Unai Emery is the victim of one result syndrome

One bad result and Unai Emery is on thin ice

Two weeks or so most Arsenal fans had a spring in their step. Arsenal sat third, just one point behind Man City and confidence was high. Roll the clock forward two weeks and the calls for Emery to be sacked are growing significantly.

It is not just Arsenal fans that are so fickle, it is all football fans and I call it the one result syndrome.

One good result and Arsenal are title challengers, top-four is nailed on. One bad result and Emery must go, was better under Wenger, no chance of top-four.

If you think I am exaggerating just check out the comments on this site. Do a search on say Bournemouth and then check the articles written after the win. Then compare with the comments after the Sheff Utd match.

You can search Twitter, Google, Facebook and so on and you will see the difference in the fans’ reactions.

If Arsenal had scarped a lucky win against the Blades no one would have cared and Emery would have been applauded. Alas, it was a loss and the anger and fury was there for all to see.

As things stand today Arsenal are fifth, they are above Tottenham and Man Utd, the bookies make them one of the top-four favourites, they are sweeping through the Europa League. It is not as bad as some are making out.

Put it this way, if Arsenal beat Liverpool in the Carabao Cup I guarantee you that the response will be hugely positive and the calls for Emery to be sacked will subside massively. That is a non Premier Leaague game but it will not prevent ecstasy from the fans.

Emery has made some baffling decisions. He has a lot of questions to answer but it really will not be too difficult for the Spaniard to turn things around. He needs just one good result.


    1. Well ofc you was going to agree with this article ,you need to get your head out of Emery arse mate ,Emery’s ruining this club and fans supporting him are no better .

    2. It’s not about one game results. It’s about the general performance. We have no Identity. We just play to mark the calendar. It’s just not working. Auba bills us out.We haven’t worn anything convincingly nore played a single convincing match

  1. I cannot agree with this premise at all, yes some fans flip flop like you say but most knowledgable fans have realised that Emery is not up to the job. I was at the Bournemouth game and it was a relief we won and we were lucky to win. People around me at the final whistle we’re still calling for his head. I watched the Sheffield game and we were atrocious and even if we had nicked a point or even won we were still awful. Yes we will likely win Thursday but not with the players or tactics from Sunday. If we manage to beat Liverpool, again it won’t be with the League team that Emery regularly picks. The man is a mystery.
    Thursday Holding, Bellerin, Tierney, Lacazette and Martinez will play and the team will play with pace and vigour and there won’t be any playing out from the back suicidal stuff, unless it’s safe to do so and we will win but for me even if we make top four, which I doubt, it’s still Emery out for me and a lot of others. The turgid football we play in the league because of how scared Emery is, is not acceptable and results will not justify it.

    1. Great comment and spot on, GB, by now it should be clear to everybody that Emery does not know what he is doing. On top of this, he is also not capqble of the hairdryer treatment, which in ANY team is occasionally necessary.

  2. I read a lot of fans calling for Ozil to play. You should all leave the guy alone. Ozil isn’t the fix to Emery’s problem ozil will only get more blame. Please leave ozil so he can rest and enjoy our money until a new manager is employed.

  3. I’m still (rightly or wrongly) behind the manager for now, I am more worried than I was as I wholeheartedly believed he was just waiting for a more stable backline, but just because he didn’t change it up at the first opportunity doesn’t mean he won’t do so.

    Can’t really blame those who have lost any faith they did have though, the league performances haven’t been pretty at all and the only way I could justify the performances was because of the injury list 🤷‍♂️

    We all know Emery can put out a stronger squad than he has so far, which will have us perform better than we have – the question that’s now entered my mind is will he?
    Personally too early for me to form a definite opinion on that as it’s only been the one match with all fit but doubt has certainly entered the equation. Hopefully big changes are made against Palace this weekend.

    1. Madhatter… Do you remember when arsene used xhaka as our dm?, We had all sort of problem,he wasnt suited 4 that, then Emery came and bought torreira,they some how clicked together and that is main reason we even came up to 5th last season,been torreira’s first season and how hard d epl is and harsh weather, he lost form and that is the main reason that we are not playing champions league now,bcos we don’t have a DM like him, my question is how a mentally balanced coach would leave what served him right, when he even want to play him, he will play him up high like he did wilnock, and leave xhaka as dm,if this man can be a coach, then I can and I’m serious about that, he is a moron.

