Unai Emery makes a bold statement despite evidence to the contrary

Emery is convinced that he got it tactically right against Wolves today

Unai Emery has boldly claimed that Arsenal won the tactical battle in the 1-1 draw with Wolves earlier today.

Arsenal welcomed Wolves to the Emirates hoping to get their first win in four league games. The fans had high hopes that a win was on the cards but were left bitterly disappointed.

Arsenal took the lead in the first half through stand-in Captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. However, the visitors pegged them back in the second half.

Fans were left frustrated yet again at the end of the game and boos rang out from all over the stadium.

While conducting his post-match interview, Emery claimed that his side executed their game plan exactly how he wanted.

‘It’s a bad result, but tactically it worked how we wanted,’ said the Spaniard.

It is shocking for the Spaniard to claim that, especially when one considers that the visitors had 25 shots compared to just ten shots for Arsenal.

Emery also surprisingly left club-record signing Nicolas Pepe on the bench for the game and decided to instead go with the diamond formation.

It seems Emery is just trying anything at the moment just to get the team to win a game. But the results are not getting better. It will be interesting to see how much time he will be given if results continue to be poor.


  1. Declan says:

    He doesn’t try to win games, he just sets out to nullify the opposition.
    Even that doesn’t work very well. They had 25 shots with 8 on target compared with our 10 shots with 4 on target.
    This madness needs to end before a team beats the shite out of us. Leicester next……oh shiiiiiiiiiit.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Leicester hammer Soton by 9 goals and City struggled

      does that make City a very weak team?

      1. HarshGooner1794 says:

        For Soton they had a very bad day against Leicester but they came up good against city and made life difficult for them but city being a quality team still won the match. City cannot have a great game everyday but eventually they still take all the 3 points by winning ugly sometimes.

        But for Arsenal Unai Emery tactics are not working. He is too delusional to see that. We don’t have a leader in defence who just not by words but through his game tries to raise moral of fellow defenders, it’s not there and we don’t have a midfield general who will stand as a pillar and breakup build up’s of opponents, we don’t have a player to bring the ball out quickly from defence to attack for quick counters (assuming Ozil rarely plays), our wingplay is poor due to slow buildups but still Unai Emery tries to play defensive football with quick counter attacks which is also killing off one thing that we do well i.e. our class strikers scoring goals due to their sheer brilliance.

        I’ve never liked the idea of Unai Emery managing Arsenal even when he was at PSG and still managed to come second with them. He is not a good enough for sure.

      2. Declan says:

        No it doesn’t, Man City like Leicester are an excellent teams with excellent managers.
        Our team has lost its way badly and is managed by a looney tune who thinks he got everything right yesterday.

  2. gryphon3000 says:

    Dont bother to guess when he will be sacked, as long as we are still in the EL, this board wont sack him, when we are finally knocked out by manure in the EL, it will be March and the bozos won’t want to waste their money by sacking him with 2 months to go on his contract.
    I don’t mind some tinkering BUT after a full season and still trying to work out your style? Klopp and Pep tinkered with the players but they had a style of play.

    1. Diogenes says:

      We are currently on 1.55 points per game which comes to 59 by the end of the season

      We are on 1.45 goals scored per game, which comes to 55 at the end of the season

      The 2016/2017 when fans were calling for Wenger’s head for missing out on CL, we got 75 points, 77 goals scores.

      In Wenger’s only really bad season in 22 years – 2017/2018 we got only 63 points but scored 74 goals. Also, the 63 points was partially because it was clear much before the end we were out of the CL with Liverpool far ahead of us, otherwise it would have been probably some 66 or 67 with players focusing much more.

      Emery needs to go NOW!

  3. John0711 says:

    I keep saying his days are numbered he will not be here next season and I won’t shed a tear

  4. Rkw says:

    Called for his departure at end of last season … No style no vision no understanding … Those who called for more time need to own up to their delusions … Funnily enough I think there’s a decent first eleven in this squad that could be welded in to a decen outfit … Not by this guy though and not sure who is out there … He has taken 18 months to descend in to the kind of idiocy it took the Frenchman several years to reach ..

