Unai Emery has almost no chance of selling unwanted players

It is hard not to feel sorry for Unai Emery, he really has been handed a poisoned chalice at Arsenal, mainly because of the incompetence that preceded him.

The Spaniard has a limited budget and a team that that is structurally unsound and the only way he can rebuild is if he sells players but because of what has gone before even that is proving very difficult.

He cannot get rid of Mesut Ozil because of the high salary the German is on, the same probably applies to Henrikh Mkhitaryan and you can now add Shkodran Mustafi to that list.

Emery is keen on offloading the defender who has failed miserably at the Emirates but according to the latest report he is simply refusing to be sold.

He is on £120k a week and happy in London, he knows that it is very unlikely that any other club will pay him that sort of wage and so he is digging his heels in.

You cannot blame any of the players for this, they have to think of their own financial futures, it is not their fault that the previous management rolled over and agreed to such ridiculous wages.

So, what we have here is a club that desperately needs to sell it’s underperforming players, reduce the wage bill and top up the transfer kitty but is unable to sell those very same players because they are essentially refusing to go.

It is an utter mess and one that Emery has to now manage.

I don’t know what he can do under these circumstances and I fear that when the season kicks off the squad we have will not be any stronger than what we had last season, in fact, there is an argument that we will actually be weaker.


  1. I’m not unhappy …I cry into my frosties for fun

    I’m not depressed …I stick a fork in the plug socket to keep warm

    Who am I…

    I’m batm…????

  2. Now that tension has cleared up with regards to transfers and stuff like that I’d like to apologise to everyone for stating that William Saliba to Arsenal was a done deal.The deal was never done and thus I take all the blame and criticism.”Done deal” means the player has signed and I should have been more careful in my wording. What I wanted to say was that a deal was agreed in principle(fee and personal terms).Same with Tierney.Both will join pending a medical.I’d also like to apologise to you Admin Martin for destroying the thread with my comments and for causing commotion within the house.Special shout out to my people; Phil,Dan Kit, Gerry Burke and Rory Johnson.I mean no harm and apologies for my harsh words.

    I promise to use proper wording in my subsequent transfer posts

    1. Your still around?


      I could come back in 20 years and youl swear we are getting nzonzi jnr
      And yann m’vilas nephew ?

      1. Martin, football Managers are no different from Managers in business,they are paid, very well indeed,to manage.As far as Emery is concerned he has a great opportunity to give our talented youngsters a chance to perform on the big stage at the expense of the highly paid liabilities who failed us last year.Leave out the likes of Mustafi, Ozil,Mik,Kocielney and play the likes of Beilik, Nelson, Chambers etc in the knowledge that the vast majority of rational Arsenal fans will back you.Perhaps this harder line action will make the failures realise that despite their unjustifiable high wages they will not stand in the way of progress at this Club.If they are seen to be unwanted they may just decide to move elsewhere at a reduced renumeration.

        1. FFS, stop naming Chambers among ‘young’ players.
          The man had his senior debut in 2012. Yes, as a 24-year-old defender he could still improve by about 5 – 10 percent (though I doubt it), but stop mentioning him alongside Bielik, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Sako etc who still have a genuine chance of becoming excellent.

    2. We all make mistakes including me and I respect your comment above. It shows character when someone can accept they made an error and you have done that. I hope that others will take on board what Kev has said and no longer throw up his previous comments to him. Thank you Kev.

        1. I applaud your post Kev and give you my apologies back for any abuse I have given you.
          Please keep on with the transfer news/rumours.
          Peace and Love to everyone on Just Arsenal.

      1. Admin, just out of curiosity, where have you seen the official list of players that the club, especially UE, have stated they want to sell?

        Surely they wouldn’t have used these “deadwood players” to advertise the new shirt era under adidas if that was the case would they?
        Unless, of course, certain names sell more shirts than others…but I digress from the real query.

        As with transfers ( well done kev) it’s only when it’s officially announced that rumours become facts.

