Unai Emery confirms Newcastle interest but Villarreal won’t play ball

I must admit I was extremely surprised when I heard that the new Moneybags team Newcastle United, were keen on bring the ex-Arsenal manager Unai Emery to St James Park.

I argued that he was not known as a coach to save teams from relegation, but now I think about it, if he had trouble with speaking English at Arsenal, how would he get on up in GeordieLand?

But we now know that the rumours were true, as Emery himself has admitted that they have declared an interest. Emery said in The Standard: “There has been an interest from Newcastle, that is all.

“But I have not had more news than that interest. There is no offer. The offer would have to be via the club. I am focused on Villarreal. No more than that.”

And it is telling that Emery said any offer would have to go through his club as he is still under contract, as the Villarreal president Fernando Roig doesn’t seem to be keen on letting Emery leave anyway: “I am sure that his mind is not drifting elsewhere.” he stated.

“I know Unai has a contract with us and contracts are there to be fulfilled. We hope that we will be able to see that contract through until the end.”

Of course it could simply mean that the Spanish club are going to play hardball to try and get a big compensation package for letting him go, but I think it is much more likely that Emery would not be keen to move from the Meditteranean coast to the North of England in the middle of winter.

Not to mention that his team still have a very good chance of making the Champions League knockout stages as well…

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  1. According to Guillem Balague, Emery won’t be taking the job as the new owners do not have a clear idea of how the club will progress.

    1. Can someone enlighten me as how can a club like Newcastle attract the top players in Jan when they won’t be playing in Europe come 2022-23season..the manager coaching staff that will rescue them, won’t be there Dec 2022 as the owners, would want success and they won’t have the type of success that’s required by thren, as they won’t have the players to take them there.

      1. I think you will find that when a player is offered mega bucks to join then sometimes ambition goes out of the window.

  2. If he goes to Newcastle, he deserves every piece of personal shizzle that will come his way. I have my doubts he will, if he is as half as intelligent as i give him credit for.

  3. Why buy Geordie Newcastle in the first place? Why did they not offer Stan 3 Billion for a top London club? What are the expectations of the Saudis? Does any one know or even care?
    So why consider Unai?
    Because he won 4 EL trophies from Spain and got 5th in the PL in his first season.
    Presumably they believe with more backing he can get top 4. To me managing Geordie Saudi Republic FC is going to be a poisonous chalice.
    Mind you the pay will make it worth while .

      1. Not wishing to sound more in the know Pat but if it was such a steal, why were there so few takers and it took so long to give away to obscene owners to boot. Newcastle are one of the best supported teams but only in Newcastle, their worldwide fanbase is very small compared to top teams. Everyone in Newcastle seems to support them but not so far and wide.

        1. But did City and Chelsea have a world wide fan base before their takeovers? Newcastle won’t have problems filling out crowds and the international fans will come when the trophies do. Newcastle made plenty of sense for a owner who plans on dumping money into the club. They have the facilities already, they have a fan base that will show up every week, all they’re missing is the players.

          1. Do Chelsea and Man City have a world wide fan base even now? No they don’t despite all their success. They are still regarded as plastic and fake.
            No doubting their success though.

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