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Unai Emery’s tactics will be a breath of fresh air after Wenger

Why Arsenal’s New Coach Might Be What We Need Right Now

Unai Emery -

Although many long-term Gunners’ supporters might still be in denial over the news that Arsene Wenger won’t lead the Arsenal Football Club next season, the show must go on. After 22 years, it’s time for a change. It won’t be easy to watch someone other than Le Prof at the staff bench, but the new head coach, Unai Emery, might be the whiff of fresh air the club desperately needs.

For starters, appointing the former PSG boss may come as a little bit of a surprise. Not because of questionable skills or lack of credentials, but due to substantial media attention to the idea of giving a chance to some less experienced ex-player. A few former Gunners were on the table, with Mikel Arteta as the supposed main candidate. But we’ve already shared our suspicions that this may have been an intentional ploy from the Arsenal board. If that is the case, to be able to have that knowledge beforehand could present a lot of opportunities, including the ability to use it at top betting websites like Unibet. Instead, we have ourselves a solid man in charge, with a proven record of success at the European level.

The second part of Wenger’s reign, although it provided relatively satisfying stability and a secured place among the best in Champions League (up to the last two seasons, at least), felt like it lacked something. Let’s face it: our manager could have achieved more trophies. A few FA Cups, although praiseworthy and still better than Tottenham, are just not enough for a club of such standards. Emery’s three consecutive Europa League wins with Sevilla, not an easy task, sound quite encouraging for Arsenal fans who yearn for the future filled with cup titles on the European level.

Another thing people often used to hold against our former boss was an excessive attachment to romantic, but somewhat outdated, values in various aspects of how modern sports industry works. The industry he has done plenty to change and improve, no doubt. However, it seemed like the Frenchman depended too much on the idea of loose play and the fixed belief that the team will do the job if given enough space and freedom. Meanwhile, Emery is known for his devotion to a tactical approach and searching for the best solutions. He already managed to impress Arsenal board members with his deep knowledge of the squad and assessments of the players. We cannot wait to be impressed by his work here at the club.

Tactics rule modern football!

49 thoughts on “Unai Emery’s tactics will be a breath of fresh air after Wenger

  1. Kenny Rolfe

    Lets be honest, when did you see Wenger come off the bench and scream at the team with any passion. I never expected him to dive into the crowd like Conte but on many occasions I seem to have done the screaming for him. This is exactly what we’re going to get from Unai and personally I can’t wait for the season to start.

        1. Xxnofx

          That’s not going to help if we don’t sign some players with quality,he can shout all he wants but if he’s managing the same team as wenger last season we’ve got no chance .The teams that finished above us are all strengthening with quality players and we are getting linked with players that half of us have never herd of . For me it’s abit worrying because I thought we was going to start changing how this club was run ,but all I see is the fact we now have a coach rather than a manager

          1. Phil

            Well you just answered your own question haven’t you?A big problem over this last decade is the fact we have had nobody who was capable of COACHING the players we did have.

            1. Xxnofx

              No my question is why haven’t we or trying to sign quality players .,if you think a change of manager is going to get us up the table to 1st with the same players as last year then that’s not going to happen

              1. Xxnofx

                I want to see signings like auba ,even just 1 we all saw what spending money on a quality player did for us in January .Im just worried that nothing is changing while teams above us are doing just that .The team and players we have just ain’t good enough ,who the f..k wants to see xhaka and Ramsey controlling our midfield and behind them mustafi and chambers ,I for 1 don’t want to see that

                1. Phil

                  I actually couldn’t agree more.But we still need COACHING.This is something that has not been happening for years.I still believe Mustafi COULD be a decent CB.But he needs a CDM in front of him and somebody to COACH the whole team on defensive duties.Wenger never addressed this in spite of having Bould as his assistant

                2. Sue

                  Some of the players you mention may be completely different under the new manager. There is a long way to go before the window shuts… but yes I agree with you, I want some new players too…. and not just 34 year olds 😩

                  1. Ozziegunner

                    Sue, there’s a rumour going around that you already have Soyuncu’s photograph on your wall?

