Unai Emery finally comes clean over Ozil situation

We are all well aware that the Ozil situation has been the biggest subject amongst Arsenal fans for quite some time, but at last Unai Emery has decided to admit that the club as a whole has decided that Ozil will not be allowed to come back into the Gunners matchday squad.

There has been many theories as to why the German has been excluded but there must be a big problem if all the management have agreed on a “strategy” to deal with the Ozil situation.

This is Emery said when asked if there was pressure from above to reinstate Ozil in his team. “Here, we have one agreed strategy as a club and as a team,” he said on SkySports. “Because the most important thing is the club, the team and finding a performance. Previously we were all speaking between us to take that decision.

“I know all the supporters want to know something but now is not the moment. I think it is not the moment to speak about him.

“We are going to play on Sunday and in the next matches and we are going to decide, and when we can speak about him something differently we will look.”

So now hopefully the speculation will stop and we can get on with the football. It doesn’t help when the media continually bring up the Ozil situation, does it….

Sam P


  1. that’s his own side of the story and we should not buy that.How can the club sidelines it’s most creative player? am not buy this shit from Unai good ebening

    1. The wages of Ozil are earned as he would have gone for a free otherwise.

      Rather then try to buy another 10, Wenger was going to use Ozil in the middle. Then Wenger was looking at building a defense with the Virgil van Dyk wingers like Mbape.

      In other words, while Wenger was there, the cheap owners did not give the manager money. So Wenger was prevented from a rebuild.

      Emery has spent lots of money with little to show for it, as it needs an Ozil type player to guide the attack. Instead the some misguided fans, we are attack Ozil.

      The problem is with Emergy who cannot manage a big team. Ozil does not need to do anything, just carry on waiting. Why bother?

    1. Ken and Sue, as I have asked others before, do you honestly believe that a high priced asset like Mezut Ozil can be frozen out by Emery, without the approval/connivance of Arsenal’s owner/board/management?
      Should Emery fail to achieve a Champions League place this season, Arsenal will not take up the option to extend his contract into the third season. Emery will be the fall guy for management and Ozil will still be here sitting out his contract.
      How many clubs are lining up for Ozil; Paul Scholes does not control transfer funds at Manchester United?

      1. Ozzie, What a shrewd and well thought out comment. I totally agree with you and have no doubt AT ALL that the obvious decision to freeze out Ozil from the squad is a final attempt to shame this idle man to ask for a transfer. I also now think – and I have changed my mind on this in the light of events, as realists should do and actually are correct to do – that Ozil is going to sit tight until the date his contract expires, as he is legally, though NOT morally entitled to do. Any respect I once had for Ozil has long disappeared without trace and I regard him as a man totally without personal pride and any sense of fair play to the club who, ridiculously, awarded him that Arsenal FC damaging contract. He will go down in Arsenal history as a leech, a leper and a man to be scorned. As the remainder of his contract plays out the slender group who bizarrely STILL believe he is the answer to our problems will continue to dwindle in number and his name will become as rancid as those of Adebayor, Ashley Cole and that like. I do not believe OZIL at heart is really a bad man but, for certain, he is a weak man, lacking any self belief in his fading football abilities or any faith in himself to even try his utmost to regain his once sublime talent. Simply put, he has sold his soul for the money and though he joins a long list of football people who have done the same thing, the one thing that SHOULD matter above all else, ie the longterm sincere admiration of the entire Gooner world, similar to that for Thierry and Dennis, is now lost for him forever. As an older man myself, who when very young knew very well what extreme poverty and even hunger felt like, but who had the guts and character to work my guts out to improve my life, albeit without a single ounce of OZILS natural gifts, I scorn this man for having sold his soul. I also pity him for not having the life experience nor the basic wisdom to see how this will all end one day. All he can claim is that he and his family will never want for materialism. His choice. Shame it was the wrong one.

