“Underwhelmed” Piers Morgan questions Arsenal’s move for Havertz

Piers Morgan has expressed his disappointment with Arsenal’s pursuit of Kai Havertz from Chelsea, as the Gunners aim to strengthen their squad.

Arsenal has been actively working on securing the German midfielder’s transfer, along with their efforts to sign Declan Rice from West Ham. However, no official announcements have been made thus far.

As the potential deal for Havertz nears completion, Morgan raises concerns about Arsenal turning to Chelsea once again to sign a player who may not have performed up to expectations.

He tweeted:

“Am I the only Arsenal fan underwhelmed by this news? Why does Arteta think under-performing Chelsea stars are the missing link to our Title chances?”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz is not one of the best goal-scorers in the Premier League, but Mikel Arteta must have seen something in the German that made him move for him.

We must begin to trust our manager’s judgement as he has shown over time that he rarely misses when he adds a player to his squad.

Havertz might struggle at Chelsea, only to move to the Emirates and become a star player for us, so we need to give the manager the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. While a majority of fans on JA will agree with the sentiments expressed by Morgan I find the acquisition of Havertz intriguing for a number of reasons.First of all at 6’2″ he brings a physical dimension to our attack which has been missing for some time and contrary to what has been suggested by some, he is good in the air and adept at finding spaces in the final third. He is not a natural centre forward and seems to have been made a scapegoat for the failure of Chelsea to convert chances throughout last season when virtually every Chelsea player underperformed .To me Havertz will bring more fluidity to our play as he has an aptitude for operating between the lines and has the intelligence to make runs to link up with others like Jesus and our talented wingers.His flexibility is another asset which no doubt appeals to Arteta and it will be very interesting to see how he is used if indeed the deal goes through.On his day Havertz is a class act and the challenge for our Manager is to improve his consistency to bring about another dimension to our attacking capabilities.If and when he pulls on the red shirt Havertz will have my full backing and I would hope those fans who understandably have reservations given the mediocrity of the Chelsea side last season will also get behind the young German.

    1. Good analysis Grandad, what separates a great coach from a good one is the vision and ability to work with players who are not household names. What about Mr. Wenger’s waste of funds for Ozil,vLaca, PEA, Xhaka, Mustafi, ……. what major honor did we win those folks? What about the n number of unproductive seasons of RVP? Mikel made Martinelli, Saka, Ben, Ode, Ramsdale, Xhaka better. Everybody will see a new Kai if he joins us.Mikel’s confident, so am I.

      1. RVP was *always* productive when he was able to play, he was just injured a lot? And wenger signed him as a youngster and helped him become one of the top strikers in the world..
        And PEA was hardly a waste of funds – he was easily our most important player for 2 or 3 years. We’d have been in real trouble without him as his goals won us plenty of games we could easily have lost. Probably paid for himself many times over, helping us to finish high in the league and qualify for Europe.. I know it ended badly, and I applaud arteta for getting rid when he did (I’d have been happier if he’d pulled the trigger 6 months earlier) but you can’t deny auba was brilliant for us earlier on.
        Sorry to nit pick – don’t disagree with your main point

        1. LC is well known in JA for his hates of AW. Take his comments with pinch of salt. No value and meaningless. LC will carry his hate for AW till his death and then to another world. His hate for AW is forever and ever lasting.

    2. I might not support you on Kai Harvertz cos he misses chances all the time and not just last season, he was that awful in front of goal, scoring winning goals here and there doesn’t mean he’s good. Gotze did that too.
      But why I’m supporting this transfer is because Arteta wants him, if Arteta want him, then there is a reason cos i know he’s not a fool and for him signing Kai for that price means Harvertz might be some missing link too. And if Xhaka can put up those numbers, then Harvertz can do more. Which he can bring the Leverkusen Harvertz back.

      and @LC
      Then only waste of fund among the players you mentioned is Mustafi and saying unproductive season of RVP? If we have RVP in our team last season, i’m sure we would win the league. Let Jesus amount the same goals as RVP before you talk about him like that..

      And saying what major honour did we win with them?
      Auba spent 4years here and by the time Arteta spend 4 years in Arsenal, he won’t win any Major Honor as a manager, so no point accusing him about major trophy won cos he won’t do it alone. If the other players give us the little Auba laid on the field, we would have win something.
      Ozil spent 7 years, so ln 3 years from now, if we still don’t win a major trophy, then you don’t have a point.
      RVP spent 8 years, but you know what he proved, he proved he has the ability but the players around him are not enough. He nearly singlehandedly won the EPL for Man U immediately he left Arsenal..

