Unai Emery not interested in explaining Mesut Ozil situation

Arsenal boss not ready to discuss Mesut Ozil with the media.

Mesut Ozil is not one of Unai Emery’s favourite topics. The Spaniard expressed that once again when asked about the continued absence of the German from the Gunners’ squad after their win over Vitoria Guimaraes on Thursday.

Ozil has started just one league game this season and hasn’t made the squad in most of the club’s games.

Arsenal have struggled for creativity in the playmaker’s absence yet Emery believes it is in the best interest of the team to keep him out of the squad.

When asked about Ozil, Emery said: “Tonight is not the day to speak about that. He’s not in the squad. That is the decision tonight. Now we are going to work towards Sunday.”

Instead, the Spaniard decided to heap praise on his team’s hero, Nicolas Pepe after the Ivorian netted twice off the bench.

Ozil appears to be surplus to requirements at the Emirates, yet he is currently the club’s highest earner. Arsenal are reportedly looking to move him on in the next transfer window, but Ozil has made it clear that he is not looking to go anywhere until the end of his current deal.

Manchester United have been urged by their former player Paul Scholes to make a move for Ozil and that may yet be the route out for both the player and Arsenal.


  1. Leicester beat Southampton 9-0. I think we missed out on hiring Brendon Rogers. Admin I hope you realised they haven’t spent 200m. Ozil/ emery one will leave the other very soon. I mean this will not go on forever. Football becomes joy when a team has the right coach. Emery isn’t improving us instead he spent his energy fighting with a player. Bad Oral, small minds!!!

    1. When was the last time Arsenal fans both great and small, young and old, white or black, rich and poor enjoy the pure pleasure of football. This man called Emery is toxic!!! He is gradually eroding the excitement of watching Arsenal Football Club play football like proper professionals. Excitement, believe, passion, love and joy is turning into complains, picking side between him and Ozil. Players get abused regularly. It’s becoming a hard job being an Arsenal fan.

    1. How long did it take Brendan to improve Leicester city? Even Lampard, a less experienced coach, is doing better with Chelsea.
      Unai should just leave this club. I no longer enjoy watching Arsenal play. Dull, sideways passing, zero intensity, no creativity. Very boooooooring stuff.
      Now, I’m even concerned about our Sunday game against Palace. Meanwhile, Leicester sit pretty on 2nd position.
      He should just go.

      1. It’s a dead cat bounce. I remember how these same posters were drooling after OGS first few games at manure…fast forward this season.Same with Lampard.

        Brendan Foster cannot manage a team of stars so no good at Arsenal, remeber tge 2013-14 unloseable EPL…still brings tears of joy to my eyes!!BUT I’d take anyone at the moment, what’s with these continental coaches at Arsenal…unable to admit to their mistakes?

    1. Innit really? It’s not the results it’s the way emery has us playing we can forgive if you work hard play good football and lose but we don’t do either of those
      Emery out ASAP

      1. John

        you are 100% correct but we are all wasting our time asking the board to sack him during the season. The fans are still bringing in the money and cost these twits too.much of their profits to payout Emery and a new manager till end of May 2020

  2. What will other players think? How will they react? Ozil is our most decorated player these boys look up to him. The man’s destroying our club.

  3. Lol…out of all this drama, one thing I’ve come to notice is Mesut Ozil is like a tradition among some Arsenal fans and he has his loyal followers. Damn I can’t remember when last I witness such loyalty.
    Ozil can play this game very well, his PR is so so much top of it.
    Judging by how he’s been winning over his fans the more he stays out since last season, and recently his last move to shut out everyone else in the club with the statement that he’s been training and nothing has changed. He made a well timed move and he’s making his moves knowing there’s pressure for him to get called back into the team.
    Also he ended up showing the fans he’s a victim of nepotism.. Let me use that word here.