    1. ken1945 says:

      Rkw, your last sentence makes no sense whatsoever – the rubbish witnessed today could never be compared to any time during Wengers reign.

      We are a soulless club at present, with players getting ready to abandon the sinking ship, fans leaving the Emirates half empty by voting with their feet and our coach claiming his tactics worked today, when we clearly didn’t have any…or if we did, neither the players or the fans knew about it.

      The only thing we have at present is the memories of past glories under AW, so please don’t compare him to this fraudulent idea of a footballing coach.

      1. Durand says:

        Ken it was a decent recent for a mid-table or bottom club. Emery still has that Seville midset where draws at home are ok, and club in top half of division is acceptable.

        He still has not grasped what “successful” means at Arsenal and in the PL.

        His comments about “successful tactics” in Wolves match is a massive red flag regarding his mentality and approach to games.

        Thousands of Empty seats at a game we should have won, and blowing another lead; 3 in less than 2 weeks, is a precarious position to say the least.

        If it’s true Josh and management”fully support” him as he stated, then it’s bad with the club. Troubling times continue until coaching change is made.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      the entire team is low on confidence and morale due to the constant abuse from the fans…

      If fans get their way….we be changing 2 or 3 managers every season

      and spending 500m every transfer window….

      brand new team every 2 season

      1. GunneRay says:

        Seriously? Fan abuse? Come on man, the club are in a mess because the manager and his backroom staff are not suited to the club. It’s just not working. Tactically or otherwise! Dont blame the fans.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          it takes time for the new manager and backroom staff to change….

          this is not Fifa20 where you can change instantly…..

          Just look at the first 11…there are so many new players…it takes time for the team to gel and adapt to each other style

          1. Diogenes says:

            Have you not noticed we are getting worse??

            Our last 18 EPL games are 6 – 6 – 6.
            6 wins, 6 draws, 6 losses

            Compare that to his 30 EPL games and you’ll see it’s not ‘taking time’ as we are not improving, but quite the opposite.

          2. John Ibrahim says:

            of course we are getting worst…

            the player have low morale and confidence due to the recent incident….

            have you manage a team before?

          3. Declan says:

            Oh John , where do I start.? He’s had 18 months, how long do you want? So many new players! Like who? Tierney been with us the shortest and plays well as he hasn’t succumbed to Emery’s crazy tactics yet. Everyone else was here all last season. You don’t adapt to each other’s style, the style is set by the manager, but he hasn’t got one. Nothing to do with the recent incident, that was last week, we have played like this for a year now. As to your final question, yes I have managed a team before.

          4. Maurice says:

            Maybe Frank Lampard has taken 3 years to impose his system at Chelsea or Chelsea are playing FIFA20

      2. Cliff says:

        Boss,give us a break.If you leave players like Pepe, AMN and Bellerin on the bench in an EPL match which really needs some grinding and you usher in a small boy whose done nothing worth noting to run around aimlessly for 20minutes,how would you expect the player’s and the team to be motivated? How then can you blame the fans for this lunatic approach.?
        This guy needs to take a walk.I can do a better job than this moron by far.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    I’ve been very close in recent weeks, but I would now like to formally announce my Emery out campaign.

    1. AY75 says:

      Welcome aboard, you finally got the veil off your eyes. congrats

    2. Pat says:

      ThirdManJW, you are welcome!

  6. Palmer17 says:

    Shocking Emery out he is clueless no style and no vision

  7. RSH says:

    Man is lost and it’s not going to get any better. Pull the plug please. I have zero confidence we can go to Leicester and get a win. If it ends up being the disaster we all expect it to be then he has to get the sack. This has not been a good hiring.

    1. Diogenes says:

      The biggest bullshit statement in the history of Premier League is Emery saying he ‘prefers to win 5-4 than 1-0.’
      Was that an attempt of a joke? I mean he looked dead serious saying it, but he couldn’t have been serious, surely?

  8. Sean Williams says:

    Time to change our coach. Let Freddie have the rest of the season.

