Unai Emery opens up a little on Arsenal captaincy

Unai Emery drops Arsenal captaincy hint after draw against Wolves

Arsenal fans who wanted Arsenal to change their captaincy may have gotten their wish as Unai Emery drops a hint that Pierre Emerick Aubameyang may wear the armband more frequently.

In the wake of Granit Xhaka’s fallout with Arsenal fans, Emery decided to drop the Swiss midfielder from the squad for their game against Wolves and handed the armband to Aubameyang. The Gabonese attacker responded by scoring his 50th goal for the club.

“Today he took that responsibility and he could do in the future.” Emery said about the Gabonese attacker,”
That is probably as close as you will get to Emery revealing his thinking on the captaincy subject. He obviously did not feel confident to name Xhaka originally and left that up to the players. He just does not seem to have a decisive position on the captaincy.

I have no idea if Aubameyang would make a decent long term captain, however, Xhaka was previously captain of Borussia Munchengladbach and is currently the captain of Switzerland.

What does that tell us? It tells us that Xhaka is an experienced captain. He certainly has the confidence of his teammates, so why the problem?

Well, it seems that form, talent and competence are a significant element of being a captain for the fans. Xhaka is lacking those right now, whereas Aubameyang is not.

That is the conundrum for Emery, does he stick with his experienced captain or take a chance with the clubs most in-form player?

For the fans, it is obvious, not sure Emery is convinced but he may be coming around to the idea.


  1. Phil says:

    Emery is proving himself clueless in every decision that he makes.If he can’t decide who should be hisCaptain on the field then what sort of message is this to the players?
    He is absolutely clueless.No leadership.Zero confidence being spread from manager to team.And ZERO signs of anything improving.
    Lose at Leicester and he’s gone.If the club had balls he should go now.
    Nothing will ever get better under this clown so just get rid NOW before he causes any more damage.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Emery has sucked all the joy out of watching Arsenal. Something that I can’t remember happening even in Wenger’s darkest days.

      1. pires says:

        we’r worst than under Wenger.And the club has backed Emery well since he’s here with signing like Torreira and Tierny yet he isn’t able to improve the team

        1. Phil says:

          No arguments from me @Pires.
          The team look as though they just don’t know what they are doing.Thats down to Emery.We have good players at this Club.Het a manager in who knows what he is doing and things will turn around.Nothing will change under this fool

  2. Innit says:

    My support for Emery is decreasing and decreasing. Today’s loss was unacceptable
    Only good thing is that Emery picked a very good lineup (not the best but good side). The formation and positioning was wrong and Pipe should have started


    If this match doesn’t show people how Average Ozil is, nothing will!

    Ozil had Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Lacazette and still very average against a midtable team. He’s NOT the reason we lost. The whole team was below par but Ozil hasn’t helped his cause

    Ozil should not start the next PL match. He’s not good enough

    1. ken1945 says:

      Innit, so if Ozil was average, but he wasn’t the reason we lost, what team are you thinking of putting out next week as he iisnt good enough to start the next game?

      Your argument regarding Ozil are really just based on your dislike of the player – as your post shows…are you now going to drop the whole team as per your second paragraph?

      Don’t you think of UE was to blame, or are you still advocating we need to give him time?

      1. Phil says:

        Ken1845- the trouble with @innit and @got no f***ing clue what I’m talking about is that they have no answers.Boyh are very quick to say what’s wrong and who is to blame,( Ozil of course ) but have nothing to offer as a sound reason to how things improve.If it wasn’t for inverted wingers with the left foot forward allowing the right foot to dribble all over the other one ( I think) then what more do you seriously expect from them? And to be fair, that was one of the better posts

        1. ken1945 says:

          Phil, that goes for a lot of posters on here – love to make longwinded statements, challenge with questions and demanding answers, then fail to answer the questions posed to them – either that, or they just keep repeating the same old nonsense you describe above.

          I clearly remember how you, Durand and myself were trying to point out the negativity of UE’s tactics during the “glorious” unbeaten run of last season – we were pilloried from post to post – now these same experts of the game cant wait to join the bandwagon wanting change immediately – funny old game!!!

          1. Phil says:

            Funny old game indeed Ken-that unbeaten run last season papered over the cracks until Xmas.A bit like this season.Some were admiring the 3rd place position ( that lasted all of 5 minutes) and now look at us.
            I’m convinced Raul and Edu are looking long term with how the club need to progress but they also need to address the here and now,The tactics are wrong. the team selection is wrong. A bolder manager than Emery would have set us up with a 4231 yesterday with Lacazette up top and Ozil in the middle of Aubamayang and Pepe.Torriera would have been a CDM with either Ceballos or Guendouzi next to him.
            We can all see it but this clown refuses to.And for all those quick to say how ineffective Ozil was yesterday, I would like to know the stats on forward passes. It seemed as though we played far fewer sideways passes yesterday than recently. But why oh why was Pepe not playing? If anyone could have done with Ozil in the same side it is him.
            Or is he just not inverted enough

  3. Viera Lyn says:

    Much like his predecessor Emery seems afraid to lay all his cards on the table and play our best 11…have you ever heard of any significant club not playing their best players together into November…let’s face it he should have never been hired in the first place due to his pitiful away record in Spain and his epic collapse against Barca…these should have provided the perfect non-starters to anyone involved in the evaluation process following Wenger’s departure…everything we complained about under Arsene are being duplicated by this seemingly clueless man…think about it!! playing people out of position, not providing proper defensive coverage from the DM position(Lucas spent more time in the opponents box today than Ozil or Ceballos), unproductive battles with our top talent, horrendous away record, questionable tactics/in-game adjustments/late-game substitutions, taking no accountability following another poor performance, playing favourites regardless of their present form, playing Ozil out wide, not properly addressing the glaring lack of leadership within the squad, too many wide-side crosses and not enough vertical attacking, ridiculous late-window additions(Luiz and anyone Wenger ever purchased in January) etc…if I didn’t know better Emery is some sort of karma clone created by Wenger seeking revenge for what he believed was an unjustified dismissal…if we don’t get this manager shit-show resolved soon we’re going to end up losing some of our top talent in the summer, if not sooner, and things will get a lot worse before they get better

  4. Samuel Luyo says:

    Unai Emery is clueless. Making unnecessary substitutes without reading the game. This has clearly been observed during Carabao cup, and yesterday’s match against Wolves.I lost confidence in him, we rather have Mourihnouh who plays boring game but the end result is a win

  5. Olaitan Kayode says:

    Innit is obsessed with Hating Ozil. Please tell me what you want from Ozil. To play a Ronaldo or a Messi. All he need to is connect the midfield with the attackers. Play some good passes and hopefully make a assist or score a goal.

    I guess Ozil was the one that told Emery to sub Torrerria for Saka. And Tierney for Kolasinic.

    Innit let Ozil be. You are the one just looking for every means to justify your hatred towards Ozil.

    Mesut had a very good game yesterday. And if we are to vote that here now, I am sure you will be at the losing end.

    If Emery hadn’t pull out that stupid sub and we won, you wouldn’t have complain abt Ozil.

    Favr the problem, Emery is the problem and not Ozil

    Deluded fan

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