Unai Emery has his say about the Arsenal fans

Unai Emery wants the Arsenal fans to get behind the team.

Arsenal hasn’t had a good run in the Premier League recently, and it is understandable that the fans are not the most supportive at the moment.

The Gunners have won none of their last six games in all competitions and there is hardly a thing for the fans to be cheering them for.

At the weekend, they drew 2-2 against Southampton after they had two weeks off with the international break to prepare for the game.

There have been calls for Emery to leave, but the Spanish manager insists that the fans are not making it easy for his players to win games.

He insisted that the fans play an important role in football games and his players will struggle to get results when their fans are against them, and that would also make their opponents fear them less.

‘My wish is the supporters help the team because we need them,’ he said courtesy of Arsenal.com.

‘Our confidence depends a lot on how we feel in our stadium with our supporters. Teams are coming here fearing us less and this is the first thing we need to change.’

I have to say, I make him right to a certain extent.

I have complained on here about the toxic atmosphere at the Emirates, no team can be expected to shine when the crowd are booing and jeering.

It is understandable of course, but there have to be better ways to express one’s anger. Staying away from the stadium, walking out with ten minutes to go or something similar.

But whatever happens, results will not improve if the fans are not behind the team. No matter who is in charge.


  1. AY75 says:

    We’re always behind the team….. He should get behind us first by tendering his resignation letter…. then we’ll get behind the new coach (and the team as well of course) after he’s gone.

  2. Sean Williams says:

    So our lack of supporting him is the problem and not him? Is that what he wants to believe? We have gone down and down over 18 month and his job was to take us up and up. There is a lack of comprehending reality there.

  3. Fredrick says:

    UE is too egotistical in his approach to management. You could almost tell with the smirk he tries to hide in his press releases during his good run that he wants the credit for the said bliss but now he wants to blame the fans and players for lack of confidence? He messed up with his treatment of Ozil, the most creative player on the club’s books…his remarks as to why he wasn’t in the starting line up and even on the bench shows you how much he takes things personal. Now he is talking about tactics to stop the opposing teams from creating many chances and to be more compact as what he must work on first,- isn’t this exactly his job description?? And why is he talking about this now as if he just stumbled upon a eureka moment when he’s had the reigns for 18 months! The truth is, he is an ugly character and not healthy around the club. The fans are always right. We have been patient with this clown and personally he lost my support in the game againt Crystal Palace towards the end of last season due to his buffonery. The sooner he leaves the better for the club as the potential rebuilding would be even more expensive as am sure we will miss champions league and lose Auba, Laca & Torreira. #Emeryout.

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