Unai Emery is staying put – Arsenal fans have a choice to make

Board remains 100% behind Unai Emery and will ignore the noise from the fans.

If Arsenal fans thought that the loss to Leicester City last night would see the end of the manager then they are sorely mistaken.

David Ornstein, who is recognised as a very reliable person on inside information at Arsenal, has tweeted the following;

Now, Ornstein very rarely gets it wrong and his reputation precedes him, so we can assume what he has tweeted is probably very close to the truth.

This leaves a very unenviable choice for Arsenal fans to make.

Do they make a bad season worse by booing the manager? Do they ratchet up the pressure with Emery out banners and undermine the team?

There are more questions like that but I am sure you get the gist of what I am asking.

If the club are sticking to their guns no matter what then there is nothing to gain by campaigning for Emery to go. The board will not be changing their minds it seems.

It seems to me that we, as fans, have no choice but to accept the situation for what it is.

The fact that the board will reevaluate the situation at the end of the season tells you that they will fire the Spaniard if Arsenal fails to make top-four. That is my reading of it anyway.

So, it is now a waiting game. Once Emery fails then he is gone. If he does not then all good, means he has succeeded.

It may not be what the fans want to hear but this is it, this is what we have to live with. This season is now likely a busted flush. Fighting against that just makes the whole situation a lot worse.


  1. Bring in Mourinho and spend massively on the midfield or whoever is managing us is destined to fail. The reason we are so poor is down to our midfield. Xhaka is an actual improvement on the starting 3 in the last two games and he’s not good enough for a top 4 team. With Xhaka potentially leaving in January and Lucas Torriera being poor and looking like he also wants to go,we are down to 3 centre midfielders. Guendouzi is good enough now, willock has potential but not ready for a starting role and AMN is lost in his own head. We need to spend 150 million to make our midfield competent and without the backing we won’t be creative and leak goals for fun.

    1. Emery must go now. The board should have sacked him 3-4 weeks ago. They have to act now. However, Maurinho is not the answer. He must never be allowed to manage Arsenal. If the board go down that route it will set us back 3-4 years. With Maurinho as manager he will demand the board spend £300M on players, then when they only spend £150M he has his excuse to fail, which he will. Then when he’s failing as he has everywhere he’s gone, we will have to pay him out which is his management model. His management model is sign a 4 year contract. Work two years and get paid for four.

      Also, Maurinho’s style of football doesn’t suit Arsenal. His lack of class doesn’t suit Arsenal at all.

      Also, Arsenal will NEVER win a trophy as long as Xhaka is at the heart of our midfield.

      1. Even though your reasoning isn’t perfect, I’d still take you, Liam, as Arsenal manager over Maurinho. To tell you the truth, I’d take your dirty underwear as Arsenal manager over Maurinho, you can wash, bleach or burn your underwear, once you let Maurinho into your club you can never remove the stains he’ll create.

        You think the fanbase was divided on Arsene and split on Emery, you haven’t seen anything until you let the cancer that is Maurinho into your club. We’re better than that.

    2. No Mourinho. Too devisive. Next manager has to be someone the fans are fully behind. End of. I for one wouldn’t be able to watch arsenal with Mou at the helm. Sorry.

  2. We need to bring in Ndiddi or Thomas Partey from Athletico. We need that wall at the base of the midfield, they are so valuable in todays game.

    1. Chambers played like that at Fulham

      Unfortunately he might never get the same role at Arsenal, because we tend to use 4-2-3-1 instead of 4-3-3

    2. The Board need to be told that if we don’t make top 4, we will loose players like Aubemayang and Lacazette. We will spend a lot to rebuild. The best thing is to sack Emery. Bayern did the same.

      1. Bayern are foot ball club n run by ppl who treat it as such n care about results. We are business n run like it. Low investment n more profit thinking.

  3. JUST IN: Board vote on Emery tomorrow. There is a very high chance he is sacked. Current order of replacements: Enrique, Mourinho, Arteta, Ljungberg.

    Bringing you the news early as it comes. Emery’s tenure at Arsenal is finished and as I brought to you yesterday it’s only a matter of deciding the time. He is finished!

