Unai Emery did a better job than Mikel Arteta after their first 19 games

Some fans believe Arsenal has become a better team under Mikel Arteta, and point to their record for 2020 alone as proof.

Those same fans also point out that they have turned around some of their poor form from the first half of the season and have earned some huge wins against top teams.

Arteta has also led them to the FA Cup final in his first season at the helm, despite having to face Manchester City in the semi-finals.

However, the fact is that since Arteta became our manager, he still has a poorer record than Unai Emery had after 19 league games.

With the Gunners set to finish this season outside the top six, Arsenal’s record under Arteta shows just how bad the situation that he walked into was, even though it is arguable that Emery faced an even worse situation

Sun Sports compared the records of recent Arsenal managers, and after 19 league games, Unai Emery had 11 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses.

Arteta, on the other hand, had 8 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. Even Arsene Wenger had a better record than Arteta with 8 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses.

That is not a good look truth be told and provides ammunition for those Arsenal fans that are of the opinion that Arteta is not as good as all the hype that currently surrounds him.

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  1. A lot isn’t taken into consideration. Did any of the ones you named inherit a team in the middle of the season in low spirits?

  2. So what, he inherited a much bigger mess than Emery. The basis is there, he has at least restored some professional pride which had disappeared until Emery, but it is going to take time. Top four challenger next year but no more

  3. Thought you was better than this Martin ,if you’re sole purpose of the article was to gain clicks then that’s fine but as an Arsenal supporter I find the article just a clock bait .
    You are comparing a manager who had 12 players bought for him and quite abit of cash spent against a manager who as had to pick up all the pieces left by said manager ,you only have to look at the clean sheet record since Arteta took over and this is with all the crappy defenders at is disposal.
    Let’s give him a full season with hopefully new players to start comparing him to probably the worst manager we have ever seen .

    1. Ignore the stats if you wish, that is your prerogative. However, if you feel that strongly about it, by all means, email the Sun seeing as it was their article and we are just reporting it.

      1. And the least you can do is a copy and paste of this crap?This has to be the worst article have seen on this site.

        1. If I got a pound for every time I read this is the worst article I have ever seen on here I would be a millionaire. Thing is this, I can take that from the long-standing members, they have earned the right to criticize articles on here. You, with just one previous comment, have not. Bye-bye

          1. I very rely criticise any article written on here Martin (unless it’s my mate Thirdman)be it’s taken from the sun who are not the biggest Arsenal supporters ,I just felt it was article that shouldn’t be put up on an Arsenal fan website .
            We all know what some supporters are like ,and before long we have a witch hunt .
            My opinion OFC

            1. We report as much Arsenal news as possible Dan so that we cater for all Arsenal fans. There will be some that dislike this article and some that like it, nothing I can do about that. It is not for us to pick and choose otherwise it would not be JustArsenal but JustPat or JustMartin. Trust me, I do not agree with a lot of articles on here.

  4. The bulk of our first team squad has played under Wenger,Emery and now Arteta.The results during this period have been disappointing overall ,which suggests to me a weakness in the squad which will never be resolved no matter who is at the helm.If my reasoning is correct the only way to improve our fortunes is by restructuring the squad.Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and to me it will take Arteta at least two full seasons to first of all unload our sub par performers and secondly to bring in quality upgrades.There are no magic wands to wave and we as fans will have to be realistic and exercise due patience.

  5. What was the purpose of this article? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Social phenomena are very difficult to compare unless you subject them to the same period, environment and circumstances. Emery found a team which was in decline to some degree and he purchased players of his choice. What was the impact? If you want to compare Emery and Arteta use the performances of some players then and now. Take Mustaphi, Xhaka, Saka, Nketiah and Maitland Niles. Are they better or worse under Arteta compared to Emery? The answer to this question could give a clue into the performances of the two managers. There are other indicators we could use such as our performances against the big teams, goals conceded etc. I am very sure on balance Arteta has performed much better.

  6. Let us just remember Emerys last 14 games before Ljungberg:

    4 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses.

    Disclaimer: This comparison is not relevant either.

  7. “Unai Emery had 11 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses.”

    Humour Me AdMartin, you’ve been on a good streak lately and poof you had to ruin your run with this article.
    How many of those Emery wins were nervy, shaky and kept us all on the edge of our seats.
    For a full season, no one, not even you could tell what the team were trying to do under Emery.

    Since Arteta came, we’ve been more compact and solid as a team when defending WHICH HAS BEEN OUR PROBLEM FOR YEARS EVEN UNDER WENGER.
    Under Arteta we are more solid defensively, most of the time what has cost us points is the individual errors of players. Also we’ve kept more clean sheets than I can even remember.
    I see you’re playing the stats card with Dan Kit because it suits your narrative this time around, yet you folks will go on about how stats don’t tell the full story whenever someone brings up Mustafi’s Crazy stats, you guys will reply with, we see with our eyes not just the stats.
    Well we all see what changes the team is clearly undergoing, the stats didn’t tell you how we’re playing better together as a defensive unit did it?
    You know what?
    Keep your Emery stats, afterll “Stats doesn’t tell the whole story”

    1. No Eddie, I reported on an article, that is all, I never gave any personal opinion other than to say it was not a good look. You should know better and before you decide to lecture me read the article and comments carefully.