        As for feeling sorry for UE, he didn’t have to take the position, he knew the score, he bought in six new players, a loanee and offered new contracts to five other players.

        Hardly the actions of someone who feels he has a poisoned chalice, especially as this squad competed in a european final and finished fifth, when it was easier to finish third with CL football.

        1. Link in the article, also you will see that I use words liberally like, according to, it is being reported, apparently and so on. As I always state, I report the news I do not make it up, I provide links in almost every single article I use and do not claim anything as fact. It is up to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

          1. So adminmartin, they are only rumours and, as far as we are aware, nobody at The Arsenal has officially stated that mustafi, ozil, myk or anyone else is up for sale.

            Your headline was therefore very misleading, because we don’t know who/if he wants to sell anyone!!

            The other red herring was the salaries that were used as an explanation as to why they couldn’t be sold…and taking the opportunity to blame the previous regime for “rolling over”.

            All in all, not the most factual or non-partisan article ever produced, “he cannot get rid of ozil” and “he is refusing to go” seem like “done deal” statements to me!!

            Anyway, Martin, it proves that I read your articles with keen interest and admire your work.

    3. No qualms Kev. At least you are man enough to accept your mistakes and apologize. Please don’t stop your transfer rumours and up dates as my sanity on every thing arsenal related depend on it.

    4. ??
      I would like to apologise if I was out of order also ,I try and not get personal but it can sometimes happen in the heat of the moment .

      1. I would like to add we have been going back and forth for over 2 years and I’ve never fallen out with you anyway .

    5. Well said Kev, and very humble to admit being wrong, something I struggle with, I blame my autism,( not my big head). Keep posting and keep debating and remember we all have at least one thing in common….our unwavering devotion to the Arsenal.

    6. Thanks kev lots of respect for that I apologise too mate we all got a bit out of hand! the struggles of being a gunner getting to us all lol

        1. Well as far as I’m concerned you were correct in apologising and let’s hope you learn your lesson in future.

    7. Kev everybody makes mistakes. You clearly like Arsenal, and I for one appreciate what you bring to the forum.

      Brave sticking your neck out, but your posts make you an easy target for management’s slow walk window.

      We are starving for action in transfers, and tempers flare all too easily. We are fans together, and rather we turn on ownership than on each other. Together we stand divided we fall.

      1. Oh what do we have here? A bunch of old men kissing and making up after a long fight??

    8. Well said, Kev, even though I dont think you`ve done much wrong.

      I will apollogise to you for thinking you were the illegitamate son of Ornstein making you on similar level to Jesus !………….I will now dismantle your altar and only pray to Ornstein !…………………..meanwhile, wtf happening with all this Saliba stuff ?

  3. I am getting scared as the transfer window goes by still no good news looking likely the fate of the season will rest in the hands of our youngsters hope they all cease the moment, most especially Nelson, Martinelli and Smith-Rowe who might be given more game time cause they can play in areas we need covering the wing position.
    Hope for quick recovery of Holding so he can partner Sokratis next to Mavropanos. Mustafi should be relegated to the bench please.

  4. My starting line up without any new signing will be.

    Sub :

  5. We used to think our miserable transfer disasters were all down to Ivan the terrible and Arsene’s tight fistedness things have not changed.It’s going to be a very long difficult season.

    1. Yep the only one still here is Kroenke, we all need to get him out, I hope he proves me wrong and we sign some quality, not even about spending loads just getting the right players in.

      If we don’t sign anyone else this window or we just get crap, everyone needs to start protesting, stop going home games, stop buying merchandise until the parasite realises he’s going to lose to much money if he don’t sell up. Just so people know me and my dad have already l, I’ve stopped buying silver membership and tickets, and he gave up his season ticket that he had for 25 years. And we’ve only bought 1 top each in like the last 6years. #KroenkeOut

  6. It is not up to Unai Emery to manage contracts at Arsenal, either in or out; he is contracted as “head coach”, not “manager” at the Club. Once he makes the decision that a player doesn’t meet his requirements or requires an upgrade, it is the responsibility of Edu to scout the appropriate player and Raul and Vinai to manage the contract negotiations and finalisation.

