Underperforming Aubameyang is one of the top five earners in the Premier League

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been in poor form for Arsenal over the last two years, but the Gabon captain’s salary is among the top five in the Premier League.

The former Borussia Dortmund man signed a new deal at the start of last season and his current wage is around £350,000 per week.

That is more than Premier League Golden Boot holder, Harry Kane makes and it is also more than Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah takes home every seven days, according to The Sun.

Arsenal is one of the underperforming Premier League clubs and Auba has done very little to justify why he takes home that much money.

The report revealed a list of the Premier League’s top earners and Auba is the only player whose club finished outside the top four last season who earns up to £300k per week.


This shows how desperate Arsenal was to hand him a new deal and he may have become their new Mesut Ozil.

Mikel Arteta has chosen the striker to start matches ahead of the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah this season and he hasn’t been at his best.

In 6 league games, the striker has scored just 2 goals. That is a poor return for the money he is being paid by the Gunners weekly.

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  1. This is ridiculous, contracts must have someclause which stipulates that if you don’t perform, some kind of reduction of your salary will kick-off.

      1. @NY_Gunner
        It does not matter what a player did in their former life. What matters is what they are doing at their new club.

        1. @Goonster
          Sorta, kinda common sense there dude. That’s why I included Auba. Guess that point kinda, sorta flew over your head…🤔

      2. Sometimes even at the same club they dont exist anymore. Look at delle alli. On the verge of becoming a superstar at spuds. Now, a liability at the same spuds. But for sancho/auba there is a difference. Sancho is young and just arrived. He only had a few games. Might still get it. Auba has not really performed for more than one year now. He used pace and speed but is now 32. Probably will never find again the level he had there because of age.

    1. Auba must be dropped and replaced with Martinelli or Enketia. He has not performed this season and even near the end of last season. Why iis he the captain and earning $350,000?

  2. I have to say I was surprised Auba got a 3 year extension considering he was in his 30’s but wasn’t aware he was on £350k pw. He’s got a lot to live up to let’s hope he does.

    Jadon Sancho also on £350 pw? Crazy.

      1. Says a lot about our league!
        There is one tenet of Wenger at Arsenal – one year rolling contract for the nearly retirees. Keeps them on their toes

      2. 😅😅😅 yes but bayern had lot to offer (trophies). Players want to play for bayern. As players used to want to play for arsenal (remember Sol campbell). We have less to offer. Not even europe anymore. So players (some like auba and ozil before) ransom the club. As if the club needed absolutely them. Auba goals was good before signing but since that, wow. What a waste of money. Except goals, brings nothing to the table. Sad.

  3. My answer to his woes was told on Dans lenos article so need need to repeat it .
    A world class player now looking like a bust , I wonder why .

    1. Because he got a massive £300,000 a week contract at the age of 31. Nice retirement package hence why he is taking it easy and not stressing himself over performances.
      Reminds me of one “The Shirt Selling Genius”.

      1. Good one goonster 👍
        Bet you miss saying the shirt selling genius .
        Good for you buddy you got to say it one more time .
        I wait with bated breath for the next one .

  4. I find it hard to believe Sancho is earning 350k a week.In any event the list does bring home the utterly ludicrous wages paid in the EPL which bears no relationship with performance in a number of cases and highlights the complete inequality of earnings in relation to the man in the street who supports his Club through thick and thin.As Barca are currently finding out ,these wage levels are not sustainable unless the Club concerned is bankrolled by the state or individuals with seemingly unlimited resources.

    1. Grandad, The sober reality that even such giants as BARCA are having no choice but to face up to, is IMO a very welcome lesson that will be definitely forced on many other clubs ,including some giant clubs too.

      I have longed for decades past already, for such a tsunami of circumstance to FORCE football leagues around Europe and esp our PREM to be forced by dire financial peril to vastly and permanently reduce ALL player wages.

      They are monstrous and an obscenity that cannot and will not keep on getting higher.
      The lower wages fall to, the healthier the game will be, IMO.


      Their value to society is less than that of many, possibly even most, other professions outside sport.

