Unai Emery gives his response to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer speculation

One of the more worrying transfer rumours this summer for Arsenal fans has been the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Manchester United speculation and at last we have a sort of official response from the club.

Speaking after the 2-2 draw with Real Madrid, Unai Emery was asked would he consider selling the Gabon international and he was rather clear in his response.

“Not really in our mind. Not really” he said

“We are very happy with Aubameyang and we don’t want to sell him.”

OK, that was not as categorical as it could have been but that is how Emery speaks, he is not one for theatrical answers and his English is not as sharp as that of Arsene Wengers was but it was clear, the club does not want to sell him.

The club has a new transfer policy in that if a player with two years left on his contract does not sign an extension then they will be sold so it can be assumed that negotiations are underway on a new deal.

If Aubameyang does not sign an extension and remains at the club then that means the clubs new policy is not being enforced and that in itself would be a worry.

But it must surely be welcomed that Arsenal has no intention of selling the 30-year-old forward, he is one of our best players and the last thing we need to be contemplating is offloading one of our biggest assets to a top-four rival.


  1. Innit says:

    Good. We should keep our best players and I can only count our Very good players on one hand sadly.

    Most are poor to average/decent

    1. Ayeni Roger says:

      I will remind emery and arsenal boards to travel to Barcelona and make loan enquiry for Barcelona defender TODIBO, Barcelona want him to be loan out and is good signing bargain for arsenal for defensive problems.

  2. John0711 says:

    Can someone let me know when this exciting transfer window starts for us

  3. Durand says:

    It starts Aug 7th at 4pm, that’s when the bargin bin has clearance sale.

    Then Josh can say “we tried” and make more promises about trophies and what top players we’ll be after NEXT Summer.

    1. Durand says:

      Raul is awesome! Suarez loan, Ceballos loan, and Saliba loaned back to St Etienne.

      Raul’s contacts are the best in Europe just like the Kronke’s said!

      We don’t buy players anymore, we take them on loan, Raul is a financial beast!


      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Lmao..Durand, when I pointed out how Raul already has been poor, they said I should keep quiet that we need to give him years to do his thing.
        Oh well who am I to say anything?
        I mean the man is a bloow genius, within 2 years he broke Wenger’s record for the most absurd and useless transfer, he broke the Kallstrom record.
        His contacts involves us going for rejects, calling his friends and asking for their bench warming players, when we could be getting potential world class players from all over the world.
        But nah, let’s go with the brother of Nepotism.
        Well if you ask me, he’s doing a blood job better than Gazidis, I mean well look where we are? They rejected a potential world class defender for Sokratis.
        Sokratis is now our Spartan.
        I know nothing, I’m just a music producer with no knowledge of football, cheers mate, we’re at an All Time Low.
        Jon Bellion would be proud of this one?☕

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    ? I just finished reading the previous article, and as piss as I am I was just laughing. the management, the board, they’ve turned this club into a joke.
    How TF is Emery okay with the pensioners we have as defenders?
    Yes we have them in numbers, so? sit their áss down and get in one or two CB’s who will help our defense.
    Then when we get into the UCL next season, we can sort the finance, it’s suicide going into the season with this defense.
    Halfway thru last seat I stopped believing in Emery, man isn’t helping any bit and I keep drifting far from the belief that he might be the one for us.
    I’ve said it before, I’ve said it last season, yes we needed the change but Emery is not who will bring back the rainbows.
    For all of our sake let’s hope they get in Zaha and Everton then which we know is impossible.
    Yes I said both because we’re phucked if we think we are doing any better with Mhiki and Ozil as wingers, add Iwobi and the inexperienced Nelson.
    We just keep putting pressures on ourselves.
    At least we need established wingers to help trouble and press our opponents, and please I’ll really die of boredom if we play we that three at the back and 4 defensive minded players in the midfield bûllshît

