Unai Emery must be ruthless in pursuit of Champions League football

The ultimate goal for Arsenal this season is to win the Premier League title, the realistic goal is to finish in the top-four and Unai Emery must be absolutely ruthless in that quest.

Failing to reach next seasons Champions League will have serious financial implications and will hamper the clubs ability to hold on to its best players as well as attract new high calibre talent.

Failing once again to make Europe’s elite competition is unthinkable and if that means that Emery has to discard all other opportunities and put his eggs all in one basket then so be it.

If the FA Cup, Carabao Cup and to some degree the Europa League have to be sacrificed then I am fine with that, play the kids for all I care if it means keeping the big players fresh and better prepared for the league games.

The team clearly tired at the end of the season and that is no real surprise when you consider all the European travelling and playing every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon.

And before any of you say that the Champions League sides had to travel and so on there is a bit of difference between playing on a Tuesday evening and a Sunday as was the case quite often for the likes of Tottenham and the Thursday-Sunday schedule Arsenal had to endure.

The bottom line is that the Champions League is everything, for the money, players and especially the fans and Emery really must take a by all means necessary attitude, it will keep him in his job and give the club something solid to build on.


  1. We should focus on FA and EPL 3rd position. I will be glad if we get kicked out of Europa League soonest. We have a fairly thin squad and the players are quite weak(stamina wise) and inconsistent. I hope Emery does not try to redeem his ego by having another full go at Europa at the expense of the epl

    1. Agree wholeheartedly with the article.Emery must trust our youngsters in the Cup competitions and furthermore, he must leave out experienced players who consistently fail to perform.There are 3/4 players who currently fall into this category and it will be very interesting to see how our Manager reacts when our injured defenders are match fit.

  2. To achieve “Champions League” next season; Yes AFC Must be “Ruthless” and SACK UNAI EMERY Immediately and Sign JOSÉ MOURINHO as Manager/Head Coach.

  3. Emery sacrificed EPL in his pursuit of Europa League last season and came unstuck, where Mourinho succeeded. EPL has to be #1 priority and I hope he doesn’t mess up. The so called “clearing of deadwood” has made our squad a bit thin to chase four formats.

    1. Ramsey’s injury right at the end of the season is the real reason we have no CL football. Our form nosedived during his absence.

    2. Mourinho spent 400 mill on 11 players in two
      summer windows yet United did not win the PL or CL and as
      usual after antagonizing every one at the club as he does
      got sacked at the halfway point of his 3rd season.
      Still got paid the full 15m salary
      Spent big, won small.
      Won’t stop some dreamer club hiring him soon tho 🙂

    3. There will always be a fan that won’t be pleased with any action the club takes. For crying out loud, the clearing of deadwood was long time coming and it’s amazing it happened. Elneny and Mkhitaryan have better replacements in the academy, I don’t know what you problem is, Viju.

  4. Interesting read this morning.

    What follows is a direct copy (no idea who Tribuna are, or the reliance of the data used);

    “Tribuna placed Emery 14th in their top 20, claiming their power rankings are based on “thorough analysis of various methods and techniques (ranging from purely mathematical approaches to expert views) used by highly reputable sources”.

    ” Whatever that means, it’s encouraging to see Emery at least making the top 15, though it’s also a little surprising “.

    Make of the above what you will, but whatever, pleased to see our man up there (for what it’s worth).

  5. Agreed. Leave the starting 11 at home for the EL away games and save them for the PL games until we have little or no chance of a top 4 finish.

  6. Though am not a Emery hater, I think he stupidly decided to prioritise EL over finishing in the top 4. This was when we were well placed to achieve 3rd.

  7. Wasn’t this article and it’s correct summing up of what the CL really means to a club and it’s supporters, totally dismantled by a section of our fans, when our previous manager consistently delivered this eutopia of dreams for twenty of the 22 years he was in charge?

    What has changed in just four years that split our fanbase into feuding camps and still carries on today?

    OF COURSE CL football is the most important requirement for any top club, no matter how one achieves it – even more of an amazing achievement if it is done with “dross, weedy, lazy, mentally frail players” who have no idea of how to defend!!!

    Is it FINALLY sinking in what our club took for granted during the so called “barren years”? Eight out of ten CL spots.

    AW had MANY MANY faults, “he was arrogant, disrespected the fans, we never won it, we had humiliating defeats, never replaced this player or that player” and YET he still got us there. We were 13 minutes away from glory with just ten men…
    but to FINALLY read one of the most sensible CL articles on here for ages (and without mentioning the mans name), ACTUALLY brings home EXACTLY what his time as manager meant to our club in prestige, monetary and world wide acknowledgement.

    He failed to deliver for two seasons and UE has taken up the challenge.
    All TRUE gooners want him to succeed (just as all TRUE gooners should have wanted AW to succeed) and he has the players to do it – but the results of our greatest manager ever will stand the test of time and I see it every time I look around our stadium at the dates of our achievements.

    ADmin Martin, we have our friendly differences, but when you wrote “The bottom line is the CL is everything, for the money, players and especially the fans” it summed it all up.
    Thanks AW…over to you UE…

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