        1. @jon fox
          You really need to get a grip and get over yourself dude. You ramble on as though the world is guided by your flimsy moral compass. You haven’t a clue as to what’s really going on, yet throw out your assumptions and accusations as if they’re the gospel.
          You’re sphincter muscle is choking off oxygen to your brain. Pull your head out…

      2. It just amazes me how this seems to happen wherever Unai goes. Look, Ozzie at the end of the day what happens, happens. I’m sick to death of going over it. I didn’t give him that bloody wage.. in fact, I wouldn’t have… no footballer deserves that obscene amount of money each week! It’s all a mess, a bloody joke and I hope it’s all sorted soon, as it’s driving me mad!!
        And who knows if there are teams lining up for him? All that codswallop that comes out of Unai’s mouth… take half of it with a pinch of salt!!

        1. The wage was EARNED, Sue. Ozil would have gone for a free. So, instead Wenger just bought him. That Ozil is not being used is Emery’s stupidity and the fan’s gullibility.

          There is no honesty even now. Emery would rather lose than use Ozil. That is really pathetic. For fans to support that sort of sentiment is telling of their own character.

          Ozil behind behind the trident–Auba, Laca, Pepe, etc.–would lead to Arsenal being the third most potent team, even with a horrible problem back two at CD, we could compete. If the team used Wenger’s more attacking style they could do better.

          Eemery is an idiot. His back two are terrible. His record of playing from the back and allowing most shots on goals should be ridiculed by the League, but “fans”, most Arsenal fans, who love Emery cannot see it. That is why Koz left, rather then be humiliated by an idiot manager.

          Emery is not only not attacking with the tools he has, he is also defending in the worst way possible. Worse, Emery cannot see how to supply the AMF with the ball.

          Stupid Emery has to go.

      3. Please remind me how many clubs have lined up for Emery after PSG? or how many clubs are prepared to take Emery (with compensation to Arsenal) like Leicester City chased Rodgers?

        1. No one wanted Emery.

          Ozil is in demand in England, Italy and Spain. Just try paying him of and see where he goes!

          1. Emery has come to take arsenal to relegation, can some one pls help me and point at any player in arsenal line up that is as experience as ozil? If ozil should live emirate today he has nothing to loss, rather it is d club that will face penalty for lossn such a creative and mature player, if emery continue with all did funny tacktics,am afraid if arsenal won’t pay for it

  2. The way it stands now, I don’t and won’t believe anything Emery says about the Ozil saga. This ain’t the first time he’s been coming out with excuses about ozil and I also will believe this is also an excuse.

    On the other note, if what he says is true then I’ll say the knife attack on ozil was also a calculated strategy to get him out of the club.

    Whichever it is, this is my own opinion and I’ll wait until the final whistle.

  3. Final line of the article,
    “It doesn’t help when the media continually bring up the Ozil situation, does it……”
    Isn’t that exactly what you have just done and what this site continuously does?

  4. Y’all should believe it, it’s the truth. I believe it because this was already exposed by Ornstein before they started implementing it this season.
    Everything the club is doing and coach is doing is not because of his fitness levels, performance or anything. It’s all about his wages. Ornstein already said they want him to leave so they can cut off the wage and they’ll frustrate him to achieve that.
    The only only thing sad about this is that you’ll expect this kind of treatment from Mourinho and United. Not a club like Arsenal who normally parade the we are a family crap

    1. No, the sad thing about this saga is the object. If it was Xhaka, Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi, and AMN then nobody would complain.

      1. Those are not the saddest things. The saddest thing is we lack creativity ATM and if the club knew the will be dishing this kinda treatment then they should have gotten a playing creative player not the one that will be sitted on the damn bench.

        So that been said, I think you don’t know what the truth is on this matter. It is all UE’s plans and his ego eating him up.

    2. @Eddie Hoyte: If this is proven to be true then that’ll be the day I’ll stop supporting Arsenal(and wont support it till this entire management is no where near to my club).

      I have been supporting Arsenal as a club with values,with an identity not an corporation with no principles apart from profit.

    3. For sure a player Like Ozil, all of us we have seen him when is playing for Arsenal and When he was in German team, real he can not fit in todays Arsenal playing style , still look at his wage !!! we can get another player or Two sharing that wage and be able to give us result X 4 ozil does. Let him leave the club plz.

