Unai Emery wants La Liga loan, Liverpool and Tottenham want permanent deal

Arsenal manager Unai Emery is keen on loaning one of La Liga’s hottest prospects, whereas Tottenham and Liverpool are more interested in a permanent deal.

According to Spanish publication Marca, Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos is on the radar of the Premier League trio and his transfer away from the Bernabeu is expected this summer.

Ceballos is not in Real manager Zinedine Zidane plans for next season and it is expected that he will be allowed to leave the club this summer.

Liverpool are said to be the front runners due to their manager Jurgen Klopp’s admiration for the 22-year-old but do not discount Arsenal just because they want to have a loan arrangement.

Real want a buy-back clause in any transfer and Liverpool are not thought to be keen on that and for the Spanish giants, it may well be more attractive at this stage to just allow the Spanish international to go out on loan.

Additionally, Arsenal reportedly wants an option to make any deal permanent and that would be something that Real would agree to providing the buy-back clause they so dearly want is inserted.

Tottenham could be the wild card in all this simply because Real want to sign Christian Eriksen and may well dangle Ceballos in front of them as some sort of cash plus swap deal.

There is an argument to be had for all three clubs to be honest, and there is no reason to think that Arsenal has any less chance than their Premier League rivals, well, not unless Champions League football is seen as crucial to the player that is.

From a personal point of view I really like Ceballos, he is a quality player and could be the replacement for Aaron Ramsey we have been looking for, he is a good passer of the ball, does well in tackles and has a sweet shot on him.

Put it this way, if we can sign him, we should.

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  1. Let’s loan Ceballos, Rodriguez, Isco, Malcom and other fringe players from the two gigantic La Liga clubs, no need to buy

    Arsenal can save a lot of money and Kroenke would be happy

    1. Why do you guys always drag Kroenke into everything? Kroenke owns the club, he does not run it. If he did run it and was obsessed with saving money as you all claim he is, Sanchez and Ramsey would have never been held to their last year and allowed to walk for free. Ozil would not have a 350k a week contract. We would not have spent £60M on Auba and £52M on Lacazette. All those actions are not consistent with the narrative Kroenke only wants to keep the club’s money for himself. I bet you Kroenke can’t even name 11 Arsenal players.

      1. He indeed has given us a 200+ M squad, but I bet he’d be happy if he can save more money

        We can’t always blame him because he must need some profit after buying and injecting his money into Arsenal, but I wish he would have given us more expensive players

        1. Guys I cant believe how niave you are.
          He hasn’t given us a 200+ squad
          AFC has self generated money within the club to obtain these assets or in some cases liabilities
          In the old days this would be ok to compete but with tv rights money this is not enough to keep up with other

      2. Quantic dream
        Love your passion but I am afraid you are so far off the mark.
        Since taking over Kroenke has not spent one penny of his own personal wealth to help us out.
        A self funded club is a great idea back in the day when gate receipts were the ultimate aim but things have moved on and tv rights have blown that out the window.
        Even the United and pool owners have dipped in to there own pocket..how they claim it back is another matter.
        Dont get me wrong..Kroenke is not all to blame on why our club has been stuttering along for such a long time. The old regime have contributed to that as well…unfortunately we only remember things now on bad things and not then..and good thing then and not now.

        Kroenke..is head of the table now and so he should be blamed for the mismanagement of our club but some of us are fickle and a few signings and everything is a rose garden garden.
        Onwards and upwards

      3. @QD.
        Please can you explain how £200 million compares to the other rivals in the same time (10 years).

        Buying an expensive player here and there while you lose others. We sign an expensive player and we then have to love one of our already established stars each time that happens. Where is the progress?

        I want a consistent period where we are going for players that we need even if they might cost more. But with him it’s a signing here and there then tells us the next seasons the we have limited funds as we spend this much the season before, blah blah..

        With us it seems we buy a good player and then refuse to strengthen other areas that we are desperate for. Then we wait a few season until the good player we signed is declining or has got a year left on his contract then we panic and make stupid decisions etc.

      4. What are you, Kroenkes friend or long lost son! To try defending this monster is akin to arguing black is white. Your final sentence is your only one that is remotely true; completely true in fact. IF Kroenke chose to, he could invest heavily in our team; he does not wish to. Simple as that!