    2. I can remember a handful of games where we played well, under Emery, Tottenham (4-2), Chelsea (can’t remember the scoreline), Fulham (5-1, was it?), that team we played in the semi finals, and some other Europa league games (before that bloody anticlimax of a final). But honestly after Emery’s first 15 games in charge, I could tell the man wasn’t right for us, even during the unbeaten run, it was quite obvious we weren’t playing well, we just happened to be winning, or not losing. Well with regards to the comparison, for now, even if the stats state otherwise, I think Arteta is the better coach. And actually, I preferred Emery to him, prior to Emery’s appointment, just because of his experience. Let’s just hope the board backs Arteta, I believe he will do well, with the right players. The board shouldn’t just fold their arms and watch while the good players are being picked off the market.

  8. It boils down too, we are not a big club anymore, with no big ambition. Wenger, Emery and Arteta were/are not able to stop the rot that entered this club when kronk became the owner. The club is run all wrong and the people employed to run the job have failed. Wenger was kept on too long, Emery turned out to be a dud and Arteta is not the new messiah. We are now a midtable team and there is nothing that is going to change to alter that. The truth is, this club died after the invincible because it wasn’t run and isnt run correctly for success.

    1. With what I’ve seen so far, I’m still kinda hopeful about Arteta……. but about all else you said I totally agree.

      1. Im not knocking Arteta, i believe he could be as good as we can hope for,0 i just dont think we are set up for success.

  9. Against which sides did these managers win and lose? What squads did they have? Are we all going to forget that both Wenger and Emery HAD RAMSEY available? I’d also like to point out that Koscienly was available for both managers, a CB arguably better than our current crop of defenders (bar Luiz in recent games). Did Emery inherit a wrecked team that Arteta inherited? Did either of them win against both Liverpool and Man City consecutively?
    The more I read these blogs and forums, the more I realize why the Arsenal fans are considered one of the worst football fans in the world. The nerve of some people is incredible.

    1. Interesting to note that while UE was in charge, Ramsey was allowed to leave for nothing, Koscielny left under a cloud – and as it has been claimed by a section of our fans that Ramsey was always injured and Kos was way past his best, not sure how that reflects on Arteta’s performance versus Emery’s?

  10. “Even Arsene Wenger” – typical of the Sun to make such a derogatory remark about our manager – no wonder this rag is still banned in Liverpool.

    As for the comparision between UE and MA, don’t they realise it’s not just about results?

    It’s about getting the best out of players, providing a positive and non toxic atmosphere, getting the players onside with his vision for the future and involving the fans in his ethics, setting standards and actually having tactics?

    He’s achieved this in just seven moths, take out the corona virus factor and it’s even more remarkable.

    No matter what the stats are, give me MA and what he has brought to the club over UE any day of the week…let the Sun keep on trying to bait the fanbase – the next thing you know, they’ll have a picture of a london bus on the moon!!!

    1. Right on and so shrewd KEN, old chum. The MA want him outers make me so mad with their stupidity and silly impatience! I WOULDNT EVEN USE THE SUN FOR TOILET PAPER, though it IS its real use!

      1. They Sun does talk a load of c**p in this article Jon, so your toilet paper example is spot on!!!
        Flush it down the toilet where it belongs – they are even suggesting that Emery inherited a worse scenario than Arteta!!!

        Talk about an agenda against The Arsenal – wonder if they have/ will do a mourinho / poch comparision, a klopp / rodgers, or even mourinho /solskjaer on their fan sites?

        Simply a Sun article to keep bashing and dividing our club, that serves no purpose whatsoever.

  11. I am not going to join in the criticism of this article as there is no good nor fair reason to do so.
    On Artetas start and comparisons to others, he has hardly started as yet and I do get cross with those fans who seem to imagine- mainly through ignorance of how few top players we have at Arsenal – that he can start picking the likes of Messi, Mbappe, Hummels etc instead of such as Mustafi, Luiz etc. To judge ANY new manager on so few games is daft, unfair and unthinking. Obviously so too!

    If only ALL fans had the ability to actually think, really THINK, before they write nonsense, particularly those who want Arteta out and who are incredibly stupid, it would be a more intelligent site.

  12. The biggest part of the blame should go to Wenger. The current sqaud is made up of 80% of his sign ons. Emery had a good record with Sevilla and PSG before signing for arsenal. Give Arteta some 2-3 season to offload the bulk of average players then make better signings.

  13. Damn lies and statistics……….
    And why an anti Arsenal article is being propagated on a supposedly Arsenal fan site is somewhat beyond me.
    Arteta is a breath of fresh air to this club and those wanting him out will be proved wrong in the fullness of time.

      1. TO MY MIND THE ARTICLE MERELY REPORTS THE SUN ARTICLE. It doesn’t write it. If it did then Declans point would be valid. But it DID NOT!
        However, the tone and phrasing of how it is reported can give a wrong impression to some non deep thinking fans. Properly used words are so vital, as I never tire of reminding folk.

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