      1. Xhaka is actually better as that deeper man in a defensive set up though imo – he is far better at aerial duels and clearances than any of the other midfielders (Guendouzi is catching up a bit though) and his long range passing skills are a strength. He works well with Torreira because Torreira is more of that ball winning DM as shown by his tackles, interceptions etc and the pair compliment each other in the double pivot with each being capable of going forward or sitting deeper as situation demands. The problem is that Emery is trying to utilise him as a deep lying playmaker as the deepest of the three and he doesn’t have the mobility to protect the backline alone.
        Meanwhile I feel Torreira has been pushed further up the pitch (when he has played) because not only has VAR seen all tough tacklers like him move up away from the penalty area, but also because Emery is hoping he can win back possession further up the pitch to once again compensate for how deep the team is sitting and try and close the gap to our forwards.
        Obviously this is just my opinion and others will no doubt disagree.

    2. MH – The question that’s now entered your mind is a valid one. I think that many of us are fearing that Emery will play the (at least to us) better players in the Europa and then go back to his usual dross selections against Palace. He just has the whole thing completely backwards.

      1. I think the better players started in UEL because of returning from injuries and now it seems as though Emery is waiting for the PL starters to do something wrong before he replaces them – if so that’s just wrong imo.

        It was still just his first true opportunity to play his strongest team though so not completely beyond hope that change is coming – I’m just confused why he didn’t do so at earliest opportunity, unless it was because he didn’t want to change it up in an away fixture first time 🤷‍♂️ (which even if it was the case is still a p*ss poor excuse)

        1. and what constitutes “something is wrong” – seems that box has been checked in spades 🙂

    3. Mad hatter, you know I hate when people see what is wrong and they try to make it all good by giving funny unprofessional excuses. Please take time to google sky sports (‘what is wrong with Arsenal’) it’s trending right now and you will at least read opinions from other people that are not here. And this goes to Adimin too. You guys should try and be very honest and leave mediocrity and half full explanation of what Arsenal has become under Emery. One result syndrome my foot!!!!

      1. Well Pat the funny thing is I’m not trying to make any excuses (unprofessional or otherwise) 🤷‍♂️

        Injuries screwing up our backline and forcing us to be extra defensive is not an excuse, it’s an opinion based on the facts that 3 (according to popular belief) starting defenders have been out injured and that is bound to have an impact on performance and its not beyond belief to think maybe the coach adapted to compensate.

        The rest of what I’ve said is not excuses – it’s me wondering what the hell is stopping Emery from making the changes I was expecting to put things right, now that he is able to.
        I still think he can change it up and get us playing decent football again but I have already admitted that now I’m beginning to wonder if you and others might not be right 🤷‍♂️

        1. Oh and my opinion (excuse if you prefer) for the missing creativity – that’s down to two players being absent – one is Laca who has been injured. His tendency to drop deep, his hold up play and quick passing with Auba has been missed.

          The other is actually Ozil (shocking that lol) but I agree with him missing out so far. In my personal opinion Ozil is not consistent enough anymore nor does he offer much defensively – this doesn’t make him useless, however in my opinion with the backline as it has been those weaknesses I see in his game are going to be magnified by the unbalanced set up we have been playing. With a more stable backline and the midfield set up to compliment him and lower the need for his defensive input – it changes things dramatically. Then he is free to roam and create his moments of magic without hindering the team at the same time.

          1. Mad hatter our problem is not just creativity but we also have major problems with defensive midfielders. We concede too many chances to the opponents, it’s impossible for some of these chances not to hit the net. Defence cannot hold on too many chances. Emery does not have a strong point as far as am concerned. Defence is bad, defensive midfield. Transition (creativity), we are also too easy to defend against. Player management is a massive problem for him, we lack identity, common list is just endless.

          2. I don’t disagree Pat – I just believe it’s come about from him trying to compensate for just how weak the backline has been.

            Im not saying he gets the choices right, but to my mind at least there has been at least some sort of a plan visible (not necessarily a good one),and as far as a contingency plan goes it hasn’t done badly imo. Where it falls apart is Sheff – no possible reason or excuse for not changing to a stronger line up 🤷‍♂️
            I expected us to come out like we do in the UEL, where there is much to be excited about, and I don’t know why we didn’t since everyone is fit and putting in the effort.

            Whether or not he was just stupidly cautious in not making the changes I expected or if he is as clueless as you and others believe still remains to be seen for me personally.

            I don’t blame you for having lost hope, he had the opportunity to prove you wrong and chose not to – I will however remain slightly optimistic for a little while longer (he’s not going anywhere just yet anyway), after all don’t we all just want our club doing well again?

