Unai Emery has one big thing going for him right now

Arsenal manager Unai Emery is under fierce criticism from almost everybody right now following Arsenal’s abysmal second-half performance against Watford on Sunday but he does have one big thing in his favour right now.

He has time to turn things around.

The Arsenal board are not going to have a kneejerk reaction and fire him, they will, I am certain, give him until at least January and most probably to the end of the season to straighten the ship.

Other clubs, Watford being a classic example, sack their managers when results and performances have gone against them but Arsenal is more patient than that.

But Emery cannot take that patience for granted, the board will not want a repeat of the Arsene Wenger situation with banners and boos resonating around the Emirates and they certainly will not want the fans turning on them again.

So, Emery is on borrowed time right now but he can be relaxed knowing that no drastic action from the board is imminent.

However, if he does not sort out the defence, get a proper vision, somehow resolve the issues with the passing out from the back and reinstate a positive mental attitude into the players then he could be out the door before the January transfer window opens up.

Whether he can turn things around is open to debate, I am not sure that he has it within him because the issues at the club were clearly evident last season and I see no signs that he has got to grips with the problems.


  1. Really those of you expecting Emery to suddenly turn around care in for a long ride.
    Seriously I stopped expecting stuffs from the man.
    Bang average manager, all his years as a manager he’s been extremely poor away from home, even at home we still struggle.
    Funny enough all of his defenders have nothing sensible to say, though some keep going with the it’s on 5 games bullshít, do we have to wait till we are rock bottom before we admit this man is not it?

    1. So let’s just sack him now then, I was more disappointed than you after the Watford match but Truth be told we are not Chelsea or united who just sack coaches anyhow,and like the author said there’s still time to turn things around. And Eddie I understand your point but please stop being negative about the coach all the time, the thing about most arsenal fans is that even before any match they just hope some players flop to so they can prove some stupid points, let’s just support the coach and the team, we are not the board and we can’t hire or fire the coach so till that happens let’s all support the team.

      1. I’m not being negative all the time, I dislike negativity big time, but please don’t tell me that I have to bear and condone what he brings to the team just because he’s called our “coach ”.
        If something is bad enough, its bad… Going around trying to manage something bad enough will only cause more troubles and stress.
        I’m sorry you see my reactions as negativity, but seeing and holding back is the reason Wenger stayed more than he should’ve done in the first place, once the fans voiced out, he bravely resigned.
        For a manager who knows so Much about the club and players and already discarded some players before giving them chances, shouldn’t he be brave enough to know he’s causing more damage?
        At least years ago while losing, we were playing football, but now we’re not even sure what we’re playing.
        Like you said, we don’t have the power to sack and appoint, while he’s in the club, I hope he gets better and turns around.
        That’s not to say that I’ll stay blind to the fact that he’s bang average

  2. That’s why we should support him to turn things around. A knee jerk reaction by the fans after a bad match won’t accomplish anything either. He is here until January at least. So let’s hope he can turn things around

    If things get worse than I will join the “Emery Out” Brigade myself

    Also we have a match in two days. My mind is focused on that

    1. We keep supporting him and he keeps coming up with his stupidity week in and out. At the end of it we all can say ,Arsenal is a big family, mistakes happen and let Emery get our support till he wins the Grammys.

  3. #ith the look of frustration in his eyes these days I doubt if time will save him. On the contrary, time will expose his weakness even more. Arsenal need an elite manager and Emery isn’t the man. With his style of management even Messi could come to arsenal and still flop. He has no spine, no vision and direction. Our team is so average we conceded 31 shots, that is down to the manager and I understand people are trying to be nice by saying it’s still early saying Emery out but remember days turn to weeks and weeks turn to years and if we keep it longer we become that same arsenal that kept Wenger for ten extra years than he shoulf be staying. It might not be just time to axe the Spaniard but the board should be on the look out for a new manager if they want to siphon the fan base intent.

    1. With I meant in the first word of my first comment. And 31 shots not against City but Watford… The problem isn’t the players but the formation and set up. Mentatily and motivation is what the manager infuse into the team but right now I don’t think the players even believe in his methods. I believe there are players in the team who believes that playing out from the back all the time is crap but just cos the manager wants it. Player need to be given specific instructions when you are 2:1 up against Watford. What is TORREIRA doing in the opposition box trying to score when he was suppose to be protecting the back 4? If the board wants to show their ruthlessness this is the time….