      Also Emily should stop the business of trying young player in big and vital match He is making the team to lose important match?? there is No club that is weak Do not always try this young at starting of the another bring them after that your sure of enough goals in second haif

  5. If this is real, then the club management is really 3rd class.

    Typically in an organisation, how you treat one staff will be observed by other staffs. They will ponder if it will happen to them one day. Then you are throwing loyalty, team spirit, motivations out of the window.

    May be this is exactly why the team look so bad and half-hearted on the pitch.

    Emery and his bosses need to pick up any book about people management and start reading.

    1. Those clueless people don’t see it that way sadly. We can’t be angry at players when they leave and expect to treat them like that when they stay. I say the lot that left dodge a bullet.

    2. @DiDi

      Whilst I agree with what you’re saying in regards to treating your staff, you’re only looking at this from the perspective of the staff.

      None off us know exactly what has been going on, but I find it hard to believe that Ozil hasn’t been disrespectful behind the scenes, when we have all seen how disrespectful he has been in public. It’s there for all to see, whether it’s his nonchalance on the pitch, his reactions to being to subbed, his attitude in the Europa League final, or his cryptic messages on social media.

      So if Emery, and the hierarchy, back down on this, then they lose ALL their power over the current squad. The club had become a charity case over under the previous regime, and players/agents were walking all over us for years. Now we’re finally taking a tough stance, and the correct one, and some fans are still not happy?

      Whether one takes a hard stance, or a soft one with the staff, there will always be casualties. We had become an absolute joke under the previous regime with the soft approach, not to mention the hundreds of millions lost on sales/wages. So why not give the tough stance a go? And if Ozil has been as disrespectful behind the scenes, like he has publicly, then is it even a tough stance? I would say the club are just acting in an expected way.

      1. Best reply I have seen and the most grounded and thought out response. I completely agree with you. People forget Ozil acted like a spoilt child most of the time and didn’t play for the team at all. Some people are really fickle.
        In all honesty, I would us be less creative and start leaking so many goals. I would rather play boring football for a year and get that defence sorted out first.

      2. I have worked in Fortune 100 multinationals, when this manager-staff feud appears, senior management will always give the manager the benefit of doubt, side with him, but also take care of of staff – move him to another department, or pay him off with a fair and handsome package.

        However, the manager will be held responsible for the performance after the staff left. When annual appraisal comes, the manager will be rewarded or reprimanded without bias, and no excuse accepted.

        That’s why I have always said the best solution is to pay-off Ozil’s contract, terminate the relationship amicably and move on, thus minimize any disruption to the team.

        This is the best professional way to manage people.

        1. Being a manager myself, I couldn’t agree more. Get rid of him, and move on. Even if one of you has to lose face, it’s better just to resolve the situation. But football is a very different world though, and Arsenal would lose all power again if they were pay Ozil out. They could have done it with Koscielny, but luckily stood firm. So they cannot then do the opposite only a matter of months later, and they’re doing the same again.

          As I have said before, the fact that Ozil refuses to move (even on loan), says more about him, than the club. The club want to move on, and it is he that is digging his heals in. He seems happy enough to not play, which says a lot about his motivation, and ambitions.

          1. Ozil’s case is different from Koscielny’s case. Emery wants to get rid of Ozil, but he wants to retain Kos for another year. When Arsenal management wants to tear up a legitimate contract, they have to pay up, much like when Kos wanted to terminate his contract, he has to pay up.

            I agree that Ozil is de-motivated, but staff motivation is always a manager’s job. Being bullied this, I am not surprised that Ozil is taking his revenge by staying put – afterall he is not a saint!

            Typical mess when people management fails.

      3. The previous regime lost hundreds of millions on sales/wages???

        Have you seen the net spend during those 2 decades?
        I’m going to answer for you. No you didn’t. They’ve done a lot of things wrong (not signing a top GK or a top DM, signing players like Xhaka), but the money “lost” paid for a new stadium among other things.