    4. But MadHatter, in his interview Emery said Tierney was fit but he couldn’t drop Kolasinac as he had not done anything wrong!
      By the way, great post GB.

      1. I know – I don’t understand it, don’t agree with it and certainly don’t defend it 🤷‍♂️

        I can only hope he changes his mind, and quickly.

  4. Emery clearly lacks pattern or hes confused. Whats with Willock and Saka when you know Sheffield player rough and tough. Why is he finding it difficult to play Tierney when very one sees hes better than the bosniian. Matches like sheffield are the matches we should be taken points. Chelsea is doing with the likes of Abraham and Tomori. This is our chance for top 4 with man u and and tottenham not in form. If we dont make it now then emery failed. The better he is sacked the better

  5. It is more than that. They have generally not been convincing this season, especially in the league. The team setup does not make sense and the manager seems unable to learn from pretty clear lessons – witness playing out of the back – Arsenal sucks at playing out from the back, they just can’t do it – crappy teams jump all over us and make it messy, good teams kill us. We all know the definition of insanity – repeating the same mistakes over and over.

    The quality of players’ play does not warrant their ongoing selection – he seems to be making ego-driven choices or playing his gut with selection despite the results seen on the field. IT is fine to factor practice rate into game time, but the only factor that really counts is how somebody plays in the game.

    IMO – this is why Ozil needs a couple of games in a row – he did play pretty well in his two appearances. We need creativity desperately so test him out, if he sucks after two or three games, banish him again. Emery’s view, apparently, is that the practice effort isn’t there. Well Granit must be the greatest practice player in history, but he kind of sucks in games. To quote Al Davis (former coach and GM of the Oakland Raiders in NFL – “Just Win Baby”).

    Arsenal was lucky to be sitting in third, we easily could be in 10th or 12th based on how we have actually played in the league. Auba is the only reason we are in fifth. We give up way to many chances. There was a funny story somewhere about Leno’s worrying lack of clean sheets – maybe the problem is Arsenal’s worrying tendency to give up 5,000 shots a game.

    Martin, I get the bandwagon attitude and constant gnashing of teeth in Arsenal fans – we are bipolar (and no disrespect to anyone who actually is bipolar) in the extreme. But an honest assessment of where we are is not pretty and I am not optimistic for our chances with Emery.

    I will be more than happy to eat my words and wear an “Emery is a god” shirt if we get to top four and to champions league, but I am sadly confident that I don’t need to get the shirt made!

    The young players play great in the cups and Euro, because that is where they are in their development – that does not automatically translate to the league – and it is the league that counts.

    If Arsenal beats Liverpool in the cup it will be because Liverpool rests a bunch of people and we don’t.

    Can you seriously tell me right now that you don’t get scared as soon as any opposition gets within 35 yards of goal – at any time something will happen and a great chance will emerge – the players don’t know how to play defense for 90 minutes, one or more (often several at once) seem to shut down – I think we have now given up 22 goals off set pieces (yeah, we are number one!).

    By the same token, can you honestly tell me that you get excited when we lumber into the offensive zone with a set up defense waiting? Of course not because Arsenal is like a wave dying on a beach against a set defense – pass sideways, backwards and then somebody will make a really bad cross or a great cross with nobody in the middle. Right now we are good on the counter and that is it and the team is not set up to be a counter-first offense.

    I was gutted to not see Holding, Bellerin and Tierney in the line-up on Monday. To not have a creative midfielder on the pitch to start was insane, his set-up was to play for a tie against Sheffield United???? You can’t call that inspired.

    Anyway, I feel better after my rant so thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your observations. I think they’re spot on. I haven’t watched any game (I repeat ANY GAME!), so far this season that’s been inspiring or shown any form of upward progresion. The blame should be squarely on coaching.

      1. I have watched them all and keep saying “that is it”, but then I turn in for the next one…

        1. Haha me too and when I go to the Emirates and if we’ve played terribly, I say that’s it I’m not going again this season… until the tickets come out for the next free weekend I have!! 🤣

  6. I am not judging this manager on one result. I have given him one season to adjust and, since the beginning of the season, have had my doubts about his abilities and am now convinced he is not the man to take us to new highs.

    It is naive to ignore the trend. Haven’t we learned from the last of years of Wenger that we can not afford to leave a manager in charge for too long?

    Never mind the one of results, should we not expect an upward trend and clear signs of improvements now that he is well into his second season?