    1. Great news kev

      It will be fun to watch another Spanish tinkerman like Enrique to scramble our formations and line-up

      I just hope Enrique can bring his Barcelona experience to Arsenal. But not his golden boy, Andre Gomes

    2. To add,it will cost £10-£15m to get rid of Emery and his staff. Arsenal want to avoid incurring that cost plus there is a belief we can make UCL.

      1. He is not getting fired. We have to pay off 10-15 million to get rid of him not happening mate. We were reluctant to pay such amount for a player (Tierney) although we knew he was young n will last for years but to throw that away with no return on the amount at all ….Stan will not have that.

        1. In all fairness the idiots that gave Wenger a new contract then cancelled it 5 months later costed Kroenke £17M. I bet he wasn’t too happy about it. You might be right.

      2. Top 4 should not be the target. Winning the league and going far in Champions League should be the target. We have lowered our ambitions over the years. We need a top manager and very good midfielders. Our attack is very potent enough to get goals. But the midfield is not good enough. Guendouzi should be a sub at most. Get in Thomas Partey and Rakitic in January. Then we can play a 433 formation continuously with 6 good midfielders. Imagine a midfield 3 of Thomas Partey, Rakitic and Torrera. Add Ceballos, Ozil, Willock, Chambers and Guendouzi as subs.A good midfield and attack limits the pressure on the defence. We have to be bold. The issue is with the midfield and the manager. Invest in a new manager and buy those two players in January. Then we have a team that can win the league.

        1. I agree with replacing the manager. I agree with improving the midfield. However, we will not win the league with only changing those two areas. To win the league it is absolutely essential to have a fortress at the back. No team has won the league without a colossal centre back pairing. Think Sol Campbell/Kolo Toure. Think Tony Adams/Martin Keown. Think Rio Ferdinand/Nemanja Vidic. Think Wes Morgan/Robert Huth. Think John Terry/Gary Cahill. Think Steve Bruce/Gary Pallister.

          You can see how Man City are missing Vincent Kompany.

          You can see how Virgil Van Dyke has transformed Liverpool.

          Until we invest serious money in two colossal centre backs we will not be contenders.

          Saliba and Opamecano might fit the bill.

          One thing is for sure, Saliba alone will not be enough.

    3. If your right then it happens now due to the international break to give a new man the time to assess the squad for January transfer window. I don’t however think you know anymore than the rest of us as to his departure or replacement candidates as that has all been on news feeds around the world already as speculation. Plus not exactly inspired choices being mentioned

      1. What I’m saying Emery is finished at Arsenal but hasn’t been sacked because of the cost it brings to Arsenal. We are looking at replacements early but it doesn’t mean we are sacking him now or after the international break.
        News making rounds is that he will be given up to December to get us back into the top 4. If things become untenable then he will surely be sacked before December but as things stand currently he isn’t going anywhere just yet

        1. Up to December, Kev it’s the 10th of November now with a two week international break coming up. Where do you your information from? Are you for real. LOL

      1. As I have stated on several occasions I get my news from ITK’s on Twitter. At times they’re right and other times wrong but when they are right they are usually ahead of media. They aren’t 100% but from what I’ve seen they have a good record.
        Had it not been due to cost we will hear if we sack Emery at the moment he would be gone by now. He won’t be here next season so he is more or less finished

        1. so frustrating that the hierarchy is willing to drift further from UCL spot rather than just get it over with and sack emery. Surely missing out on UCL costs more than sacking Emery so I don’t get their logic.

  4. If Emery keeps losing, the board will definitely fire him

    So it’s not up to us, but it’s up to the players

  5. Yeah to be fair, ornstein is now used by arsenal to transmit info they want transmitted. He’s basically become the Arse propaganda. Ornstein will only tell you what the board don’t mind you knowing…

    1. It is the cost of sacking Unai Emery that keeps him here rather than we believing in him. Ornstein is right and wrong on the issue. The truth itself isnt being communicated

  6. I had just watched the highlights of the game. Vardy was left isolated and had time and space to shoot and score. Same with Maddison.
    When the gunners get to the box, they are blocked. Why can’t Emery do likewise.
    As for the 100% backing , if he can’t beat the saints that’s it.
    Beware such teams are well organised similar to Wolves and Su.
    Arsenal always find it hard to win
    with against teams.

    1. Hahaha…he does know jack. We did spend in same region as he quoted. Don’t be fooled by price tags my friend look at the net transfer window spend.

