Unai Emery puts the blame for his demise squarely on certain players

Unai Emery claims that he needed more time and had to deal with poor attitude from Arsenal stars.

Unai Emery has taken another swipe at Arsenal following his sacking by the Gunners last year and the Spaniard claims that he would have done a good job if he was given more time.

Arsenal sacked Emery after a poor run of result that saw them lose his last game 2-1 at home to Eintracht Frankfurt.

The Spaniard had struggled to motivate his stars to give him the level of performance that he needed to succeed and the club fired him after they realised that he probably had nothing else to offer.

In a number of interviews, Emery has discussed his sacking and in a recent interview, he claims that most of his Arsenal stars had a poor attitude and claimed he could have helped the club achieve its goals if he was given more time.

Emery told France Football: “Arsenal had been on a downward slope for two years when I joined them.

“We stopped the rot and took the club to the Europa League final and took fifth place in the Premier League.

“That season we had qualification for the Champions League in our own hands but it all went wrong.

“We lost our four captains (Laurent) Koscielny, (Petr) Cech, (Aaron) Ramsey and (Nacho) Monreal and we really missed them.

“Some of our top players didn’t have the right attitude and were asking for more than they were giving.

“I needed more time to manage to transform this club, into the new Arsenal I had been hoping to build.”

Emery may not have named the “top players” specifically but it is obvious who he is referring to. One just has to do a Google search for the senior Arsenal players that were posting up messages on social media and downing tools on the field of play.

The Spaniard is probably right about the top player’s attitude, you would have had to be blind not to see what was going on, however, the buck does stop with the manager, if he was unable to get them on side he has to shoulder a lot of that blame.


  1. I think he will naturally do that. But I put the blame on him. (1) he became confused at a point and didn’t know what he was doing (2) he messed with the team too much. Too many changes (3) he was using the wrong players for the wrong positions, everything became complicated and confusing (4) he lacks clear cut tactics and methods (5) he lacks defensive tactics, we were to easy to attack, opponents created too many chan(6) he lacks man management, this has always been the issue with him even in his previous clubs. One or two players have terrible things to say about him. (7) last minute changes to the formations and player, Mustafi said it in emery’s last Europa League game. He said they learned And change the new tactics a day before the game, so first half was rubbish but that they improved in the second half. Emery should take the blame because he was supposed to be the head of the team.

  2. “I needed more time to manage to transform this club, into the new Arsenal I had been hoping to build.”

    I for one, I’m glad he wasn’t allowed the time for this crap…
    For the past one month, he’s suddenly running his mouth like a diarrhea patient leaking poo every time from the áss… blaming everybody else but himself.
    Nothing was ever his fault, not his crazy tactics, his weird selections, never mastering a formation or tactic, constantly tweaking the team and rearranging tactics against different opponents.. hell I’m not a footballer who played under him but even I could see everything he did was confusing and complicated, so who am I to question the players who seemed lost under him??
    He keeps blaming players, he was perfect and wasn’t responsible for our failure to get to the UCL…

    Ozil,PEA, Cech, Montreal, and Ramsey cqme together n made the decision to start Elneny and Guendouzi in midfield against Palace when we needed a win.
    The same senior players made the decision to drop out of the top four race when it was there, the players decided oh beating Chelsea was our best chance to get to the UCL when we we could’ve secured UCL then go for the Europa league.
    The same players decided to put their eggs in one basket, Oh how can we doubt it, when it’s the players making the decisions on who to be captain.
    I was impressed when we signed him, 2 months after the league started, I saw him as a fraud.. Heaven knows the more he keeps running his mouth about the club now the more my dislike for him keeps growing.

