Unbelievable! Arsenal get Spurs away in Cup draw

Unless you consider the chance to beat your local rivals again a bit of good luck, Arsenal will not be too happy with our first draw in the Capital One Cup. Not only have we drawn a Premier League club in our north London rivals Tottenham, but we will have to go to White Hart Lane in a few weeks.

Just to add a bit of spice to that fixture, we travel to Chelsea the weekend before the cup tie. So I guess that will help to make Arsene Wenger´s decision about whether to field a second string side in the cup an easy one. To be fair the Frenchman almost always does that anyway.

I wonder if the Spuds and Mauricio Pochettino will feel the same way. They might well see it as a great chance to strike a blow on the Gunners and the League Cup is one of their only realistic trophy hopes. So you have to see that as a really bad draw for Arsenal.

I know that Wenger does not put too much onus on the competition but a good run in it is always nice and it is a realistic trophy hope for us as well. Not to mention the valuable playing experience the fringe members of the squad get.

Hey I am not saying we won´t win, because Arsenal have a great squad these days, but it is going to be a tough one. Just to make it worse, Chelsea got Walsall, Liverpool got Carlisle and Man United got a home tie with Ipswich. Now let´s hope we get better luck in the Champions League draw.

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    1. A big statement of intent by Arsenal……… The football world will fear us……. Hahahahahahaha

    2. There was a time when I used to beat my head against d wall wen I saw us matched up against top teams in the knockout competitions but now I look upto them with excitement because I believe we can beat anyone and also to be the best u need to beat the best.

      1. kokorin a top talent?hell no..in three seasons his best tally was 10goals in the Russian league. is that class?he is also injury prone.was once bought by anzi but he never played for a single minute hence taken back to his club dynamo.controversially
        in April porn actress Alina Yeremenko, AKA Alina Henessy, offered him a 16-hour sex session as an incentive for scoring five more goals..he has scored 8 goals in 32 for Russia.he is 24.that’s your hero

        1. here you go…..

          noun sar·casm \ˈsär-ˌka-zəm\

          : the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny

    3. Loads of people being sceptic about the Benzema/Cavani type of rumors but when a random Russian 24 year old is linked all of a sudden it’s serious? smh

  1. I for once am scared of our squad.I thought we needed a striker but I think we need gotze too coz against pool we had a very weak or no midfielders on the bench besides hes better than most of wengers favourite

  2. OT: Haven’t felt this less optimistic at a start of a season than this one.

    I feel Wenger has completely lost the will to win major trophies, his face says it all on the touchline during games. The key for him now is to keep the club going and to prove to the world that his philosophy and the players he has are WC. We are in a sorry state at the moment and until we clear out the coaching staff we should forget challenging for major trophies (WC players or not Wenger wouldn’t know what to do with them. I wonder what goes in Alexis, Ozil and Cech’s heads experiencing what happened in the first half especially of the pool game, CP was a scrappy win and a loss at home to West ham). Things are not looking up and NO lets not use the its early in the season excuse, Chelsea won the league early should we always play catch up and against teams who have strengthened there squads better than us.

    On the topic at hand Spurs will be a good challenge, they are always up for this game and will most likely pick there best team on the night. Which Arsenal will turn up is another issue. Hope the boys will be firing by then.

    1. I think this post is a good example of why a top class signing is needed — it’s as much about feelgood factor (for the players and fans) as it is about the player’s contribution on the field. From an objective perspective, it is hard to understand why any of us would be less optimistic this year than at the start of say the last five years. No deadwood, finally a world-class keeper, Coquelin instead of Arteta etc. But from an emotional perspective it’s understandabl — especially when we see what the other top dogs are doing. I still think Arsenal will make one big splash in this window (I really like Krychokoviak and will even learn to spell his name right if he comes) and as long as the team doesn’t stumble again on the weekend, the mood will be a lot brighter on JustArsenal in a week’s time.

  3. Wait till CL draw takes place and we get RM, Barca or Bayern…
    Spuds also not in top form although it still is a derby game…

  4. listen, i don’t really care what wenger does anymore, now it is likely per and boss won’t be available for this weekend game, great!! as usual injuries is the only thing that tells wenger to use the bench..happy for gab and chambers, i hope they play more matches, they look good together and promising when we settled down in the second half against liverpool. those of you who criticized chambers are wrong to do so, the whole team playing rubbish,the attack losing balls and not doing much in the first half got him affected, too much pressure was mounted on him (a kid who lacks match fitness) but in the second half when we controlled things how many of you didnt see chambers doing his thing in the 2nd half?? it hurts me that before we can use good players we have to wait for first team players to get injured.. sometimes i wonder if the club do care bout how the fans feel, we’ve been hurt for too long, the club refuses to listen to our cries..man even if we got chelsea in the league cup, i won’t give a damn

    1. Hahaha Chambers playin well n u hop him to play mo games in that position again?!….sm arsenal fans r mo deluded than Wenger himself!

  5. How far have we fallen as a football powerhouse.
    There was the time we looked forward to play against Tottenham because we were sure of giving them a whooping. Now we have doubt about the likes of Swansea and West Ham.
    How far have we fallen as a football powerhouse.

  6. I care less what Mr funny sick and tired Wenger does anymore. I care about Arsenal only. loss or win , am still there.

  7. @Eddy……….Excellent!……… I see no reason why ppl should be pointing accusing fingers to chambers in all of this….. When was the last time the kid played a competitive game against a top side?….. If Wenger had been giving him game time every now and Then, i see no reason why chambers won’t improve……… Just so we all knw….there were alot of woeful players on that pitch Monday night!

    1. accusations and verdicts should be done if chambers continue to play woefully all season……. Not after just a game coming off the bench into a tough game against a top opposition…..fair to say chambers and gabriel tried at least

    1. Yes…its unbelievable …you know.. I hope whatever happens whether we win the league at the end of the season or not, I want Arsene Wenger to leave this club….He is the worst when it comes to transfers, He talks about quality and availability and need to our squad…let me moved some names who have moved… Pedro who can play as a false 9, Schneiderlin a DM and a better distributor than Coq although I love Coq but we need depth and we are away from 1 injury from the defensive crisis now, Vidal who can attack and defend and can change the tempo of the game when we need to (do we have anyone like that) would have been a great upgrade on Wilshere and Ramsey, Shaqiri, Sterling who can play any role amongst the forwards and as a CAM also, Angel Di Maria we all know him, Kondogbia as one of the best DMs on the pitch, and many more.

      The simple fact is that he is a very good businessman, earns profit every year for Arsenal but no trophies and talks about consistency. Even Sunderland is consistent, they start in the relegation zone and then end up at 15th or 16th position.


  8. We dare not lose against Spurs Mr Wenger otherwise you might as well take a bow now! I hope you will prove you are not as uselessly clueless as I thought you were. Please prove me wrong Mr Clueless. Arrogant. Naive. First, middle and Surname! Thank you Gary Neville.

    1. u are worried about the spuds whom we’d meet on the 22nd or 23rd of next month?……. U should be more worried bout our premier League games b4 the League cup!

      1. This Article is about our Spuds match, so that’s why he is commenting and giving his opinion on it.

      2. It’s all part of the confidence and psychological build-up mate and this game adds to these. Fred Cowardly is right. We are commenting on a game that the blogger has written on. We forget about any other impending games and focus on this one and it is BIG!

  9. accusations and verdicts should be done if chambers continue to play woefully all season……. Not after just a game coming off the bench into a tough game against a top opposition…..fair to say chambers and gabriel tried at least

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