Unai Emery has just five days to save his Arsenal career

Unai Emery two matches away from getting the sack at Arsenal.

Unai Emery’s time as Arsenal’s boss is very near its end unless the Spaniard can inspire his team to wins in their next two games.

Emery has been under pressure as his team has won just one of their last seven league games.

They have made some progress in the Europa League, which probably represents their only route to next seasons Champions League competition.

For some weeks now, the fans have been asking for his sack and there were chants of “Emery out!” when they faced Southampton at the weekend.

Arsenal’s next few games before the year’s end will be important ones for Emery, but the Telegraph via Metro Sport is claiming that their next two games could decide his future.

There have been several managers linked to his position including Brendan Rodgers and Mikel Arteta. This week, Wolves manager, Nuno Espirito Santo has been added to Arsenal’s rumoured list of targets.

Arsenal’s board haven’t shown the desire to fire their manager, they even backed him publicly in a recent club statement. However, dropping points in the next few games and dropping further away from the top four could come with dangerous consequences, including losing some of their key players in the summer.


  1. jon fox says:

    Martin you try to give the impression that Emery MAY yet keep his job. We realist fans know that deadline has already passed and the only question now is exactly when he goes and who will replace him. There is not a cat in hells chance that he will keep his job, other than for a week or to at most. The regime know very well that the crowd has wholseale turned against him and with damn good reasons. Plural reasons please note and MANY of them too. While he remains he is daily further damaging our club and the regime, though tardy, are not THAT stupid. Though I would hardly call them bright either, putting it very mildly indeed.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      No mate, just reporting what is being said. Personally I think he will be gone within a week.

  2. SAGooner says:

    I’m not going to speculate on the next manager, there’s been enough. However, this thing about the Europa League being Arsenal’s best route to the ECL makes me shiver. Everyone knows what happened last year. This season, if it is not in the final, we will meet ManUtd in th KO stages somewhere. Any bets on that outcome the way we’re going?

  3. Tommogun58 says:

    I can see us beating Frankfurt,but it’s the three prem games that worry me,we have struggled before to beat all of them and in the current climate I feel that it’s likely that we will struggle again.
    Emery out.

  4. Sue says:

    A very low attendance is expected tomorrow, with the german fans banned, restrictions on our tickets and with all our problems, some fans will probably stay at home.
    A flat atmosphere.. a flat performance?
    Maybe a draw or win tomorrow, followed by a loss on Sunday.

  5. Grandad says:

    A draw or defeat at Norwich will be the last straw.On the question of a replacement I do not feel the Wolves Manager will leave a Club which is on the up for one which has real problems on and off the pitch.

  6. Mogunna says:

    Emery still there is Kroenke decision for his EL target. Once we get KO! Still will keep him hoping team qualifies for next EL!

    Emery should be sacked and Arsene brought back in Emergency, the same way we called him out, we just need to scand Wenger back!

    How can they put all these players and ressources for Emery and never gave Wenger tools to do so? They made a total mess, incapable to manage this team.

    It takes more than a coach to replace Prof who is needed more than any cosch today to bring some peace and colors back to this club!

    Scand Koulibaly so this idiotic board of puppets reacts to this massive opportunity.

    Napoli is okay to sell him in January, they want Torreira, got Ospina from us, that should all help!

    Wenger or any coach will need this addition to stand a chance to save our season by securing CL!

  7. ThierryVanBergkamp says:

    The fact we breeze games in Europe yet struggle against bottom half clubs really worries me. I’ve never wanted our club to lose games, bit I want this guy gone. He was never the correct appointment, FFS West Ham passed up the chance to take Emery. He’s got a very weak character and cannot manage big players, Neymar picked the team when Emery was at PSG. That situation is not acceptable, the manager should always be the boss.

  8. towny 254 says:

    Grandad I agree with you who wants to come here I want a top manager I am fed up with us pussyfooting around maybe Allegri will come if not we have to bust the bank to get one

  9. Wes says:

    Dear Mr Santa(kronkies) I know that am past the age of gifts and cards but please,exclude me and my fellow Gunners from your naughty list as we have been good for the last 2 months even after witnessing horrendous football one after another from our team but all we request is for

    1 a coach who doesn’t look lost and out of ideas every match,

    2 a coach who doesn’t over grease his hair

    3 a coach who inspires our players to do their best

    4 a coach who has cojones

    And while you are at it, would you also sort the board? Defense? Midfield? Attack?

    Thank you for reading and I will write again to update you on our next woes

  10. BBC are reporting that arsenal have identified nuno espirito as a potential replacement

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