      I might not support this players and happy they left but you don’t condemn what they did especially when they don’t have the same luxury as the players have now. Imagine Odegaard without Saka and Partey.

      So appreciate the new team set up and stop condemning the old players especially those who try there best .

      1. On Auba – he was also absolutely crucial in winning the fa Cup, which is all we’ve won under arteta so far.
        I’m not sold on the idea arteta definitely won’t win anything – it’s very possible you’re right (guardiola makes it difficult for everyone), but I’m still on the train, as I do believe in what he’s doing overall.

    1. Yes, but not unlike some people on here, in fact there are still some on here who want Arteta gone.

  2. Good points made Grandad and we surely should give Arteta and his coaching team some credit for what they achieved last year and how they improved/developed players such a Granit and Ben W.

  3. Piers Morgan has now built up a long line of rash statements when it comes to AFC but on this one ive gotta say from what Havertz has done so far for Chelsea he is right.

  4. The fact that piers Morgan thinks this is a bad signing makes me believe it’s a good one. Literally everything that leaves his mouth is the opposite of reality.

  5. Although initially underwhelming, let’s get behind this guy and give him a chance to show what he can bring to the team.

    Arteta has been hit and miss in the transfer market but has shown with players such as Odergaard and Ramsdale that he has the coaching nous to turn potential into greatness.

    Be better for Havertz to have the fans behind him so he can hit the ground running rather than have his confidence affected by negativity and doubt.

    With Rice, Havertz and Timber our first 11 quality will increase.

    I’d also give a chance to Balogun to play as a target man centre forward so we have a plan B instead of always trying to score the perfect goal.

    Please bring Nelson and ESR into the
    fold, both these guys are super talented and Arsenal through and through.

    One last wish, please get Wilf Zaha. This guy is a boyhood Gooner and desperate to play for the team he supports. Older than the current profile for players but strong, nasty and hates to lose.

    Arsenal to be the main challengers again for the Premier League title this coming season.

  6. According to my view Havertz is a good signing for us because the front line need a clinical play to score more goals

  7. At least 35M of pure profits added to the bottom line of Chelsea FC, courtesy of Mikel Arteta. This, in a nutshell, is my main takeaway from this awful deal. In other words, waving the white flag of surrender to our opponent, instead of fighting.

  8. I think we need to give this signing a chance before writing him off without even having played for us. A lot of people seem to think he will play up front but he’s not a striker, maybe a 10 in the Bergkamp role but a lot of knowledgeable pundits suggest he will be in the left side attacking 8 position, played by Xhaka successfully last season. He’s certainly not coming to sit on the bench though so it will be interesting to see where he will fit in.

  9. I think the big issue is that he is £65m worth of chance. That is a big chunk of our budget on someone who does not aspire to that value based on his history or stats. I’m not saying he isn’t the player for us and I don’t think Piers is. He’s just pointing out the obvious. It does seem underwhelming when Chelsea paid £75m a few years ago and are already releasing him for £10m less. I just hope he is a chance worth taking and a calculated one. Time will tell but I will support him and club 100%.

  10. Havertz will have to take his chance when he gets a shot at our no8 position. He’s quick enough and strong enough to make an impact in the b2b role. People are upset about us targeting Che cast-offs but City got Kovacic so we’ll see. Havertz will want to show us more, he’s got the incentive to prove doubters wrong by turning his great technical ability into something more powerful and consistently so

  11. I take isse with JA Opionon whuixch states that ” MA’s judgement rarely misse when he adds a playe roto our squad”. I amwel known onJAdfor being astaunch MA supportwr and willteamin one But it HAS to be TRUTHFULLY, said that a nunbw rof his buys haveben bad misses; Tavares, Lokonga, Viera, his resigning of Elneny his keeping Holding and IMO thr almost certain buy of HAVERTZ, esp for such a lot of money

    Those are, taken overall, far too many errors to be truthfully described as”rarely”!

    Even allowing for HAVERTZ being uncertain either way, as yet.

    I consider MA’s transfer dealings , both in, out, or foolishly retained,(Elneny, Holding) as his undoubtedly weakest part of an otherwise superb managership.

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