    For those who’d come and say he didn’t get the players he wanted, well I’m glad he didn’t…
    this is the man who wanted an ageing Nzonzi over Torreira… The man who wanted an ageing Banega as our midfielder… The man who chased Denis Suarez, finally got him but couldn’t do a single good thing with him.
    Maybe the type of Arsenal he wanted was a sevilla, Bournemouth, or Everton… I’m glad your good ebening Spanish Dracula ain’t here no more.
    We’ve moved on, Maybe he should move on also and stop being a crybaby.
    Arsene Wenger had it worse but he barely spoke half as much as Emery has done about the club

    1. Eddie you are on fire! I agree with everything you said, and how you elaborated on your points.

      Merely look how that fool tried to transform Torreira and pushed him forward. Arteta knew Torreira’s best position and what benefited the club.

      I can’t read his ramblings anymore, how everyone else is at fault. He arrogantly talks about “transforming” the club, that fool. I’m not sure in what context he was referring; to right a sinking ship, or to create an English Seville or another Pulis-type West Brom atrocity?

      He should just shut up and fade away. Wenger oozes class since his departure, and emery vomits his excuses into every microphone shoved his way.

      Perhaps he could explain why he failed to deliver on ANY on the things he mentioned when he took over. Like the following;
      1. Protagonists without the ball
      2. Improving the defense
      3. Rather lose 5-4 than win 1-0

      Good riddance to him, go back to a mid-table Spanish level team, that is your speed limit by all the evidence you have shown.

  3. I would rather ex head coaches, like ex polititions, would concentrate on their next job, rather than revisiting the past. Emery’s poor English communication skills were a major hindrance to his effectiveness.
    However, the other issue, which still has not been rectified under Arteta, is that Emery was denied support in the transfer market to sign the the players he wanted to support the style of football he wanted to play. This combined with the loss of players, particularly in defense, to injury meant that his options for selection did not allow him to bench underperforming players.
    Without such support in the transfer market, based on present results and performances, Arteta will be lucky to avoid a similar fate to Emery.

  4. Poor old Emery eh! No one likes him, the players were not onside, the team ,fans and even he himself was confused. Confusion was his middle name though , being an English word, he would not even know how to speak it. A misfit from the start and as someone who regressed rather than improved Arsenal, I say good riddance. As I DO TO ALL WHO HARM ARSENAL, SOME STILL ON THE CURRENT PLAYING STAFF. But who will be gone, sooner rather than later, NOW that we have a PROPER non “foreign” Spaniard in charge. I predict a cull of the deadwood this summer.

  5. The more this guy talks, the more he is talking himself out of big jobs in football. He needs to keep quiet and learn from his mistakes. He is not Jose, Jose is the only one that can get away with blaming others for his failure.

  6. Sounds like he didn’t have any responsibility for what was going on at all. It was somebody else’s fault.

    A book of his time at Arsenal would make a great 2020 Christmas present lol

  7. It was wrong on the part of the club to fire him when they did. They should have done it a lot earlier.

    He single handedly converted 3rd into 5th with his moronic team selections. Would have been absolutely suicidal for the club to let him any longer.

    1. Exactly. He was actually doing well until things just fell apart for him towards the end of last season, and he was more to blame for that than the players. Weak selections in crucial games against beatable teams. One win was all we needed to secure a top 4 place, and we had multiple chances to do it. From there, he just never recovered. He has at least admitted that his multiple captain approach was a mistake, but hearing from the players the problem were deeper than that. They didn’t understand his instructions, and he failed to gain the respect required to manage the squad. Of course I am sure Emery is right about certain players not putting in the right attitude. We saw that on the pitch ourselves for months.

      1. Unauthorized let down the gunners. It would have been nice if Diego Someone was brought to this great club. I’m also disappointed that quality players are not brought to the club.

  8. From a man who enjoys creating friction with players,(quoting Emery himself) then blames the players for not being on-board. Yes, really happened.

    Singles out players in front of the media and cameras repeatedly, yet whines how they don’t buy into his tactics. Yes, really happened.

    Doesn’t coach up defenders in training, (for 18 months according to players), and he speaks on poor defense. Yes, really happened.

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