                3. Neil

                  Hmmm. We didn’t win a point away in 2018 till last game of season. So whilst Auba had a great start not sure thats what the team needed. Giroud leaving I think killed our Europa chances as Auba was not eligible

              2. Adega Olatunji

                Did you see what the OX has become since he moved to Liverpool? I think we still have some good players they just need an ambitious coach, a changer and a winner period

                1. Xxnofx

                  The players I’ve mentioned have been at the club for us to know that there are not good enough .I don’t buy into this xhaka thing where people are saying he’s not played in is best position if he was half decent he would be able to adapt to many positions in that midfield ,but he’s not .Same goes for Ramsey ,he’s been at this club for most of us to see that he just is not good enough ,they are both one paced one trick Pony’s , what I would give for a Santi type player in there ,saying that I would rather have Santi in there in on his own than them 2 running our midfield .theres class ,and then 2 just dont have it

                  1. Xxnofx

                    Not sure what the ox as done at Liverpool either tbh ,half dozen decent games ,not really a world beater is he

      1. Billy

        Cant wait until August 11th its my birthday and I will be in Bali watching the Premier league

        1. Kenny Rolfe

          Not a bad judge Billy. Have a great time on your birthday. Hopefully the first game’s at home, I’ll be at the Emirates.

  2. Pump Pump Emery Workout

    Let’s be honest – somewhere along the line Wenger began thinking he was more than a coach/manager and that in field performance was not the only indicator of a club’s success.

    Apart from Emery’s refreshing approach, it is also refreshing to see the restructure at the club so that Emery is judged on his teams performance rather than all this nonsense that Wenger used to go on about like ‘the club is in great shape’ after being thrashed by Bayern

  3. leeroy

    unai emery :’What I like is provoking the opponent,’ he said, as translated by GFFN. ‘It’s a more aggressive idea, which exposes you more. Bielsa’s style, Guardiola’s style.

    ‘When you lose the ball, you win it back as quickly as possible. Anywherethe ball may be, the team has to position themselves to press and win it back. If play stops, everyone goes back to their position. If the ball is in play, we press, all while remaining organised tactically.

    ‘Those are my two outlooks from a defensive point of view. If the ball is in play, you press. If play stops, you reposition yourself.’

    This then led the 46-year-old onto the formations which best allow him to play his football.“For me, the 4-1-4-1 is the system which facilitates that type of pressing,”he explained.

    “The 4-4-2 is designed more and more for zonal positioning. It’s less aggressive, but is more difficult to get past. That’s the case with Marcelino’s teams, Quique Sanchez Flores’ teams, Saint-Étienne when we last played them…“I am not ruling out the possibility of a 4-4-2. That’s not the idea that I privilege, but if it allows me to be more competitive, then I’ll go towards it without hesitating.

  4. Lee

    Where in the article actually speaks about the headline? “Unai Emery’s tactics will be a breath of fresh air after Wenger – Why Arsenal’s New Coach Might Be What We Need Right Now”. The entire article is about Wenger and past gripes. Quite a waste of time IMO.


    How come were not linked with anyone yet ?
    Kev= remember source, what’s the latest news ? We need info ASAP.

    1. Dan

      Oh please how can you fall for their crap all they do is read other sites and print what they see got about as much inside information about arsenal as me and that’s zero anyway there prob at school so will have to wait till after 4 for the made up stuff!!


        Haha you’re probably right and I know it. The problem is, am addicted to the fake rumours we get every year around this time. Plus I find it entertaining.