  7. If a player is a liability when in the team and refuses to be sold then drop him from the squad and let him rot. The money is dead and it will free up a squad place. Same with any unshiftable deadwood – let them train with the kids. The money has been spent or is contractually committed so free up spaces for youngsters, accept mid-table for a few seasons and build something worthwhile. Just stop pretending to be actively engaged in serious bidding. Usual fake activity to sell merchandise and tickets.

  8. Panic mode is approaching! Remember 8-2 rubbing followed by Arteta, Park Chu Young, Mertesacker and Benayoun? I fear something equally terrible is on the horizon.

    1. July 13th now & all rumours have gone quiet.. not a sniff of a new player – one that will go straight into the team & make us stronger!
      Are they making us sweat it out until 4.55pm on 8th August until someone is unveiled?? This is driving me crazy!!
      Yes panic mode will be in full swing before we know it ?

  9. KEV, my friend, thank you so much for your apology, that is really gracious of you . we all make mistakes, and,a lot of us get emotional when it comes to the arsenal, some of us too emotional maybe. for my part, i wish to apologise to you also, things said in the heat of the moment are best forgotten. you have shown your true colours by being man enough to hold your hand up. you have gone way up in my estimation.now, lets get back to the business of suupporting the greatest football team on earth !.

  10. We are in a state aren’t Kos throwing his dolly out the pram can’t sell any of our deadwood or poor quality players and cant seem to get transferable swiftly over the line,(I know the window is still open and weve limited funds so have to be careful).
    If Spurs steal Saliba I’ll be properly gutted he sounded and looked like an amazing talent. See a couple of articles about how spurs put a ‘dont sell to arsenal’ clause in the Gareth Bale sale to Real Nadrid then we bought ozil from RM and now Levy is after payback?

    I actually thought our dithering in the transfer market was down to gazidis and Wenger, hmm maybe not?!

  11. Kev always make my day with is transfer rumours.. Fake though. But I love it… Keep it coming kev

  12. In a sort of ironic twist the despicable rantings by Kosienly may really be him doing the club a huge favor. From all reports the delay in signing Salliba is that St. Etienne wants the defender back for a year so Arsenal might have told Kos he needs to be the main defender for one more year. Kosienly knows he can no longer fulfil that role and thus demanded a move. It might indicate that Arsenal had no plans to buy another CD even after all the defensive frailties we showed last season. In all honesty we might have to accept the fact that we are currently a mid table team at best with no hopes of offloading the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Miki and Xhaka so we might as well sacrifice using the kids for a few years and hope that they eventually come good because we all see Kronke has no interest in Arsenal except making money. By that time the contracts of the aforementioned gentlemen will all have expired and the club can then start to recover its aura. I desperately hope at that time Arsenal haven’t deteriorated so much that it is unfixable.

  13. Saliba and Tierney will sign on for handsome wages (in excess of 60k/week) and we will be back here again in 3yrs time talking about players who don’t want to leave and can’t be moved on because of their high wages. Wages problems started long ago in the days of Bendtner, remember how long ago that was and they are still with us even today. The club just never learns.

  14. Please, please, please people can we just acknowledge that no-one knows anything in terms of what is happening at Ranch Emirates and that includes regurgitating stories that aren’t stories in the first place.

    ‘someone said’, apparently, it is reported etc are not founded in any reality so should be ignored and left to fade into the ether of the internet. Not picked up and used as an article.

    I for one, wouldn’t mind less posts if they had a foundation in reality. Why have hypothetical disxussions about things that we know won’t come to pass?

    It’s hard to keep thinking of article content @admin, I appreciate that but maybe cut back on the quantity and have a bit more quality perhaps..

    Had some great ones of late including the invincibles breakdown so more of that please sir.

    1. At least you recognise that we have had some excellent interesting and debating articles considering the time of year. No one is perfect all the time, but if anyone feels that it’s time to discuss something else theen feel free to send us your articles…

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