  7. without top 4 this year, we can kiss bye bye to our two world class strikers. If it’s true Unai has the backing of the board then we are phucked. How much damages can the man do before they open their eyes? We have no identity, lacking in shape, players confidence down, Emirates don’t feel home anymore. I thought josh was smarter than Mr. No Show but I guess not. Like Father like Son.

  8. As I have been saying since a month ago he should have been sacked after Europa league final.
    He absolutely choked the league last seven games were easy pickings and he threw it away with ridiculous team selection and tactics.
    Furthermore after a year in the league instead of stamping his authority on our playing style he has absolutely lost the plot. Wrong team selections, wrong tactics, overly defensive and reactive. He is a midtable manager with small time mentality, not suitable for Arsenal.

    He doesn’t respect his own players qualities. He has alienated most of the players now. He has done it to Rambo for no reason, to Ozil, to Lacazette, to Tierney, he has cost Xhaka his place by making him captain.

    It’s just one stupid decesion after the next. He is totally out of his depth.

    We are not progressing in anwya whatsoever. This is the worst we have ever been in my entire lifetime of supportive Ng Arsenal, that’s since 1987 when I was 9. This is not progression, he is slowly destroying our identity and stripping the confidence of the players one by one.

    He has never started PAL with Ozil in behind because he is constantly negative.

    It’s clear he has to go.

    Kev please keep the info coming bro, I know you post good info. It’s impossible to get it absolutely right all the time but I find there is some authenticity to what you post.

    Other people who want to behave as if ppl can’t have inside sources should just keep their negative comments to themselves.

    1. You just seat the truth. A very good description of our team. He should have been sacked after the Europa League final. He is not good enough.The truth is bitter. He should be sacked ASAP.

  9. If the respected Orstein is right then this season is already written off and it is now a useless and pointless waiting game until Emery is sacked in May. We have zero hope of top four, and IMO less than 30% hope of top six either. We fans are being betrayed by the intransigent club, IF Onstein is right. I STRONGLY URGE AN EMERY OUT CAMPAIGN, as I remind us all that WE own the club, NOT Sanllehi and co who are only custodians. THIS BUSTED MANAGER IS USELESS AND HIM STAYING WOULD ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE. SURELY WE ALL KNOW THAT?

    1. Jon I have a slight glimmer of hope, because Josh seems more involved now, not Stan.

      Fans irate over lack of transfers early in window, soon letter is written. Josh responds with letter to fans.

      Most fans were rightly skeptical, but slowly deals got done in positions we needed. Josh seemed to listen to the fans, and was true to the words he wrote.

      That is my hope; Josh knows fans are done with Emery, and suspects he’s lost players. He saw that at Wolves match. Maybe he told Raul and Edu to watch Leicester match to verify his hunch.

      What do you think of that scenario Jon? How likely is it management are reviewing Emery now?

      1. Hi Durand, I am afraid my friend that is not the case. All our summer business was around the same 40_50 million mark. They just fooled us fans by flashing the price tag of Pepe which is not what we paid in one transfer window it will drag on for 4-5 years. They are shrewd business men by looking at their attendance n interest so far in this club it’s clear not football fan either. So if I was you I would lower my expectations bec Josh is his father’s son …

        1. Moshan I’m basing my opinion of Josh on multiple acts of running clubs, not only Arsenal.

          Denver nuggets for example

      2. Durand, I am certain they are close to sacking him BUT they may well let him continue on for a while as no one else of proven pedigree would take the job without significant funds to spend. That rules out Allegri. Mourinho is not on the horizon, they would not be so crazy.I hope they let Freddie take over but I listen to Ornstein as he is usually right. Agree in general about Josh but I need more convincing that he has the club truly at heart. It is certain that his father does not have it at heart though. I pray Emery is sacked this week though. I’d say chances are 50/50 this week but out by January for certain. Our campaign to remove him needs stepping up to put them under more pressure to act.

    2. Agree. Dont know what they are waiting for either. Emery is finished and it’s not going to get better. Just end this misery. The football is just terrible and we can barely muster a shot on target. Who is letting him stay here??!?!?! Give Freddie a chance at least instead of letting this irredeemable nonsense continue. Time to clear the stadium again because it’s the only way these clowns listen to fans.

