Unai Emery promises Arsenal fans 3 or 4 signings – and big, expensive targets….

After the furore of the lack of transfer activity and the open protest by the #WeCareDoYou campaign released this week by various Arsenal groups and blogs, and then Josh Kroenke’s response promising that Arsenal will be making ‘exciting’ signings but to be patient, it was nice to hear some positive words from our manager as well ahead of our game against Bayern Munich.

Emery made it clear that there would be lots of good news in the coming weeks, when he said on Arsenal.com: “We are taking with the patience and with the calm because we really want to sign players who can help us with a big performance, and also because we think in the team we have very good players and young players and we also need to take the best player in some positions. Really, I can say to our supporters that we are going to have a very good team with the players that are there now and also with three or four players who can help us in a few days.”

Emery was then asked if the fans should be ‘excited’ about the coming transfers, as Josh Kroenke promised in his interview, and the Boss replied: “Yes. Really we are speaking about the big players and because we are starting thinking about our team and our squad now, and we have very good players and very good young players that can progress to take and get big performances with us. Other players can come here to help us. We need, really, that they will come with a big performance and also our target is to achieve three or four players who really improve our team and our squad now. We are being very, very demanding and we are first speaking about the possibility to sign very big, very expensive players and the first player in our list is our first target. And after, if we cannot achieve that, then the second. But we are thinking every time that they are going to improve our squad.”

So hopefully, Emery has put the fans’ minds at rest for the time being,


    1. EXACTLY!

      We’ve heard it all before (especially with Wenger) and then the transfer deadline day ends and we have to live with the fact we were all duped again..

      It could still be a case of “same sh*t, different toilet” again?..

      Do NOT fall for the hype!

  1. Sounds good.
    I always pay attention to what the manager says or what Arsenal’s official website says.

    3-4 players at least is what I was hoping for

    It will take 2-3 years of signings to sort this team out

    Hopefully we can sell 3-4 players as well

  2. Good news
    Rob holding seem recovery fast
    He will playing in last match in icc for evaluation fitness

  3. Sounds like Wenger to be perfectly honest. I don’t believe him. They DO need to buy defenders. Kolasinac and Mustafa were horrendous against Bayern.

  4. More doing and less saying would be better.

    Put your money where you mouth is and get on with it Kroenke otherwise it’s all just Arsenal BS as usual.

    We have all been here before!

  5. Must add that Josh Kroenke mentioned also (in response to the #wecaredoyou) that arsenal are very close to signings. I would also go as far as staying Arsenal is more Josh project then his fathers.

    But on the topic of signings. I’m excited to see them come when they do. Bang bang bang bang. One after the next, no lag.

    Beyond all of this, the young talent we have at arsenal is incredible. I hope in the season ahead, atleast 3 of them break through

  6. Big and expensive player is the description of Wilfried Zaha, unless he means it is a new CB

      1. I read that Edu is helping with getting Everton Soares on board. Again though, will believe it when i see it!

      2. No one had heard of Everton until last week now everyone is saying we should sign him .another cheap option for the club ,Gotanidea is right Zaha is the best out there but the club are to tight .

        1. He just won player of the Copa America tournament!

          Considering who he is up against I think he could be a good signing?

      3. Wife posting a video of him on Insta learning English apparently – that’s a done deal now in my book… haha

  7. I’m happy to believe that Emery is sincere and is not selling the fans down the river in the way AW did in later years.
    Only time will tell but if no respectable signings are made then I will write him off as just another management mouthpiece.
    Don’t understand the Tierney fixation – he cannot be the only LB worth buying so why indulge in the boring saga. Move on!

    1. Maybe because Tierney has the potential to become the best LB in Europe.
      Even his former manager who had both Tierney and VVD in his squad together said that at that moment in time KT was the better player…… Considering how well VVD progressed when he made the switch to the EPL I have high hopes for KT.
      Missing out on the lad for a paltry 25mill would be a huge mistake on our part

      1. You may be right – so if that is the case Arsenal should have tied this up long before now. If this guy is so good why play around? Either he is worth beating all other interested parties for (strange absence of genuine competition) or he isn’t. This obsessional pursuit makes me severely doubt a well thought out scouting procedure that should include sensible alternatives and avoid this dreary ‘window-long’ saga.

        1. I don’t know…. Personally I’d have payed the 25 straight away, he’s more than worth it, but I wouldn’t call our pursuit ‘obsessive’…. Take away the media hype and its just been two bids,…..it doesn’t even matter if it drags on a bit as he’s still recovering anyway.
          As for the lack of serious competition for his signature well that’s probably due more to how the Scottish league is viewed down here rather than KT himself ….. We passed up the opportunity to sign VVD when he left Celtic and look how that turned out, I hope we don’t do the same again this time

          1. You are right, ‘obsessive’ is too strong. I think it’s the sheer frustration, it’s like AW Groundhog Day, with what appears to be a clear-cut purchase decision being drawn out for an unconscionably long time. I don’t doubt the player, it’s the footling around that winds me up.

  8. I’m not really bothered about a friendly match.

    Yes it is a good workout to get the players fit and ready for the rigours of next season, and for them to gain an element of psychological advantage against top class opponents.

    We NEED TO and MUST win when it really matters in competitive games — Premier League, Europa League and in the Champions League (when and if we return there).

    As for signings, at the start of the summer window, I stated on a well known Arsenal fans blog that we needed to sign between 6-8 players, over 2-3 transfer windows and I still think that.

    We need:

    2 X CBs, LB, RB, CM, CAM, LW and RW. However, I’d be quite happy with half of that for this window, and we get the rest in the coming 2 windows.

    We need to sell players that is surplus to requirements:

    Mustafi, El Neny, Jenkinson, and HM7.

    I’d give Chambers another chance to prove himself.


  9. Big players?
    Raphaël Varane 70m
    Kevin De Bruyne 130m
    Kylian Mbappé 200m
    Can’t wait 🙂

    1. Don’t hold your breath;)

      We are struggling to pay £25 mil for Tierney so I’d hold off on buying your Arsenal shirt with Mbappe on the back just yet!!:)

      1. How much did these players cost their selling clubs?
        Arsenal needs to identify and buy players of this quality earlier in their development (eg Virgil Van Djik from Glasgow Celtic) rather than two clubs later when they are established stars.

        1. Don’t quote me but I read somewhere VvD was offered to arsenal before he went to Celtic and Southampton. I’m sure most of not all the big names were offered to Arsenal before their performances trippled their market value.

          Doesanyone ever listen to the vultures, I mean agents?

          1. Welbeck, I read that Arsenal had scouted VVD, but Arsene Wenger believed he didn’t work hard enough.

  10. How can I make my words shout. There is one creative player at an amazing price. A man with an amazing football brain and endless energy. Last season he played about 40 games for his team and scored 12 goals. He is talented……Nabil Fekir. He’s just coming to 26 years old. He has 6 talented years ahead of him. 27 million. We can afford HIM.

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