Unai Emery tells two very big players to find another club

Unai Emery has made it clear to Shkodran Mustafi and Mohamed Elneny that it is in their best interests to find another team and get another challenge for themselves.

Referring to the pair as very big players Emery wished the pair the best after informing them that their chances of first-team football will be minimal.

“They are very big players but for one circumstance or another they are going to have fewer chances to show their capacity or to be happy with us and the minutes they play in matches,” Emery said.

“But they know the situation and really I am wishing the best for them. I think now the best for them is to be protagonists in another team and to get another challenge for themselves.”

“Last year with Mustafi and Mo, when they didn’t play they weren’t happy and I spoke with them a lot of times last year and this pre-season,”

“I think it is positive for them to leave and sign for another team where they can be protagonists and be happy and continue their careers.”

According to the Guardian, Monaco are interested in Mustafi and there is interest from Turkey in Elneny but time is running out for a deal to be struck before the European transfer window shuts on September 2nd.

It will be music to the ears of most Arsenal fans to hear Emery urge Mustafi and Elneny to move on, they have not succeeded at Arsenal and it is in their best interests to move on.

Some may think that Emery is being generous referring to the pair as very big players but just because it has not worked out for them at the Emirates does not mean that they will not impress elsewhere.

Football is littered with players that have failed in one league but been a huge success in another…..


  1. Hey guys and gals, been reading your articles for a few years but never replied before. I guess it’s finally that time!
    I will start by thanking you all, admin and members alike, it’s fundamentally the quality of the articles but I’m also drawn to the opinions of all the other Gooners here, I really enjoy reading the comments as much as the articles – is that the right word “articles”? Anyway…
    Really good to share your enthusiasm and passion for the club, so thanks again.
    So for me, it’s refreshing and really actually quite invigorating to see Emery voice what we all know – these guys aren’t good enough for the future Arsenal. I’m a fan of Emery already, I know it’s not been perfect but I like his attitude, to me I see it’s always – we need to improve and we want the fans to enjoy but, give us the time to rebuild. It’s a big job guys, it’s been bad. maybe I’m spoilt, I’m a 70s child, I enjoyed some magnificent moments, too many to list but it’s felt drab, uninspiring and forehead slapping to be blunt sometimes recently.
    I’m starting to feel an excitement I haven’t had for years recently though, the transfer window helped and God bless Cellabos eh, if you can’t get excited about that drive then there’s no helping you. I never saw the Krankies as being serious but Josh has been open and spoken recently and I’ve laughed, but then I’ve seen there’s some truth in it some of his words and I’ve started to feel different. Can we finally start to be positive? A lot of frustration is shared but, could this be the beginning of a resurgent Arsenal? I bleeding hope so. One things for sure, as much as I will be forever grateful for the good times, I feel that Wenger would never had said that about his players…ruthless? Apparently maybe? Lastly, realism… players and club alike – we want back in the champions league…we’re not challenging, but we have a target and it’s realistic…a 4th place trophy and I’ll take it this time…. but it’s not gonna happen with Mustafi and Elneny.
    Phew… I opened the floodgates!

  2. Wish them both the very best especially mustafi who I think could really flourish in another league maybe turkey,france or even the bundesliga as his stats were quite decence last term but his errors were just to costly

  3. It’s NOT “Ruthlessness” FFS. It’s not ruthless to do your job properly.

    That’s a very negative word and not accurate. If players are not good enough then they should be kicked out. It’s the job of a Good Manager to keep quality players and remove poor or underperforming players

    People think of it as ruthless because Wenger was insanely loyal to his players and overestimated players quality. He kept poor and average players. So when somebody comes along and does the job the way it should be done, people think it’s ruthless but it isn’t

    Emery is just doing what he gets paid to do. But does it better than Winger

    Mustafi and Eleney (and Xhaka, Ozil too in my opinion) are not good enough so they should be shown the door.

    1. Take it from me ! When you work with someone every day and build a relationship with that person and their family, telling them to leave is being ruthless !! Hard but completely warranted !!! Imagine telling a good friend you work with every day, pack your bags !! Your leaving !! People often think this is easy !! This is not !!!but it’s completely necessary !! The club is in change and for once for the better. yes I agree with you a good manager needs to have this balance but many great managers not in football have found this a hard thing to do ie Richard Branson! He hired people to do this for him but I digress
      Never underestimate how hard telling someone you no longer wanted is ! But on a good note we now have that in our structure and whether that’s emery or the board behind him or both, it means that going forward everything is starting to look just peachy

    2. You do not understand the meaning of the word ‘contract’.

      If someone has a contract, it IS ‘ruthless’ to “kick them out” as you word it. I agree with letting them go, by the way, just not good enough. But to think the club has the right to kick someone out who still has a contract is grossly ignorant.

