Unai Emery must get his own way as he pursues transfer target

It is being reported today that Arsenal manager Unai Emery is determined to sign one of his transfer targets despite the player in question being his choice as opposed to that of the club.

Apparently, Emery wants to sign Lyon striker Moussa Dembele and according to Journalist Duncan Castles the pursuit of Dembele is ‘driven by Unai Emery rather than the club’.

Now, for context, this is what Castles specifically said,

“Arsenal’s interest is intriguing, as I’m told it’s driven by Unai Emery rather than the club,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“Emery sees Dembele as an option should one of their lead strikers be sold this summer.

“And we’ve seen some talk that China has an interest in Aubameyang again, as they have done in the past.

“That could be a lucrative deal for Aubameyang, a lucrative deal for Arsenal, in which case they could reinvest some of the money in Dembele and put some of Aubameyang’s very high wages elsewhere in the team.”

However, Castles is not necessarily the most reliable source as this article on One Football highlighted.

But what was said or what is credible etc. is not the focus of this article for me, it is more about Unai Emery getting his way.

I understand that clubs now have transfer committees, men in suits that make the decision but if the manager, the person that picks the team, chooses the formation, determines the strategy cannot have the players he wants then there is trouble ahead.

You cannot push certain players onto a manager and then whine when it goes wrong and neither can you deny a manager a player of his choosing and then expect a cabinet full of silverware.

Emery, for a large part, inherited this squad and he must be allowed to rebuild it in his own image, if not, why even have a manager?

Of course, a manager, any manager, cannot just turn around and say get me Messi and expect to get his own way, it must be reasonable and in line with the clubs policy because not to do so is also a recipe for disaster.

Just look at what happened with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United when he was refused certain players for certain positions, that did not end well did it?

If Emery wants Dembele and it fits with the clubs transfer policy then he must be allowed to follow through with his pursuit of the young man, to do otherwise will create a problem we just do not need.



  1. This Moussa Dembele rumor is absolutely BS, because his contract will only end in 2023. There is no way Arsenal would splash 50+ M for a player that cannot sell a lot of shirts, especially after Arsenal stated they just want to wait for high profile players to become available in the market

    Arsenal would most likely get unwanted/ finished players like Isco/ James Rodriguez/ Malcom or the ones that can move freely next year such as Fraser/ Sessegnon/ Nkunku

    If Aubameyang or Lacazette leaves, Emery shouldn’t get another assist receiver like Moussa Dembele, but a skilled winger that can assist and score. This player type is the most expensive one in the market, because they are highly sought-after

    1. Contracts means nothing these days except to drive up players value,i,m french and the owner of lyon is worse than levy,he makes young players sign long contracts,they are the new southampton,they have their own,new stadium and sell their players for at at least 40 plus millions¡

    2. Where have Arsenal stated that they are waiting for high profile players to become available- in fact they have stated that we have to be smart in the market which means we get players who have not still made it but may in the future

  2. When Emery got his own way last time, we wasted money on Denis Suarez, and we threw the league position to pursue his Europa glory. Please, no more his way.

    1. This was january hence the koan,we had no money and by the way he didn,t take up the option to buy,the guy didn,t play because of injuries so it was a win win situation for usif it hadn,t been for his injuries,the winter windiw rarely works and we needed reunfircements!

      1. If you have no money, then don’t waste that whatever small amount you have. Didn’t take up the option? Did we get a refund for the loan fee or salary paid then?. Made a mistake? Man up and admit it. Needed reinforcement? Wasn’t a defender the more urgent need?

        1. Please tell me which defenders or wide players were available for LOAN in the January transfer window?
          Emery came out and said that the bkard had knly provided funds for loan deals, not permanent contracts.

  3. I think the manager and the management lack good vision for good players maybe they should consider the fans most popular choice.

    1. Advice from ckueless fans,you must be joking?what quakifications have you got?what level have you played?which club have you run before?any knowledge in finances,transfers.,.?

  4. Whilst having no idea whether the articles assumption that it is Emery alone who wants Dembele, is true, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH MARTIN, that the decision on who to buy, sell or any other team matter, MUST BE ENTIRELY THE MANAGERS ALONE. Otherwise why have a manager at all? I realise that Emery is entitled head coach rather than manager. But IF he truly is treated as no more than head coach and has little input in deciding all team matters, than he is being disrespected by the club and frankly is wasting his time here. I pray that all key team decisions are his and his alone, as they SHOULD AND MUST BE! Not a single great manager of the past throughout the world of football could have hoped to achieve the success they did were they forced to work with a team picked by someone else. THIS IS PRECISELY WHY EMERY HAS NOT YET HAD A FAIR CHANCE, SINCE MOST OF THE PLAYERS HERE ARE STILL WENGERS. NUFF SAID!

  5. Poor old Dick Emery. It’s true he is managing Wenger’s leftovers who ain’t all that. It’s about time he’s given the opportunity to manage this club and choose his players. Mustafi, freebie Kolasinac, Ozil, clone Elneny, mindless Xhaka, and Mkhitaryan were deposited like a turd on his head. I hear Unai Emery going. Ahhhhhggggggghhhhhh!!!!

    1. SEAN, WELL SAID! I find it intensely unfair and stupid for some fans to think “turd inheritor” Emery has had a ghost of a fair chance. He has NOT, as you realise and rightly state. Until he has all WENGERS TRIPE GONE AND HIS OWN MEN IN WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE HIM. Jesus Christ himself could not perform the miracle of making Mustafi a proper defender, nor Xhaka cease being one paced and cumbersome. Plus all the other faults throughout the WENGER DEFENCE LEFT BEHIND. Gooners should always be fair and give any manager a fair chance. Some still wanted Wenger to remain, even after many years of drift, unmotivated players and failure to recognise a half decent CB, even if one bit him! Yet they criticise Emery after one season with hardly any real money spent and having to cope with WENGERS TRIPE and create a defence out of his inherited rubbish.

  6. Is the managers job to pick which player that suit his own philosophy and the way he wanted the team to play, so he has to and must have a say and input

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