‘Underwhelming’ – Pundit claims Arsenal job simply ‘too big’ for Arteta

Mikel Arteta‘s job in North London is being questioned at present, with Arsenal on the cusp of failing to earn European football for next term.

The Spaniard appeared to stabilise the team when he initially arrived, with more organisation and fight being shown on the pitch, and he appeared to the be a lucky gem when he guided us to win the FA Cup in his debut season.

Unfortunately, the overall performances of the team haven’t continued on that uphill curve this season, and despite reaching the semi-final of the Europa League, we only sit mid-table domestically, with only four fixtures remaining to try and recoup a respectable finish.

Trevor Sinclair has now claimed that while fans obviously wanted him to do well, his FA Cup success may be the only thing keeping him in the job at present.

Sinclair told TalkSPORT:“As much as you want him to do well as a young manager, he’s brought a trophy to the football club already, which to me is one of the biggest reasons why he’s still in a job.

“You just look at the performances and the lack of consistency and probably the lack of discipline since he’s been in charge.

“It’s just been a bit underwhelming. The Arsenal fans wanted to welcome him back to the club as a success.

“I think he had a fantastic apprenticeship with Pep Guardiola, but this job is far too big.”

Would Mikel still be in the job without that FA Cup victory?


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  1. It is way too big! And the reports are indicating that he will still be given a chance and a transfer window… I really cant feel love for this club anymore when its still run by the american leech.. My love for this club is turning into blind hate for both Arteta and the stupid board for keeping him

    1. I dislike Kroenke and whilst I have backed Arteta up until this season, yes he needs to be replaced with an experienced manager, but my love for Arsenal Football Club will never die.
      The owner is not the club, the manager is not the club and the players are not the club. I support Arsenal whoever owns, manages or plays for the club and if you don’t understand this concept you are not a true Gooner !

          1. Owners of Professional Football Clubs are merely custodians.Fans are supporters for life.

      1. Declan Well said! WE are the club and not all the others you listed. WE are permanent and all others come and then one day they go.
        WE stay, which makes US the club! We all know this truth too.

  2. As expected the loss against Villarreal has many fans calling for Arteta to be sacked, and comparisons being made to the turnaround in Chelsea’s fortunes since firing Lampard.

    Lampard, though, already had a no-expense-spared dream team to work with. Most would agree that Arsenal’s team are far from that at the moment. Also, given their current form would anyone have gone into the Europa League final against Man Utd realistically expecting to walk away with the trophy?

    My point is that starting again with another manager won’t achieve anything except maybe a short-term uplift before the same problems reoccur. I’m sure it will be an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s worth allowing Arteta more time and a couple more transfer windows to create what he’s trying to do long-term. He will learn and develop, I think he’s still capable of doing something good.

    1. if you are willing to see arsenal struggle to finish top 10 then you are welcome, arteta is tactically inept, he is forcing his players to fit into his complicated system, the build up is too slow and predictable, previous managers problem is weak defense but in artetas case the team are struggling to attack and defend, id rather see arsenal use counter attacking style than useless ball possession, if you think the players are the problem, look at gerrards glasgow rangers, they play much better football than arsenal, and im not sure their squad is much better than arsenals, so yes the problem is arteta, or he is part of the problem, sacking arteta will not solve all of arsenals problem but at least itll solve our managerial or tactical problem

    2. Giving Arteta more transfer windows will simply compound his mistakes.He has been shown wanting in his ability to judge talent (Willian in and Martinez out); his tactical approach to games (playing a false 9 and then a one man midfield in the most important games of the Season); his man management skills (Guendouzi,Martinelli and Saliba);and his motivational skills (how many games this season have seen Arsenal conceed an early goal given a tepid start to the game).
      Apart from an ability to speak a number of different languages and the fact that he’s cheap Im not sure what he actually brings to the table?…Chelsea replaced Lampard because they knew that they could do better with a different coach.I firmly believe that Arsenal could do better with virtually any other coach.
      Keeping Arteta will only serve to make matters worse and prevent his successor from being able to move the team forward quickly enough.
      At this time the Club actually has a spine of good young players it just requires someone to meld them.into a team and actually make them the “sum of their parts”…

