Under what circumstances would Arsenal sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Man Utd?

The transfer gossip season is now with us in full flow and as well as some very credible rumours there are also some that verge into the ridiculous and the speculation today claiming that Man Utd are interested in Arsenal’s Golden Boot winner Pierre-Emerick Aybameyang is a classic example of that, or is it?

The knee jerk reaction is to say that Aubameyang will not be sold to United, there is no way the board could survive the backlash, it would make the Wenger Out campaign pale into comparison and so on but there is enough history of very controversial transfers to not rule out such a move for the Gabon international.

Personally, I do not see it happening and I would be angry if it did but there are circumstances that it could happen and even in the extreme I would be content with it.

If United offered £150 Million, bang, take it, happy with that.
If United offered Paul Pobga in a straight swap, bang, take it, happy with that.
If United offered £70 Million and Marcus Rashford, bang, take it, happy with that.

And so on, in better words it would have to take something utterly ridiculous for it to be palatable, in fact, it would have to really p**s of the United fans more than it would us for it to be anywhere near acceptable.

But, what is ridiculous to you and me may not be so ridiculous to the Arsenal board, they are businessmen who are not running Arsenal as a charity and if an offer was tabled that they deemed too good to turn down then do not dismiss the possibility of them accepting such an offer.

As an example would the board turn down a £100 Million bid? I am not sure they would and there are other scenarios that I could see where an offer would be very tempting, say they offer Lukaku and Martial for Aubameyang, would they turn that offer down? Who knows, chances are they would probably accept.

As I have already made clear, I do not see this happening but neither would I totally rule it out, not with the way United spend money and not with our board.


  1. Sue says:

    Wouldn’t want Lukakau.. he needs to go to weight watchers…
    I’m sick of our “business” with United.. anyway why would they want Auba… Sanchez finally found the back of the net the other night.. after 5 months.. he’ll be like a new signing ????

  2. gotanidea says:

    The offer must be at least 70 M to make Arsenal interested, unless the decision makers are crazier than I thought

  3. Durand says:

    Either £100 million up front, or £50 million and either Martial or Rashford.

    That would be good to jumpstart rebuild if all the funds would get reinvested in the team.

    I don’t mind if they go after top player, so long as they pay top fee.

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. And I see RVP comparisons, yet Auba hasn’t even come close to RVP’s best season. And United are far from the finished product. It’s not the same scenario, and we desperately need funds to rebuild our squad. I’d rather it not be a rival, but if they are willing to pay a very high fee, I’m fine with it.We cannot afford to go another season with such a bad midfield and defense. I’d rather upgrade those areas than keep a player who has 1-2 years of being a top player left in him.

    2. Phil says:

      Surely it should be Arsenal buying Martial to PLAY WITH Aubamayang and Lacazette.Why sell the most natural goalscorer we have had at the Club for years.He is settled.He is being offered a new contract after only 15 months.He lives in London.This move will NEVER EVER HAPPEN.
      Kronke knows he is on a knife edge as far as the support goes and he will be slitting his own throat if he sells
      Now more than ever we need our Owner to face up to the facts that Arsenal are in danger of becoming also rans unless the Club is facing up to the facts that we need to retain our best players and add the quality where its most needed.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Agree Phil, how we can even contemplate selling our best players is beyond me. When I first read it I was shocked and for me it really would be the last straw. Auba is a goal machine, the closest thing to Thierry Henry you could get. Top scorer in the Premier League in his first full season, other players take a year to settle, and you want to sell him, especially to that lot. Madness,incomprehensible, laughable, crazy.

  4. Macaulay says:

    Firstly, Auba is 30 now and that is a huge sum to pay for a 30 year old player. Secondly, like you said these Arsenal guys are business minded people who care less about what the fans are really going through. So its a win -win situation. If Wenger was forced to sell RVP, to United nothing seem impossible.

  5. ForeverGooner says:

    NOT a Premier league rival

    People are only concerned with money but don’t see the bigger picture

    I don’t want us to improve United
    There is no guarantee United will finish below us. We could push ourselves down to 6th place.

    Selling Aubameyang for £60-70 million is fine but why should we sell to our PL rivals

    Remember Van Pursestrings? We gave United the PL trophy the following season after he won the golden boot with us.

    Sell to Barca, Bayern, R Madrid, A Madrid, etc. Not to our rivals

  6. RSH says:

    make them pay far above his price. 90-100mill can fund an entire rebuild for us. Auba is 30, and Ole is not all he’s cracked up to be. EPL rivals pay a premium for our players, just like Leicester does to everybody.