    1. Sorry I still maintain there is improvement – last season v wengers last season saw us finish 1 place higher, with 7 extra points and higher win %, a European final and scalped more points from our direct ‘Big 6’rivals than Wenger had managed since the 13/14 season. Add in the added fight the team has and there have clearly been some improvements, which in itself is pretty amazing considering how much changed at the club.

      This season the defence has been in a worse state than last season (Koscielny and Monreal were the only stability the backline had) and, until Sheff, still had only lost the one match we expected to lose. Sheff was brutal because we should have won it and Emery had the freedom to put out any squad he wanted to for the first time and he gave us the same crap. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s beyond him though and that’s probably how the board sees things too 🤷‍♂️

  7. I don’t agree. Performances this season have been poor and our position in the table is down to United, Spurs and Chelsea having issues of their own.

    The key problem areas are there has been little improvement in our defence. Our midfield looks bereft of creativity and our strikers are starved of service.

    With no disrespect to the following clubs we’ve looked very poor against Sheffield United, Bournemouth and Watford. We also couldn’t beat a very average Spurs side and a United side that is the worst in 30+ years.

    If you’re going to leave out our most creative player, delay playing Bellerin/Tierney then do it because there’s a clear plan… does anyone believe Emery has one?

    I didn’t change my mind on Emery after Sheffield United, I changed after we clung on to a 1-0 win against Bournemouth. Other than Luiz’s goal we didn’t have another meaningful attempt on goal… at home.

  8. One result syndrome!!!!
    Cmon Martin ,countless posters including myself have been posting this same stuff since last season .

    1. Sorry Dan kit, did you just say one result syndrome!!,how can a coach leave what served him well, why is this man leaving all our best players out?, is he on a mission to ruin us?,I still tell people that xhaka is not a bad player,but this happened when Wenger is in charge,he can’t play dm,when he played with torreira we pick up a run..sorry this coach is so insane I can’t do this anymore,he always want to adapt to teams,you force your style to them,but he doesn’t have one,this is so insane.

  9. One result ?
    It’s not just about results it’s about the way we play
    Since the last 10 games of last season we’ve been 💩 and what IS the managers fault is his continuing support of players like Xhaka, Sok and Kola
    Yet his dislike for ozil

  10. Just wondering if these results were coming under say Mr Wenger and players are treated the Emery way what would this admin say? Biased!

  11. The signs have been there for too long for everyone to see this guy is not good enough for arsenal we need a manager who can get the best out of our best players but with this guy they play as if they ate average when we clearly know they are world class at their best

  12. Emery needs to fix up very quickly because this clown show will not be tolerated any longer.
    I am one of the people that always gives any player / manager the benefits of a doubt. I always give new players 2 seasons:
    First season is a write off / honeymoon period for them.

    Second season is the real season i start expecting proper performances.

    Emery is in that second season and he does not seem to have progressed our team whatsoever. We still look like proper zombies like the last 7 seasons of wengers era.

    No defined style of play. Disjointed team. Playing his favourite players even if they are underperforming and don’t deserve to be starters in the team.

    Making excuses post match “I think we were unlucky to lose as we were the best team blah blah”.

    Emery has to fix up as quickly as possible and if things don’t improve by January then he has got to be sacked.

    Cant be having another drawn out Wenger like saga.

    We have been ruthless with moving on deadwood players and also freezing out the remaining deadwood players. Now the manager should be looking at the same fate if his performances and results are a joke like they have been since the end of last season.

    Sort yourself out or get cut loose.


    1. I agree with all your points. He has surprisingly disappoined me, as I took due note of his pedigree when he came. He seems to be floundering in so many ways. The dangerous playing out from the back has achieved nothing of substance and we look shorn of pace and creativity, even though we have pacy and creative players aplenty to pick from. God alone knows what he – and Wenger – EVER saw in the cumbersome Xhaka . As for Sokratis , one word comes to mind. “WHY”, as in WHY is he here at all!

      1. I could have written that Myself Jon fox and welcome back.
        I hope you are well as you are knocking on a bit like me🤣

  13. What one result syndrome?, Even when we win, it’s pretty obvious that Emery’s holding this team back. Our team is a lot stronger than the results we’re getting. Our attack is at least the 3rd strongest in the league, yet we score only a goal per game on the average. Even when we were on the 21 game unbeaten run last season, our performances weren’t that good, and when he blew our chances of a top four finish with his poor team selection, I already knew he’s not the coach to take our team forward. A new season has begun, and his team selection and tactics is still poor as usual, so why would you think we’re basing our assessment of him only on his latest results?

