Unai Emery has just two months to save his job report claims


Arsenal has put a time limit on Unai Emery turning things around.

Unai Emery could be out of work by the new year if results at Arsenal remain poor, according to reports.

The Gunners have been struggling to win games this season and have drifted further away from the top of the table following their 2-0 loss to Leicester City.

Reports in the media claim that the embattled Spanish manager has received backing from the clubs hierarchy to turn things around, however, they will reconsider their position in the new year.

Emery has between now and Arsenal’s home against Manchester United on New Year’s Day to improve results. If they appraise the team’s performance at that time and find them close to making the top four, then he could be given until the end of the season.

However, if they are still struggling and basically out of the race for the top four, then they would begin to look for his replacement.

Before New Year’s day, Arsenal would have played against Manchester City and Chelsea. Their performances in those games will be key to deciding whether Emery stays or relieved of his position.

If these reports are indeed true then I think that could be a fair compromise. It is easy to offload a manager but you need a plan in place and I am not sure Arsenal does.

It is difficult to see Emery turning things around I admit. However, it is not impossible and sometimes an international break can be a catalyst for improved performances.


  1. If it’s true, I think the crowd at the Emirates really need to get behind the team!

    Full support and nothing more. There has been too much negativity around the club lately. That way, if he does fail at least the team can carry on in an environment that is passionate and supportive. Hopefully with a manager who can turn things round in the New Year!!

    1. If they’re thinking of pulling the trigger in the New Year, then why not just do it now? There’s literally nothing in the performances to suggest Emery will turn it around. In fact, we’ve just been getting worse, and the performances are telling us we’ll continue to get worse.

      We’re actually very lucky to have as many points as we do at the moment. Give Emery another two months, and we’ll be fully entrenched in the bottom half of the league, with a possibility of a relegation battle on the horizon.

      I think we’d be better served with even more booing to push Emery out asap. During the Wenger era, we were patient, respectful, cheering the team on, filling the stadium, and look where it got us. It was only the protests that FINALLY, and JUSTLY put the spotlight on Wenger, which forced the change not to long after.

      1. I don’t think it’s helping the team though ThirdManJW with all the booing. Let’s remember it’s not the players who are to blame alone! You could take Ozil out and drop him in a team like Leicester and he would be world class!

        The players are miss-managed and most probably low in confidence and self esteem!

        Blame the manager. Also need to remember how long it took Klopp to get things right at Liverpool. Even longer than Emery has had so far. Although, Emery is certainly showing signs of running out of ideas!

  2. A team need minimum 40 points to survive in EPL

    We have 26 games left, which are 13 home games and 13 away games. 4 of those home games are against big teams

    Suppose Arsenal lose all their away games and those four big home games, then they only have 9 home games to win. If Emery can’t win the upcoming four EPL games before meeting City, Arsenal are in great danger

    1. Thanks for putting it in perspective. I say Arsenal are already in danger because every team by now knows Arsenal players succumb to pressure, and every team will take a bullish approach against Arsenal. It will be hard to scrape wins in the current state we are in.

  3. Let’s hope the powers that be are already talking to prospective candidates rather than make a panic appointment as in the case of Emery.
    So, 50 days and counting, tick tick…….

  4. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying the whole season. I’m a fair person

    Give him until January (which is a fair amount of time). If we aren’t at least in the top 5 with striking distance to 4, then say Adios amigo. If we are then give him until the summer. If we don’t finish top 4 then get another manager (a top one like Allegri, Conte, Sarri, Enrique, Ancelloti, Mick Mccarthy, etc). If we do then Emery has earned the opportunity to stay.

    But honestly from what I’ve seen so far his tactical brain is not good. His team selection has been bad. I will be surprised if we finish top 4 under him

    I’m happy for us to sign Allegri at anytime though if that’s what Kroenke does. I won’t complain

  5. Torreira willing to force a move if emery continues to play him out of position.
    Will be seriously angry if this is the case. Emery is gonna screw us

  6. Whilst this report makes a certain amount of sense to me from the boards perspective, I always wonder where these stories come from lol – take this one for example, this article links the story in the metro, which links an article in the sun for its information, which links another Sun article for its information but turns out its an article on T. Adams comments on the match against Leicester – no mention of any source for this information regarding Emery 🤷‍♂️😂

    That aside, I do hope the board are already working on a replacement for Emery incase he can’t turn things around – I will always be positive and support our players and manager whilst they are here, and whilst I may be in the minority in that I believe I can actually see some improvements, I am just as worried as everyone else that it’s not enough and too slow in happening and want the board to have a plan in place for when they think it’s needed.

    1. Yes, that is always a worry that I battle with. With this article, it just made sense to me that the board would do this, thus why I went with it.