        1. That very funny job.i am neither his friend or his lost son. Kroenke is everything that is wrong about our club but he didnt start this trend he is only continuing it.
          The first regime in charge started it all by banking on building the Emirates and hoping this would be the goose that lays the golden egg..unfortunately poor planning bad sponsorship negotiation ect ect left us a weaker club.
          Kroenke came in. Cleaned up on the cheap and has made a fortune without having to reinvest or dip in to his own pocket
          On top of that poor decisions like buying sub standard players at over inflated prices. Paying over the top wages on poor players. Letting valuable players go on free ect
          Kroenke needs to go and I have said it for many a season unless he stops treating afc as a cash cow and starts investing in us.
          Ps. Jon dont ever call me his friend or son again as I will have to cross you off my Christmas list. Onwards and upwards my friend

  2. I like him, very talented player. We should absolutely sign him on loan if possible

    Cellabos, teirney, Saliba, Umtiti, Brahimi IN

    Monreal, jenkinson, koscielny, Mustafi, elneny OUT

    Promote: chambers, beiliek, reiss

  3. Players we’ve missed so far this window:

    CB Godin FREE -> Inter
    CB Kabak 13m -> Schalke
    CB Manolas 32m -> Napoli
    CM Herrera FREE -> Atletico
    CM Rabiot FREE -> Juventus
    CAM Sarabia 16m -> PSG

    It’s not like we could’ve matched those transfer fees or offer a lot higher wages to any of them.. Herrera would’ve been a perfect replacement for Ramsey (Herrera was on 30-40k a week at Porto!!) for a year or two. And he was FREE.

    1. I just wanted Manolas and Sarabia from that list, because Manolas could have a better partnership with Sokratis and Sarabia’s attacking stats are immense last season

      I think Arsenal plan to get younger players

  4. I very much doubt that Godin, Herrera and Rabiot have wanted to join Arsenal. We can’t miss players who do not want to join.

    Aside from wanting high wages they all signed for clubs that play in the Champions League.

  5. We can keep saying how well arsenal are trying been linked with virtually everyone who kicked a ball..only arsenal fc can take weeks/months negotiating a single transfer when serous clubs keep buying players with ease…..

    Atletico Madrid have confirmed the signing of Benfica starlet Joao Felix for a club-record fee of £113m (€126m).

    1. Yes but what have Atleti won lately? Noyhing.
      Man U bought Pogba 90 mill Lukaku 75 mill paid Sanchez 400k p/w
      What did Utd win last season?
      6th place.
      All that glitters is not gold.

      1. United might have won nothing last season but will continue to show more ambition than Arsenal…and if u forgot in 3 seasons united have won UEFA europa league finished runner up to CITY while we keep playing europa league praying to God to see EPL away win.. Manchester is more ambitious than that showing ambition to win something and not winning is different than showing ambition not to win and hoping to win is another

  6. And we are still celebrating buying auba for 56mil
    Two seasons ago….and we all know it was under
    Pressure of sanchez leaving….

  7. We actually only “need” a left back.
    So Tierney transfer makes perfect sense.
    Bring back Chambers + promote Bielik as home grown players.
    Sell Mustafi Kosciellny Mkhitarian and release
    Moreal to reduce the non home grown number.
    Young players like Bielik Guendouzie Nelson Martinelli
    Nketiah will provide enough fresh blood and excitement.
    Why all the fuss?
    Arsenal finished just one point off 4th in the league
    and made the Europa final.
    And this being Emery’s first season.
    Arsenal look strong for the coming season

    1. Finishing one point from champions league place is a good
      painting on a bad end of season. It was just how bad our rivals for champions league places where you have to look for further up the table to see the real difference and I expect it to be tougher this time judging how our rivals are eager to strengthen..

      We can just stay here and Keep pretending and hoping to be Ajax of EPL with our academy players

  8. We don’t want anyone to form a partnership with Socratis who is no better than Mustafi.The quicker this pair of mediocre centre backs are moved on the better.Without them we are still left with four young CB’s in Holding, Mavroponas(who will come good), Beilik and Chambers.I don’t see the point in signing Saliba,talented though he is, unless he is available to play for us next season.We are a football club not an investment house.

  9. Not really.It’s just my personal opinion as a seventy two year old who played at a decent level and knows who is a player and who is not.If you think Socratis is a quality centre back you are mistaken in my view.

    1. His good but is he at level required for arsenal i would instantly say No…but comparing him to Mustafi is another thing

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