  14. Eventhough not his fan, I couldn’t really complain at the end of last season. We were strong at home and had good wins against Spurs, MU, and Chelsea. Logically, his second season should be the improvement of what we were not good at while maintaining our good home performance. The fact, we maintained the bad away performance -except the first game which looked promising – while never looked convincing at home. Is it improvement? 3-2 against Villa, I don’t know how you felt after the game, surely felt so proud. Me, happy? yes, more like relieved actually, proud? No. It was a great comeback of course, after 2-0 down. But c’mon, it’s Villa for God sake. Then, 1-0 Bournemouth with only 2 shots on target. Were you at that time suddenly saw that we could aim for the title like Emery and Luiz? I guess you even might see our lost aganst Shefield not that bad. It’s only 1-0 and in away game. Are we talking about supporting the same Arsenal team? What fans of top teams feel so proud of the result against small teams? Or you give up already and just consider Arsenal at the same level as Aston Villa and Sheffield.

  15. Emery is not the victim of anything except his own stupidity. The team is not better than the one that got Arsene Wenger forced out, in spite of bringing in 13 new players.

    Every time Emery selects a team, anyone with a brain is left scratching his or her head. Again and again he selects midfielders who do not provide assists and do not score. Again and again he does not start Aubameyang and Lacazette together, despite their repeated success as a tandem. Yes, Lacazette was injured, but he played versus Sheffield, so he was fit. Why not start the best scoring team and take Lacazette off at the half instead of waiting until the team is neck deep in sewage before bringing him on to try to rescue a point?

    It is obvious that the pairing of Luiz and Sokratis is not working. Sokratis, on his day, is an average player. Luiz can be brilliant. Why not try either Holding or Mustafi or Chambers as the Brazilian’s partner?

    Holding midfield is another place where emery keeps making the same mistakes because he is determined to force Mateo Guendouzi into the starting lineup. Granit Xhaka is not a holding midfielder. He is too slow and too rash to play that role. Every time he plays as a defensive midfielder, he struggles. Arsenal have two players who not only excel at that role, but have massive experience in the spot; Calum Chambers, who played most of last year as a DM for Fulham, and Lucas Torreira, the player Emery signed to play in that spot. The reason Emery keeps playing Xhaka in the role is that if he plays a properly balanced side;

    Bellerin, Holding, Luiz, Kolasinac/Tierny
    Chambers/Torreira, Ceballos/Xhaka
    Pepe, Ozil, Aubameyang

    There’s no room for Emery’s pet project. Guendouzi cannot play as a #10, he is not really a box-to-box midfielder, and he is definitely unable to play in the holding role. Emery’s insistence on playing Geundouzi from the beginning, means he distorts the balance to preserve his presence.

    Meanwhile, back in the vacuum also known as Unai Emery’s brain pan, the coach has exiled the teams most talented and most highly paid player for reasons that defy logic. If Arsenal were scoring like Liverpool, which they should given their front 3, then maybe, just maybe, Emery could justify his mistreatment of Mesut Ozil. Unfortunately, the goals are few and far between.

    The team, despite a massively accomplished, massively talented front three, can’t buy goals outside of Aubameyang’s poaching. A misfield spine of Chambers, Ceballos and Ozil would offer the defensive strength, passing ability, and athleticism needed to open teams up. Unfortunately, the Definitely not Special one keeps giving us more Gueendouzi and telling us it’s much better than the club’s best player.

    Can you imagine the effect this has on the player’s confidence. Remember, these kids that are on the pitch are in training with Ozil. They know he’s better than they are. The ones sucking up those minutes that should be going to Ozil are probably happy Emery hates the German, but therest of the players must be thinking WTF? Pundits might be fooled, but the players always know who the best players are and there is no doubt in their minds that Mesut Ozil is Arsenal’s best player.

    Emery knows it too. That’s why, when Ozil bossed the game against Watford, he was dropped never to be seen. Emery wants him out and wants that money to piss away on more useless players who accept his bullying as coaching. The only hope for Arsenal, long term, will be for the top players to down tools and demand a change the way they did at Chelsea when Mourinho was running roughshod over them. Man U players did the same to Mourinho.

    Playter power got Emery fired at PSG and it is time for the players at Arsenal to put an end to this farce under Emery and demand change.

    1. Paul35mm what a fantastic comment; well thought-out, explained, and offering solutions to the criticism. IMHO I think Emery is out of his depth in the PL, and is showing himself to be a mid-level coach.
      In his job interview and early comments to the Press he said the following;
      “I would rather win 5-4 than 1-0….We want to be protagonists without the ball and pressing the opposition….”