  7. Gauthier Delobelle says:

    I’d be sad ad I like him. But anything above the £60M mark would be shrewd business for a 30yo striker who relies on speed. It would be a short term view from United. They are capable of that, to get fans to forget that Pogba is leaving. Let them do that silly mistake and start rebuilding. We have another gifted 9 anyway, and we need young blood. I’d sadly sell Özil and Mkhi too, at a fair price.

  8. Declan says:

    Click on the “speculation today” link in the story and it takes you to the Scum newspaper which has nothing substantial in the story. Says it all really. A non story and won’t happen.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      But that is not the focus of the article Declan and I could have added numerous different links to the same story.

  9. Gilbert says:

    The business minded owners of Arsenal has made many of us who love this club dearly disheartened.For the last 15 year they have given us nothing as a big trophy.We are fed up with their mean mentality.I believe any sale of Aubamayang to Man u,should be met with total boycott of all club matches next season.

  10. Goonster says:

    Sorry for the duplicate post.

    I have just read an article on here talking about “WHAT IS KRONKE SUPPOSED TO DO?”.
    People talking about how the FFP rules and regulations are affecting us.

    So are we now just expected to accept that we are finished and this is where we should expect to be for sometime?

    Imagine the rubbish. Aww, Kroenke is hamstrung and that is why he never spends seriously like our other rivals.

    I have seen people accepting our current stagnant and hopeless situation talking about “FFP this FFP that”.

    How our fanbase has been broken down mentally step by step by Kroenke. We used to win EPL titles, then our expectations were lowered to “Atleast we make TOP 4 each season for the last 13 years or so, now we can’t even get into the TOP 4 anymore and we our expectations are being lowered even farther by this nonsense about “Aww, what is Kroanke meant to do when FFP regulations are against him investing in Arsenal?”. Smh

    This thing about “We have spent more than £250 million on our current squad in 6 years so we shoulf be greatful for that”. It reminds me of the STATS monsters that just quote stats with no context whatsoever. Can we compare how much our other rivals have spent in the same period?

    If Kroanke has been finding it so hard to make us competitive in the last 10 years bcause of this FFP rubbish then why doesn’t he sell our club to another person that is willing to be tough against FFP? Usmanov was desperate for the opportunity to own us but Kroanke froze him out.

    We were promised big things if we moved to the EMIRATES. Then the moment we got there the austerity began. We are Paying for the stadium became the excuse for the next decade. But then the moment we start spending a little we are told the FFP are affecting us and we are making losses. Smh

    One more question. What is the point of KROANKE at Arsenal then if he is not willing to show that he would tey anything to make us competitive even if it means bordering on breaking the rules? He just seems to be hiding behind any excuse to not spend big.

    What a joke.

  11. FutureMan says:

    With our fans and their low ambitions Arsenal is gonna relegate in a few seasons , worrying for Arsenal’s money is not our problem , we pay for expensive ticket prices and merchandises what we should have is expectations that Arsenal buys quality players with the money we give them , selling our top scorer for any price to our rivals is as pathetic as it gets , kroenke is a billionare and caring about 70 mil that is nothing in todays footballing market is not what fans should do what fans should do is to force kroenke to either spend money or sell the club and make sure the future is not dark.

    1. henry k Uganda says:

      the full problem is with our arsenal funs out side their not to make a final discussion of not watching our matches for two or more times. they just keep on attending in large numbers and Kroanke knows they are happy.

  12. Edii says:

    We’ll probably still finish 6th or below this season. Poor team

  13. Sergio says:

    I think it depends on if we bring in a quality striker or not.

    At the moment we don’t need one. Both Laca and Auba are quality and they produce their best when they play together, however if we receive a £70m offer for Auba it would be hard to say no considering his age.

    We’d then have to reinvest at least half of that in a 2nd striker but have no idea how he’d fit in with our current squad in the PL.

    Tough decision.

  14. arsenal-steve says:

    We just bought him and this obscure column is talking about selling him???? Bizarre.

  15. GunnerJack says:

    As we are cash strapped I’d rather we gave the Academy players a chance in attack and spent any money we have a bit further back. My own view is that left back is our most pressing problem so if this Kieran Tierney guy is as good as most people think he would be more of a priority. I haven’t seen him in a match but UE seems very keen.
    Likewise why spend on such as Ryan Fraser when our own Bukayo Saka is busting a gut for a place in the team. Saka on the left, Nelson on the right and Laca in the middle would be fine by me.

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