        1. @Diogenes

          Approximately £200 million lost on transfers fees for Ramsey, Ozil, and Sanchez alone, and that’s not including Ozil’s ridiculous wages since signing his latest contract. When you start including all the other players we’ve let go for free, or let their contracts get down to the last year, then it is what I say. Hundreds of millions lost.

          We swapped our best player in Sanchez (who was one the best in the league at the time), for one of United’s worst players.

          Just some very good examples of the previous regimes delusional policies.

      4. When will this all happen. Fine for those who don’t understand Ozil. But to allow Arsenal to become a second/third tier club is not satisfactory. No One yet has been able to explain the strengths of Emery’s game plan. At 31 Ozil career is over. He hasn’t been playing so can’t be blames for the rubbish that is being served up. Player don’t even understand what he is saying yet.
        I will never support bullying in the work place. This is naked bullying. Pay his contact up and release him but this mental harassment should not be the Arsenal way.
        Add this to the treatment Ramsey got,. The reasons behind the problem getting a Technical director and I conclude there is a dictatorship in place.
        In relation to Ozil. He hates getting subbed? So does Laca. Ozil ran more than anyone in the Final. I was there watching him Ozil has stop to talk and sign autographs the few times I met him. A lot of others I won’t name walked on. Some in Arsenal want him out and false stories are being fed to fans. Those who have met him need to stand up and spread the truth.

      5. THE CLUB ARE CORRECT TO OSTRASISE THIS “LEPER”. Clearly they are desperate to get his lazy, frail, body off our books but thanks to that disastrous Gazidis awarded contract are stumped. They hope that can shame him into wanting away! I once also hoped that might have worked, but they are dealing with a player without pride, without personal honour and one who says ” I am sitting tight til my contact expires and thanks for the £350k per week, suckers!”

        1. I assume you haven’t met him. I assume you are ignoring the massive dip in form since the new manager. His stats before Emery are indisputable. That aside. Over it some supporters don’t understand him
          That does not give ANYONE the right to bulky people at work. I will not support any action or person who believes in bullying. Who will be next?

        2. So you are implying that our club which I was raised believing on its principals of honoring contracts and acting the right way and with integrity, want to get away with their mistake without facing consequences him I dont think karma works like that.

    3. @DiDi
      Exactly. Everyone on here slating Ozil for his attitude and work rate are missing this main point. How does it look to or affects the other players, when management and the board treat a player in this manner. And people wonder why Kos did what he did.

    4. Exactly… Arsene Wenger would never had allowed that sort of nonsense under his watch… Which shows that the problem has always been the board

        1. Buy a player £40m over 4 years 200k per Week. £150k week salary. Sitting at home not even on the bench. While we create nothing with best strike force in over a decade.
          The team is getting more competitive?
          Your having a laugh Emery.

    5. If this is proven to be true then that’ll be the day I’ll stop supporting Arsenal(and wont support it till this entire management is no where near to my club).

      I have been supporting Arsenal as a club with values,with an identity not an corporation with no principles apart from profit.

  6. This is a very sad development at Arsenal. The club desperately needs someone who can create chances for our front men, yet we have a highly paid player not even warming the bench, yet he is our most potent creative force! Does keeping him on the bench change the wage bill? So why not play him and get value for the club’s money?

  7. Can we just get rid of Emery. I’m so sick of what he has done to our club. I really don’t enjoy watching games anymore and he just really annoys me

    1. But y’all hated Wenger and wanted him out so badly.. even though you all knew he loved this club like it was his and you also knew he was under funded and he had to compete with the money bags such as city Chelsea man utd and the corrupt refs… U never know what you got till it’s gone

      1. Man is already forgetting what Wenger was like in his last days at the club. Emery’s failure doesn’t underestimate how Wenger almost wrecked this club in his last days.

        1. Wrong. Wenger was re-building a winner. We was one central defender and one winger away from getting back into the C League.

          Watch the Leicester game. That will show how far Emery has destroyed the club.

          You cannot be a world class club with no world class players playing and no world class manager.

    1. Not just him, but the board that supports his agenda. What these guys don’t realize is that regardless of wages the effect such egregious treatment has on other high profile players. Let’s say Auba is on a 200K/week contract, and suddenly his goals drop, he would fear being treated in the same manner. The way I see it this may have long term ramifications on how the club is viewed by top players.