  9. Akan says:

    I predicted before the season started that he would be gone by Christmas, but I never imagined that he would be allowed to sink the club so low as things are now. It’s easy to see why Neymar had him fired. Over to you Ozil

  10. MALESI Anthony says:

    Arsenal fans , you are the ones misleading.stop watching and the field remains empty,the owners will chase the coach but UK if you continue watching in big numbers there is No loss make

  11. GunneRay says:

    The team is full of average players. If I were a professional being payeyd lots of cash and screwed up as much as these guys with the same mistakes I would he out of a job. Simple! These guys are failing to do the basics and learn from mistakes. It’s not even possible to continuously be this bad at defending!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      full of average players??

      so what are considered World Class or top players?

      Based on media and price tag?

      the team full of international players as well as World cup winners

  12. Agin says:

    Auba will go in winter or summer next year, except the club replace emery and Auba is given as a captain.
    Many called wenger was stubborn but emery is more stubborn and worse because arsenal now have more better players but emery cannot manage strategy and tactically in right way..

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      if he hasnt sign a new deal…he will have 1 year left in his contract.

      so end of 20/21 season

      we will have all these average player claimed by fans Kolasanic, Ozil, Laca, Auba and Mustafic leaving on a free transfer (assuming they have not sign a new deal)

  13. Viera Lyn says:

    Our only hope for a swift decision on Emery are those empty seats…even if they’re paid for it’s a bad look for the club and it’s absentee landlord, as we witnessed firsthand during Wenger’s last gasp tour…from a player perspective we really have some talent in the clubhouse but our poor decisions regarding both our CB and DM positions have left us exposed and unable to really adopt a more aggressive offensive approach…we need to get the best players on the pitch so they can learn how to play together while likewise allowing those in upper management to see exactly where we’re lacking…Leno, Bellerin, Chambers?, Holding, Tierney, Lucas, Guenduzzi, Pepe, Ozil, Auba and Lacazette in a 4-2-3-1…only once they have played a chunk of games together will we truly know what we’ve got to work with here…what are the chances of that though???

  14. Charlie says:

    He pulls the hand brake on the team. That’s his tactic. Worst still he doesn’t know his players strength, play them out of position, like Torreira and Xhaka. No defensive midfielder- resulting in the opposition having a direct run at the back four. His only game plan is for the forwards to score and pray the opponent don’t do like wise.
    Big mistake the club made and they should rectify it immediately like Rioch.

  15. Maurice says:

    Sad to admit but Arsenal won’t make it to top four with Emery as head coach. He’s not good enough period.

    1. Declan says:

      We will end up closer to bottom 4 than top 4.

  16. Kenyanfan says:

    Very soon we will be playing Hexagon

  17. Moses setim says:

    Does this makes sense to you guys, ” I am happy when we win as well as when we loose because I know Emery is inching closer to exit. It’s like am planning a take over.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      hoping we lose so that Emery can be sacked?

      you are definitely not a fan….stick to Man City and Fifa20

      1. Khadii says:

        Ever heard the saying “Desperate times call for desperate measures”?
        Whatever it takes for this lunatic of a coach to be sacked.. most of us don’t mind at this point..
        Because the way we’re going, we wouldn’t even make Europa next season

  18. Mobella says:

    At least we won yesterday. That is all that matter. Please guys how many points do will get for tactical win.😝😝😝 Thirdman, welcome to the group. Ozziegunner, MH and Innit we are waiting

  19. Sue says:

    So, we’re just heading into what was always our worst month… I thought last month was bad enough!!
    Our home performances are becoming as bad as our away ones… I was always more confident with a home fixture – not anymore!
    I’m sick of the EL.. yet that’s the only competition we’re playing well in (only because the opposition are crap)
    Losing on Wednesday was unforgivable, imo…
    11 games in and we appear to be out of the top 4 race already.
    I honestly fear we’re going to lose all our best players…
    Oh the joys!! It can’t get any worse surely… oh wait, it’s Leicester next week… I’ll be as scared watching that, as I would be a gruesome horror movie….Not happy, to say the least.