  10. Start campaign “Empty Emirate” and leave the stadium empty on home games to show the board the power of fans. That is the only way to get rid of this stubborn clueless muppet before he turns our performing players also headless. He struggled a lot with his tactics to turn a record signing hero into a zero. What happened to ceballos Torriera Willock AMN under the guidance of this monkey in 3 months with his monkey tactics? Imagine what is going to happen in next 9 months.

  11. I personally feel there is no need to over flog this issue.The entire fan base or probably 90% have lost faith in This fraud of a manager. The man seems clueless and I see no reason why He should be given more time. Let’s pay the man off and get us another manager probably Enrique to come salvage the situation before we begin to battle relegation. Our club is fast becoming average which in itself is a slap in the face.
    Oh our great club….. We need a saviour NOW more than ever

    1. The fans need to reel in the negative language. Calling the manager a “fraud” or a “muppet” is uncalled for.
      Emery may have made mistakes but this team lacks quality in key areas. Until these are fixed Arsenal will struggle to get into the top 4 no matter who the manager is.

  12. They can not fire him end of season, his 2 years contract will expire lol!. How deluded some fans are here when it comes to our owner they think owner has done enough for the club where it’s for everyone to see we are sliding downhill for some time because when it comes to Arsenal all decisions are money based. They won’t sack him because they will have to pay the termination fee and then pay for new manager as well. I have said this before they way we conducted our self in transfer window was a smoke screen for fans …some fans just got happy that club are spending money ignoring the fact we are paying in 4-5 years installments. Everyone here said now a days majority of players are bought in installments that is not true. There are add ons that mostly club pay later which are based on various circumstances but the base fee is payed by most club upfront that is why we did not go for zaha..crystal palace wanted base payment upfront. Maximum we shelled out this season was for Tierney shows how the board n owner are just playing with us fans.

    1. What are you spouting lol? Not ‘everyone’ on here said that stop talking like you know more than everyone on here… and what do you care if they bought players in installments what difference does that make? What the player will be better if you buy him outright lol? We finally had a good transfer window and your still not happy, apart from sacking the manager what else can the owner do exactly? We are sliding because of Emery not the owners.

      1. Don’t you think buying Zaha was a better transfer …proven EPL player as compared to Pepe but no he Pepe was easy to purchase because of long term installments. We are sliding down bec of owners who appointed UE n are sticking with that decision. Did we fix the CB issue? Did we buy a proper CM? How was this window a success for long time? You are just happy with the Pepe price tag my friend. It does matter if you buy player out right or in installments …can you buy Messi or Ronaldo on installments? Good players don’t come cheap on years of no interest installments. If the club knows the potential n quality of their player why would you sell him off for a deal that will see your make money in spam if 5-6 years. Thats why buying Tierney was harder then Pepe.

        1. Proven epl?? Hes been a good player for a few years but his goal and assist ratio are not worth 80 mill at all, never scored more than 10 goals in a season and he flopped on the big stage at United and is two years older than pepe, one could argue you just wanted zaha because of the price tag which was a RIP off, and they are sticking with Emery for now were only 12 games in still a long way to go and while I want him out its understandable why they are still waiting to pull the trigger which could happen any day now no one knows yourself included “good players dont come cheap” so you name the two best players on the planet to justify this? Plus we are still paying the full amount lol how do you not get that… and our cm issue wouldn’t be anywhere near as big an issue if emery played the right midfielders in the right position! Torreira was a beast last season when he got a good run in his natural position, not the boards fault emery decided to tinker with things, we have a very good squad but he doesn’t utilize them properly, again not the boards fault.

  13. I swear Raul and Edu are complete jokers if they watched yesterday’s nonsense and ran back to feed the board that “we are making progress”. No better than Gazidis!

  14. A fundamental problem at Arsenal is Kroenke’s ownership. The only thing which he cares about is share price/valuation. That would plummet if Arsenal fans boycotted games and did not buy any merchandise. It is the ONLY power fans have. W all know that fans won’t actually do that. It is practically impossible to unite and organise a concerted response from any fragmented demographic in any walk of live. I despair at our current (and recent) situation.

