Unai Emery gives an update on Pepe, Tierney and Bellerin

It is common knowledge that Arsenal has an issue with their defence and are waiting on their injured players to come back and strengthen the weakest area in the team.

Rob Holding is basically back and just waiting on a first-team start and Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin are on the verge of a return to full fitness.

As well as the status with the defenders Emery also spoke about Nicolas Pepe and how he is progressing.

This is what he had to say per Arsenal.com

“We have some new players and players who we need to work with for their adaptation in the next matches. Progressively, they’re getting better. For example, Pepe played 30 minutes tonight and we are happy with him, we are helping him, but I know he’s capable of doing more than he’s doing”

“It’s the same with Mustafi. He played his first match this season and Chambers played at right back, David Luiz has now played with Mustafi and Chambers, with more players. Rob Holding is getting closer to us now. Tomorrow, Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney will play with the under-23s”

It is definitely looking good for the defenders and it cannot be long before Emery has a full rota of defenders to choose from and it cannot come too soon.

Pepe, on the other hand, is capable of more as Emery stated and for now, it is not too much of a concern but there will come a time when patience starts to run a little thin with the clubs record signing.


  1. I hope Pepe wouldn’t end up like Shevchenko and Torres at Chelsea. Both were massive signings for the Blues, but became major flops because of their complacencies

    Work ethics are highly important in a super competitive league like EPL and it’s good that the club are helping him. But his success will depend a lot on his attitude and motivation

    1. Pepe isn’t a flop at all. He’s just being himself. He will end being good but he’s not an €80m talent.For that money he’s supposed to be producing Like Sanchez was. Like Zaha he’s at best £45m player but Lille were smart in negotiations. I hope we can also learn from them.
      He hasn’t flopped at all

      1. kev, sometimes you are funny

        you believe that neither Pepe nor Zaha is £80m quality, please can you tell us or give us an example of a pure, tricky winger that score goals that is £80m quality presently?

        1. Zaha is nowhere bet the class of Pepe in either goals scored, assists and football ability. However on the evidence of last season I genuinely believe that Pepe will turn out to be worth the money we paid for him. Remember it took Bergkamp and Henry a few matches before they proved themselves

          1. That’s because Zaha plays for Crystal Palace and so it’s easy for you to write him off. Pepe is not better than Zaha and vice versa. Both are of similar quality but I get that since we signed him for €80m we have to defend him. Nicolas Pepe has nowhere near the talent of Henry and Bergkamp too.
            He will come good but he’s not an €80m player. I had this notion before we signed him

          2. @kev “I had this notion” that’s it exactly mate that’s a notion not factual, you may well end up right and he might not be an 80 mill player but no one knows if he will or not so you cant outright say he isn’t. Chill people were like 6 games in lol

    2. You are very right gotanidea. Pep need to be self motivated and do more. I also think Arsenal midfielders should take responsibility on the pitch and the manager should be result inclined. Non performing players should be benched without any favoritism. It’s a 3rd season without Champions league.

    3. Attitude and motivation will play a part but settling in to a new country. Culture. Life style. As I said once before on here a good example is Robert pires who took a whole season to settle in once he signed for us and look how good he turned out for us..we need to give him time

  2. I just hope Gunners will be smart enough to motivate Pepe. The kid’s overall game is very good. His class is clear to see, evidenced by being the first player to dribble past Van Dijk since 2018. He already has an assist and has been providing some chances like the ones Nelson fluffed vs Watford. I don’t see why there are already fans and pundits trying to gaslight us into turning on the boy while it took 8 games for our greatest striker Theirry Henry to score his first goal.

  3. Stop it please with the Pepé doubts. As I’ve said before, Henry took 9 games to score and Bergkamp took far longer. Pepé will be a great.

    1. He will come good but is not an €80m talent. No-one is doubting him or writing him off. He is just being himself. His game hasn’t regressed. He’s still fast, tricky and has the pace. Maybe he hasn’t scored which he will but there’s nothing to suggest he’s performing worse

      1. Pepe needs confidence and on the basis of Mkhitaryan fiasco, it may prove Emery is not the coach who would achieve that easily. But players are different so let’s wait at least another 5, 6 games before we start judging Pepe.

        What worries me is not his shooting blanks, it’s that when we attack his decision-making reminds me almost of Walcott – he passes when he should shoot or dribble, dribbles or shoots when he should pass… Maybe that will improve when he’s had more time with the team, but for now even his facial demeanour betrays a sort of cluelessnes (My brother joked he looks like a crack addict who’s just woken up. Harsh.).

  4. Sounds good
    Bellerin, Holding and Tierney are sorely missed in the lineup

    I miss Lacazette too. It’s tough on Aubameyang to be our sole centre forward to play all matches

    Pepe will hopefully come good. It takes some players longer to adapt

    Can’t wait till Sunday

    1. I imagine Auba misses playing with Laca, but I also imagine he is very much enjoying playing in his natural position, where he is scoring for fun.

      I love Laca, but him starting does mean that Auba, who is arguably the deadliest striker in the league, then has to become an average looking winger.

        1. 14 goals in 14 games sounds like scoring for fun to me mate, dont bash him because he misses a few sitters, we would be so fooked without him

  5. Pepe has to up his game otherwise he will find it difficult in the EPL. He left foot playing is easily read by defenders & his shooting is mostly off target.Zaha is playing for a lowly team but guy frightens defenders out of their wits with his wing play & trickery. He is my cup of tea.

  6. I think people should give Pepe time cmon we’ve been screaming out for a player like him4/5 games in and some of you are writing him off Jesus cheer everything he does
    Give him confidence
    Bloody xhaka has been here three seasons and don’t absolutely nothing yet some one here put him on the team sheet

  7. Zaha and Pepe are not worth 80 million because they are black and African origin. But some English dude like Mcguire of Man U who can score goals with his ass as a defender is worth 80 million. Brilliant!

  8. Pape follows a list of expensive Arsenal signings that never perform. For that money you expect them to hit the ground running. Fame and fortune have their short comings.
    It really comes down to selection, we need to find young talent that is hungry, and let`s not have the excuse of giving them time to blend in. When they`re called up on international duty they have 90 minutes to “blend in” and they do.

    1. Jesus christ really man?? “Never perform” Your writing the man off after like 5 games?? Unbelievable stuff.

      1. Yes my friend it`s `unbelievable stuff` and we`ve been subjected to that `unbelievable stuff` since the great migration of players like Van Persie, Fabregas and co.. Maybe Pele will turn out to be a Ronaldo or a Messi, I sincerely hope so and, I for one, will eat humble pie. Until then I`ll cover my bets.

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