    1. Mobella says:

      Sue dear please take comfort and have faith in our coach abilities to win tactical game. Even if we lose or draw our remaining matches that is what counts 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Am not scared of Leicester. Southampton played with a man down from the 10th minute so they kinda gave up. Emery is not the right coach for us, however, he hardly serves us up with those humiliating score lines that Wenger would deliver in these big games and kind of moments. 6-0 Chelsea 6-3 Man city, 8-2 Man utd, 5-1 ×3 Bayern and Liverpool. Emery has only shamed us once, 5-1 Liverpool. We will draw vs Leicester, 2-2.

      1. Diogenes says:

        How many times has Emery ‘shamed’ us per year?

        You say with Wenger it was roughly once every 2 years on average. And Emery?

        Of course you also have a point. But here’s where you’re wrong. Those big losses are because Wenger played to win almost every time. Sure, he was wrong on a number of occasions, but emery plays not to lose or not to lose too much. This year’s game against Liverpool was the prime example of trying to lose by less than 3 goals as the main goal for our performance.

        By the way, a 3-6 loss is better than 0-3 because goals scored prevailed over fewer goals conceded. Which also means 2-1 is factually better than 1-0.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Diogenes, it’s not worth you trying to explain the facts, some people are so full of what went on in the pzst, they cannot see what actually happening in the present.

          Despite all the “humiliations, we never finished outside of the top four when this happened, meanwhile inflicting our own humiliations on clubs ( Inter 5-1 away etc etc ).

          The biggest humiliation of all, is happening right now and match after match after match.
          Those who wanted AW out crowed about the empty seats…now it’s easier to
          count the ones that have fans in them.

          Trying to justify the lack of vision by some “fans” who demanded a change in order to get their Arsenalback – trumpeting the appointment of the man to bring the glory back – then, realising their foolish mistake, trying to justify it by harking back to results from seasons ago, shows just how much they misjudged everything.

          1. Despite the humiliations we never finished outside top 4? Wenger finished outside top 4 in his last 2 seasons too! He was found out and completely finished. Just because Emery has flopped does not mean getting rid of Wenger was the wrong decision. He was running us into the ground and we needed to arrest the sharp decline of this club. But Wenger sent you a personalised birthday card so what chance is there of you ever being objective about him.

          2. ken1945 says:

            QD, my point exactly old friend – those “humiliations” you love to quote, didn’t stop Wenger from playing his attacking philosophy football, meaning we always qualifiec in the top four pozitions….except in his last two years.

            The first of those saw us miss out by one point to make it 21 years in a row-meanwhile winning the fa cup final by beating the champions that year 2-1…now you might think that’s a reason to say AW was finished, but I would love to think that UE could achieve even one of those facts this season, but somehow that seems light years away.
            On the second and last of the AW years I agree, as did the great man himself and that was why he resigned – do you see UE doing this for the sake of the club?

            By the way, do your research on the “humiliations” AW’s teams served up on others – there is a video on youtube highlighging SEVEN such games – but guess that doesn’t fit your scenario.

  20. Smoking gunner says:

    Chambers,maitland niles, guendouzi, lacazette, socratis mustaphy,luis,saka,xaka,etc..etc
    Are these wot u call international players n world cup winners
    Come on, there are bang average. Not even guadiola can win with these group of average footballers

    1. SAGooner says:

      I’m actually very sure that Pep could do a heck of a lot better with the players we have. It is not a bad squad at all. They just need their butts kicked and shown how to play attacking football. The Wenger style of building up nicely to the 16yrd box and then start passing left to right to let the opposition get their defence sorted is BACK.

      Structure of team is wrong, tactics are wrong, motivation is lacking, decision making is poor….., whose fault is this?


    2. Minden Raider says:

      We need big Martin Keown in as defensive coach. He would kick some butts

  21. jyd says:

    can anyone tell me Emery style of football, his reading of the game and reasons for substitution.An Arsenal coach should be a master in these, but this coach only set out to curtail every average team and hoping luck smile on him while facing big team. hope things don’t get worse more than it is now.

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