        1. Break-on-through

          Rumour is Nzonzi wants out and we are interested, price 35m euro in some reports 40 mil in others. Tolisso of BM is an interest, 60m, but he had a terrific season and Bayern aren’t a team we can bully. So may forget that one. We watched Soyuncu against Turkey and are planning to watch him vs Tunisia. 35m price tag muted which am sure you’re aware of already. Charlie Watts says he’s a player of interest to Arsenal and his preference is premier league. Charlie Watts also says you may forget about Tolisso. Charlie Watts says on Nzonzi, with us looking for a holding midfielder it’s no wonder that he’s mentioned as possible target. Who is Charlie Watts, very good question. Sven has contacted Barcelona, according to reports, to discuss the prospect of signing Dembele. Liv also linked. Charlie Watts thinks it’s unlikely they’ll let him leave even on loan. Charlie Watts says that Seri interest is genuine, 35m, but he says he believes it’s only if Aaron leaves that we’ll want him. Balloteli, not happening, short and sweet. Kieran Tierney, unlikely, not a pressing need for left back. Jan Oblack, we would love him so too Liv, but price could be a problem. B Leno, much more likely. Sven likes him and Arsenal like his price. There’s more, much more if I go looking. If you prefer I could wait til reports are sounding imminent, terms agreed, etc etc, and then tell you I am a fan who knows ..believe me. Anyways, good luck, I’m off.


            That’s my fix for the day lol. Even though I don’t see any player to get excited about.

    2. Declan

      Look on “News now Arsenal”, we are linked with loads of players and that’s predominantly where kev and the other two get their info.

  6. Kenny Rolfe

    Anyway, with the Russian unable to get a visa due to his links with Putin and wanting his £1.17 Billion back, Poch leaving the Spuds for Real Madrid, life is beginning to look rosy again. I’m laughing me head off. Top four looks a doddle.

    1. Break-on-through

      I can’t say I wasn’t looking forward to the iron curtain getting thorn down, and Tott losing Poch will be a big red cherry. Aaaaah, all is good, now move out of the way big club coming through..

  7. Kobie Fourie

    We have a new manager and a new era is dawn. Wenger put us on solid foundations and did overall a great job. Let us get now behind our manager and team and rid ourselfs from this smal tit for tat.

      1. Phil

        I’m with you Kenny-I will NEVER stop having a go at those two clubs and their chav supporters.What?They have been feeling sorry for us over the last few years have they?

    1. Ackshay

      IF you cannot get over some little bantering which is one of the essence of football, may i suggest you switch to golf or ballet lol.

            1. Ozziegunner

              Kenny, there’s a rumour you shot your age; my dear departed father did it up to age 87!

    2. Ozziegunner

      Too bad he didn’t leave Unia Emery with players (with a few exceptions) such as
      Bould Adams Keown
      Winterburn Dixon
      Merson Viera Platt
      Bergkamp Wright

      1. Midkemma

        Vieira was bought by David Dein on request of Wenger, if AFC wanted Wenger then get Vieira first kinda thing.

        Wenger isn’t the sole man to blame for the teams current state, the CEO who has wasted money over the years also has a hand in AFC lack of quality.

        Just to point out what I mean, Perez was signed by AFC but Wenger wanted Laca and AFC had made bids for Laca… instead of making the funds available for Wenger, Gazidis got Perez.

        Wenger has said in an interview that he only wanted Welbroke on loan, we now pay his wages to be injured for most of it… Wouldn’t if we only got him on loan like the manager wanted at the time.

        The team could be in better condition if Wenger had been given a top CB as he asked for in Jan, instead Sven and Gazidis spent all transfer window trying to penny pinch…

        Hang on, penny pinching? Wasn’t that Wenger according to a lot of fans like yourself?

  8. Break-on-through

    If anyone believe’s Arsenal will stop being so open and will not be hit on the break regular enough as well as cutting almost all of the nightmares back there my pal are in for a surprise. Am not saying we will not improve, am saying this dude loves open football and playing very high lines.

    1. Mwsupporter

      All this talk of buying players and who the press say we’re buyng, how many of the decent buys we’ve made over the last couple of years have been known in advance by the press…… virtually none. Don’t listen to the crap from the people that don’t know anything. ….The press….

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