  5. The new 3 year salary package granted Aubameyang is just part of the horrendous recruitment and selling debacle which has plagued Arsenal these past 5 seasons.
    Ozil lost for free
    Sanchez lost for free
    Mkhitarian lost for free
    Ramsey lost for free
    Mustafi lost for free
    Socritis lost for free
    Auba 60mill fee probale 2mill selling fee
    Lacazette 50m fee – probable 2mill selling fee
    Pepe 72m fee Selling fee 20mill max.
    Torreira 27mill. Nominal 5mill selling fee.
    Willian paid 15mill to leave.
    All in all the debacle will cost the club north of 500 mill in fees and wasted salaries.
    The financial losses will never be recouped but maybe we won’t make the same mistakes again.
    This is of course is what prompted the new lean mean machine project unveiled this past June
    with 5 of our six purchases averaging 20mill.
    Keening over the negligence will not change anything. Its more a case of pulling onesef up by the boots straps. A more considered and measured approach is under way. A run of 6 unbeaten gives cause for optimism 🙂

    1. Sometimes , in fact most often, though not always fairfan, you write with such wisdom, as in this post.

      So many of our fans care nothing for these facts, most, though not all, of which do not lie at MA’s door.

      But they still unfairly blame him for the many disastrous financial mistakes made over a number of years past.

      NOW and at long last it does SEEM(I SAY “SEEM” AS WE CANNOT YET BE CERTAIN) that there is a new sense of clear policy direction by using mainly young players and not overspending on older players.

      HALLELUJAH and better late than never!

  6. If the re-upping of Auba is deemed blameworthy, the vast majority should fall squarely on the head of our current manager, as even though this particular player had earned the right to demand a rather exorbitant weekly wage, regardless of your own personal opinion about the player himself and/or the present state of player salaries, this meant squat if the management team had no interest in retaining his services

    the fact that MA/Edu went to great lengths to convince him to stay in North London only goes to prove the notion that, following our rather fortuitous FA win, they had no intention of pursuing a “rebuild” initiative, as this longer term, cost prohibitive contract would have made no sense, if that were the case

    there’s no doubt that MA had hoped that a more senior-laden squad, with a sprinkling of younger players, was the “best” and quickest way to return to footballing relevance, which was a sackable offence, in my estimation, considering the results

    whereas their attempt to press the reset button on the squad this past summer was simply a desperate selfishly-motivated act by those fearing the axe, as this only came about following the abject failure of their ill-fated attempt to intentionally deviate from the original mandate

    the fact that this novice management team didn’t have the gumption to stay the “process” course, which meant making some incredibly difficult personnel decisions, or the foresight to see the obvious follies of their post-FA plan, especially from an offensive capacity, speaks volumes

    after all it was these waffling managerial simpletons who offered up such a lucrative deal to an aging, albeit elite, Striker under the mistaken guise MA’s clearly negative tactical scheme would deliver the requisite service to justify the monies on offer

    I’m sure if Auba knew that Arteta’s “plan” would leave him consistently starved for service, he would have likely never signed on the dotted line, but it’s certainly not his fault that he did

    1. Correct, either auba doesn’t suit the way we play or we are not playing to his strengths. Auba has been a top goalscorer wherever he has played, including us until this last 12 months. The big question is WHY?

    2. So if auba is starved now, why not helping our rebuild project and just go ! Would save us something like 30m wages if he leaves even for free this winter. Because he wont be part of any long tern project and does not help us a lot short term. We would better give some playing time to Martinelli and balogun and we even have laca right now which contributes no less than Auba. Problem is that it is a strong decision for Arteta that requires guts as Auba is captain. Problem is that everyone is new and finding a new captain difficult except going back to xhaka. Saka already carry so much burden than giving an other one on his shoulders might not ve a good idea. Otherwise gabriel is young and not english, but might be one…

  7. I was wandering if there was a clause in Auba’s contract that He must always play even if he’s underperforming or what is Arteta’s obsession. The guy has just been a joke so far, or is it that Arteta does not want to admit to making a mistake by giving the guy the bumper deal. Each time I see him in the line up I get frustrated because he’s been offering nothing and setting a bad example for the kids.

    1. While agreeing this was the fault of our current managerial team (especially when they had the MO debacle to compare with), no one expected to see Aubameyang struggle so much since signing the new contract.
      I also think that MA does own up to his mistakes, but then gives no indication as to why it happened and how to rectify said mistakes.

      Interesting to see that four manure players are in that list – their weekly outlay must be staggering… and to think that Sanchez was, reportedly, on £500,000 a week.

      It seems that the covid situation didn’t have the effect that some said it would and the insanity continues.

      If only our club had kept that AW clause regarding anyone over 30 would get a one year contract – but it is what it is and I guess we will pay Aubemeyang off sometime in the future and praise the club for clearing out the “deadwood” once again.

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