      1. Not a slander on you or the site admin Martin – you are only reporting what is already there and giving us a chance to discuss, and I appreciate it 👏
        I just meant in general it always amazes me how quickly stories with little actual substance to them become ‘fact’. Like the whole ‘Emery sacked if we lose to Leicester’ story – only people who I saw actually say that to begin with were fans but then the media ran with it without giving any sources (much like this article), then when it didn’t happen many on various social media platforms were acting like the club had lied to them – crazy 😂

        1. No no, I never took it as slander at all. Your comment was fine. I have daily battles with what I write about and acknowledge that not everyone appreciates the articles, especially the rumour based ones.

          1. Personally I don’t mind any of the articles – all news seems to be a mix of rumours, opinions and a few actually factual bits spread in between nowadays anyway lol.
            As me old mum used to say – you can please some people most of the time and most people some of the time, what you can’t do is please everyone all of the time – so why bother trying 😂

          2. I love much of this site but am fed up of all the fake rumour articles which even MARTIN GENERALLY ADMITS ARE FALSE WHEN HE POSTS THE ARTICLES.

            1. Then don’t bloody read them. Jeez. There is literally no one twisting your arm to read them Jon and stop thinking of just yourself, there are others on here that we cater to and not just you.

  7. The next (most important) recruitment to be made has to be a DM. A physical, combative, dominant black defensive/central midfielder. Most top European clubs have one or two of this type of players. Liverpool (Fabinho, Wanadjum, Keita, Ox) Chelsea (Kante), Man city (Fenandihno), Spurs (Sisoko, Indombele, Wayama), United (Pogba, Fred), Madrid (Casmero), Juventus (Matiudi).
    We used to have Viera, Gilberto, even Song and Diaby in our midfield but look what we have these days, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Torreira. These guys are soft and scared of physical battle in matches while the likes of Fabinho, wjanadum and Henderson relish it. If we are serious about getting top 4, we should go all out to get Ndidi in january.

  8. I always try to use life principles when making key personal decisions. If I WERE THE ONE MAKING THE DECISION WHETHER TO KEEP EMERY OR SACK HIM, THAN I WOULD HAVE SACKED HIM A MONTH AGO. I never see any point in waiting and hoping, without any evidence, that things which are clearly not working will suddenly improve. This preciselife principle was why I was calling for Wengers head well before others began doing so en masse two seasons ago. I wanted him out in 2008 and would have sacked him then had I had that power. So it is with Emery. He has proven he is out of his depth, after 18 months does not know his best team, his best shape or formation and all depts of the team, keeper apart, look as if they have never played together before. He cannot speak understandable English either. He is clearly not up to the job, so there is NO POINT in putting off the vital and necessary decision for even one minute longer. That philosophy has throughout life kept me from wasting countless hours and years doing unproductive things and given me added time to develop my personal strengths. WHY should football be any different I suggest? His sacking needs to be done NOW. THEY SHOULD NOT WAIT BUT IT SEEMS THEY WILL WAIT TIL END OF THIS YEAR. Stupidity, timidity and prevarication, all of which will daily continue to regress our club. IDIOTS!

    1. You have hit the nail on the head Foxy,the man is not up to the job and the players have not responded too him,his team selections,tactics and man management are all over the place, We have a fixture list in the next month that most teams would be looking to secure a good amount of wins in, but emery will see to it that we struggle against them.

    2. Jon, let’s remember what you were saying just OVER a month ago and DESPITE the results…he needs another two years before we can judge him…you got that wrong.

      You say you wanted Wenger gone in 2008 and yet he was still winning trophies the season before he left!!!

      NEVER, under Wenger, have we seen this kind of chaos, both on and off the pitch and it was fans like you , who went on and on and on criticising him, that just didn’t have the savvy to realise what the outcome under UE would be, even when there was those REALISTS amongst us as early as six months into his reign who were questioning his suitability.

      That “precise life principle” you just couldn’t accept, simply because of your completely irrational backing of the man who took over from your nemesis you wanted gone, AT ANY COST.

      So if you feel justified in telling everyone that you wanted Wenger out ten years before he left, please feel free to set the record straight and that, up until four weeks ago, you were trumpeting Emery’s name to all and sundry.

      We all can change our minds, but admitting one made a mistake, while trying to cover it up by blustering about another is the height of folly.

      Wise old sage you may want to come across as, but you can only fool some of the people some of the time, or should I say the “vast majority”?

      Give me the sanity of Wengers 21 years to your saviour UE’s twenty one months of complete insane and clueless time at the helm tomorrow…and I believe AW made the right decision when he resigned two years ago by the way.

  9. That is not long enough for Emery to improve this team,he will be gone in Jnuary if this story is genuine.

  10. Let the Arsenal Board hearachy do the needful by publicly apologising to the one that served the club with all his life but mistreated and discarded without any honour. Until Arsene Wenger soul is appeased,both the Board and those hostile fans aren’t seen nothing yet!!!

  11. We need a clean sheet and a new start after the international break. Give the team all our support knowing that success brings happiness and failure leads to a new coach.

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