb yerri Mina or caglar soyuncu
    And a wide man, Leon baily, Wilfred zaha,christian pavon or hiving lozano

    Get rid of the deadwoods
    and so on
    then we are ready

    1. Innit says:

      We can use Mustafi as backup

  11. Chiza says:

    With Arsenal manager Unai Emery reportedly interested in signing the 22-year-old, Coman was asked whether he was certain to be playing for Bayern in the upcoming season, to which he replied: “Normally, yes.”

    When asked to clarify his comments, the France international said: “Normally means normally. I am at Bayern now.

    “I extended my contract for five years, so normally I will stay here.

    “I had no contact [with] Arsenal.”

    Yeah the word NORMALLY was used alot..but that normally signifies that if there is a good offer and promise of regular football then he would think about it and put pressure on Bayern Munich to sell

    something is truly fishy…arsenal and Coman…there is something surely going on… But i would prefer dembele to Coman..what do you guys think?

  12. Chiza says:

    Emery wants one between Coman and Dembele…..that’s obviously the truth……he believes that’s the last jigsaw….he wants that winger to complete the machine that would bring him the title this season…believe in Emery he would bring the EPL home

  13. Gifted says:

    Give Ramsey a new contract and sign Dembele on a season loan deal…Then, bring on Man city…Simples!!

  14. Midkemma says:

    It feels strange, like we are not united on the transfer front, as if the board have one idea and the manager has another…

    From that I have read, Emery is happy using inside forwards who cut in and act as extra strikers, think of Auba being right footed but doing well as a left inside forward.
    From what I have seen, Emery enjoys attacking fullbacks like Wenger did, he gets them to push up and act like wingers at times.

    I do not see how Coman or Dembele as a left winger would work in Emery gameplan.
    I’m thinking of PSG, Emery used Neymar on the left and he is a goalscorer, more so than Dembele and Coman. Di Maria outscored both of them while providing more assists than either of them, both of them added together assisted 1 more than Di Maria.

    Neither of those more winger style players can replicate such a threat from the left, we do have a player who can and that is Auba… so… Why are we looking so hard for a left sided winger instead of someone who can be deadly from the right, like Auba is from the left?

    All we have so far is one season wonder Perez.
    Seriously, he is a 1 season wonder!!!!!!
    We could play a right footed attacker like Nelson and as much as I want to see him given gametime, I would like to see a real attacking threat to play on the right to compliment the talent we have on the left and CF.

  15. Mikey says:

    Now that Barcelona have signed Malcom, I suggest Emery should go in for Dembele and we will be strong enough. I believe our defense will do just as it is.

  16. Waal2waal says:

    re: One more player – Watfords Abdoulaye Doucouré may well be of interest?

    and at 25 arsenal could easily turn his eye, he’s also a french international like nzonzi but he’s only 25yrs (i.e. 4yrs younger than the seville player). seems there’s not much of transition in terms of him moving from watford to north london – in return we get a decent combative player, a decent prospect in his prime and pretty darn close to being at his best. same time he’d consolidate a place in the french international team as well perhaps as being inspired by the great vieira who’s position Abdoulaye Doucouré plays – not only do we buy stars we have been known to make them too.

  17. AndersS says:

    I don’t really understand Emery’s words as saying, we are looking for a certain player.
    I think it is more a general statement that things may change, so there both could be a need and/or room for another player.
    Surely, they are all working on offloading some of the fringe players, as we have too many and too high a wage bill.
    And then there is the Ramsey problem. If he doesn’t sign, we will probably sell him, and will that make room for another player? Maybe.

  18. Gifted says:

    @Midkemma. We have Mikhitaryan for the right wing position …Perez will be a sub to Mikhi…On the other hand, why overburden our most potent goalscorer with responsibilities in the wing? I think Auba should play uptop with Laca but if there is only one room for a striker, then Laca should be on the bench…Auba himself even said that his favorite position is a 9 although he added that he doesn’t mind playing on the wing to help his team..I think we need a left winger badly

    1. Midkemma says:

      Mkhi can play RW, Ozil can as well, neither are inside forwards who would offer a serious goal threat. I mean 20+ goals a season from acting as a right sided inside forward.

      Auba could offer that from the left, with his pace and intelligence then he can still get central as he cuts in. As we have seen ourselves and as he did for BvB, he uses his intelligence to get in the right place at the right time, he is not the type of CF who will hold players off and bring others into play while being the goal threat he is.

      I will not say Auba is a bad CF, he is a fantastic one as he has already proved, it is WHY he is a fantastic striker that I am using. Those skills can be applied to the left side and this Auba has already proven. He knows how to hold his run, when he needs to be in place, raw athleticism to get past players to get into position…

      I refuse to ignore Laca quality just because a bigger pricetag was put on Auba.

      Laca started 5 EPL games after his operation and scored 5. That is as CF for Arsenal.
      Since Laca came back from his operation, Auba has been used 3 times as the lone CF in the EPL and scored twice.
      While Auba has scored 5 goals from 4 games as a left inside forward.

      Post-Op Laca has the better goal ratio while playing CF, Auba has a better goal ratio while playing on the left(compared to CF) and he can use his talents to be in the right place at the right time while the opposition can’t keep up with his athleticism.

  19. Innit says:

    To be complete We need:
    Top CB or 2
    Top CM to pair with Torreira.
    LW (Welbeck, iwobi, perez arent good enuf.)
    RW specialist

    Obviously that can’t be all done this summer. Will take another summer at least.

    But this summer I hope Emery gets at least one top CB

    We are fine up front.

  20. ruelando says:

    I think Auba will be the player out wide and Laca inside, i really do not think Emery has an urgent need for wingers, the team is filled with young talents that can fit that role easily, added to the Welbeck Iwobi and Perez. OOO almost forgot AMN can also play that role. He did so earlier in the youth system

    Although Torreira seems to be a terrific player, i think we still need that tall physical structure in the centre of the pitch, but we are yet to see how Emery will use Xhaka, Chambers, Ramsey, Ozil, Elneny and others in the system. Out of that lot mention, only Chambers and Xhaka has that physical structure required to battle in the midfield.

  21. bubegooner says:

    I will go for THAUVIN, Mikhi can play left so Thauvin on the right or more central.. and DRAXLER can play AMF or LWF. Either of them wil be perfect for us..

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