  4. one thing is for sure, if the so called captain says he was scared of Watford then not only do you take the armband from him, you get rid of him compeltely

  5. Yes he was given a three year contract to improve the situation,which to be fair he did up to a point and we are still not out of it,however the one thing he has not improved is defence in fact I would go so far as to say he has made us worse defensively,i cannot for the life of me see things getting much better with Emery at the helm,the whole team look confused by his tactics and it all just looks a complete mess,I would like to see a top coach working with a top defensive coach to at least calm the influx of mistakes and leaked goals.

  6. Emery is a small club manager, much like Moyes. He struggled in PSG/Ligue1 so it was a risky move to appoint him. The portends to the current mess was visible after 6 games last year, but the “Wenger Out” brigade were very vocal in promoting him. That he is daft & stubborn is a given, bit his strategy, system and tactics are at best confusing. He wants to have a team of scramblers who need to look busy on the pitch, and keep out the creative players. His team selection and formation has been so confusing even for us fans, so it is safe to say that the players are a mess.
    His blind trust in Xhaka (mustafi as well last year) combined with his blatant disregard for his creative players has brought us where we are. Even if the board splashes money and get him the best players he won’t succeed.

  7. I fail to see what he wants from the team. Wenger had faults but he was known for trying to play football, however, he would never have tried playing from goal kicks
    We have arguably the best 3 forwards in the league yet we try and play deep in our own third
    His love affair with Xhaka is baffling, now the captain has admitted being scared of Watford WTF. I cannot imagine viera, Adams or keown saying or thinking that
    I feel as though players are being played out of position such as Torreira
    I for one cannot wait to see the back of emery

  8. He deserves more time for sure, but it will be an interesting situation should we not improve come January, with the likes of Allegri available for free.

    1. Lovely player he is. Deserves all the praise he’s getting. He’s only played a few games for us and I think he’s one of our best players…
      Hope you are good Sue and how’s our girl Pat doing?

      1. I’m ok thank you, Gogo… how about you?
        She was on here on Sunday ? football aside, she seems to be doing well (good news!) And is her ususal bubbly self ?

  9. Emery is so defensively poor, how can you play two defenders with LUIZ and SOKRATIS? He should play three defenders at the back. Ainsley and Kolasinac play like attacking wingers

  10. Because it is early in the season Emery should go…..now. Get in Jose and we can still manage 4th. Stay with Unai Emery and we are Donald Ducked. The display in the second half was tactical suicide, self-harm, humiliating. How can a team be made to play exactly as they are not capable of playing? It is NOT the players. We know that. It is Emery. Please bring in Jose tomorrow and pay Emery off. Send Xhaka with him wherever he goes.

  11. Emery has nothing going for him.
    Arsenal have lost their identity under Emery, and are confused on how to play, and have not improved.

    We need to make a change; he will not bring us back to top 4.

    Bring in Nagelsmann from RB Lezpig!

  12. Unai has nothing to offer us,his player management is very poor, he is tactically deficient, he will not improve us but would rather take us into oblivion….. Max Allegri at this point would be a good option.

  13. I am running out of patience with Emery cause he loses or draws most games cause of his selection and formation.

    He is yet to master a formation to use which is being too slow in this fast pace era we are now.

    I still believe we will have at least a 20 game unbeaten run and he will realize his mistakes with time which might be enough to save us 4th position.

    If he had this line up for the Watford game we would have attacked well and won the game.


    Martinelli, Ceballos, Pepe.

    Xhaka, Torreira.

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Chambers, A.M-Niles.


    Subs – Ozil-Martinelli, Guendouzi-Xhaka, Willock-Pepe.

    1. S.J

      Sorry we would not have won. Emery is a tactical self-harmer. When Xhaka says they (Arsenal) were scared what chance have you got?

    2. As long as Xhaka is there, we will still struggle. I mean can’t you see that he is very static and immobile?

  14. Seeing us give away pionts undeservingly and repeatedly to weaker opponents is a shame. It cost us top 4 position last season. That was most of the times due to Emery’s failure to establish a starting line up,poor team selection, maintaining poor players in the team(take for example Mustafi). I will particularly never forget that 2:4 loss to Crystal Palace at the Emirates that was mainly due to poor team selection!!!!