    Plot Twist. Emery fell for the bait Ozil laid, came out and told everyone he’s improving in training and ready to help the team.
    Making Emery look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Now Emery is not even ready to say anything and keeps on treating him like he’s been doing.
    Really anyone working with a bit publicity and human relations will know all of this will surely play to Ozil’s favor and he’s going to come out on top of this battle between both of em.
    It will change only when Ozil decides he wants to move on.
    He’s playing this game so well

  4. So fed up of hearing about how we need Ozil to help us create. He had 2 assists in 35 appearances last season, and put in how many class performances? Two, maybe three at most? He doesn’t even pose a goal scoring threat either, which is a big negative for an attacking midfielder. Even under Wenger, who played to Ozil’s strengths, we didn’t see enough from Ozil.

    Do Arsenal lack creativity? Of course we do, but Ozil just isn’t the answer. Just as Mustafi isn’t the answer to our CB woes.

  5. I think Ozil should in his own interest stop digging in his foot to remain at Arsenal beyond the next winter transfer window next January if I were him. This is because what will he be doing at Arsenal when his head coach, Emery doesn’t want him in his squad? To be lazing around at the club where apparently he’s no longer wanted but be receiving £350k/w wages for giving zero performance? This will amount to swindling Arsenal of their money which as he didn’t work for it to justify receiving it.

    Therefore, why don’t the 30 year old Ozil who is looking to have past his creative assist giving at the top level of the game like in the PL. But instead of him to be hanging around at Arsenal not playing hoping for a miracle to see Emery gets sacked. He could transfer to one of the top clubs at the Major League Soccer in the USA to start earning his pension like some ex PL club players have done successfully in the past and are still currently doing like Rooney and Ibrahimovic are doing at some MLS club sides. Or alternatively, Ozil can join one of the Chinese Super League clubs where the paying is reported to be very lucrative. More so, for an ex star player like Ozil is.

    1. Why should he do that? Isn’t he supposed to honor his contract? Did he award the contract to himself? ‘swindling’ Arsenal off their money is a unfortunate term to use. He deserves every penny of it. He isn’t the one who told Emery not to play him. Moreso, he doesn’t need to play at MLS or China because that’s not one of his goals at the moment. Ozil has won everything there is to win from individual awards to international trophies. If Emery can’t play him, then he should see to every second of his contract rightfully. By then he will be 33. Then now retire in Gala, fernabache or any other club in Turkey

  6. ThirdManJW, we have good players, but bad coach. I have totally come to terms that Ozil is not the answer and that is because Emery is worst of a coach than I thought. A good coach should be able to improve players, make a small team play like lions (wolves for example, Leicester) a good coach brings the whole unit together, (he builds and not destroy) a good coach is a great leader (he does not take glory for the success of the team) a good coach is like a ladder ( he allows his team members to climb through him until they become a success. Emery is a foolish coach, he is too full of himself, his ego is getting in the way of our success and to cap it all HE DOESN’T KNOW THE JOB. He has enemies in all of the team he has managed. That says a lot about the character of a person. And that is why I like Sue a lot, she accommodates every comments and she doesn’t take anything personal. Emery takes himself above the team. Himself and Ozil are going to part ways sooner or later. But we will forever remember that Arsenal Football becomes regressive during his managerial term.

    1. Awww Pat 😊😊
      Excellent comment, Pat.. totally agree & that’s why Unai has to go!!

      Not sure if I read (or imagined, or dreamt 😂😂) that Raul is happy with how things are going & has no intention of sacking him! 😱 Happy?? Jeez!! Surely not…..

    2. Pat, well said. The truth hurts some people. I don’t comment here really but the state of our club at present requires more fans to speak up.

  7. Wenger left a club in crisis.
    Wenger ran the club into the ground and in to the Europa league
    costing 300 million in lost TV rights and sponsorship revenues.
    The Sanchez debacle cost 60 million. Ramsey on a free cost 60 million.
    Mertesacker Koscielney Monreal Cazorla returned peanuts.
    Flop Debuchy was paid a million pounds a game.
    Perez Asano Sanogo Jenkinson were huge financial flops.
    Injury wrecks Wilshere and Wellbeck cost millions and left for free.
    Emery was left a dog of a squad and a 300 mill debt left by Wenger.
    At the same time the league became a lot harder.
    The old top Top 4 City, Man U Arsenal Chelsea is now a top 12.
    Billionaires are all over the league now so Liverpool Spurs Foxes Blades
    Wolves Palace Everton Westham all want and can afford European football.
    Arsenal has the only owner who does not invest in the club.
    We need to be realistic. My expectation is 7th at best.
    Wengers incompetence and Ozil’s greed continues to badly impact Arsenal.