  8. I can not even muster the goodwill anymore to try to decipher sentences like :

    “We are going to play on Sunday and in the next matches and we are going to decide, and when we can speak about him something differently we will look.”

    But they could easily be interpreted and disingenuous. I have to remind myself not to “punish” him for his poor English. On the other hand, he manages an English club. English is not my first language but I don’t try to manage Arsenal (although we all know by now that I would be a much better job).

    1. Truth, You make a fair point on language. I do have English as my first language but try to make full allowance for all who do not, when they need to communicate with rudimentary written or spoken English. No one should be remotely blamed for coming from whichever country they do(and many English folk, disgracefully, do seem to resent anyone who is a “foreigner”). But if we cannot understand him – and I have to concentrate hard to even understand the gist of what he is trying to say – what hope do all our non Spanish speaking players? Much MORE to the point is can ANYONE even begin to comprehend what he is tactically trying to achieve? Unless that “achievement” is to be spineless, shapeless, devoid of ideas and ambition and wanting mediocrity, then he has failed . BIG TIME FAILED!

  9. That is a very negative and poor managerial statement!
    If there is a problem with Ozil off pitch,ie a disruptive influence on the squad ,(born out of disrespect to the manager),then Emery must take charge of the situation and sought it out with him.
    I cannot believe the Arsenal hierarchy have decided to give up on a world class player on such high wages.
    This player signed a contract when Arsenal needed him.They should have the courage to show the same faith in him.
    Give me Emery’s job and I,d have him producing top class performances immediately .

  10. I want entertaining football, I want productive football, I want to enjoy whatever hard earned money I spend on Arsenal Football Club, I want to be proud of the crest. Right now Emery is not giving me that, and if he has the support of the board then I don’t have to give the board my money. My money, my priority. I am glad a footballer I like hold the firm key to his future and he can open and lock it as much as he wishes. End of story!!

    1. Any club management that can let a player like Ramsey go has serious problems. I’m not an Ozil fan but the way the club has handled his situation shows how bad things are !!

      1. Ramsey tried to hold Arsenal for ransom by not signing the contract on offer, saw it withdrawn, holding out to leave on a free transfer and now warms the bench at Juventus.

  11. You people just forgot the rude behavior Ozil displayed during the match in east Europe when he angrily threw the club’s captain band on the pitch after he was subed,that was when his problems with the club started,so guys relax as no one player is bigger than the club.

    1. He wasn’t the captain for that match, plus when a captain is taken off, the armband is put on the person who takes over. No one walks to the sidelines and throws the band down.

  12. I do not believe anything anybody says about Özil, because it is all pure speculation and character assassination. LEAVE IT BE-the fact that every 2nd post on this site is about 1 and the same guy is beginning to piss me off, in fact is has for quite a while now.

    The man is not playing. If’s and but’s will not get him on the field. Get used to it, make peace with it and LEAVE IT ALONE.

    1. SAGooner, You make a great point but if I may respectfully supply the honest answer why Ozil appears on this site so very often , despite the clubs clear and correct, IMO,intention not to pick him. The answer is that Admin MARTIN needs, or at least FEELS he needs, to keep feeding this Arsenal site with something, anything, no matter how repetitive or boring, every few hours(or even less). He is shrewd enough to know that OZIL attracts comments and I offer yours and mine,plus a myriad of other comments, as evidence for this truth. The Admins, to do them justice keep pleading for articles from others and they are fully justified in doing do. What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander and I have, too late, realised that as a writer myself it is up to me and to anyone else who feels they can contribute an article of interest , to help the Admins out. For sure they DO spend a lot of THEIR time running this site and we, me very much included, SHOULD be grateful for that. That being said though, I still wish that we had fewer constant changes of topic.

