Underperforming Italian club targets forgotten Arsenal man

Calum Chambers has gone from being Arsenal’s first-choice right-back towards the end of last season to being nowhere near the first XI.

The Englishman would have felt he had resurrected his career when Mikel Arteta used him ahead of Hector Bellerin and Cedric Soares.

However, Arsenal signed Takehiro Tomiyasu in the summer and the Japan international has moved ahead of everyone in the right-back spot.

Chambers has now been linked with a move away from the Emirates.

This development is unsurprising and Corriere Dello Sport via Sport Witness reports he is on the radar of AS Roma.

The Italian club is underperforming this season as inconsistency threatens to spoil their plans to finish the campaign as high as possible.

They are now looking at signing Chambers and his versatility is one thing that is attracting them to him.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Chambers has been one of Arsenal’s average players over the years and it’s great to see the club push him towards an exit.

The Englishman is one of several players whom Arsene Wenger signed before he left the Emirates.

Chambers is talented, but he is not good enough to play for Arsenal and he could make a name for himself at a mid or lower-table Premier League club.

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    1. No, he was NEVER good enough for Arenal . He was tried and had many chances but always came up short.

      Just an average player and unlike you NYG, most of us have more ambition for our club than to be satisfied with distinctly moderate and often injured players, such as Chambers.

      1. @jon fox
        You need to step out of your feelings and get over yourself there geezer…
        He was good enough to be signed by people who thought he was.

        1. NYG, And they were wrong, as events proved!

          I stick to realities, not personal insults, which are water off a ducks back to me. But sub standard players in our squad is NOT WATER OFF A DUCKS BACK BUT A CAUSE FOR DEEP CONCERN.

      2. He made a very good start at centre back when he first signed, but his big injury and subsequent lack of game time affectedhis development.

    2. IMO, need to correct the comment a lil bit “………..good enough for AW, …….” Good enough for a manager who was not good enough to win the EL for 10 + years and UCL for 20+ years. Good lad but AFC does not need nice boys, we need fearless men and Mikel is doing just that. Our Ramsdale challenging Pickford for the England no 1, did Wenger even bother to really improve the English team by hiring really good players or just Gibs and the like?

      1. But good enough for a manager who did not finish less than 6th EH LC
        Did t Arteta win the FA cup with all of wengers players ?
        What as Arteta won with his 12 players he signed so far .

        1. And improving the England team ,with players like Walcott The ox and Jack is that what you ment
          And having saka and ESR coming through when he was here .
          Strange how everyone of your post puts Wenger down but without actually seeing the facts .

  1. He had some excellent games last season but had a terrible start to this. Not sure why that happened, but at this point we’re stacked in defence and I don’t see him becoming a fixture in the side. Shame

  2. He’s out of contract in the summer so Arsenal won’t get much for him in January. Because of his versatility it might be worth keeping him and then replacing him in the summer.

  3. He has not let Arteta down at all when he played, he is a better player than people give him credit for and versatile. Arsenal will lose him for nothing. There is a theme here!!!!!!!!

    1. Like PSG could lose Mbappe for nothing, Barcelona could lose Dembele for nothing, United could lose Pogba for nothing. Liverpool lost Wjinaldum for nothing, AC lost Donnarumma for nothing, Bayern lost Alaba for nothing, Lyon lost Depay for nothing. Chambers is not even in their league. I know you read the article I wrote about this, why keep perpetuating idea that we’re the only club losing players on free transfers?

          1. No, it wasn’t. He left this year as Barca were unable to pay his salary under La Liga’s new restrictions. They were negotiating more or less until the day he left. He had had a clause in his contact that allowed him to leave the club as long as he informed them before a certain point this year, but he didn’t activate it, his contact expired this year. And anyway, what about all the other examples?

    1. Kolasinac, Mari, Holding, Nelson, Nketiah, El Neny, Leno will all most likely leave next summer. Probably Lacazette too.

  4. Unlucky player with injuries, better than Cedric in any day, home grown and verstaile. He was great last season, he had a rough start this one but judging him based on a game when the whole team was so bad is unfair.

    For me perfect backup at RB and is worth the shot at DM. Ecen at CB, he is okay. I won’t be happy to see him leaving.

    Great luck to him.

  5. I would rather have chambers stay than holding. Clubs coming for chambers, signifies the fact that he is a good player, compare to holding, who hasn’t been able to find himself any suitor.

    1. Or its because he’s out of contract at the end of the season so could leave very cheaply in January or for free in the summer

  6. Holding and Chambers are good squad players…….if Arsenal were in Europe..FA cup..etc..then we need the extra players….with Saliba that’s 9 defenders enough for next season…..Arsenal will be back in Europe soon….

  7. I would prefer Chambers to stay any time of the day over Soares. He is much more versatile, talented, committed and home grown. Soares and if required Mari can be sold but Chambers must stay at Arsenal.

    1. Both are out of contract and will most likely leave, so its not a case of losing/keeping one over the other. They’ve both made contributions but its time to move on and continue developing the squad.

  8. I agree with argooner. Some people think that players squads and teams last for ever. An EPL caree4 is is often shor5 due to age or injury. We need to be constantly rejuvenating and improving the squad. Hi

    1. Top managers, in particular Ferguson (i know, i hated him too, but enough time had passed that we surely have to recognise his greatness), often talk about the need to refresh a team every few years. While a squad may have a core that you don’t want to break up, ie. Messi, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets at Barca, I don’t really think we can consider Chambers one of these types of players, and we’ve seen the dangers of players out living their usefulness for sentimental reasons. A fresh start for Chambers and the opportunity to improve the squad for is must be seen as the best option for all parties.

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