    Unfortunately enough for him, he doesn’t seem to want to change. He shouldn’t allowed to see next year as Arsenal Head Coach.

    |Gunner Forever

  15. Emery is not good enough. So many fans look at his record – the same record that had them screaming for Wenger to be fired, and say he’s making progress. WTF? How is another season in the Europe League progress? Because he got rid of players that played for the other coach?

    Arsenal have let him bring in 12 players. That’s a full team.

    1. Nicholas Pepe
    2. Kieran Tierney
    3. William Saliba
    4. David Luiz
    5. Sokratis
    6. Torreira
    7. Leno
    8. Guendouzi
    9. Martinelli
    10. Ceballos
    11. Lichsteiner
    12. Suarez

    He brought in wingers, midfielders, defenders, a goal keeper, but no strikers, though he let two go – one for free and one on loan.

    He is responsible for bringing in players like Saliba and Tierney who are not available. With Arsenal’s defense in such dire need, why pay so much for players who cannot come in and play now? Especially after deciding to let Koscielny and Monreal go for next to nothing.

    Mustafi got to be the scapegoat, now, it’s Luiz and Sokratis. When you keep having the same issues with a host of different players, maybe the problem is not the players, but the coach and the tactical approach? Hmmmmm?

    And yet, the players playing well? Arsene Wenger’s players. Aubameyang scored, Ozil made the key pass, Niles made the assist. Kolasinac provided the other assist.

    The truth is, Emery caused that loss by putting replacing experienced players with kids. Willock and Nelson were bullied off the ball by the bigger, more physical Watford defenders. Ozil and Ceballos controlled the midfield, and they got subbed off. The one good substitution, Torreira for Guendouzi, was rendered useless because the rest of the midfield was made up of kids.

    Arsene Wenger would have, at least, admitted the error and accepted the blame. Emery says it was too hot? Seriously? Sokratis made a mistake, that was his fault and he owned it, but he was following orders; playing out from the back despite the high press. With Ozil and Ceballos, Arsenal broke the press easily, with Nelson and Willock, no.

    Unai Emery is not a top-flight manager. He flopped at PSG, proved he could not manage top talent, and now, he is more interested in blaming others and trying push Ozil out of the club than he is in winning matches. In Spain, with nothing expected, he was fine at being a second-tier manager, but he just cannot handle top players, does not recognize them when he has them, and so far, has not shown the ability to recruit them.

    1. Paul35mm

      I totally agree with you, Emery seem to be stubborn and never seem to learn from his mistakes. His tactical approach to every match is an experiment and i wonder how we will fair for the rest of the season. He has to drop socretis for chambers, i still feel Luiz is more solid and good at long ball passing.
      Lets hope Emery has not stopped Luiz from executing those long balls. I still feel Emery prefers starting play from behind, which is not working at Arsenal

  16. Emery seems to prefer style over substance and unfortunately we lack the defence to lock games down. Two nil up, remove the risk of playing out from the back,we are susceptible when dominating let alone being overrun in midfield.

  17. Is better to sack Emery now as far as he can’t manage the crop of players at his disposal. I wonder how he came about the idea of playing at the back knowing fully well that the defence is not good enough. Emery came to the EPL a season ago, he ought to have known the nitigritis of the EPL. How on earth can a good coach make substitutions he made against watfort? it means he can’t read the game uery well. Above all we knew Arsenal as an attacking team but sincerely speaking one can only count between 7 to10 matches that they played all out attack under EMery. 0fcourse to my opinion I prefer 0ffensive to defensive playing style of football. Beleave me or not the pIayers are lacking so many things from the coach which he can not provide. 0 I therefore call for the sack of Emery mostly now that the season is still young. Or else beleave me our darling club will finish the season out of the top six.

  18. if captain xhaka admitted openly that the team were afraid of watford, then, what did the manager do to get rid of those fears at half time. the answer is obvious. he did nothing at all, or in his case, nada.was there even a hairdryer in our dressing room on sunday ?.i am very sorry but unai emery could not motivate an under tens team on sunday morinngs down at the rec.come on board of directors, get moving on this one as soon as possible. otherwise, we are going to end up in the same position of 3 seasons ago.

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