      1. Diogenes. In the real business world a contract works BOTH ways. A person is paid very high wages to work to the very utmost of his/her ability. When they fail to work to their UTMOST, that contract is, at least morally null and void. Legally too, when capable of being proven in court, though that is a minefield. Trust me, I know about these matters!

        1. I agree Jon, but in this particular case Elneny is known for being a hard worker yet being of mediocre quality, which is not his fault as he has not regressed. And Mustafi (unlike Xhaka or Ozil) is not faulted for exercising his utmost ability, he’s just of worse quality than we expected when purchasing him and he has worse concentration than expected. Unlike Xhaka’s his faults have not looked to me as results of laziness.

          The case of not working to one’s utmost ability would be more pertinent to Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, and Kolasinac – all players who we know have better ability than they exhibit in matches (although even here, the first three just look incorrigibly mentally weak to me).

          1. Diogenes, My mistake was not to make it clear of whom I was mostly thinking, when I wrote”to the utmost of his/her ability”. I was clearly speaking of Ozil and Mkhi, whereas to be fair to both Elneny and Mustafi, neither are lazy. So you are right to point out what you have said and I agree with your take. The mistake was mine. Though I would not regard Kolas as lazy and I think Xhaka more mentally rash and mentally lazy, than actually physically lazy. Though both he and Kolas should be sold when possible. But they are grey areas, I DO agree.

  4. Finally a real manager! Now next window Chambers, xhaka, myhkitarian and ozil need to be shown the same treatment! Upgrade these players and we can challenge the big 2

    1. You speak my mind, how fans can see this guy’s and still want them at the club after years of mediocrity is beyond me.

    2. I agree. the likes of Micki, Ozil, and Xhaka really do not care about performance. they need to be shipped out where players do not feel to work hard

    3. I still am not convinced Ozil has lost it. Let’s see about it this time once and for all with Caballos & Toroira behind him while Luca, pepe and Auba play in front the a strong defense of Luiz, Holding, Bellerin and Tierney. With this, we will be able to judge him accordingly

  5. Music to my ears, now just get rid of xhaka, Ozil and mhkitaryan then we are set, those guys are the axis of evil

    1. What the FCK?
      You need to go see you psychiatrist mate. What makes them the axis of evil?
      You must be a Troll surely.

  6. As much as we want these players to leave I do not support this public revelation of the club’s position regarding the players. This public declaration reduces the value of the players. It is disrespectful. Saying you want them to leave publicly does not make their departure any faster than saying it privately and showing them some respect. Arsenal’s concern is not their careers but their wages. What if the players fight back by saying “I am not leaving” What can the club do for the duration of their contracts. All human beings need respect, including players that are no longer needed.

    1. IMO, Emery has told him several times that he has to leave, however he has to engage an agent to look for opportunities outside AFC . If we fall short of our expectations, we would want the coach to be sacked, so why cannot the coach be vocal with his under performing players even in public domain? This will send a strong signal to the shirt sellers and others not committed to winning.

    2. then they will be happy to spend better part of the season on bench. it is up to them to perform as if they are signed by arsenal not a championship club

  7. Well shucks, I’ve wanted Mustafi and El Neny out for ages but not like this, Emery has thrown them under the bus! Anyway I thank them for their services and commitment, it’s a shame Mustafi never lived up to his huge price tag.

    1. Partially agree.

      But it seems their agents did not work hard in finding new suitors, so the club has to make it public to attract interest from more parties. At the same time it lowers the players already mediocre valuation, which is not helpful.

      BTW, what will our net spend be if they are sold (surely below 45 mill. if we’re indeed only paying 1/4 for Pepe this year, and close to net 0 if we’re paying for Saliba only next year??)

    2. QD, You clearly do not understand how big business works in reality. In the REAL BUSINESS WORLD, that you don’t want to apply to Arsenal Football Club- a big business, in case you have never noticed – we now and at last, after many years of having nice Uncle Arsene in charge, who was too nice to say boo to a goose(and which was the reason the deadwood stayed all those years), have real professionals in charge of both the team and the contracts. I for just one of, I suspect MILLIONS OF GOONERS could not be more relieved that we now have the same ruthlessness that such as Fergie showed all those long successful years. Amateurism, my naive friend,does not just mean not being paid; it means a laissez faire attitude to your profession, as WENGER SHOWED ALL THAT LAST DECADE. PROFESSIONALISM , in stark contrast , mean being ruthless with decisions and putting the BUSINESS FIRST.

      If you want to be around only kind, caring, cuddly people, then pro sport is not for you. Try flower arranging, social work or being a prison visitor. I am NOT knocking those lovely folk who do these worthy things either. But pro sport can not and never will be run in this way. That is life’s realism and one day, maybe, you will learn the truth of what I say.

