Unfazed Wenger says “the younger generations are in favour” of his sweeping proposals to change football

People hardly change and Arsene Wenger is showing that he is probably never going to stop being an innovator.

The Frenchman changed English football when he arrived on these shores as the manager of Arsenal in the 90s.

His new brand of football made the Gunners one of the best teams to watch and successful.

He spent over two decades at Arsenal before departing in 2018, not exactly in the way he would have wanted.

The ever-interesting Frenchman now works for FIFA where he is the Chief of Global Football Development.

He wants to change football and has proposed a World Cup every two years.

The idea is hard to accept to some fans and football federations who have become accustomed to the World Cup being played every four years.

However, Wenger is defiant and in a recent interview, he insisted that the idea is garnering support from mostly the younger football fans.

The 72-year-old said at ‘The Future of Football’ event on Tuesday as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘Out of 100 football people we consulted, 99 per cent want changes. 

‘We see the results in our polls that the younger generations are in favour (of the World Cup every two years), the generation over 50 is against. There is a split in the way people see the evolution. 

‘This year is a good example: we had the Euros – a fantastic tournament in England – then we had the Nations League in Italy (which was) well-attended again. Next year it’s the World Cup, everybody is looking forward to it. 

‘No-one has said we don’t want the World Cup because we had the Euros this year. We don’t have to be scared.’

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  1. I believe age is affecting this guy. His endless’ nearly signed’ , ‘biannual WC, ‘kick ins not throws’ and his current moans about how he should have left earlier. Nothing was ever his fault. He is trying to remain relevant. Its all a bit tragic

    1. I have to say, thats how i see it. He is a man with morals but he twists them to suit the situation he finds himself in with his paymasters at that time. I dont believe for a minute people are bothered about two world cup every four years. International football takes a back seat to national league football, thats were peoples passions really are.

  2. Just watched the Wenger /Dein sit in and it was so good to see these two guys back together again.
    It seems that the audience had rather different views to Reggie and Silentstan, as the chanting proved.
    When it comes to AW being “relevant”… while that may be the case with The Arsenal of today… let’s see what happens with his W/C proposals shall we?

    Just listen to what MA says about him and one might just question the opinions of those who continue to disrespect Le Prof today.

    1. I think having an opinion of what wenger stands for and why he says it, is NOT disrespecting him. He had that much respect for international football when he was a manager, he and Fergie often did all they could to get players off international duty, due to “niggles” that mysteriously appeared just before games and them made miraculous recoveries, when the leagues started up again. He didn’t have the same opinion about international football then as he has now, in fact quite the opposite.

      1. Plus ken people CAN have an opinion of what wenger says good or bad. He is not a saint by any means. We dont have to just praise him for his achievements, while ignoring his failings.

        1. And vica versa Reggie… why do you believe his proposals being put forward are logged as failures or that he’s trying to be relevant?

          Wenger doesn’t have the final say, he’s proposing changes for discussion.

          You and I might agree / disagree with them, but how do you come to the conclusion that he’s twisting his morals to suit his paymasters?
          Every single proposal could be voted against, so where does your “moral” claim stand then?

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