Unai Emery must avoid doing a Chelsea against Liverpool

The upcoming game against Liverpool has triggered much debate among Arsenal fans about how to get a result against the European Champions on Saturday.

Just today I was speaking with a couple of my fellow Gooners and they proposed that Unai Emery should employ the tactics that Jose Mourinho did against the Reds in the infamous Steven Gerrard slip game.

I vehemently disagreed for a variety of reason.

Playing all defensive, spoiling the game, time-wasting from very early on may have worked for Mourinho but it would not work for Emery.

For starters, Chelsea had a much better well-organised defence than what Emery can call on, secondly that Liverpool side was not as good as this current crop and the idea that you can defend all game along against Salah, Mane and Firmino is madness in my opinion.

Can we really see this Arsenal defence holding for an entire ninety minutes, I cannot.

No doubt Liverpool will have the majority of the possession and Arsenal will be forced into playing counter-attacking football to some degree but the whole game will not play out like that, there will be periods when Arsenal have the upper hand but that will not happen if they put ten men behind the ball.

Arsenal must enter the game in a positive frame of mind, they must get at Liverpool as much as they can and they must avoid being negative from the get-go. Defensive spoiling football worked for Mourinho and Chelsea but it will not work on Saturday, that I am sure about.


  1. Like the article points out. Our defence isn’t as well organised as other teams. Playing too defensive would be a bad idea. Especially since we don’t have a specialist rb and our CB pairing is still getting used to each other.

    I think we should play a balanced but positive side. Play Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, Ceballos (#10) in attack. Our normal defence (with Luiz) and Torreira and Xhaka/Guendouzi between them. I don’t think we should start Ozil, Nelson or Mkhitaryan in this match.

    1. I predict Emery would field the young midfielders again, the ones that won us the game last week

      We need players with high stamina to keep up with Liverpool’s pressing

  2. Our strength is in the attack; so we must play to our strength. We must also avoid excessive ‘playing from the back’ as Liverpool(like City) press high to force errors. We should play a counter system that emphasizes quick long balls to the attackers.
    Most important, everybody must play to their maximum in terms of commitment and intensity.
    Then we can shock the world with the outcome of that game.

  3. I agree we should set up for the counter. Therefore pepe Abu and laca should start. Cabellos zhaxa and torrera in the middle.

    1. We have tried to be defensive and wait to launch counter-attack before and it didn’t work

      I think it’s better to attack them from the outset, to surprise them

    2. Xhaka and Torrera are responsible for about 3 goals we conceded in their last we over us. So no Xhaka and Torres. Torrera can’t cope with the pressing game of liver pool. I rather go for guenduzi, willock and ceballos

  4. same comments and almost same articles about the next match. I’ve decided not to worry myself because worrying won’t change the game’s scoreline. I will take the result however it comes, LET THE BETTER TEAM WIN

  5. Me thinks the title should’ve read “Unai Emery must avoid doing a Mourinho against Liverpool”. Sarri & Lampard Chelsea are quite attacking.

  6. We should play our normal game and also press them from the word GO! When it’s time for us to defend…it has to start from our forwards…

  7. Playing on the counter can only work against teams that are opposed to tactical fouls. You cannot play on the counter against Atletico Madrid because they will foul you even in their own half once they lose the ball. We are also seeing signs of that in the Premier League with Man City. Honestly, in addition to other plans emery may have I think we should employ tactical fouls to disrupt the flow of the game for Liverpol. Do not let them get into their stride and do not let the game flow.

    1. Xhaka and Torrera are responsible for about 3 goals we conceded in their last win over us. So no Xhaka and Torrera. Torrera can’t cope with the pressing game of liver pool. I would rather go for guenduzi, willock and ceballos

  8. To be honest you pals, I rate guenduzi more than torrera. Torrera appears to be easily dispossess off the ball to our disadvantage. He is no longer the torrera in the first quarter of last season esp during our 22 unbeaten run

  9. I always dread going to Anfield, but this is football. I’m absolutely against parking the bus at Anfield, knowing how our defense crumbles under pressure. We have an attack that can match Liverpool & a better midfield than last season. The only way to come out with a point is to work harder, press harder & disrupt their play. We can’t allow them to impose their game at Anfield because they will find a way to score. As we all know, Liverpool vs Arsenal never ends with a nil-nil. Brace yourselves guys, this will be one heck of a match.

  10. Our strongest line up in tough away games, especially in midfield were we will need pace and energy to burn. David Luiz to replace Xhaka and he has long range passes and better at defending than Xhaka.



    ——– ———-Willock———-Luiz————-



    1. Willock starts two games on an experimental basis,plays badly in the first and is bang average in the second but is deemed better all our tried and tested holding midfielders..COME ON. Our dms are Xhaka,Toreirra,Guendouzi and Willo in that order. The same order obtains experience wise so a BIG NO for Willo..his type of games will come.

      1. It seems you are not aware of Xhaka’s slow pace in tough games. By the time he loses possession and we get punished as usual again, I will come here and hear what you have to say. Torreira is not fit for now, maybe he should start our next match or come in as a sub.

    2. I like that physical center of Chambers, Sokratis and Luiz, with that you only need to add Guendouz to spread the passes and control the mid,avoid Willock in that formation.
      Guendouz is developing fast n is a big game player

      1. Agreed.

        That setup seems okay, but should have either Guen or Torro instead of Willock, who has been okay so far, but Liverpool away is probably too soon for him.

        The important thing is – if we go with only 2 at CB, then our wingers and MFs should be ready to run a lot defensively.

  11. With the right midfield we can do well against Liverpool. Liverpool do lack creativity in their midfield. What they do have everywhere are ‘legs’. For us Ceballos, Torreira, Guendouzi and Willock all have legs and are becoming more creative, especially Ceballos and Guendouzi. I would start all four of them. Four in midfield would cause problems for Liverpool, which as we know is Liverpool’s weak point.

    1. JOSE, because we are talking about this coming Saturday and Tierney is some weeks away from fitness right now. Obvious really!

  12. Well they say attack is the best form of defence. Let’s play our game.I have this feeling we gonna win ??

    1. @sue I know u won’t believe these anfield has never been a happy hunting ground in recent years??

  13. Got some great memories of Anfield, apart from the obvious 2-0 title winning game I remember a game in the early 70’s when John Radford sprinted half the length of the pitch and scored the 2nd goal in a 2-0 victory. They say the Liverpool supporters are fair minded but you wouldn’t have thought so that day by the amount of bottles lobbed at us from their supporters…Happy Days !! I believe we might get a result Saturday.

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