Unbelievable – Some Arsenal fans calling for Pochettino to replace Emery

Tottenham have fired Mauricio Pochettino and some Arsenal fans want him to replace Unai Emery.

Don’t get me wrong, Mauricio Pochettino is a good manager, he got that lot to the Champions League final but the idea that he can replace Unai Emery is beyond parody.

Is this tribal? You damn right it is.

If he was the only top-flight manager available then fair enough, I may consider it in extremis but he is not.

I just did 21 articles on potential Unai replacements and there were a ton of managers there with a far better record than the Argentine. I covered managers like Allegri, Mourinho, Benitez, Ancelotti and so on.

Why would we want a former manager of Tottenham?

Yes, it would be funny as hell to have him in charge and go to the Tottenham stadium and beat them but that is about it.

This is not something I would ever be happy with, even Mourinho would be better.

Anyway, here is a sample of fans, including some high profile ones calling for Pochettino.

There are literally hundreds more.

I am shaking my head in disbelief, where is the pride in these people?

I am sorry but I feel very very strong about this. For me, this is never never never and there are no circumstances that I will change my mind. None.


  1. @op, I feel you need to watch and follow football with some more logic and less emotion…Poch ain’t gonna be bad for us…i don’t care about the tottenham rivalry,all that matters to me is result,result and result only!… Sol Campbell did it so why not Poch? Oh please!

    1. I agree with you. I don’t mind having him. Enrique has been announced as the Spanish national team coach. Mou will probably get the spurs job. Take a clue from the serie A clubs: Allegri coached AC Milan and Juve. Sarri coached Napoli and Juve. Ranieri coached Inter, Juve and Roma. Conte coached Inter and Juve. Zlatan llayed for inter, AC Milan and Juve. Higuain played for AC Milan, Juve and Napoli. We should sack Emery ASAP and consider either Pochetino or Arteta. What matters is trophies..Sol Campbell played for Spurs and Arsenal. No big deal. Arsenal fans should be objective.

  2. Well he’s an upgrade on what we have right now, but if we’re going to appoint someone that may divide the fans, then we might as well just get the best available right now with Mourinho.

    With the squad they have, I imagine that Spurs will now start moving ahead of us, by quite some distance. Poch getting the sack, has just lessened our chances of a top four finish even more.

    1. You are only looking at his one season he did very well in the others with limited budget n his team’s play good football as well, remember only last season he was linked to Barca n Madrid job. You must be insane if you want Morinhio at Arsenal…guy destroys club atmosphere where ever he goes n on top of that he plays boring football. Thank you but we are not that desperate
      …look what he did to United.

      1. Mourinho had an awful record at United?

        In 2.5 seasons at United:
        Qualified for the Champions League in both of his full seasons
        Won 3 trophies, including a European trophy
        Finished 2nd in the league

        I would kill for that! We haven’t won a European trophy in 25 years! We’re 2.5 years without a trophy. We’ve only finished 2nd in the league twice in a whopping 15 years. This is our third season in row without Champions League football.

        You say he destroys a club’s atmosphere, but ours is at rock bottom anyway. I would say we’ve barely had any kind of atmosphere since Highbury. One could also argue that Mourinho leaves things in a mess, but Arsenal have in terrible state for about 10 years. I would disagree with you on the boring football. At United, yes, but at most other clubs it’s been pretty decent to watch.

        I would argue, that we are that desperate. It’s laughable that the likes of Henry, Vieira, Campbell, Arteta, Ljungberg, are being considered by fans, when you desperately need a world class manager, with no affiliations with Arsenal.

  3. I’m not in favour of Poch as manager but it’s not the first time is it? Terry Neill and George Graham anyone?
    A lot of fans were against signing Sol Campbell, look how that panned out.

    1. There were not many better defenders than Sol available at that time. You simply cannot say that about an Emery replacement

      1. Not sure about that admin, are there ‘many’ better managers available right now than poch? especially given our financial restraints etc which rules out the like of Mourinho who needs big financial backing to implement his best work, not that I’m saying we should go for him but to say there are many better managers available is a stretch to me, I don’t like the guy (obviously) but hes a hell of a manager

  4. Nothing unbelievable here. Though he bottled some. But spurs will always be spurs. Like finishing 3rd in a two horse race few years back.

    We all know he overachieved with that team. He and that team team has reached their limits. Plus they didn’t invest much recently.

    I will take him without thinking about it. He will offer better style amd result than what UE is giving us.

  5. I don’t care about the rivalry one bit. We’re way ahead of Tottenham, and we’ve made them our business for too long, while Chelsea and City, albeit with the help of oil money, are slowly catching up to us. We should pay attention to those ahead of us, not the ones behind us. Our plane should be to catch up with Liverpool and Man U, and even eventually surpass them. Unless we’re getting someone better, I see no reason why we shouldn’t get Pochettino. He’s proven he knows his stuff, and until recently at spuds, he has shown he knows how to squeeze out good performances from his team….. so, would you rather have us adapting to opponents’ tactics, and playing boring football than have Pochettino at the helm

    1. Chelsea and City are catching up to us slowly? AY75 – they have blown past us with rockets on their feet. I am not sure that you have a very realistic view of where we sit and have been sitting for quite some time.