  13. This is totally insane, how can you treat a player like an outcast, I think all player deserved to be treated well, come to think of it, ozil is the most decorated player when it comes to creativity and other wise, in this case he should be treat like every other players, if not more than in the team. So therefore Arsenal board should look into this matter once and for all, cos it has gotten out of hand already, Arsenal is not like other clubs who treated players like they are nobody, after all no player, no coach is perfect not even the so called owners. Arsenal is a big club, respected all over the world, so therefore this respect should be pass across to the players from the board through the coach to the team, with due respect, players are to be regarded more than the coachs, cos without them the coachs are useless. Ozil is the highest paid player in the team, so how on earth will you not include him to the team, moreover Arsenal lack creativity in the middle of the park and yet such a creative player will be benched and at times not be included in the team, if you don’t want a player in your team, there are ways you handle such player, not just showing the hatred all over your face by not using such a player in any competitions at all, by so doing you are not helping the player neither the board also, such player will lose self confidence and value in the market, and the board also will not get something good at the end of sells. Inconclusion, i think Ozil really need to be encourage in all way round both in pitch and outside the pitch and not being treated like an outcast, encourage him by given him playing time for the benefit of all.

  14. You will never understand some Arsenal fans.i think many of us just hate emery and whatever he does seems bad whatsoever.ozil has been below par for the last few years and he is also known to be rude.i am not an emery supporter but i think on this he and the Arsenal management have got the situation spot on

    1. Arsenal management may have got the situation spot on, but their reaction is childish and mean, and not acceptable in world class businesses organisations.

      the correct action should be:
      1. don’t force Emery to accept Ozil, but make him accountable for a solution to the lack-of-creativity problem NOW!
      2. terminate the relationship with Ozil in an amicable way NOW, pay him off if necessary so that the saga will not drag on to further disrupt the team

      As senior management, they represent Arsenal and should show some professional people management skill.

    2. There is a process for disciplinary action in any association, have you thought of that. What did the record say. Not what you read or see and interpret. What is the official action taken. Or it is now mafia action for disciplinary action???

  15. Emery should come clean and tell us the truth. What he’s telling us now is bullshit and we can’t buy that. In my view emery has a lot of ego and he doesn’t know how to manage world class players like ozil. Neymar couldn’t cope with him and he was subsequently released by psg. Arsenal need to do the same and do away with unai if we want to move forward. The best arsenal can afford in today’s game is a draw.

  16. People are so fickle and want to find any stick to beat Emery with. None of you know the reasons behind this at all. Ozil has been crap for ages, his attitude stinks, he is not really that important to the team and over the past few years he has got himself bombed out of the Germany squad. He is not loved at all by his adopted country. People soon forget and try and twist what has gone on from him in the last few years. While all this has been happening his actual football influence has wilted. He is not that good anymore. He is not good for arsenal football club, in any shape or form.

  17. Let do a little check on the two protagonists ozil and emery.ozil has worked under top class managers;Mou,Wenger,loew but never received such dehumanizing treatment from any.Emery on the other has always played a villain role in every club he has manage.Fact is emery is the problem and not ozil.

  18. I fail to see how the topic above is justified by the content. How has Emery come clean? We are none the wiser. What is really going on? The jury is still out.

    I suspect it is really bad and Ozil is not totally to blame. I can only suspect. No facts yet. I also suspect we won’t ever know the truth. Just like Ramsey.

    Bye-bye Ozil. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Not with Ozil and the Emirates Stadium of London occupants.

    1. also no offers for Bale, Eriksen, Xhaka, Sterling,…

      and did Clubs rushing in with offers for Emery, after he was “discontinued” by PSG?

  19. so I guess this is exactly what force Ramsey, RVP, Fabregas and … out of the club and later fans branded them as terrorists

  20. Ozil didn’t award himself that amount he is getting, he negotiated and the club found it worth paying him that amount, if he was not a performer why did the club award him the wages? About playtime its the couch who gives a player time and if he has denied him play time then how do you expect him to perform. Third Emary has no game plan thus its hard for any star player to perform even if is Mesi

  21. Emery is an idiot,instead of him to apply his senses he keep opening his teeths like christmas goat although i dont blame him,i only blamed arsenal bord.emery was given embappe and leman junior.what did he do with mbape and leyman?useless coach

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