    1. That’s true but clubs in England are not like in Spain they are not owned by fans. We as fans can do nothing look at Newcastle lol!. We are new Newcastle if I may say. Our season ticket holders have been ticket holders for generations so they won’t let go of their season tickets even if they do you have 70000 waiting on que to pounce. So even if they stop going to Emirates they have already paid for the seat, most of the fans will still buy expensive club merchandise they moan every years but as soon as club shop opens up they rush to buy stuff for themselves n the family. So we fans have no impact what so ever on the club financially hence no impact at all …you can boo as much as you want that won’t reach America. Only way I can see them reacting is if they really think not making into champions League is a big loss finencially..I think at the moment they are balancing it out with very little investment year in year out so they don’t seem to think it makes a big difference.

        1. That is true QD but most sponsorship deals are spanned over 2-3 years atleast so no immediate hit, I don’t think there is any clause in the deals with sponsors which is attendece based. Plus with a big brand like arsenal it is normally the sponsors competition to tie us for a deal then other way around where we go out n look for sponsor. Remember when it comes to big compines sponsorship works in completely opposite way to small companies.

  15. That statement is almost like a stick bashing a wasps nest with us the fans being the angry wasps!
    Ornstein isn’t the type to try and provoke us poor arsenal fans with false rumours like some of the low end rags do, (the sun etc.)however this factual statement is provocative in its nature just the fact that the board will ignore us completly whatever noise is made.
    I just think taking the fans out of it and looking at the numbers I’m not sure how much it would cost us to ditch enery now but if we do and bring in the right coach now and allow a few signings during January then there is a slim chance of us making top 4.
    Is it 50m for top cl? Si got to be worth it no? I’d just give it to lundberg until the end of season and see how he gets on. I still think a massive part of our regression this year is due to these events Kos refusing to travel to America, cech Ramsey and welbeck leaving, ozil/xhaka poorly handled situations and mostly the language clarity or unclarity due to Emery dropping the translator that he had last year.

  16. Best advice Emery out straight away and bring Raphael Benitez will make us look much better and have a chance to finish top 4

  17. No problem if the board is sticking with Emery. I hope they are ready for empty stadium and match boycott, as well as players exodus, because I really don’t see the direction this Emery is taking the team.

  18. I agree the financial side is probably playing a big part in the decision on whether to sack Emery or not. But it is not limited to the fee to a new manager, while we are also paying for Emery’s remaining months.
    There is also the revenue side, and the board will be looking at whether there is a much bigger chance of qualifying for CL this year with a new manager. This is the decision, they have to make. Because if the answer is yes it will mean much more revenue, than the loss on Emery’s contract.

  19. It is not only Emery’s fault that those over paid babies cannot kick ball around pretty well.They all are paid millions for a reason..Hell I work my butt out for Peanuts and I still don’t get close to what these guys make.. We need to tell ourselves the truth Emery is not the only one to be blamed here..

    1. Agreed. It’s probably easier to for fans to focus on certain individuals (e.g the manager) given that there are so many problems. Arsenal have had an unbalanced squad for many years. Wenger did a great job of getting the team into top 4 for many years but there were problems even then which have yet to be addressed.
      The idea that some Uber manager will come in and sort things out is, I think, fanciful. To address this team’s issues will require a pretty large transfer budget or a very clever transfer plan.
      People are failing to realise that many of Arsenal rivals are, in relative and probably absolute terms, much stronger than before. Even teams coming from the championship are much better prepared than ever.
      How well have Arsenal progressed? How many of the current squad would get into Arsenal’s teams of 10-15 years ago?

  20. He isn’t ypure right but unfortunately the players will always do this whether its intentional or just by chance through poor management tactics and communication.
    Someone said last night that the manager is the off field captain who inspires, motivates and leads in every way. Problem with ours is hes an unconvincing leader, that seems to make weak decisions and no many players can understand what he wants clearly. Its interesting that bellerin has remained stable amongst this, I wonder if he speaks to Emery in their native language from time to time.

    Ot Giroud available for £5m I read today. Plan b when we are getting bullied cant get up the pitch and are lost playing out from the back = Giroud. I think weve missed the big man though hed never come back to sit on the bench.

  21. I get the huge frustration felt by most supporters but doubt that all will be OK if we change the manager. We went through a similar situation only 18 months ago and we are now in a worse situation. In hindsight we made the wrong choice as he has done nothing to address the obvious problem of our defence or the lack of one.

