Unai Emery swats away the same old boring questions about Ozil

The media cannot help themselves, whenever they get given the opportunity they will ask about Mesut Ozil and his future with Arsenal and it really does not matter what the manager says, or for that matter, the player, they will continue asking.

So, today we had the usual Friday press conference and of course, Emery was asked about Ozil. “He’s working very well, playing very well, he’s helping us”. he said

“I’m very happy with him. I think the team has a good atmosphere, good spirit with each player helping us with their qualities and good behaviour”

“That’s the spirit I want, they are doing that, and Mesut is like the others [in that regard]”

I have to say that it is now irritating, it is clear to anyone that has seen Ozil in recent weeks that he is in a good place, he has adapted to the demands of the boss, he obviously accepts that he will not play every game and that is now being reflected in the German masetro’s performances.

Will Ozil play on Sunday? Who knows?That is a decision that will be made on how Emery approaches the game and I personally will be fine with that and the chances are, so will Ozil.

The press are intent on reporting that Ozil will be sold, they have done that regularly throughout the season, it is either he is paid too much or does not fit in with the future direction of the club or that he is unhappy and wants to move on.

But from what I can see, he appears happy, the manager appears happy and the team appears happy.

Let’s move on….


  1. Just like Beckham, Ozil is good for marketing. I’m sure Emery has already been immune to these types of questions since he managed Neymar, Mbappe, Draxler, Di Maria and Cavani at PSG

    I don’t think he would start at the Goodison Park. But if he does, I hope he would play behind two wide forwards in 3-4-1-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 formation

      1. I wish he could repeat similar performance if chosen to start and I expect Everton’s players to have lost their motivation

  2. Ozil can show them how unhappy he is by helping us to take the first of some huge steps over these next hurdles. We have to have the commitment v Eve, it’s a big game so I’m hoping Ozil will help big game player Lacazette to fire us ahead, but any combination will do. Then we can see how sad Ozil is, Ozil should use all that stuff for fuel, supercharge himself with all the crap that people talk.

    One worry I have and I’m only aware of it today, Sokratis is on nine yellows for the season, one more and he misses not one, but two next games. That is dangerous, we could all probably pick the time we think it would work out best for us, but it’s doubtful that Sokratis will be able to choose it himself. You’d definitely want Sokratis available for tough away games.

    1. im going to the game and based on mondays game the whole stadium is behind the team and ozil, i think he will start and assist atleast one of the three goals….up you gooners!!

  3. …I love how Emery has stamped his authority in this team starting with big players like Auba, Lacazette and Ozil.

    ….In the beginning of the season Auba was taken off a lot until he proved he was good enough and then Laca went through the same process although, Laca was more of a tactical thing.

    …Ozil’s was a little difficult because of how much he was cuddled by Wenger but when it became clear that this new coach wasn’t going to take such nonsense from him and that Emery has somehow found a way to beat teams without his input, Ozil knew he had to step up. Emery was ready to take whatever came his way to make sure he didn’t make the same mistake at PSG. The result is here for all to see. The team spirit and togetherness is one I haven’t seen in quite some time in the Emirates. Mutual respect for each other and overall, a fantastic environment for team development…
    …Every player know now that starting a game is up to the manager and not how big a star a player is. If you start or not, support the team. That’s all.

    …..More importantly, as much I wish Ramsey wasn’t leaving, I love the fact that his contract was withdrawn. If we had given in to him, our situation would have soon be like that of Man United where every half decent player wants his wages imcreased because of Sanchez’s huge wages. I hope an Ozil situation doesn’t repeat itself again.

    1. jamesbrowney, a very good assessment. Ozil is just one player for Emery as coach to utilize as he sees fit, to maximize the performance of the TEAM.
      I don’t believe Emery should carry the can for what happened at PSG. He was undermined by the management of PSG in supporting player power over the manager/coach.

  4. I as a spirit man, never doubted Ozil’s talent for once! that guy is a playmaker, all Emery needed, was to improve his stamina! I love you, Ozil

  5. Everton away was marked as a draw in my books. And even though United dropped points against wolves, Chelsea could be a dark horse coming up from 6th as they appear to be winning games they shouldn’t..

    We can’t win every game, it’s the ones we wont we need to make sure we dont loss. Everton since their derby have had a run of form and want to make up ground on the top 6 to prove they are not so far behind for next year..

    We can win there, but we need to be compact and patient. If chances are limited for us, we need to give them even less chances.

    Il give ozil 70mins to see if he can unlock their defence and let the bench take over for the last 20mins if we need to push the game.

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