Unhappy Arsenal fans set to launch a rival club to take them back to their roots

Fans looking to set up a new Arsenal team called Dial Square FC

Arsenal may soon start sharing their fan base with a rival club as some of their disillusioned fans have set the wheels in motion to launch Dial Square FC.

The fans claim that the present Arsenal team has lost its soul and they want to recreate that by developing a new side.

Dial Square FC would be the name of the new club and plans are already at an advanced stage that could see them compete in the Combined County Leagues from next season.

The “Dial Square” in the name takes the club back to the pre-Arsenal days and it was the name the Gunners bore at the time.

Stuart Morgan who has been a long-term Arsenal fan is leading the effort and he is among the group of fans who believe that the club has lost its focus and needs to get back to the root.

“The club has lost its identity in so many different ways,” Morgan told The Athletic per the Standard. “This Arsenal team, the club, the set-up, the stadium, is nothing like it was in its heyday.

“It’s so commercialised, I sit in club level. It’s soulless, it’s lifeless, it’s not Arsenal Football Club.

“The reason I wanted to do this project is to go back to beginning, to try and get back to that original Arsenal.”

I am not sure how to take this, to be honest, I can understand the anger and how disillusioned some of the fans have become but their timing seems a little off.

The club could be on the cusp of a new era under Mikel Arteta and setting up a rival Arsenal team does seem a little counter-productive.


  1. Great idea, but some fans like me might not be able to live long enough to see it compete in EPL

    And you’re right about the timing. Dial Square FC founders should have watched what Arteta would achieve next season first

  2. Perfectly understndable reaction by fans who havehad enough of Kroenke and the and moral corruotion that has taken over not just our club but the whole corporate business of top level PREM football. That being said, it is a hopeles and forlorn conception doomed to amount to nothing of substnce. FC United of Manchester was started for the same brave and understandable reason and is also doomed to stay in way lower levels. Just the awful , depressing reality of how corporate wealth crushes all attempts to re-start the moral code that top once clubs had but which died once and for all with the advent of the Prem league and mass corporte control of all football business. Corporate business and morality are incompatible . Don’t shoot the messenger please, but accept this awful reality, whilst applauding the spirit of those brave souls who start valient but hopeless causes.

    1. I have to agree with you that the venture is unlikely to succeed in a big way but a big but goes to Wimbledon who were disenfranchised after the move to MK and rebuilt their team. Never say never but I was born an Arsenal fan courtesy of both sides of my family and can’t imagine being anything else other than a Gooner. Nor can my brother, my cousins, my children; it’s in the DNA. I wish them every success and will keep a friendly eye out for them – in the same way that I check on Barnet as I lived nearby years back

      1. Well said SueP, I follow Boreham Wood as I was born in Borehamwood and of course the Arsenal Women play there. My dad still lives there, he’s 92, and still a Gooner as I will be all my life.

        1. GB
          We are privileged to be local and to feel the connection Yonks back under GG Arsenal and Barnet used to play at Underhill pre season. Happy days
          These days I live in Leicestershire and wizz past BH on the train and of course, you have reminded me that the Ladies do play there

    2. brave and valiant they may be but once (if) the sponsorships and other such revenues start rolling in, who is to say they too will not bocome “morally corrupt”

  3. Dial Square in Woolwich is where our team originated, from Dial Square FC, to Royal Arsenal, then Woolwich Arsenal to The Arsenal of today.
    Just google it and you will all understand where we came from, our history. Well worth a read and well worth a visit.

    1. In a way, this the point. It is the origin of the club and should always be celebrated
      Going back to the early roots as a new club would be ok in Woolwich probably as MK Dons became relevant to the locals there. I’m a born and bred north Londoner as are all my family- all of us originating in the Finsbury and Holloway part of London Woolwich isn’t relevant to me but yes it is an interesting development Good luck to them

      We can and do get frustrated by the actions of greedy corporate owners who haven’t an ounce of feeling towards the people who go through the turnstiles and this has led to understandable disillusionment and John Fox can describe it far more eloquently than most.

  4. So I looked into this earlier and it’s not quite what it seems.The owner is trying to raise £50k through a crowd-funding scheme to get the finance in place.He has also arranged for all the games to be played in SURREY as he had a previous club he owned that ground shared at the same “ Stadium” that is a very typical lower league ground.Think Sutton Utd and that still too big.
    This life long fan is a Club-Level Season Ticket holder.So new to Arsenal in that respect.
    Sounds like someone hoping to make a few bob out of a club he owns but seems he didn’t make it happen last time.
    So hardly Arsenal Lite is it?

  5. Every football team has there ups and downs, have a look at Leeds. You support the club you love through those ups and downs. Relegation, ownership, titles is all part of the fabric of being a supporter. While I do not care for the current ownership of our club, I will always support Arsenal FC.

    1. OZGooner, an apt description of being a supporter, rather than a fan.

      You would be amazed at some on here, who call themselves supporters, but actually went on record to say they wanted The Arsenal to lose games – no names, no pack drills – then proceed to castigate the club/coach/players when they do lose games!!!!

      With you all the way OZ, once a gooner always a gooner.

  6. I won’t judge them for there actions they are free to do what so ever they want its a free world all i know is i remain a Gunner for ever no matter what

  7. I won’t be following them, if they genuinely wanted to attract the hardcore Arsenal fanbase they should have set up somewhere like Finsbury Park, right under the nose of Arsenal.

    Arsenal is my local club, and following a club that will be based south of the river has no appeal to me.

  8. And just to follow up on my previous comment, I am fully aware of the clubs history. But a game vs the spuds would never be the same if we were located south of the river would it? Finsbury park needs to be regenerated, better to have a new football club than people stabbed in the park.

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