  3. Absolutely ridiculous if he’s still manager next season ,the football I’ve witnessed this season ,well pretty much the last 3 seasons as been nothing short of disgraceful.
    We’ve had Frank Spencer now we’ve got betty .
    Next time let’s not go bloody Spanish ,the football served up between this last pair should be made into a criminal offence ,a complete waste of 3 years .
    Personally I would go for Brenda “eyelash “Rogers ,young proven and has a point to prove after not winning the league with Liverpool.
    First and foremost though get rid of Arteta now and get that used car salesman edu out of the club as well .

    1. i really like brendan but i dont think he wants to leave LCFC, but there are still good managers like lucien favre, allegri or any other experienced managers

  4. According to reports, if we’re still mid table come the end of the year MA will then be replaced… so buckle up everybody!

    1. Why is Mikel Arteta treated differently than Arsene Wenger or Unai Emery?
      So much for fairness and equity. The photographs Arteta may have must be incriminating.

    2. It is painful Sue, to say ge stays regardless of league position or being able to overcome any decent team in Europa or even delivering convincing performance.
      It would have been okay if ge stayed to end of season, but they say he could go lose next 4 games and still start next season!
      For me, I would have kicked him before WBA.

  5. What is so troublesome is the cowardice in the club. Arteta should have been relieved of his job after the Europa League exit. That would have been the most compassionate way for Arteta, the supporters and fans around the world, a million or more people, to recover. To let Arteta ‘cling by his fingernails’, is heartless. He would hurt through his loss of job and face, but would build his way back somewhere. He could learn in a more basic job. This is a cruel club prolonging Arteta’s misery. Bad karma will come for sure, whilst the insipid, self-serving Kroenke’s play around with our great club….Arsenal F.C.

  6. Arteta and Stan open up on the clubs ambitions.
    What are your expectations of the club making Top 6?
    Every season, every second season?
    Arteta. We must keep our structure.
    Stan. No comment
    Top 4 ?
    Every season, every second season
    once in four seasons?
    Arteta. We need time.
    Stan. No comment.
    Win the League?
    Once every 3 years, 5 years, 20 years?
    Arteta. We must do our best
    Stan. No comment.
    Champions league knock out stage?
    Every second season, once in 5 years?
    Arteta. We must try hard.
    Stan No comment.
    FA Cup. Semi final or better.
    Every second year, once in three seasons once every 5 seasons?
    Arteta Trust the process.
    Stan No comment.
    When will be a top team again?
    Arteta. Have faith.
    Stan. No comment.

  7. Arteta was appointed with all hope and hype at his biggest surprise.

    Probably couldnt believe it as much he was not ready for such job.

    He came as a savior club & fans elevated him to, then caught up in thinking he was indeed.

    After finishing 8th, worst spot in a quarter century; appointed to manager.

    A hero with a cup win, and by the time community shield win: he was the messiah.

    Can’t blame him for club and fans to support him and keep saying he was the hope and solution.

    He really thought so and kept it on with all support from so many of us.

    Kroenke is going to sell and many will be mad to hear Wenger back at the club, but it is the only way to save us from the biggest mistake & shame in football history : “Wenger out!”.

    Out of where? A stadium he paid for fans to enjoy?

    Wenger this and that…Here you go now, midtable team in less than 2 years!. A totally lost & mismanaged club and squad!

    Arteta is no coach, everyone had him believe that.

    Cheapest option, using that emotional to have everyone blinded…

    Kroenke is paying for all his tricks as a portion of poisoning fans.

    He spent more money since Wenger left, and is now losing big time for being tricky cheap; buying Pepe in insrallement plan, have us all think he spent 80M! No 20M upfront and Zaha was 60M but full payemen. Same goes for Gabriel…

    Instead to put money in an experimented talented coach; he got desperate Arteta, cheapest option to shut us down happy and hopefull

    It work; all the way to EL semi finals, Arteta been hailed and praised no matter how mediocre and a midtable official status.