      Emery has tried to replace flair and creativity with scripted movement and play, replace directness with cautiousness, and replace speed and slick passing with scripted slow and predictable buildup play. He is showing himself to be counterproductive to Arsenal’s attacking DNA.

      He clearly doesn’t play to win (5-4) he sets up not to lose games, a huge difference that is not lost on the players. He also has not learned from his collapse last 6 games last year. I not only criticize his “tactical genius,” but openly question his tactical awareness in general.

      Insulting anyone to suggest it is a “one result syndrome” when after 200 million in transfers, 12 new players, and nearly 18 months we have nearly nothing to show for it. Defense is worse, continues baffling setups with no creativity in midfield, and with a healthy roster continues to field the same sub-par players. Not to mention his cowardly approach to games, not playing for the win but rather not to lose.

      His only accomplishment IMHO is his slow strangling of Arsenal’s attacking DNA. Does anyone recognize us when we play? No slick passing, no attacking flair, no style or substance to anything they do on the pitch.

      Emery and Arsenal is like fire and water; their philosophies are diametrically opposed.

  16. It’s not a one-game result issue; it’s a matter of our entire season so far, particularly in the PL. For me, the only good game and result we had was away at Newcastle – a game we played when most of our first-team players were unavailable.
    Since then we have been atrocious.
    Our three games against top-six teams have left a sour taste in the mouth. The less said about the Liverpool game the better. Against Spurs at home we were 2 down before we knew it. If it were Spurs of last season, we would lose that game. At OT we needed the intervention of VAR to nick a point against an equally atrocious ManU.
    Let’s face it: our manager(or coach if you prefer) is doing a bad job. He is making good players to become average and average players worse!
    Kolasinac was voted the best LB in Germany when we got him. In his first year here, his performances earned him several complimentary nick names. Today, where is he?
    There is a saying that doing things the same way and expecting different results is akin to madness. I’m not sure they have that saying where Emery comes from!!!!

    1. 😁 The saying actually goes: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” (Albert Einstein). So we are actually talking about insanity, not madness! Monday’s lineup against SUtd demonstrates that quite adequately.

  17. Emerys mistakes are not defend able.we all known a coach that surrenders a 4-0 first leg advantage is always a disaster.Show him support and the worst is yet to come

    1. uzkido, you keep mentioning the loss by PSG to Barcelona in the Champions League after winning the first leg 4-0 at home, like a broken record. If you had actually watched the game, PSG were robbed, with Barcelona receiving 2 of the dodgiest penalty decisions ever.
      It is Emery’s performance as coach at Arsenal which is under scrutiny, not as manager of PSG.

  18. The article was simply telling the awful truth about how fickle so many modern young fans are, changing their mind completely with a mere one result. Any rational analysis of any manager should surely be made only after a decent time period has elapsed and also when that manager has been able to field his own team completely or almost completely at least. I share many of the recent doubts about his selections and lack of team flow or shape. I also see no real improvement in even effort since Wengers time ,except from a few such as Lacazette, Guendouzi and Martinelli. He has mainly now been able to field most of his own buyys but puzzlingly , has chosen not to play Tierney and the WeNGER DECENT PURCHSE OF Holding. What he sees in Wrestler Sokratis, Xhaka and Luiz escapes my brain completely. I had resolved to give UE until the end of October to show improvement . He has a shorter time to achieve this that Boris has to achieve his Brexit promise. Not hopeful!

    1. jon, the team selected against Sheffield United, with virtually the whole squad fully fit, was mind boggling. Emery better get it right quickly.

  19. We could factor luck to explain the losses and bad performances if Emery hadn’t made stupid team selection and played with mediocre tactics in each one of them. You can’t give an excuse of luck when there are obvious flaws staring right in the face, that led to such bad results. In fact, luck had been very good for Emery so far, with Auba converting the few chances he’s getting throughout the game. The number of chances created hasn’t been enough at all, it’s just Auba has been converting the very few chances he was getting. THAT was luck in favor of Emery, which seems to have run out and has made people aware of his ridiculous tactics. Emery is a coach who likes mediocre players because they keep their egos quiet and follow like fools for more play time and Emery likes such players. He’ll destroy Arsenal and everything this club has meant and stood for.

  20. Ozzie,am obviously not a PSG fan but that capitulation will always be in Unai’s C.V .That fiasco clearly epitomize him as average at best which is not good enough for arsenal- standard.

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