Unfortunately Arsenal proved right on Rosicky decision

Rosicky shows why Arsenal had to let him go!

Many Arsenal fans were left unhappy and sad at the sight of waving goodbye to Tomas Rosicky after the final premier league game of the season. But has Rosicky proven once again at the Euro’s why Arsenal were right to finally let him go?

Rosicky received an outstanding send off from the club on the final day of the Premier League season after 10 years of service at Arsenal. The entire aftermath of the match was largely dedicated to Rosicky, whilst club captain Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini also got their send offs. But many fans were left wondering if Arsenal should have given Rosicky another years contract at the club.

Rosicky gave his all every time he pulled on that Arsenal shirt. However in his last few years at the club, Rosicky struggled more than ever with injures and his time on the treatment table was so lengthy that it saw Rosicky’s playing time severely limited.

Despite only playing 20 minutes last season, Little Mozart was still called up to the Czech Republic national team for this summer’s European Championships in France. Rosicky is heavily important to his national side as one of their main players, and he looked to being vital in their two opening games of the competition. However he has since been ruled out for the rest of the tournament after being left injured during his country’s second match of the group stage. The Czech Republic will now be without their main creator for the rest of their campaign, and it just goes to show that injures unfortunately will always get the better of him and you just cannot count on him being available for a long duration of time.

Rosicky will be remembered as a well respected legend of Arsenal Football Club, despite his injury ravaged career. However I think Arsenal were definitely right to call time on Rosicky’s career at the club. As much as you don’t like to think as football being a business, it of course is very important to be on top of finances and so to think of it this way, would it really have been financially viable to keep Rosicky on for maybe another season, with the unlikelihood of him featuring in more than a few games in a single campaign? I don’t think so.

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  1. And your point is??????
    The little Motzart was a very capable and creative player for us but he was highly injury prone and has now hit an age whereby he is on the other side of the hill.
    The season that we whacked Spurs 5 to 1 The first time, Rosicky was responsible for turning the season around and he was the sole reason we ended up above spurs when they had an 11 point cushion….Its sad to see him go but it was time, we all know this, I’ve not heard anyone dispute that decision.

  2. I watched Rosicky at Dortmund…..he is pure class and genius. In Arsenal he brings his A-game….he scored some amazing goal and I love his turns when we are on a counter. He always pick the right pass. Too bad injuries won’t let him be.. …

  3. Rosicky-s injury woes remains a big mystery to me…
    Seeing such a uniquely talented and likeable player always injured is frustrating…

    However, Arsenal will always be right for letting him leave even if he wasn’t injured at the Euros,you won’t find many clubs that will be as patient as we were with him……
    As usual,get well soon TR7…

  4. “[But] he is lucky because we have many players
    in the second team like him but he plays
    because there is no pressure at his club to win

  5. Rosicky and Diarby
    should’ve been let go
    two seasons ago.
    Wilshere (injuries)
    should be let go now
    Wellbeck should never have
    been bought.
    Sanogo… just WTF?
    Ox and Walcott get injured
    walking the dog.?

    1. I would have been happy for Rosicky to have had another contract if he wanted to stay, he may not play in a EPL game but he can offer so much in training, he is one of the best technical players I have watched and players who have trained with him have praised how good he is in his technique.

      He was a rare player who could add to a team even if he was unfit, we can’t have a squad of players like that but 1 player…
      We have enough u21 players who do not need to be in the 25 man squad but still play, some of them should be pushing for 1st team now so we could easily have covered for him.

      Diaby should have been let go more than 2 years ago, I would say the 11/12 season was a warning sign and as we had other injury prone players we should have cut some of them sooner.

      Wilshere should be kept atm, yes he is injured a lot but when fit and match sharp he can be amazing, he should be backup for players… a sub player for the last 15-20 mins. He can’t expect to start all his games and if we can handle his fitness better then we will have quality in depth. At least keep Wilshere till another HG comes through our ranks and we are forced to choose between Wilshere and say… Crowley who isn’t quite ready yet but in a year or 2..?

      I agree Welbeck should never have been bought, I bet Wenger would agree as he said Welbeck wouldn’t have been bought if he had stayed at home, I don’t think any fan wants the board to buy players who the manager doesn’t want… now when the manager is Wenger or in x amount of years time and we have a new manager… we want the manager to have the players he wants.

      Sanogo was free, all he has cost is wages and in all respect to him, he has quality but just hasn’t stepped up. If we can find a buyer than great… I don’t mind the occasional gamble like this though as we could end up with a fantastic player.

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