    This season is probably a busted flush already so perhaps we should spend the rest of the season looking for a long term replacement to rebuild the team. There was a time when we were feared by teams but no longer and this team needs to take some of the blame. No leadership, no desire and no fight when going a goal down. It can’t all be down to UE’s sometimes bizzare tactics. A change of direction is sorely needed but imo it will not happen before the end of the season. Either way it’s going to be a long haul for us to get back to where we were more than a decade ago.

  22. Rally round Admin? I don’t think so. The team and management do not deserve to be rallied-around. They suck. The effort isn’t there, the connections aren’t there, and they do not get better. These guys should be good enough to lead their passes, to not constantly turn the ball over, to mark their men and to not fall asleep at random times during their 90 minute work week.

    They are not even going to qualify for Europa League this year unless they get a miracle and win it (don’t hold much hope on that). Man U is now one point behind, Wolves two. If Management sticks to their guns we are toast, maybe we are already toast – there was a bump when Emery arrived but we have now fallen into a gapping hole.

    The ongoing debate here about what was better – Wenger’s final years vs. Emery’s current reign – says it all. Both have been poor and not up to standard.

    My son and I have been having the debate as to whether the problem is Emery, or if this group is fundamentally flawed, that we just aren’t good enough, that it is more than a key piece, it is an overhaul required. I have been hoping that the issue is Emery and a change will make things work – that enough pieces are in place to make a run. After watching yesterday’s latest dud I am starting to come around to his view.

    And lightning may strike me, but maybe Granit is required in the midfield to stabalize – they were awful yesterday – hey, I fully admit that I am desperate.

    Management’s view, if true, means that they are turtling – maybe there isn’t anyone to get right now, maybe Mourinho is such a bad choice that he has to be ruled out (and I can understand that sentiment). If he is the only option, I’d take him.

    On the Emery front, the man is mentally-deficient if he believes that we get any advantage from playing out from the back. We are awful and it makes me cringe. He had a reasonable set up yesterday and we sucked, we were nowhere near close enough. Team has lost interest. I have heard rumours that younger players are making fun of Emery and that the room has been completely lost (that is bulletin board info so take with huge boulders of salt). It sure looks that way.

    I keep cheering and hoping but it is more with resignation than enthusiasm. The team operates as if nobody has a clue.

    1. Good post Stuart. Its not just as simple as change the manager that is becoming more obvious as games go on. The recruitment on the face of it looks good but look deeper and there is a disconnection. Players individually are ok and in some cases brilliant but together they arent a team. We can blame Emery coaching and i understand that but if these players and that is what it comes down to, dont compliment each other then thats also down to recruitment. Recruitment as i said hasn’t look bad, it just probably hasn’t been effective. We have for years needed a commanding center back, like big Tone, we have for years needed a midfield destroyer like Vieira or at least in the same moulds. Until we get those types in we will not move on. We have some very talented players but even talented players need minders. I dont think we are rotten to the core, i just think we need specific types of players now and until we get them we wont get the best out of our crop. I dont think it is all a coaching problem or a recruitment problem, i think it is a matter of balance and if we don’t have the right players we dont have the right balance. If we had the right players, then it would be a coaching problem.

  23. The problem is that the teams deficiences haven’t been addressed not only in Emerys tenure but the last few years of Wengers. We needed a tall experienced commanding centre half so instead of spending big on one player like Van Dyck we went out and brought in 3 or 4 mediocre players. We needed a beast of a player in midfield so instead of getting in someone like Viera we bring in small lightweight players instead. Until these problems are addressed it doesn’t matter who the manager is we will struggle.

    1. Marty, wenger for whatever reason tried to change his own philosophy and go with less physical players. It didn’t really work. This new regime seem to think similar, the recruitment on the face of it has been excellent but whether they fit or whether they work as a team is probably debatable. We haven’t an identity we lost it with Wenger and we haven’t got it back with Emery. Is that because of recruitment or is it because of coaching, i dont know, im not that clever. Under Wenger the stock value of the team was falling, it is now rising, not my opinion, its from the people who do this sort of thing. We have recruited some real talent and brought some through but we have failed to address with recruitment, the type of players we have been crying out for for years and we still are doing. We have a set of players, we have a squad but we are lacking in vital ingredients and thats obvious and still the case. I’ve said it before, we can replace this coach but the new one who comes in will encounter the same problems.

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