    1. Adajim says:

      I think we are been too critical of our defence, every1 seems to be on the topic and most annoying, we think we know better than the coach.
      Its a good thing to make observations and criticize but we should give the technical team benefits of doubt. Am sure they have seen the loopholes and should be working on it.
      Honestly, i have a different opinion about reason why our defence ship in such ridiculous amount of goals last season. To me, unavailability of a proper winger tempt us to use our full backs as winger exposing our cb and thereby getting them cut out of position. Apart from some mistakes leading to goal which is also as a result of too much presure from opposition. If we could fix this but geting a proper winger to draw oposition defence, reduce presure on or fulbacks and mf, we might not need special cb reinforcements. Among the top 6 only macity and liverpool seems to have special team with good defence, utd, tottenharm and chelsea arent that superior and none has recruited cb so far. Lets keep the faith. Hopefully we recruit lb so we could use 4 at d back

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Really? you’re comparing our defense with with Chelsea and Spurs? How many goals did we ship in? How many did Chelsea and Spurs shipped in? And no we are not being critical of our defense, 98% of our fanbase knows we need to fix our defense, so if we all agree on the same thing regarding our defense, How is it we’re being too critical? Are we all wrong at the same time?

        1. Adajim says:

          Chelsea,spur, utd defense are so so, we conceeded more goals because of the reason i already highlighted above. You will agree with me that ‘if’ we had a specialist winger like Hazard or even son/lucas or martia/lingard or mf like Eriksen who can relieve preseure from the team we wouldnt have conceeded that much.
          However, am not saying your ‘98%’ fans are wrong, am just saying the fact that this problem is visible to even a blind man , it means the technical crew are aware too and must be working on improvement.
          To me, we overflog the issue, seems we are always eager to find fault.

        2. kev says:

          Literally all the fans want our defense to be fixed even if to some more priority should be given to other areas than the defense.

          1. Adajim says:

            Yes we all want solution kev, truth is we fans always think buying new player is the solution but its not it all the time, looking inward at time pay off, having patience at time. A lot of variables and factors, this am sure would have been considered by the technical crew, lets just wait and see and hope it work well.
            Even if we buy a specialist CB, it might not give us the answer we want, he might be injured, might strugle to adapt, and so on.
            When we bought Mustaphi we kept 6consecutive clean sheets on his first 6 apearance, we thought we finally found solution to our defensive woes. See Mustaphi now

      2. Sniper says:

        I have a few questions for you mate. Liverpool had better wingers but why did they get VVD?
        Juventus have better wingers, midfielders and arguably the best defense in the world but why did they buy De ligt?

        If you answer these questions objectively, then there is no need for explanation as to why you and the board are wrong.

  5. S.J says:

    Looking like we won’t be solving our lack of wingers problem and defense problem. Looking like Cabellos will be the only further signing.

    Aubameyang, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan are not wingers, so I want to believe that we want to make use of our youths.
    Can we trust Saka, Martinelli, Nelson to run our wings for the full season?

    Can we trust Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos to partner Sokratis for the full season?

    Really interesting season ahead starts in about 2 weeks time.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Or rather ‘Can we trust Sokratis to rise to the heights of Holding and Chambers’. Don’t know about Mavro yet but as he enjoyed kicking the hell out of Man Utd players he gets my vote.

  6. Adajim says:

    Am sure this is just the talk, if we receive genuine offer high enough to tempt the club, say £80m or above, even most fans would pray we sell. Remember how we are blaming Wenger for rejecting 60m from city 4 sanchez ?

    1. kev says:

      Arsenal aren’t that smart at selling players.We are literally the only club that would reject an initial bid for a particular player from a particular team only to later accept a smaller bid from the same club.What am I talking about??Kieran Gibbs to West Brom.The level of delusion in the club is astonishing

      1. Adajim says:

        Of course, i agree, the way they manage our team is too bad for a self sustaining model, thats why we are strugling, i think utd is self sustaining too but they have good director who have make the brand attractive, so they make enough money to cater for on field losses. Spur sold Bale for 80m+, utd sold, Ronaldo for world record , chelse sold Hazard ,we sold fabregas, Henry ,Hleb to same barca that liverpool sold Suarez and coutinho to, see the diff in price

  7. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Selling Auba was just another rumour by the bias media.

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