Unai Emery makes inevitable Granit Xhaka decision

Granit Xhaka dropped from Arsenal team as they focus on Wolves game.

Arsenal manager, Unai Emery has confirmed that Granit Xhaka will not be in the squad to face Wolves this weekend after he sparked a major reaction from the fans last weekend.

Xhaka had sworn at the fans after they booed him following another lacklustre performance from him and the team.

He was expected to apologise to the club’s fans on Monday but left it until Thursday to ‘explain’ his ‘reaction’. It is safe to say he didn’t endear himself to the fans for that.

Arsenal has now taken further action to freeze him out of the team. This is to avoid an unnecessary distraction as they look ahead to the Premier League game against Wolves.

When asked about Xhaka’s availability for the game against Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, Emery insisted that Xhaka won’t be involved and he would prefer to discuss the players that have a shot at starting the game.

“The focus is the match and it is not in my mind that he will play tomorrow,” Emery said of the midfielder. “It is not in my mind he is going to play.”

There have been calls for Xhaka to be stripped of the club’s captaincy as well. But Emery wouldn’t be drawn into that subject either.

It seems it could be a long way back for Xhaka now. It is hard to see him getting back in the fans’ good books anytime soon.


  1. Reggie says:

    Yes, right decision, no arguments.

  2. Godswill says:

    Oh. Fans are Happy.

  3. NMC says:

    I think part of the distain was the appointment of captaincy as well as the non urgency of getting off the pitch there has been a culmination of bad performances and other factors that have led to this point.

    I am not surprised that there are calls for stripping the captaincy give it a few games and thins will calm down, one thing I have learnt is that fans (not just arsenal fans) are fickle. There will still be opinions but not as strong

  4. rixizo says:

    Let him be sold in January to ac Milan.

  5. Simon says:

    who cares… emery out!!..give xhaka a good coach, he Will perform!!

    1. Allanball08 says:

      I beleive that’s wishing too much

  6. Ub_Gooner says:

    Calm down people…I know Xhaka has not been the greatest based on his performance for the club but we also need to remember that he’s also human. I’m not in support of what he did but we should not take out the bad performances on him alone.

  7. ozziegunner says:

    Yes, let’s all agree that it’s perfectly OK to attack a person’s wife, family and property if we don’t like him.
    How far can community standards drop?

  8. USGunner says:

    Xhaka makes millions upon millions. If you paid me 100k a week you could say literally anything in the world to me and I’d gladly take it with a smile and a nod. The Xhaka debacle further shows Emery’s utter lack of discipline with the team whether that be in terms of tactics or dressing room. Emery and Xhaka both need to leave as soon as possible.

    1. Diogenes says:

      Irrational social media threats to celebrities happen daily, but nothing ever comes out of it. Especially not over football. When has any fan actually hurt a player’s family after abusing him online? The answer is never. Like never EVER. Zero times. 0.

      And Xhaka’s using it as an excuse for losing it when a few dozen fans cheered his substitution. Why was he okay before the cheering if it was about threats? Ridiculous, but fools will gobble up anything.

      Xhaka should be sold in January unless he very very humbly apologises to the fans whose contributions pay for so much of his salary.

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