Would unhappy Arsenal fans swap places with Tottenham rivals?

There are a lot of unhappy Arsenal fans around at the moment for sure. We should have won the Premier League title this season because Man City, Chelsea and Man United left the door open. We should have at least made it past the first knockout phase of the Champions League once in the last five seasons and we really should be trying if not managing to match the transfer spending of the biggest clubs in England and Europe, right?

Maybe, but another way of looking at things is that Arsene Wenger has signed Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the last few years. While the Frenchman has been in charge we have never failed to make the Champions League group stage or get out of it into the knockout rounds. We have won EPL titles and become the most successful club in FA cup history.

Now here comes the big question to unhappy Arsenal fans, and I want you to think about this properly and answer honestly, which record would you rather have, and this is assuming that the spuds win the title? Would you really take an unexpected title win this season, after having to settle for second best to your local rivals ever since the Premier League began?

Okay we have had plenty of disappointment in recent years but all but a very few clubs around Europe would not swap their record for ours. And as a last little note to cheer up you Gooners, the Spuds are not going to win it anyway and their boasts will have to be confined to finishing above Arsenal for the first time in a generation. Is it really that bad being an Arsenal fan?

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  1. Would have been even better to be on top of the league and swap places with Leicester city instead!

  2. Geeez, must be a very slow day if anyone could come with such articles. But then again, nothing keeps me here to read junk. Entirely my fault.

  3. Ah, supposition, consolation of desperate gooners. If you ask me, I don’t know what things can cheers up my mind. Now, I cheers Leicester for winning the title, just to make sure that Spurs will only have St. Arse Day (or whatever they called) to celebrate. Mathematically, we still can catch them, but to hope that Spurs will drop 4 points is like waiting for godot.
    If Spurs win the title, that’ll be massive humiliation, specially for London gooners. Such a bitch karma.

  4. It isn’t that bad a question. I guess the subtext asks us: do we whinge, whine and complain in any other position than top of the league?

    1. Its a bad question @Aidan….unless we are not the big club we claim to be….and when fans moans its not solely about winning things, no club on earth has a God given right to always win things, we moan because of the deficiencies in the club that leads to our capitulation every season without fail and why they are not been addressed…we can not lay claims to been a big club when we have remained stagnant for the best part of 7/8 years….am dead sure you will not be hearing Spud gams complaining even if they fall short this season like we hope they do…
      You just want your team to do their best and not be pansies who fold quicker than a deck chair!!!

  5. The so called “whining fans” are not complaining about Arsenal FC. We are complaining about arrogant Wenger. While we acknowledge the fact that the guy has done his best to develop the club, it is now obvious his best days are behind him and he cannot move us beyond where we are now, as evident in the results and achievement of the past 12 years. It is unfair to label the “whining fans” as unappreciative. As a matter of fact, they should be commended for their faithfulness and support for Arsenal FC and Wenger for the past ten-twelve years. Show me one club and a set of fans in a modern football era that would keep up with same coach for 10/12 years winning nothing. Meanwhile, the main reason why the “whining fans’ want to see the back of Wenger is not necessarily because Arsenal is not winning much, the main reason is because they are fed up seeing the same film played out same way every single year. Something must change!

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