Unai Emery given deadline to get it right at Arsenal or he is gone

Unai Emery is just a few weeks away from turning things around or getting the sack.

Unai Emery has been under pressure as the Gunners have failed to win a league fixture since the first week of October.

The situation has turned the environment around the Emirates to a toxic one and the club fears that Emery is doing more damage to their reputation than good.

The poor results on the field haven’t been the only problem at Arsenal recently with the club also experiencing some surprising shakeups among the non-playing staff.

The Sun claims that most staff fear that Emery won’t be able to salvage the club, apparently they are shocked at what is happening at the club.

One source told the outlet: “The DNA that made ­Arsenal the club it was has slowly but surely drained away.

“Appointments have been made – both before and after Wenger’s departure – that either didn’t work out or aren’t working out.

“Long-serving members of staff have been shocked by what’s ­happening to the club.”

Arsenal has slipped to sixth on the league table, but they have a good run of fixtures after the International break until the 15th of December when they take on Manchester City.

We have already covered how many points Arsenal may get over the next four games and that may be the period that determines his career at the Emirates.

If the results do not improve prior to the Man City game then it is hard to see how Emery can survive much longer after that.


  1. I pray it won’t be worst by then, the guy just n
    eed to go before Ucl qualification is out of grips. The board should make decision sooner

  2. The board should come out and tell the fans what is going on you are our employees the same as the manager and you should remember that

  3. I think people should be satisfied that, if true a deadline is set. It makes it obvious to everyone, not only the manager but the staff, the players and all involved. It actually puts urgency out there and it show all how everyone responds, individual and collective.

  4. Don’t understand the logic behind this announcement (if it’s true).

    The board can see where the club, fans and players are going, so why would “giving him a deadline” help in any way?

    Surely, the facts to date cannot change, even if we have an unbeaten run, the cracks were covered up last time we did such a thing as win a few matches.

    Will it change the players views as reported in the media? Will it give us a new tactical coach, who manages with soe kind of cohesion?

    Just get on with it and either sack him or put him on gardening leave and let freddie hold the reins for the rest of the season.

    1. Your having a laugh Ken !……………….would you trust him with your garden ?…………..the runner beans would stop running and the Kniphofia would end up up your Ars….enal arsenal arsenal !

    2. KEN, CAN’T FIND A SINGLE SYLLABLE TO DIFFER ON THIS TIME OLD CHUM! Almost all of us fans know he should go NOW, though there will always be small minority who refuse to face plain reality. Such is life but it seems our decision makers are scared to make a MUCH needed decision, so just talk and DO NOTHING!

  5. The amazing and completely believable Sun article;)) mentions nothing about a deadline.

    Some ‘source’ (Maybe Herr Heinz?) states the obvious is all.

  6. Unfortunately Emery will not be sacked by the board cause maybe they are too scared to pay him off. So he will only leave by the end of the season. If he does not perform well come the end of season.

    I think if he can be able to finish 5th and then win the Europa League we can term that a successful season. So he better starts getting his priorities right.

    If and only if Emery can realize his best 11 players then he can achieve success.

  7. The board wont sack emery aslong as we are in europa league!! Let’s face it emery wasnt hired to win the league (a bit of negative memo from the board if u ask me) he was hired to get us back in the champions league.. if that means top 4 great if not europa league success even better!! Now what manager has won the EL more times in the last 5 years?? EMERY!! My conclusion is the plan our yank owners have come up with is spend little (not just this season but past 7-8 years and I know we spent 100m on players this season) take a punt on a proven cup winner manager in emery whilst hoping to keep up with top 4 in the league.. now I know we are suffering In the league but aslong as were are in europa he will be in a job and the team will suffer!! I just hope emery pulls his head out the sand and plays a set 11 and formation that plays to our own players strengths not over thinking every week and worrying about the opposition players and their formation.. play to our strengths!! He has got 4 games to sort it out before we play man city

    1. @King Henry
      Sopt on Gooner. The owners/board could care less if we win the EPL or CL, but as long as we’re up their getting some form of European Cup qualifying monies…

  8. Emery was going great guns in the first half of last season. Towards the end of the season his constant tinkering caused confusion among the players.
    The 4-1 loss was Inexplicable. His defence was in tatters.
    The saints will be fighting for survival. If the gu.nerd play the slow passing game they w po nt win

  9. Emery must go, the sooner the better. I don’t know how the Board does not realize what damage they are doing to the brand of Arsenal football by keeping and continuing with Emery. We need a Coach who fits with the Arsenal philosophy of playing fearless football.

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