    1. You are taking crap wenger is no longer with us nearly two seasons ago the board has backed Emery the fool he is making us worst .. if you want to blame someone blame the Garzides the one who brought Emery in and was in charge of contracts at the time no longer with us thank God

    2. And when did you start following Arsenal? We started playing beautiful football when Wenger came, he built Emirate stadium and yet making top 4. There was never a season under him that we spent as much as we had under Emery and lastly, he did not get the invisible as world class, he made them world class. He gave his all and Emery is not half the man Wenger was and is. Forget it, Emery is not the answer, he’s a coward

    3. Most ridiculous post iv ever seen!! You all called on Wenger and the club to show passion and avoid a situation where we had been loosing our best players easily without trying to hold on them and at the moment Ozil and Sanchez were on equation and everyone was happy when they were not let go regardless of giving them big pays or holding them up till end of their contracts. Wenger tried keeping Ramsey at Arsenal till his last day here (against the will of many fans who wanted him out) Ramsey left after Emery clearly said he had no plans for him in his team.
      Emery has had a financial support that Wenger never had. Wenger suffered blame because of his personality (he is just a manager on and off the pitch who would never expose anyone) But how many times did Gaziddis say that the club had no money?? Was it Wenger’s fault? Wenger held on when the club was financially troubled and kept us in champions league single handedly. The club sold our best players and you keep bringing him on downfall issues. Do you think selling our best players like Song, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP and many more gave Wenger any positive multivation after all he had gone through to mold them to a team? You people should leave Wenger out of useless and unnecessary criticisms. He did what he had to do. He over stayed because of the love he had for Arsenal. We clearly know that PSG, REALMADRID, AC MILAN & CITY has tried getting him out of Arsenal but he stayed put despite all what the club was going through and am sure if we got someone else say Emery when arsenal was struggling with the new stadium we would be close to relegation if not getting to the same with both feets.
      Reflect how much Liverpool and city and Even Chelsea under Mourinho has to invest in order to perform and win trophies. Wenger shot himself on the foot when he remained in top 4 with fringe players and the management realized that since he could do that, then there was no need for investment because for them, top four was enough.
      Let me stop less I’ll write a novel about how I feel when someone tries to demean someone who is wholly credible for the Arsenal we have today.
      Respect Wenger

  8. Stop blaming Wenger you ignorant
    Clearly you haven’t got a clue about football
    How can you blame AW the man who put Arsenal in the world map and generated millions of fans around the world The greatest manager we ever had a true visionary
    Arsenal was always playing beautiful football and I was happy to renew my season tickets every year but I don’t know if I will because I cannot accept what this man doing to our club
    Our football at the moment lacks everything and reminds me of football played by mid table teams,he has sucked out the beauty out of the beautiful game

  9. Who cares what ozi earns all I care about is a manager who can get us playing football again not watching us kick the ball sideways and backwards,,, Emery doesn’t play the game the Arsenal way or infact any way GET RID OF HIM NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE AND THE PLAYERS START TO LOSE CONFIDENCE RHE MAN IS AN IDIOT I AM STARTING TO get very irritated by him,cant understand a word he says you ask him a question he doesn’t understand you he never answeres the question back because he can’t understand or speak proper English the players must laugh he sounds like a someone out of a cartoon character please Go you have had enough time to get the players to show some kind of improvement we are going backwards.

  10. Emery should be go at the end of the season no doubt. But my GOD when somebody state a fact Wenger here, you see his apologist quoting what a great man he is, the marvelous football we played under him. Let me ask this. Why was he sacked then

  11. Gunners fans are very inconsistent and funny, I was one of those calling for Rodgers but Gunners fans didn’t want anything to do with him because he wasn’t good enough, why all the sudden change.

    Emery should just leave, we are shit to watch guys and it’s not going to improve.

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