  8. Emery is a breath of fresh air in the way he handles underperforming and unwanted players. No more paying bang average and injured players fortune for watching others play.

  9. If we get both off our books, that’s another 140k off the wage bill!

    So far this season we’ve got rid:

    Cech 100k
    Ramsey 110k
    Welbeck 70k
    Lichsteiner 90k
    Ospina 40k
    Koscielny 90k
    Bielik 25k
    Iwobi 50k
    Jenkinson 50k

    TOTAL approx 625k a week, fees £45m

    We’ve acquired (based on media):

    Luiz 100-120k
    Tierney 70k
    Ceballos 50k
    Pepe 100k
    Martinelli 10k (or less)

    So roughly 350k and 110m spent (didn’t count Saliba).

    I think we’ve done really well to trim our salaries. Almost 300k released, and could soon be over 400k.

    1. Not to mention:

      Xhaka 100k
      Özil 350k
      Mkhitaryan 180k

      The underperforming players still there to be sold! These 3 players alone cumulate to SAME amount as the 9 players we got rid this summer.

      1. All Gooners who are NOT wilfully blind agree with you. Sadly, some choose to remain blind, esp on Ozil. Perhaps we should sign only the latest most popular kids heros musicians since they would be bound to sell shirts world wide and thus “earn their expensive keep”.

        1. Or we could sign Iwobi-you like Iwobi don’t you he tries really hard.Yet Theo Walcott who had very very respectable Goals and assists to his name was to you “Weedy Walcott”.I would have thought you had learned your lesson a few days ago when you ran off with your tail between your legs after being found wanting for answers.
          So as you are so keen to bring it all up again I will ask you once again-How much longer until Emery is sacked?Its him that seems to keep picking Ozil despite him being a lazy workshy shirker.I don’t expect an answer because you are still deep in that hole you have dug for yourself.

  10. Happy to hear that, showing respect or been ruthless all I want is em getting out of my dear club. Next should b Ozil, Xhaka, Mikhitaryan and other fringes players. I very happy with this decision.

  11. Ozil, Mkhi and Xhaka NEXT.
    That’s if Emery survives himself by next season.
    But apart from that. Thank you very much.

  12. I honestly don’t know why some want ozil out,what he doesn’t do on the pitch he makes up for it by selling jerseys and other arsenal product’s just ask ken1945,please let’s stop this “ozil’ hate, what more do you guys expect from him, he scored 5 goals last season and 2 assist and he’s just on 350k weekly so please stop this ‘hate’.

    1. Lenohappy, there I was, reading and digesting fellow gooners thoughts and up popped my name by someone I usually read and views I respect…seems you, like so many others on here, wan to change what is written down and spin it to make a completely different perspective on something…please don’t degrade yourself with such foolish attempts at being clever!!!

      I trust UE who selects him and makes him part of his squad, I trust the fans who buy his shirts and watch him live, every home game….not on m.o.t.d. or in ten minute highlights.

      The problem is Leno-happy, your very Leno-unhappy and just like your ilk, you refuse to acknowledge the fact that he is popular…and that’s what REALLY gets your back up isn’t it?

      His song is sung with gusto at The Emirates, his coach and fellow players love working with him, he loves the club and he earns a kings ransom. BRILLIANT – wouldn’t we all want that for ourselves?

      So please, go away, read my posts properly, acknowledge that your hate for the player is a minority view, trust in UE and enjoy what is being served up by the coach and players…when Ozil departs, I will be doing exactly the same thing I have been for decades…supporting my club…what a pity your silly little hatred for one player stops you doing the same.

  13. No mention of the incompetents who bought Elneny and Mustafi in particular? Gazidis and Wenger have a lot to answer for in the latter stages of their “stewardship” at Arsenal yet as far as I am aware nobody in the media has actually taken them to task on a one to one basis?

    1. What about Emery and his signings of Sok and Lich ?and Emery’s only been here one season ,should he be taken to task for them 2 aswell ?
      Or is it one rule for one and one for another

      1. No it is not one rule for one etc. NOR SHOULD IT EVER BE. He is responsible for two bad buys in Sokratis and Licht; though strictly Licht was on a free transfer but that does not change the fact he was hopeless.

  14. If these two awful players are “big players” as UE says, diplomatically, then I do not want to be within a million miles of our “smaller players”. So often diplomatic comments are in fact UNTRUTHS. That does NOT mean that tactfulness is not necessary when managing though. It is just that as a total truth lover I like to see it described properly, even though that can only be on here. They were both rank bad buys and we all know that!

  15. Thanks JF.Yes DK I agree wholeheartedly with your views concerning Sokratis and Lichsteiner but the subject of the article was Elneny and Mustafi, and I restricted my comments to them.

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