    Bet if he won EL, he would be a hero as cup last year.

    What can we possibly do in CL with Arteta in charge?

    Look what he has done in EL. Spoke about beating strong opponents and to be proud to make it to semis.

    We only played smaller teams and certainly can’t think we could have beaten Man U today…Let’s get real

  8. There is a lot of rubbish being thrown around. So many people have lost all sense of perspective. There is nothing “too big” about the job. Far too many people are simply jumping on this bandwagon because results have not been great.
    I maintain that Arteta has not been backed adequately given the mess he inherited.
    There are far too many fans that have an unwarranted sense of entitlement.
    Also this idea that Rogers is better than Arteta is nonsense. His Leicester team got knocked out of the EL by the “dream team” called Slavia Prague. I also hope people on here watched his team being given the run around by the “wunderteam” from Newcastle.
    Losing a semi-final in the way Arsenal did was very disappointing. The response needs to be sensible and considered not the bile being spouted by so many on here.
    Arteta needs to given good support from the owners. Fans should be criticising sensibly; some of the comments are bordering on xenophobia.

    1. This is why are club think it’s ok to be mediocre with fans thinking like this and actually supporting this drivel.
      Regarding Rogers ,you do know that they are 3rd in the league right, with a team that have no right to be that far up the table ,I honestly can not believe you have just compared Arteta with Rogers and came to that conclusion .

      1. Grandad, where is the “voice of reason” for consistency, equity and fairness in treatment?

    2. David, why is Arteta a better option than the disgarded Emery, who was supported less than Arteta in both say in the transfer market and player discipline?
      Emery was sacked when Arsenal had lost 3 of 8 games in his second season after finishing 5th by one point and beaten in a Europa League final.
      Emery just beat Arteta over two legs of the Europa League semi final, with a Villarreal squad, which Arsenal should have played off the park.
      With games remaining Arteta has lost 13 games in the EPL this season; Terry Neil lost 11 games in a First Division season and was sacked.
      What are the performance criteria and targets for an Arsenal manager and where is the consistency for fair and equitable treatment?

      1. At least Emery is experienced and has already won several trophies.
        What are Arteta’s qualifications?
        Was an above average player, and assisted a big manager. I am sure that criteria meets 100 person out yhere!

  9. Wow! That something that never entered my head, that our manager wasn’t upto the job. THERE’S A REVELATION. Not!

  10. David, I can only say that if the crowds were allowed in the ground this season Arteta would have been gone by now. He alone is responsible for the team, and he alone should be held accountable for the insipid uninspired performances that have been delivered this season.
    Season ticket renewals will be on the post fairly soon. All will be taken up because the fanbase support the football club. Not the owner. Not the manager. I just happen to love the manner in which our supporters refuse to just sit back and accept mediocrity. We Pat very very high prices for our seats, snd it’s not in the least unreasonable to expect progress.
    What happened to Wenger and Emery was the direct result of the fanbase demanding better. Why should Arteta not be held accountable with his job bearing in mind he had delivered results and performances that have been far worst than the two previous managers who were sacked?
    And I’m still waiting to understand just why Arteta is thought so highly of when Emery, despite producing far better results, was never given the time. I wanted Emery out. I expect Arteta to be out at the end of this season too.

    1. Spot on, if crowds were at Emirates they would have been going through hell!

  11. If Arteta goes,Arsenal shd go for the proven manager who has won trophies.Dont get someone full of potential.Chelsea sacked Lampard and his replacement has done wonders.
    It’s better to get someone who has established himself than gamble on an u knownl

  12. We are all agreed. A hugely disappointing season. I feel that Arteta has made the mistake of thinking that we can play like Man City or Barcelona – endless passing followed by a brilliant goal. Did he not realise that starting from Leno at the back we do not have accurate quick passers of a ball. Teams must play to their own strengths, not be pale imitations of superior teams. I would keep only Tierney Saka Aubameyang Smith Rowe and Partey.

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