      1. Yeah, currently they’re ahead @stewart, but then we have more trophies, and an amazing history compared to them. Actually, we’re still the third most successful team in England, after Man U and Liverpool

  6. My goodness, few months back he took Tottenham to the ecl finals and at the first sign of regression he’s fired. Yet Arsenal wanna “back” failure. I think he’s a good manager but with the fan base already so frustrated I don’t think it would be a good move, if he hits the ground running we’ll love him, but if not then nobody will forget he was a spud.

      1. don’t know where you saw Jose’s name in my. Post, but it’s not like Jose is the only manager now is it? And. NO, I think Jose is the absolute last manager I’d want at Arsenal

  7. It will be interesting to see who they choose and how long it will take them.

    If we are going to change our coach, I just hope we have done our homework, have approached and agreed with someone to take over…at least a gentlemens agreement.

    I would love the spuds to appoint mourinho, because he will demand a lot of transfer money, have a watertight contract that benefits him enormously in a financial way and will, most certainly, bring disharmony to the club – both in the fanbase and the players.

    The downside, as there always is, to be sure, will be his “hatred” of The Arsenal (whether due to AW or not) and he will do his utmost to outperform us.

    1. Ken this is an obvious red herring that will never happen. Forget it. I have! The most likely short term appointment is Freddie and review at seasons end. That will happen soon I believe. PERHAPS AT CHRISTMAS OR THEREABOUT.

  8. I totally agree Admin, we poached Sol, a world class CB, on a free. They got Neill & Graham for what good it did them (one League Cup). No Spuds castoffs please!

    Anyway in 5 years with them he won exactly nothing.

    Piers Morgan changes his mind more than a chameleon changes its colour, he thrives on controversy so I pay him no mind.

  9. Poch is a decent manager and better than UE… that’s a given. he lost an ECL final against probably the best team in Europe so that’s nothing to be ashamed of BUT he’s not won anything so the question is how can he be better than someone who has?

    How does it effect us? Mourinho will go to Spurs, we will keep Emery and if that remains the situation the next time we play us they will beat us because, as I wrote quite recently, Mourinho is a winner…. an obnoxious tw*t admittedly but still a winner.

  10. Do we really need or require lectures about the “voice of God” on here Samuel? I SUGGEST NOT AND WOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR LESS RELIGIOUS FERVOUR! You do yourself no favours, writing as you have.

    1. I agree, was deleted. No religion on here. If I see it, it goes. Same with anything else that is non-football and divisive.

  11. Yes lets get a coach who hasn’t won anything in the game, whose teams bottle at the business end and lets be an unambitious club like spuds. Great shout for those who have. Its strange how 6 months ago he was the next best thing, now yesterday’s chip paper.

    1. Allegri was a failure at AC Milan. He won nothing with them. As a matter of fact, the Milan Fans were willing to sell him on eBay for 1 Euro. They wanted him gone at all cost. He went to Juve and won a lot. Pochetino can win things at Arsenal. Let us all be realistic, Pochetino is a very top manager. He knows how to get results against big teams. This guy got Man City out of the champions league over two games(something Emery can never do). Are you kidding me? They were the only team that did not invest a dime last season. He got to the Champions League final. A very good coach. Arsenal fans should be objective. We should stop getting emotional.Pochetino is top manager. how could any football fan doubt Pochetino’s credentials? The board should call him immediately. It makes perfect sense.

  12. @reggie
    where do you get this logic from? If he has not won anything it is because he has only managed
    at smaller clubs and he did a phenomenal job there. He built Southampton ( look where they are after MP ) took Tottenham to Champions league finals with a limited budget and if he was at City/Madrid or any of the top clubs I can guarantee you his trophy cabinet would be full.
    He is better than most available managers today like Mourinho or Allegri and he would also have an incentive to take Arsenal forward after his sacking which btw seemed very dubious at best.

    1. So true, how can ppl call him a floop he has been performing with limited budget n small teams for some time. He is young n one of the best managers out there. Trophy can not be the measure of a good manager. You need to look at the spending n players at a manager’s disposal then you start looking at the trophy cabinet. He plays good attacking football with good technical awareness. He has a good track record of devopling young talent. Ppl forget how much totenham have spend in last few seasons while continuosly selling their stars and still they out performed us…that credit is done to pocha. Always know ur enemy strength n give credit where it is due.

      1. I agree with you. Arsenal board should do the needful. No need to give it a thought. Hiring him is the best thing to do. Mou will go to Spurs. Enrique has taken the national team job. Who else is available? Sack Emery now and appoint Poch. Our board need to grow some balls. No emotions. Offer him big money.

  13. Pride?
    What pride?
    He is a good manager and his philosophy totally fits Arsenal. That’s all.
    Poch guided Spurs to UCL final with a very tied hand. He also had 3 consecutive seasons finishing above us. He loves promoting young players from the academy.
    He is the damn good coach.

    So stop your stubborn idea from Londoners about “We have to hate everything from Spuds”.
    You guys never spoke like that about Sol Campbell.

  14. The man managed to bring the spuds to the UCL finals without any major (or any at all?) investments in the players. The man destroyed the holy st Totteringham’s day, what more do you want? He’d definitely be an upgrade on Mr Ebening.

  15. If the board think that Poch is the right man for Arsenal then yes we should appoint him if we can. This buisness about not wanting him because of his Spurs connections are pathetic. If he’s considered the best man available then get him. Would we never sign Harry Kane if he was available cos he’s a Spurs player?

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